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Sky Cinema Due, il canale dei veri appassionati di cinema

It is the safe harbor to reach for an evening of great cinema, for an Oscar’s afternoon, to get to know an author Sky Cinema 2 is the channel for true cinema-lovers, where to find premieres and the most sought-after and award- winning films in the history. Such as Wind River, a contemporary western winner of the best director prize at the Cannes Film Festival; or the satirical comedy The Death of Stalin, based on the graphic novel “La Mort de Staline”, an enjoyable and cruel overview of the power struggle following the death of Stalin. It has to do with “graphics”, or rather with animation, the cult Isle of Dogs, example of Wes Anderson’s brilliant creativity, a “canine” adventure in stop motion inspired by Akira Kurosawa. And if we talk about great authors, Roman Polanski is not to be missed: it’s his the thriller Based on a True Story, that plays on the relation between fiction and reality. Sky’s cinema updates with new channels, to find the right movie is even simpler.

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