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Something Strange Is Happening To Hollywood | reallygraceful

Hey internet friends. Would you rather have money, fame or truth? What if, to be in front of the pretty lights
and cameras, you could never disclose what goes on behind them? To be the brightest star, would you keep Hollywood’s
darkest secrets? Or would you speak up? Someone has made their
decision, setting off a domino effect of allegations, rebuttals, and yes, perhaps, even some change. That’s why today we’re going to shine a light
on what’s taking place, and has been for quite some time, but instead of just reading headlines
and listening to sound bites, we’re going to pull back the curtain, because something strange
is happening to Hollywood, and it might not be what you think. “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.” The concert promoter-turned-film
producer and co-founder of Miramax Films, Harvey Weinstein, is at the center of Hollywood’s
undoing, with a growing list of leading ladies accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment or
assault. The incredibly well-connected film producer
has responded by saying that many of the allegations against him are false, while his spokesperson
went on record stating that, “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied”. Among the actresses who have accused Weinstein
of sexual harassment or assault are Rose McGowan, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina
Jolie, Ashley Judd…and as recently as yesterday, Cara Delevingne. Longtime co-worker Meryl Streep called Weinstein’s
behavior “inexcusable” and an “abuse of power”, claiming she didn’t know of his offenses. Keep in mind, this is the same Meryl Streep
who said this about Roman Polanski, a Hollywood film director and producer who was arrested
at actor Jack Nicholson’s house for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. “Um, yes, uh…Roman Polankski…I’m very sorry that he’s in jail.” There’s a mounting fear that Weinstein will pull a
Polanski—that is, leave the United States to dodge prosecution, as Weinstein commented
the other day that he was due to head to Europe for sex rehab. You know, because normal people have to face
the legal system if they are accused of rape, but the rich and powerful? No, rehab’ll do. Jail is for poor people. For the last three
decades, Weinstein has reached at least eight settlements with women who accused him of
sexual harassment or abuse. So the question is, why now? Why is Hollywood throwing this guy under the
bus when accusations of casting couch sexual abuse, as well as child [email protected], have been flying
around for quite sometime, with the only difference being, no one before was naming names. Not to the press, anyway. Perhaps we’ve learned
all that we need to from Weinstein, the fall guy. Perhaps the answers we seek remain hidden
by those who have been covering up for him for decades. Let’s take a look at Harvey Weinstein’s most
outspoken accuser, Rose McGowan, who recently got banned from Twitter for taking aim at
one of Hollywood’s darlings, Ben Affleck, accusing him of knowing about Weinstein’s
behavior for years, and also alleging that he lied about doing something about Weinstein’s
behavior. Additionally, McGowan called Affleck’s longtime
buddy, Matt Damon, a ‘spineless profiteer who stays silent’. But are Ben Affleck, Matt
Damon, and Harvey Weinstein really all just spineless Hollywood perverts? Both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were no-name
actors prior to Good Will Hunting, but here’s a picture of them with former President of
the United States, Bill Clinton, the day Good Will Hunting was released to the general public,
distributed by none other than Weinstein’s Miramax Films. Also of note, Damon’s character in Good Will
Hunting is being recruited by the NSA. Could it be that Affleck and Damon are a little
more connected than their humble, struggling actor beginnings let on? The answer is yes. Absolutely, a million times, yes. Finding Your
Roots, a program that aired on PBS, looked into Ben Affleck’s roots and revealed that
his story of being a middle-class guy from Boston, raised by a single-mother, was a bit
of a misleading tale. Barely mentioned on the show was Affleck’s grandmother, Elizabeth
Roberts Shaw, who married a guy she met at college by the name of O’Brien Boldt—whose
best man was Tom Braden, a man who worked for the OSS, which was like the early version
of the CIA. Braden then held a prominent role in the CIA
specializing in using art and film as a means to spread propaganda. Braden even snagged Ben Affleck’s grandma
a job at the CIA front known as the  Museum of Modern Art, working alongside her. Ben Affleck’s momma, Chris Ann Boldt, wasn’t
just any single-momma. She attended Harvard and worked alongside
the offspring of other CIA spooks, which brings us full circle to Ben Affleck. After no-name Ben Affleck watched the premiere
of his not-yet-popular film Good Will Hunting with then-President Bill Clinton at Camp David,
he played a CIA analyst in the film the Sum of All Fears. Reported in the Guardian, there was a *real*
CIA agent on set, advising the actors as they shot the movie. That same CIA liaison went on to advise the
set of Alias, the star of which is Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s former wife. Basically, all the women in Affleck’s family
are connected to the Central Intelligence Agency. And we haven’t even gotten to ‘spineless profiteer’
Matt Damon, who has played CIA or NSA-related characters in Good Will Hunting, four Jason
Bourne films, The Good Shepherd, and Syriana. Though Matt Damon has a similar origin story
to Ben Affleck, he presents himself as a middle-class guy from Cambridge, who happened to attend
Harvard, where he became a member of the elite Delphic Club, even though he was supposedly
just a middle-class theatre kid who missed a bunch of class time due to pursuing film
roles, even going on record as saying that he was “yanked out” of class to pursue these
roles, as though he had no say in the matter. There’s an excellent essay I have down below
that details and sources all of this information about how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were
anything but struggling actors from middle class families. They were both born from elite families with
a spiderweb of connections to the CIA. Do you reckon those connections were severed when
they made it big in Hollywood? Together, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Harvey
Weinstein make quite the trifecta. Hollywood serves as the conduit through which
the United States government promotes its propaganda. Harvey and his brother, Bob, founded Miramax
films, which Disney bought in 1993. During WWII, Walt Disney’s studios
created 75 training films for the military, and it is documented that the US army took
over Disney’s studio space during this time and never really left. Consider the programming that Disney, as well
as all of Hollywood, cranks out. Consider the propaganda that Matt Damon and
Ben Affleck have been a part of. Is Hollywood operated by the American government
and the Israeli Mossad? The CIA and Mossad were created within a year
of each other, post-WWII. So when people say that Hollywood is run by
Jewish people, it’s true. Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Steven Speilberg,
Harvey Weinstein, they all churned out propaganda that shaped popular culture, manufactured
consent, and ultimately romanticized war. And if you bring up this fact, you’re automatically
labeled @nti-$emitic. I’m sure some of you are already pounding
away on your keyboards right now. It’s kind of like how, before the Weinstein
scandal, if you were a celebrity who brought up the concept of the casting couch, or said
that [email protected] was rampant in Hollywood, you were an attention-seeking D-list celebrity. Or if, as a normal person, you echoed these
same sentiments, you were just a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Weinstein gave many actors their start to
their careers, so it’s fitting that actresses like Rose McGowan will bring an end to his
career by illuminating his behavior, if he is indeed found guilty of these allegations. She’s chipping away at the pyramid, and at
the top of that pyramid are individuals who select people who are easy to control, by
exploiting their perversions or their desires, blackmailing them and manipulating them. So as this Hollywood saga unfolds, it’s important
to consider that Harvey Weinstein might just be the fall guy, and lots of predators might
still be out there. I’m going to leave you with a few questions: Is the secret service so inept that they couldn’t
figure all of this information before Malia Obama was supposed to intern
for Weinstein? Why did the press decide to hop on this story
now? Are they trying to distract from the unravelling
Vegas narrative? Are they distracting from the death of the
petrodollar? Let me know. I always look forward to your comments. Thank you all so much for subscribing and
supporting my channel on Patreon.


  1. reallygraceful Author

    Something strange is happening to Hollywood…but why now?

    HOW THE INTERNET BECAME A BATTLEFIELD (in the war for our minds) | a reallygraceful documentary

    Sources/further reading:

    Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Robert Ludlum (author of The Bourne Identity) Have Always Been CIA (Sourced)

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  2. Lee Jeffries Author

    Your previous and utterly nauseating use of hypnotic and now Masonic imagery is NOT really graceful …
    it is very disturbing!!
    This is particularly so since rubbing the truth in the world's face (you are very good at this) is an important ritual of the mystery religions.
    Moreover, you ABSOLUTELY know this.
    So why the hypnotic bullshit with spinning pyramids.

  3. poi allin Author

    Sodomites rules Hollywood and they are ALL sodomise is part of the ritual satanic religion they follow and the younger the better. This is how they control their puppets.

  4. John McLaurin Author

    I believe they are using Harvey Weinstein and Epstein to hide the real demons behind sexual abuse and pedophilia ,that's the Washington DC elites who control the CIA and FBI who cover for and protect them

  5. Raymond Melanson Author

    I'm reallygraceful in saying that whoever you are and everyone that leaves comments are so still blind and deft in this world!!! So why putting out these videos!?

  6. Erica Winter Author

    According to John Todd, ie Lance Collins, and others who have been very high up in the Ill_minati before coming to Christ – the elites are NOT Jewish heavy.  That's the lie of our real enemy, satan ie the loser.


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