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Sharkskin – Top 10 Best New Movies 2016 – Official HD Movie Trailer

For once I wanted to have some importance. A little self respect some money. That’s it. Ouch I want you to learn the business so you can
take over for me like I did for my father Look at this Here comes your mother with our lunch (noise of car scraping bumpers) What idiot would park on the wrongside of the street? Something is missing from your automobile I am curious to know what the hell is going on Tomorrow you come by my place. Don’t forget bring your tape measure and we will talk about the old days. Don’t remind me
(laughter) You are going to do me a service. You are going to make me a suit. This is a very nice cloth. What is it? That’s Sharkskin. I want a black Sharkskin suit. What the Hell is Sharkskin? (MUSIC) He’s a big important guy. Oh he’s big! I’ve seen that crazy suit I am going to wear a bullet proof vest. With the vest built into the suit You want to be in the mob, don’t tell me you don’t. No I don’t! I want to make honest money. That’s what I want (MUSIC) We’ve got to get away from these guy’s FAST (SMACK) Your going to do what your told! Everyday I make nice to the feeding machine.
Son of a Bitch! Maybe Tony can help us. Us? What is the us? Nobody leaves my organization unless their
dead Mike the Tailor? I want you to make me a jacket exactly like Fat Piano’s. I’ll be hanging in some meat locker What am I supposed to do? Just sit around and let the killers of my father run around unpunished? How did you get out of the Mob (GUN SHOT) Are you refusing to do what I ask Now they will never let you out A toast! For the first time something I did makes a
difference. To the Don! Duly noted. We’ve lost everything Like what? Like your self respect. What else? There isn’t anything else. (MUSIC) Don’t ever forget that son


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