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SML Movie: The Competition!

*Jeffy Coloring intensifies* Alright daddy, I’m done coloring! LOOK. *Sighs*Wh- Jeffy why is that giraffe PURPLE?! Cause it’s a purple giraffe daddy.(thx 4 pointing out the obvious.). *Sigh* Jeffy There’s no such thing as a purple giraffe. *Screams very loud* Wha- Uh Jeffy what are you doing?! YOU SAID THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A PURPLE GEERAFFE! Well there’s no such thing as a purple giraffe jeffy. UUUUUuUuUHhHHhHHHH!!! Ughh..Jeffy what are you doing? I’m starting over daddy, unless you try to tell me there’s no such thing as a PURPLE ELEFANT! Wh- Fine Jeffy ther-there is such thing as a purple elephant. I NIEW IT! HEY MARIO! the batteries in my remote died so give me yours.(Rly bruh -_-) Bowser, I’m not going to give you the batteries out of my remote. (good choice mario!) Wait- WHY!? Mario: becuz mine wont work. Well at least give me one of them.(RLY?) Bowser, these remotes need 2 batteries to work so if i give you one of mine they both wont work. *SUPER SIGH* See now your just being selfish, Mario. Bowser, why don’t you go to the store and buy new batteries? Why don’t you just teach your son over there how to color inside the lines, look at him he’s STUPID!! Well he’s trying. No, I’m not. not suprising Well Bowser, why don’t you take care of your son?, you never take care of your son! Hey3x, at least my sons not ADOPTED! HEYYYY WOAHHHH, He’s worth alot of MONEY!! Wa- Wait What are you trying to say your sons more valuable than mine!? I mean, he is he’s worth MILLIONS. Well my son’s more talented! Oh Yeah!? Yeah2x , he can play any musical instrument, he can play basketball and origami too! Oh yeah!? Yeah yeah yeah so what can your son do? Well,uh..uh D-Je-J-Jeffy what can you do? I can say my ABCs backwards.(Oh snap) Oh, then do it! CBA. (DED)((He did say his ABCs bakwurds)) *Laughing* Well he technically did do it..look my son is better than your son! Oh RLY!? *mario and bowser argue over who son is better* (im too lazy to edit this lol) THEN LETS TAKE THIS DOWNSTAIRS AND LETS SEE WHO’S REALLY BETTER! OK YEAH, LETS DO IT GET YOUR SON THEN! OH YEAH I’M GOING TO GET MY SON! JUNIOR!!! COME ON JEFFY, YOUR GONNA BE THE BETTER SON! COME ON YOU GOT THIS!! ♪I ain’t saying she a gold digger♪ ♪but she ain’t messing with no broke nigg-♪(XDDD) Junior, what are you doing! Uh- just playing this instrument. Wait. You’re a man, right? Y-Yeah? Well, it’s time for you to prove it. Bring the little zylophone ting and come here. O-Ok!? Alright, Bowser, my son Jeffy can play the cat piano! *laughs* The Cat Piano!? What kind of talent is that?! *Bowser does HORIBBLE cat piano impression* You’re not going to be talkin’ trash when you see him play. (yeah right) Wutever… Jeffy, show him what you got. Alright daddy. ♪Fingers in my butt, now they look like mud♪ ♪Stick them in my mouth, and they taste good♪(Savage..) Whu- That’s it? Fingers in his butt? W-Jeffy you couldnt play a better song? Nope. **jeffy pating his diaper** Well Junior, show them what you got. What song do you want me to play, dad? Uh.. do the (Chef)peepee one. ok uh- ♪Me Chinese, me play joke♪ ♪Me go pee pee in your coke♪ ♪It taste bad, suck my nag♪ ♪I’m on a skateboard I am rad♪(SAAAVAAAAGEE!!) Now that’s what I’m talking about, my son has talent! Yeah, it’s really good, SUCC THAT JEFFY! NO! THAT SONG SUCCED! See, he’s way better than your son. No-No, Jeffy’s was better! Nu-uh Nu-uh! Look at what he did! He made a whole song out of a peepee in his coke? Well mine was singing about fingers in his butt! Well, I don’t wunna hear that! Cheezburgr man: well i dont want to hear peepee in his coke! Look, how about we call it a draw because I know my son can beat you in basketball! Okay, let’s do basketball then! Well come on! Come on, Junior! Come on, Jeffy! Alright Mario, now it’s time for my son to destroy your son in basketball! See, my son has never even missed a shot! Oh yeah, well my son has never even missed a shot because… he’s never taken a shot, but I promise he’s not gonna miss! (Lies) Oh, okay! (sarcastic) Alright Jeffy can you please do this favor for me? What do I do? Okay, all you gotta do is shoot that ball into that hoop, that’s all you gotta do, can you do it? Okay Daddy! Alright please do it! *screams* *Laughs* What’re you aiming at!? You totally missed! W-w, Jeffy what were you aiming at? I said the hoop! Hoop? OHHHHH…I thought you said poop. W-P-Poop!? There’s poop over there!? Yeah, I $H!T on the carpet earlier, daddy. *bowser laughs some more* He’s ridiculous, hold on let me get the ball, come on, Junior. *Grunt* Alright Junior, let’s show these LOOOSERS how to shoot a basketball! DWEEEEEEEBS! I swear to God Junior, if you miss this shot, I’m gonna run over your hands with a lawnmower! Does that hurt? Probably..! O-ok, make me like Mike. *Grunts* (SHAQ) WHAT JUNIOR?!?!
*lawnmower sound* AHHHHHHHHH! Okay, so the reason why Junior missed is because is because his hands were soapy! -_- His hands were soapy? No they weren’t. Y-Ye-Yes they were! Because um, he’s a germophobe, yeah, you know you gotta keep the hands clean. Okay, so what are we doing now? Oh we’re doing origami, we’re gonna see which one of our sons can make the best origami, and i know Junior can because he’s ate dog before. O-Ok? Alright Jeffy, here let me get you a piece of paper, Jeffy. Ok look, I just need you to make something out of this piece of paper. Wut? I need you to make like a birb out of this piece of paper, Jeffy. Why would you do that? (Exactly) Well Jeffy, it’s called origami, you gotta fold it and make it into a animal or something. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DO THAT, DADDY!? I don’t know, Jeffy, people do it all the time, j-j-j-just fold it into something and make it like a swan or like a dog or something. It’s a piece of paper, daddy. Jeffy just make something just make something, Jeffy! ugh… *Jeffy makes a paperball* Alright Junior, make some origami GO! Dad, what’s origami? Wait- What do you mean what’s origami, you know what origami is? Is that noddle stuff that chef pee pee makes? NO!, just fold the paper and make it into a animal or something. An animal? I don’t know how to make a animal out of paper but i know how to make a airplane W-w-well make that make that! *Sigh* Jeffy what is that? It’s a snowball daddy. (Thats purty smart) A snowball? Hey Mario! He’s done look what he made!! It’s a airplane, HA HA! Oh come on Bowser! It’s a paper airplane, Anybody can make that. Ey! This is a professional origami lo-look at all the folds, LOOK IT COUNTS ITS ORAGAMI NOW WUT DID UR SON MAKE?! Uhhh…. H-He made a snowball *Laughs* A Snowball?! You cant make a snowball without snow! I mean he made a paper ball. (Mhm) ohhh ok ok ok… Yeah(Professional) Well obviously, you know my son won He did not win he made a paper airplane I can make a paper airplane, Anybody can make a paper airplane Then why didn’t your son make a paper airplane!? He wanted to make a snowball cause its more original! NO ITS NOT!(yea it is) I CAN CRUMBLE UP A PIECE OF PAPER! Y-Y-You know what Bowser? I’m done talking, i’m gonna go back and watch TV. W-Wait you don’t walk away from me! *Sigh* Mario we got to settle this! There’s nothing to settle Bowser my son is better! Just admit my son is way better! N-no Bowser theres no way to prove that who sons are better I Mean how do we prove it? I don’t know! We gotta find a way to prove it Hey You! Brooklyn Guy On TV:Are you an evil turtle Arguing over
on who’s daughter is better? And you’ve already tried oragami basketball and music? Well just come to the My Daughter Is Better Than Your Daughter Beauty Pageant and we will see who’s daughter is better! (Well that’s very convenient) That situation would be perfect for us but we don’t have daughters what do you mean my son can be the sexiest girl in the world! unlike your ugly son! Oh Really!? you wanna bet on it yeah i wanna bet alright how about we enter both of our sons into the Beauty Contest and we will see who’s the sexiest son OK! yeah we’ll find out yeah lets do it then JUNIOR!!! Come on jeffy im going to make you into a girl Does this mean im going to have a wet kitty, daddy? Hey um, daddy why am i dressed like a girl? Because Jeffy you have to win this beauty pageant so you can be the best son ever! (That doesn’t even make since) But I’m flat chested daddy i don’t have any boobies. (So true..) Wai–Wait What? Yeah i don’t have Rockin tits. Y-You don’t need those Jeffy.(lie) Yes i do i need big bouncy titties like *What Jeffy would do if he had those* Like bouncy as f**k!! (So very true..) Hey there princess! I don’t have any tits! Yeah i noticed… Tell my daddy i need big bouncy titties like *does kissing noises* Y-Y-yeah t-t-tha-tha-that would help. See daddy i told you daddy Just calm down you’ll get them when your older. Oh hey there Mario i didn’t know you had a daughter. I-I He..uhh yeah i do,i-uh- yep Oh… alright well whats her name? Jeffy! uh.. Jinnie! Her name is Jinnie No it’s not daddy, its Jeffy! No! Jeffy was the name of your brother that died yesterday in a motorcycle accident *Gasps* He Died?!:( R.I.P Jeffy Jeffy Yeah Yeah your names jenny!(I thought it was Jinnie:| W-wow I’m really sorry to hear that Y-Yeah yeah It’s a hard time w-we would really like to win to get over that (amazing Excuse) Oh Okay, I hope you win but uh.. i say that to all the contestants Dad, why am i dressed like a girl? *Sigh* Because were trying to prove a point Junior don’t you want to win this beauty pageant? Bu-But The beauty pageant is for girls only! Lo-Lo-Look It’s 2018 Gender doesn’t matter you could be a Male, female, e-mail, who knows! (I’m a attac helicopter) Well-oh-okay no-n-now you lo-l-look pretty okay? So pretty that uh i might kiss you on the mouth sometimes like Tom Brady kisses his son. (WTH?) Heyyy! Oh-Oh dear God… Yeah, she’s beautiful right? (No..) Y-Yeah, let’s.. Yeah, that’s my beautiful little princess. Look at her OMG she so gorgeous! (Not) Uh… Vagina! Yeah! W-Whats her name? UUUUHHHH…. Julia. Yeah Julia that’s it yup yup Julia? mhm isn’t that a fat name? BOWSER TRIGGERED uh a what? She-She’s sensitive about the fat stuff seems like Julia it’s like a fat name It’s True it’s chubby to you! Okay? Alright whatever. I thought it was a cool name. H-hey What can we do to make sure my daughter wins this beauty pageant? You know i can just disqualify you for tryin’ to cheat right? Come-come on! I got a 20$ bill right here. Do something strange for a piece of change. Oooo Money! uh..okay.. we’ll see How far this gets you. *Laughs evilly* that’s what i’m talking about judge! Hey there princess what’s your name? Kenzey with 2 zz’s Uahhh uagh, Yo-You have a good chance of winni’ I’ll- I’ll tell you that. Hello and welcome to My Daughter Is Better Than Your Daughter Beauty Pageant, Today we have 3 contestants and nobody watched my commercial the turnout was pretty
lousy but thats ok were still gonna have a good time! Ummm So our first contest is the hair pulling contest where i come around of until each contestant’s hair to make sure that they are not a boy wearing a wig. WHAT! Here i come! Oh no Jeffy! Alright Let’s see what we got here. YOINK! Oh look a boy That’s too bad, get outta here. Alright let’s see what you got going on…. ZOINKSSS!! Oh look another boy what a shame.. Scram kid. Let’s see… *Tries to pull it off* Oh! That’s on there pretty good Ehhh… Can you pull a little harder? Looks like you win because there’s no other contestants.. OH MY GOD I’M A PRINCESS!!! Jeffy I can’t believe you got disqualified! Well Daddy, I told you I need big bouncy tits! Junior I can’t believe you lost!
Now, how are we going to find out who’s got the best son? Well I mean there’s one way to find out. How? I mean my son gets more views. (Dang..) Your right your right. yeah.. (Subtitles By Proxus, Jack Gar Hansen, iSunnyDツ WilsonPerez3, Kakashi Hatake & Captain Hawking&Uke & Jeffy The Spector, Squidy Boii and Dakota Smith (What do you want to do on 5 million subscribers special video?) (Edited by Toasty P.S It’s like garbage so i had to edit it) Hello! Its-A me Super Mario! With My Friend Super Logan Mama-Mia He’s Number 1!(YOUTUBE TRIGRED) Logan is happy
Chilly: Thats so cool! Thank you!


  1. Marvelous Mina Author

    I honestly want both because, they both share something in common with me…😕
    They’re both abused by their father and
    Well I had three fathers who abused me……..😭
    It makes me cry just thinking about it…

  2. Princesspug TextingStories Author

    Jeffy Is Better Because Bowser Junior Is Already A Well Known Character In The Real Mario Games While Jeffy Is More Original And A Adorable Homemade Puppet To Me🤗


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