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♪ Let me see your runway walk ♪ ♪ Make your heels click ♪ – ♪ Make the ♪–
– (screaming in pain) I am so glad that happened. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. (Anthony) Look, someone posted a video. Dude, that’s you. ♪ I wanna be the master ♪ (crowd laughing) Where did the microphone go? It’s really deep in there. (Anthony) If Anna sees this video,
it’s gonna remind her how much of a loser I used to be. (yelping) All we have to do is get the video
removed from YouTube. Hi there. Is Mr. YouTube available to see us? Hey, you’re the backflip microphone guy! – Where’d the microphone go?
– (rimshot) I think it’s in that boy’s ass. – Steve YouTube.
– Pleasure to meet you. – Hi.
– I don’t touch. I don’t touch. I need that video removed from your website. Your best bet is to change the video from the inside. (both) Oh sh—! ♪ (gentle acoustic music) ♪ (descending whistle) (all groan) ♪ (upbeat pop rock) ♪ Listen, you’re a guy. What the hell?! Jenna, I commented on a bunch of your videos. Yeah, I know exactly who you are! You kidding me? No idea. We’re definitely on YouTube. Would you say the closer
this guy gets to my butthole the better it feels? A little bit. (Anthony) If we don’t get back
to that portal now, we’re gonna be stuck here forever! (both scream) (awwing) Look at the cute little whiskers. Jesus! (Mr. YT) Come around the desk,
crawl under and– – Whoa!
– Oh my–! You thought there was a portal under my desk and you saw my weiner. That is the best joke ever! (Anthony) Hey, guys, thank you
so much for watching the trailer. We can’t wait for you guys
to watch the full movie. In the mean time, click the video on the left to watch us talk more
about making The Smosh Movie and see some exclusive clips. He calls it “weiner comedy”, like it’s a sub-genre of comedy– I’m pretty sure you can find that on Netflix. (Ian) And click the links on the right
if you wanna pre-order The Smosh Movie or get tickets
to the world premiere or Vidcon fan screening. (Anthony) And if you’re watching
this on a phone or tablet, you can go ahead and click all the links in the description below. [captioned by]


  1. Nicky Scott Author

    Finally got around to watching this movie.
    Personally, I enjoyed it.
    The humor is pretty much what I expected from Smosh, but I still laughed throughout a good chunk of the movie.

  2. qui gon jinn Author

    I watched it for free by bypassing the system of lego people lo r was the best gamers in the world backbling the game it does like it and then I heard that it was the right thing for us to do in the future of the ice king who was the right decision to be a kid but it would be too much if it was free so I paid the price

  3. RGS TheBadGamer Author

    I remember when this was first released. It’s a joke, right? It’s just another one of their little skits. Nope. A full blown movie they produced. And god was it funny. It was essentially what could’ve been a SMOSH video, but a movie.


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