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SHAZAM! – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

You’ve run from
foster homes in six counties. I can take care of myself. When you’re 18. Give these people a chance, ’cause that’s what
they’re giving you. This is Billy Batson. Make sure you make
him feel at home. They seem nice. But don’t buy it. It gets real Game of Thrones
around here. Dude, just messin’ around. You look at me and you’re
like, “Why so dark?” “You’re a disabled foster kid,
you’ve got it all!” If you could have one
superpower, what would you pick? Everybody chooses flight.
You know why? So they can fly away from
this conversation? No, ’cause heroes fly. What, you need your fake
family to stand up for you? Hey! Man, sorry about that. Go, go, go! Grab him! Get out of the way! Billy Batson. I choose you as champion. Hello? Say my name, so my
powers may flow through you. But I don’t know your name, sir. Shazam. -Are you for real?
-Say it! Okay! Shazam? -It’s me! It’s Billy!
-What is happening? You’re the only
person I know that knows anything about this
caped crusader stuff. Can I? Oh, yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy, right? What are your superpowers? Superpowers? Dude, I don’t even know how
to pee in this thing! You have super-strength!
Can you fly? You okay?
Why aren’t you talking? You know, I don’t think
that’s gonna buff out. Your phone’s charged.
Your phone’s charged. What the hell? You’re, like,
the bad guy, right? Shazam! Gentlemen. You have bullet immunity! I’m bulletproof! You’re dead. -Sorry about your window…
-Have a good night! …but you’re welcome for
not getting robbed! Oh, hey. What’s up?
I’m a superhero.


  1. marthenmania Author

    I am watching this as i am writing this post , and this movie so far is boring as hell. Little kids movie. Standards have dropped so far just like music now a days. The new generation . .the fucked generation 👎🏼

  2. Plague Produkshuns Author

    So the team of Justice League 2 will have Shazam, The Shazam Family, Superman from the neck down, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the now-successful TTG

  3. Darren Crusie Author

    I figured it out !
    The wisdom of (S)Solomon
    The strength of (H)Hercules
    The stamina of (A)tlas
    The power of (Z)eus
    The courage of (A)chilles
    And speed of ((M)ercury

  4. Jorge Halifar Diaz Hernandez Author

    Las películas son buenas pero si se puede en español eso esta bien que pasen todas esas películas envés de tanta propaganda seria chevere

  5. ZackSnyderSUCKS Author

    will it be a good idea to Worship Zack Snyder Movies and his Bad Watchman Movie the guy who had Brought illness Fanboys who brought this stupid Path thanks to the idiots who Have Facebook who had saw the worst Comic Book Movie that Zack Snyder had ever made this is why This horrible Movie that should of Never existed by WB

  6. ZackSnyderSUCKS Author

    its Boohoo to all of you who Made Dc trash you all are about to go down to H*ll for bringing worthless illness problems to our Heroes you losers This is really no mistake what you Did is Dog s**t

  7. goodcat1982 Author

    i'm 2/3 of the way through watching it yet here i am on youtube because i feel the need to warn others just how fucking terrible this film is. Well, unless you are between the ages of 3-12 it sucks

  8. shai miara Author

    Tbh, i felt bad for Sivana as a kid. If i had an abusive dad like that that treat me like trash and a wizard telling me im not good enough without giving me a chance, i too would become a supervillain only i would punish the criminals and save kids if someone will be bullying them.

  9. Group Project - In a nutshell Author

    Being a hardcore and probably a long marvel fanboy…i was reluctant to watch this… but i've gotta say this movie is awsomeeee…and only this movie ( and injustice 2) made me become a Dc fanboy…


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