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Sneaking FORTNITE Into A MOVIE Theater CHALLENGE! We WON Candy, Xbox One & More!

guys this might be the best day of my
life it’s so baby oh here we go time to get another Papa Jake done oh no oh no
you won’t oh it’s a classic pickaxe battle up in here no that’s not stop
that No are you don’t mess it pop it out don’t but come on it’s cuz this screen
is too small I can barely see a little of my own character yep that’s what they
all say here we go now that’s a bit better nice big TV up close this should
work alright it’s a bit better should be good
alright no come on it’s because the screen is
too small look it’s that’s a small screen yeah
that’s what they all say dude were you in my bathroom no look it’s because of
the size of the screen okay if it could just be bigger I mean what is it 70
inches that’s not big enough Logan I need something big something bigger than
this like like a movie like a movie theater Logan Papa Jake has an idea hey
guys before we jump into this video I wanted to let you know that it is
sponsored by Dragon City this is a super cool game that I just started playing on
my phone and I’ve been having so much fun and I wanted to share it with you
guys it’s completely free to play and you guys can download it on iOS as well
as Android but in dragon city guys you get to collect hundreds of different
cool dragons that you can use to battle it out you can grow them you can make
them stronger and the cool thing about it is that your dragons actually
generate gold so you can use that to buy food and make your dragons even better
if you breathe different species of dragons you get like you get like
crossbreed dragons which are like a cool mix of the two and the thing that I love
most about it is actually got Logan on board and we both been playing so you
can fight your friends so you can actually go ahead and battle it out
against one another to see who has the better dragon but guys if you want to
check out dragon city I will put a link in the description that down below you
guys should definitely go check it out and let me know which one of my dragons
you think is the best because I’ve got a pretty sweet roster of dragons if I do
say so myself and we are back to the video and today guys we are gonna be
doing all right today I’ve decided that you know the TV
in my room the TV in our house is just pick it up for me guys it just does not
cut it for my mad fortnight’s skills and that’s why I came up with a plan to go
today and sneak into a movie theater and try and hook up coordinate now I know
what you think of Papa Chak that’s crazy it is a little bit crazy and if I don’t
even know if it’s gonna work cuz I don’t know how movie theaters work I don’t
know if it’s just like an HDMI cord or you need like like a film projector I
don’t know how it’s gonna work but with most things you know we’ll figure it out
when we get there so today I thought we’d grab our xbox we get everything and
then we can go inside and try and hook up for night and play for night in a
movie theater and of course if you are brand-new to the channel and like videos
like this do not forget just like that like button down below as well as hit
the subscribe button and if you guys didn’t know I also just launched my
brand new channel Pappa Jacob or duos so you guys can go check that out there’s a
link in the description if you haven’t subscribed yet go subscribe so we can
destroy that hundred-thousand subscribe to go and get an awesome new plaque but
guys first things first I think we need to go grab our Xbox get
all of our gear get into the car and head down to the movie theater because
the sooner we get there the better our chances are of actually getting in and
doing this floats who grabbed the Xbox and get moving come on it’s a bit
earlier in the day it’s also midday during the week so we think this is
gonna be the perfect time to sneak in and play some fortnight we’ve packed up
our bag with all of our Xbox gear and everything we need to play for a night
I’m like I’m pretty excited about this guys I think it’s gonna be super sweet
one of the things I want to try and do is of course get a dump but also just
being able to play it on the big screen it’s gonna be awesome if everything goes
as planned run a little bit of a mission yeah Jake I’m just hoping we’re gonna
have a way to plug in the Xbox yeah that’s definitely gonna be the first
thing we’re gonna figure out guys is how to plug in the Xbox but I did bring some
extra stuff as well so first things first
find a way to get in the second thing find a theater that’s actually open and
not using the one again the T to start playing for tonight then everyone comes
in like where’s spider-man and we’re playing for now we have to say like guys
you gotta wait cuz I got to get my dub they want to watch spider-man I gotta
finish my game first love I guess we just made it here we’ve got my backpack
in everything ready we’ve got the Xbox inside and we’re ready to go so first
things first though we’ve got to find the place and we’ve got to find a way to
get inside that’s gonna be probably the biggest challenge right now and also
we’ve got to go outside and it’s pretty cold out which is not gonna be a lot of
fun we are in front of a grocery store which I thought would be the perfect
place to load up on snacks because artemiy playing for tonight we need a
snack on oh that’s a big tub we should bring a huge tub of Nutella just eat
Nutella and for a night in a movie here best day in my life take a look at all
these cookies well I definitely want to bring like stuff to drink but also chips
and we need cookies and we need chocolate and sweets so why don’t we
just grab like as much as we can but we got to be careful because we can only
fit as much as this bag holds because it’s got the xbox and everything else in
it so we don’t have a lot of room all right got some chocolate chip cookies
Logan I know what you’re thinking but I had an idea we’d bring one of these bad
boys we get a chicken from here raw and we cook it in the movie – it’s the
ultimate sneaking movie theater snacks into a movie an entire chicken Jake we
can’t fit a chicken into a movie theater you’re right it could get kind of gross
we don’t have a fridge though gonna found our aisle look at all these these
are like the four night gaming snacks section all right guys so we just got
our movie snacks we’re now heading to the movie theater it’s a little bit of a
walk away it’s absolutely freezing but we’ve got all of our gear hopefully no
one notices us and we don’t draw too much attention so we just got to the
theater now we got to try and keep it pretty low-key cuz we’ve got an entire
Xbox with four night in this backpack once we get in we’ll pay for our ticket
and then we just gotta find an empty theater that we could set everything up
in and hope that we can get it set up and I’m bringing that bird with me look
how my name it Phil quiet because we’ve got a backpack full of four-night gear
and I mean you’re not supposed to bring movie theaters snacks either into a
movie theater so that’s part of that’s part of the challenge today okay so
we’re gonna go ahead and buy our ticket and get everything done and then we
gotta find this theater that we can play for a minute it is like middle of the
day during the week so it doesn’t actually look like there’s too many
people here which is pretty sweet I mean there’s like well there’s a few people
at the front and a couple of people going in and out and I do think there
are some movies playing right now so we should be kind of quiet but I think what
we got to do is find a theater that’s empty it has no one in it so come on cinema meter stood in the seventh this
is good yo check this pound like our own private
movie theater oh yeah dude this is sweet guys I think I’ve ever been in a movie
theater that’s completely empty like this okay Jake
where are we gonna hook up for at night we did find an empty movie theater that
no one is currently using so as long as no one comes in here to try and watch a
movie I think we’re perfectly good to start playing for tonight all we got to
do is figure out a way to hook up the Xbox to the projector and we’re Gucci
man were playing for nine years you sit here front seat front row seats already
go all the way the back or the middle or you uh sit there awesome space here you
were looking around the movie through you’re trying to figure out how to set
up the xbox and I found a bunch of chords here guys check this out so
there’s actually an HDMI corn they have an HDMI cord down here it must have
something to do with the projector because there’s no reason for there to
be an HDMI cord down here so I said we grabbed the Xbox plug it in here and
just see if it works worst case we’re gonna have to go up to
the projector room and mess around with that but I really don’t want to mess
around the projector Xbox with for at night all right we got power that’s
start when I was plugging the HDMI and see if that doesn’t move Jake there’s
nothing so far oh dude I think it’s working this is crazy I can’t believe it work oh
god I did not expect that to work what you’ve gotta kind of keep our voices
down but your high five and it’s sick okay let me grab the controller to begin
the Wi-Fi Oh Jay guys this might be the best day of my life it’s so big first
things first we load in we break out the snacks and we start playing some for
tonight is actually in what if someone comes in
they come in they’re gonna see my mad for tonight skill that’s what’s gonna
happen all right I got my character ready here let’s let’s jump in and play
some solos you guys can’t really see it from here on the camera but this is a
really good way to watch for it to people behind the house we gotta keep it down it’s hard to keep
it down when you play for night in a movie theater this is the best day of my
life oh dude it’s my turn I’ll have to say guys this is so cool to play it is a
little bit hard to play I mean the screen is absolutely massive so when
you’re moving around it something’s like a little bit of a delay but it is a lot
of fun oh man all right look he’s playing in the middle here
let’s see where Logan decides to go drop oh you guys I could just knock it over
how big this is wait Logan what if I get up
hey hey looking all right Logan is going at he’s going hardcore dude this is so
cool but while Logan is trying to get his dub
all the way back there playing on the big screen I have some of these nice
yummy snacks that we brought with us you know it’s not just one thing to seek
snacks into a movie theater you got sneak snacks into a movie
theater and be playing fortnight murders here enjoying the movie I heard a lot
about this watch the trailer wasn’t sure if it was gonna be good I heard there
might be a dub in this movie but I’m not I’m not exactly sure so let’s enjoy
all right guys so as you can see we have Logan’s load out here he’s got a scar
he’s got a shot II he’s got dynamite he’s got sticky guys the scar is
literally as big as my head sorry sir I hope this seat isn’t taken I
just came to say I’m trying to concentrate her this is a great movie
and if I sit right here 14 players left you gotta get to dub in
the movie theater guys smack that like button right now Logan needs your good
energy okay smack you’re like Kevin and put a hashtag rub in the comments
section so we need the energy all right Logan spacing up here we’re
down to the final six coming all right guys all right guys again I’m switching
it up switching skins okay I like the move here which what are we gonna go for
here oh all the art oh oh gee man I love it this is definitely what we need for
that dub okay okay now this time we definitely need all of your help so
destroy the comment section with hashtag dub so we could get this top before
Logan jumps in this game to see if he can get the ultimate movie theater dub I
did want to remind you guys that this video is sponsored by Dragon city and if
you guys have not gone and checked it out yet as I mentioned there is a link
in the top of the description box down below the game is completely free to
play and you guys can get it on iOS as well as Android I highly recommend
checking out this game I have been having so much fun playing it and
leveling up my drag I mean I can’t stop showing you guys my dragons because I
don’t keep saying the cute but they are cute but again huge shout to those guys
for sponsoring this video now let’s see if Logan can get that dealt all right
dude this is a regatta guys here Logan I brought you some fuel man I think you
need some some time free fuel Jake you need these gotta get well and ready to
fight oh you got a guy oh you gotta kill nice buddy updates for
you Logan has four kills it’s down to the last three dude you gotta do this
okay that is guys I was just thinking how sweet would it be if we came back
here and did this again but did a 24-hour challenge I mean if you’re
really quiet in here we could totally do it Jake that would be crazy yo guys if
you think we should sleep back in here and do a 24-hour challenge smack that
like button down below let’s try and crush it
Big D thousand likes alright guys if we crushed 50,000 likes I promise you will
come back here and do a 24-hour challenge so make sure to smack that
like button if you think that’s an awesome idea see how’s this happening the key is to stop you


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