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SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Game Night 7

Alright guys, what do you want to do tonight Junior: Alright, guys! What do you want to do tonight? Cody: Game Night. Junior : Wha- Junior: Game night? Cody: Yeah, game night. Joseph: Are you sure dude? Joseph: Are you sure, dude? Junior: Y-yeah, are you sure? Cody: W- yeah, Junior, we haven’t done one all year. Junior: Uh… Junior: I mean… Junior: I-I mean we’ve done a lot of game nights before Junior: are you sure you want to do another one? Cody: But Junior, it’s been like a year since we’ve done a game night! Joseph: Yeah, He is right. Junior: Okay, fine. Junior: Let’s do a game night then! Cody: Okay, yeah Cody: I got some games I wanna play! Junior: Alright, let’s go do it, guys! Joseph: WOO Junior: Alright Cody, what’s the first board game we’re going to play? Joseph: Yeah, dude! Cody: We’re gonna play “Fantastic Gymnastics”! Junior and Joseph: What??? Junior: “Fantastic Gymastics”? Junior: What do ya do? Cody: Oh Uh- well you take this hunky dude here and you push this button to make him hump. *Cody grunts intensely* Cody: Oh GOD yeah, you work those thighs! *Cody grunting and panting at maximum intensity* *Breath* Cody: Ohhh yea Junior: Is that the whole game? Cody: Uh-no,no but I wish it was Cody: No, you push this yellow button to make him spin, and then you push the red button to launch him, and then you try to stick him to that pad. Junior: Oh, try it Cody I still don’t understand. Cody: Ok. *grunting and panting* Cody: Oh here we go, okay, were getting there. Cody: A little higher, baby, come on. COME ON!! *Cody continues to grunt* Cody: Come on, you sexy bastard! -420 spin- Junior and Joseph: WOOOAAHHH Joseph: dude Junior: Cody Joseph: He landed Junior: THAT’S SO COOL CODY! Joseph: So,so do you get 25 points? Junior: C-Can I try Cody? CODY: Sure, it’s pretty simple Junior: Alright, I can’t wait to try this it’s so cool! Junior: Alright, alright. I can’t wait to try this. It’s so cool! Joseph: Oh, dude! This is so awesome. *Junior grunts* Junior: Alright guys, It’s my turn now! Joseph: Alright Junior, you got this bro! Junior: Yeah, Imma beat Cody and get 100! Joseph: Hohoho!! Junior: Imma send this guy to the MOON Cody! Cody: Okay Junior: Lemme show you how it’s done! *Junior grunts intensely* *All talking at once* Joseph: I can see the momentum! Junior: Aw yeah. Here we go! oh Oh OH OHH OH Joseph: AH AH AH- Junior: That counts! That count- Cody: NO, no it’s on the line! Joseph: That’s 100 dude.
Junior: He did like the Michael Jackson Dance *Everyone yelling* Junior: That counts Cody! You suck! Joseph: Ah dude! He beat you Cody! JUNIOR: Yeah! I beat you Cody! How does it – how does it feel Cody?? Cody: YOU DID NOT WIN JUNIOR! you didn’t stick the landing! Junior: Wh- What are you talking about Cody!? Cody: LOOK! Right here on the box, it says: stick the landing, go for 100 points to win You didn’t stick the landing! HE FELL OVER!! Joseph: Well he did go for 100 points dude. Junior: Yeah Cody, I landed on 100, and he stuck, he stuck, I saw him stick, Joseph. Right, did he stick? Joseph: Yeah, he’s sticking there. Cody: He stuck for a second and then he fell down!! Junior: Well, that counts Cody! Joseph: yeah, it only takes a second dude. Cody: That DID NOT count Junior, he has to STAY THERE! JUNIOR: Well, the box does not say stick the landing and stay standing, it says stick the landing and you can take a nap. Cody: I-IT DOES NOT SAY THAT JUNIOR! *frustration grows* Junior: YES IT DOES! YOU JUST CAN’T SEE IT CUZ YOU WEAR GLASSES AND YOU’RE BLIND! Joseph: Yeah I can see it. I can see it. Cody: JUNIOR, THAT’S BULLSH!T AND YOU KNOW IT! MOST OF HIS BODY IS ON 25! Junior: I-I see it on 100, he stuck, yeah he stuck. Cody: JUNIOR HE IS NOT STUCK!! Junior: He is stuck like your mom walking through the front door. Joseph: *Gasp* Junior: Cuz she’s so fat and she can’t walk through it. Cody: JUNIOR! JUNIOR! IF YOU MAKE ONE MORE MOM JOKE TONIGHT I AM LEAVING! Junior: Don’t leave cody- Joseph: Yeah Cody, Come onnn. Cody: FINE. Fine. lets just call this a tie and move on to the next game. Junior:W-W-W-W- Wait. I’ll stop making mom jokes but I’m not admitting its a tie. I CLEARLY WON!! Cody: wha- Joseph: Yeah yeah. Junior won. Cody: JUNIOR YOU DID NOT WIN!! Junior: I WON YOU JUST CAN’T SEE IT BECAUSE YOU’RE BLIND AND YOU NEED GLASSES! Cody: *flips game* Cody: FINE, JUNIOR! YOU WON! ALRIGHT!? I-I-I’LL BEAT YOU IN THE NEXT GAME! GOD DAMMIT! Joseph: At least you won. Junior: Yeah I won. Cody: Okay guys, now we’re going to play “Soggy Doggy.” Junior: Wha- Soggy Doggy? How do you play? Do you drown the dog in the bathtub? heh. Joseph: Oh dude, that how my dog died. I held him under the water, and the bubbles stopped bubbling… And he kept squirming, but I kept holding him down. WHY DID I DO THAT?? *Joseph cries* Cody: O-Oh-Okay.. Well this is how you play: You roll the dice, and the- wha- If it does THAT, then you roll again. And then, You roll, and it’s blue! So that means you go to the blue space. And then if-if-if-if it’s a one, You push down on this once, and you turn this once, And if it’s a two, you push down on it twice, and turn it twice And if the dog sprays you with water, you’re out. And we keep going until there’s one more person. Joseph: Oh, okay then. I’ll go first. Junior:Alright Joseph, you go first. Joseph: Oh, dude, I hope I get a high number. Cody: There are no numbers on there. Joseph: Oh dude! I got a six! Junior: That’s a blue.. Joseph: one… two… three… four… five… six! Ah.. okay so… press one… two… alright and then I spin it… what? one… two… *DOG STARTS SHAKING* A-AH AH! IT MUST BE KARMA FOR KILLING MY DOG! Junior: Joseph you’re out! AW MAN! DANGIT! Uh- It’s my turn Alright Uh well… there it is Alright eh lets see what I got. Cody: Uh you got a red.Junior:Alright red uh OK. so uh one One and then *Dog shakes* Junior and Cody: Ah Everyone talks at once Junior :Back to back. Joseph: Dude you lost Junior: You know what *Junior throws board game off table*Everyone complains Junior: Eh Alright guys now were going to play pass the Cody’s mom. Cody: JUNIOR, I told you if you make one more mom joke tonight I was leaving So now, I AM LEAVING! Junior: Oh, no CODY CODY this is not a joke this is real life, look I was walking to the store And I said look they made Cody’s mom into a board game. Cuz, you know everybody passes your mom around. So they made it fun for the whole family! Look, Cody catch! *Smack* Cody: Ge-, JUNIOR JUNIOR GOD DAMMIT I’M GOING HOME!! Junior: Aw, come on cody don’t leave! Joseph: Dude, that was pretty savage Junior: Yeah, I I mean I looked for a “pass your dead mom around,” but I didn’t have that. Joseph: DUDE, THAT ACTUALLY HURT! Junior: Wha- Joseph: YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M LEAVING TOO! Junior: What guys!?! Oh come on it’s just jokes!! Junior: Oh come on guys don’t leave Yeah! Let’s go do fun stuff, Joseph. (Junior is sad now, the moral of the story is don’t be a rat like Junior) Chef Pee Pee: This smells so sexy I just wanna spank it *spanks* DAMN, you like that hoe? Yeahh yeahhhhhhhh 😉 Junior: Uhh Chef Pee Pee? Chef Pee Pee: What do you want Junior? I’m making a masterpiece right now.. Junior: Uhh, can you please play board games with me? Chef Pee Pee: Board games? No I’m not gonna play board games with you Do I look like I’m 5 years old?? Junior: But Chef Pee Pee, my friends left and I don’t have anyone to play with.. Chef Pee Pee: Well go play with yourself. There is lotion in the bathroom Junior: W-What am I gonna do with lotion?? Y’know what Chef Pee Pee, screw off 🙁 Aw stupid Chef Pee Pee, how do you even play with lotion?? *sigh* I wish my friends wouldn’t of left fuck this im tooo lazy to finish this long ass video rape me nigger i am a fucking nigger fuck Oh, well, I mean, Chef Peepee, but, he already told me he doesn’t want to play board games. Well, that’s mean. Wait, you’re a cop. And it looks like it’s done. FREEZE! GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR RIGHT NOW! GET THE FUCK ON THE FLOOR! GET DOWN THERE, OR I WILL BLOW YOU THE FUCK AWAY, DAMN IT! LISTEN TO ME, YOU’RE GONNA PLAY BOARD GAMES WITH ME AND JUNIOR HERE. Brooklyn T.Guy: AND IF YOU SAY NO, I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT! YOU’RE GOING TO PLAY THE “Game of Life” WITH US OR I’M GONNA END YOUR F**KING LIFE, YOU HEAR ME! I’M GONNA PUT A BULLET SO DEEP THROUGH YOUR SKULL THAT NOT EVEN AN OPERATION CAN GET IT OUT Do not kill this man or I will blow your brains out! Chef PP: I mean, you’re making me more nervous with a gun in my face! Brooklyn T. Guy: Shut up, and do the surgery. Go, go! Bowser Jr: Uh, don’t touch the sides Chef PP. Brooklyn T. Guy: Yeah, don’t touch those sides. Chef PP: Can you please just move the gun.. Brooklyn T. Guy: No, do the surgery. Go! Come on. Brooklyn T. Guy: Don’t touch those sides. Don’t touch them! Better not touch those sides. God help you if you touch those sides. DON’T TOUCH THE SIDES. -CHEF PP SCREAMS- I’m just kiddin’ – chef pp sobs- Wai-wha-whoa-wha Okay my turn, uh, actually I’m gonna get a little more dressed for this. Chef PP: omg BTG: Alright, I think I’m all prepped for surgery. Chef PP: You know it’s not that serious, right? You don’t have to dress up as a doctor. doctor I am a doctor and I’m sorry did
you go to 12 years of medical school for this no but this is just a board game
yeah I thought so that’s why you’re a chef and I’m a doctor who makes the big
bucks all right let’s see what we got he appears to have swallowed a knife and a
fork that’s not good he’s got some heartburn but that’s not really a need
for surgery you can just clear that up with some zantac got a sunburn that’s
again not really that serious and what’s this we got to get a jackhammer in his
head but that’s not really in the body so I don’t think I have to worry about
that let’s let’s just focus on the silverware and the gun that seems most
important nurse can I have the scalpel please
oh yes scalpel come right out here it is okay thank you very much nurse no huh
let’s see let’s just try to get that out of there okay
stay very steady and there we go I’m done
that’ll be $300,000 and I’ll just bill it to your insurance oh wow are you done
yeah yeah that’s that’s it this is way easier without a gun to your head right
yeah yeah this is a pretty fun game but I don’t
know what else we get I have the game of life ooh okay yeah that sounds fun
I’ll go get it all right now we’re gonna play the game of life
oh I really like this game it helps me forget about how shitty my real life is
well sheppy you’re gonna be the pink car when the pink car why do I have to be
the big car because you have to and I’m gonna be the yellow car and you’re gonna
be the green car so what path is a red take it you take it not college or
college I’m not going to college forget college the way to find my end money I’m
trying to give my money already so I’m going down the career path what path
should I take you should go to college that’s what I’m doing are you going to
college uh-uh uh-uh I’ll go to college all right
chef peepee I said you’re not going to call it you get to choose your career so
uh whatever card you choose you have to choose that career whatever I bet it’s
something big like a lawyer it looks like a graduating women you’re just
graduating Wow I’m getting paid and I’m getting laid
because I’m married this is like serious in the Korea was the best choice we’ll
see about that I’ll see what career I got Oh would you
look at that I’m a doctor oh wow doctor seriously well how much
are you getting paid 130 thousand dollars every single painting wow that’s
a lot of money I look at college of the best decisions no no how much did are
you in tho from college none because I have a scholarship oh my turn yeah all
right four one two two it’s my turn to choose a college career
all right let me see that is something lame video game designer video game hey
hey hey you you you move my guy to spaces K okay oh look is this time for
you to get married oh you get married huh you get married you get you the girl
piece Oh Oh where’s the fat bitch piece ha where where where’s the fat stinky
ugly fat bad bad bitch piece where’s that piece it’s all we got oh oh that’s
not her that’s not my Deborah oh no you probably find her at the buffet vein just
cleaning it out just cleaning it right the fuck out
that’s Deborah yeah which pieces is that, I don’t want to make you mad but all we have it
is is these pieces ! oh.. oh you know what she’s probably in the shed banging the
pool boy cuz Oh the pool is dirty well dirty well we don’t have a pool Deborah yeah but think about that
huh huh bitch ! what a regular wanted okay fuck look guys we’re almost at the end
of the game how’s everybody doing all right guess I’m okay
I’m barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck
how are you doing huh oh oh sorry are you talking to me I’d say I’m doing just
perfect I am perfect I’m over here in my car with my two kids where’s your wife
oh oh where is my wife that’s a good question that’s the question everybody
wants to know where’s my wife let’s look for hey where is that bitch where she go
oh oh there she is right there get in the train run are in the Walmart parking
line wait yeah it’s where my money goes so she can spend X money on the second
car that I bought her she’s sandwiched like the lunch meats yup yeah thats Deborah and summerh! t-th.the pin. the little pink one. yeah yeah she’s not fat enough yeah this peg
doesn’t really depict all the fat the fat bitch yeah yeah so you want to know
how I’m doing I’ll tell you how I’m doing PE all right if you guys think you
fell asleep well above time I’m done playing this game Oh God hey guys it’s
Logan I just want to make this quick little update in this video to let you
guys know that today is the one-year anniversary and this channel hit a
million subscribers and I cannot believe it’s been a year since we hit a million
but we’re at three million four hundred thousand right now and I just cannot
believe this channel has gotten this big I mean the I made this channel almost 10
years ago it’ll be ten years on December 8th and I just cannot believe that this
channel has gotten this big I thank you guys so much the entire SML crew wants
to thank you and speaking of that today is Pablo Chris’s birthday his birthday
was the day that we hit a million subscribers so if you want to wish him a
happy birthday in the comments pablo voices Cody
a Brooklyn guy and Jeffy’s mom so if you want to wish him happy birthday put it
in the comments but we wanted to give you all a game night because we haven’t
made one in the entire year of 2017 so I hope you guys enjoyed it we had fun
making it and I’m also want to say sorry for the lack of uploads recently I’ve
been extremely busy but I plan on getting back on track and I also hope on
getting the Sumari Logan movie out as fast as possible I’m trying to release
it around a good date that I really want it it’s almost done we’re working on
really hard but you guys are gonna love it it’s gonna be worth the wait thank
you guys for being patient and I just love this job and I love making these
videos for you guys and the whole crew loves making these videos so I hope you
enjoy it we also want to add some more characters so if you have any ideas of
any characters that you want us to add in the videos just comment that but
anyway I just want to make this update I love you guys I’ll make a bigger
Sumire Logan movie update on the vlog channel on Chili’s Channel probably
sometime this Subtitles by Sethdoesgames SUB TO ME I’m lonely 🙁 hey guys I’m MJJ Studios I worked very hard on these. I also helped im “Max The Random Leprechaun” subtitles so if you guys could subscribe, that would be AMAZING thanks! long but I love you guys so much thank
you guys so much for everything I love you and hi birthday poopy (slow motion version of cody getting a 50 in “Fantastic Gymnastics”)


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