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Sony X900E Picture Settings –

Hi, I’m Cedric from
In this video, we will show you how to setup and calibrate your Sony X900E. We will go
over all the settings and how you can tweak them to your liking, whether you watch movies,
play HDR video games or casually watch the TV in a living room. These settings should
also work for the international variants like the XE9000.
First, let’s go over which input you should use, since not all HDMI ports are the same
on this TV. If you have an external sound system, you
basically have two options: either you use HDMI ARC (which is present on port #3 only),
or the digital optical audio out. ARC is usually the better option since you can control your
sound system using the TV’s remote. If you have a 4k HDR device, use either HDMI
port #2 or #3. The other ports do support 4k and HDR, but you will be limited by a lower
frame rate. This is a little bit problematic if you have
more than 2 HDR devices, especially if you have a receiver connected with ARC on port
#3, but you can buy an external HDMI switch to increase the number of ports.
Before you start tweaking the settings, make sure you have enabled the Enhanced format
for HDR. There is no reason not to enable this, except if you are having compatibility
issues on older devices. This increases the bandwidth of the HDMI port, which is required
if you want the full benefit of HDR. Now go back to what you are watching. Keep
in mind that the settings that you set will only apply to the HDMI port you are on. If
you have multiple devices connected, you will need to redo this for every HDMI ports. Even
the built-in apps have separated settings. Press the ‘Action Menu’ button on the
remove. Display is to list information about the input
signal Picture in picture lets you see another input
at the same time, but it cannot be another HDMI input. It only works for OTA or component
input Picture off disable the display. This is useful
if you want to play ambiance music only You should never use Live Football mode. Instead,
you are better off doing manually the picture adjustment yourself, which we are going to
get into soon. Wide mode is for changing the aspect ratio.
Sony TVs are good at automatically detecting the correct ratio, so you shouldn’t have
to use that setting often. Sound Adjustments is if you are using the
TV internal speakers If you have an external system or a pair of
headphones, you can turn it on here Sync Menu is for Sony Bravia Sync, not the
general HDMI CEC features. Now let’s get to the picture adjustments.
The first thing you should do is to change the Picture Mode. There are some differences
between all of them besides the different default presets. For example, the HDR tone
mapping roll-off and the input lag change. For most usage, we recommend ‘Custom’
since it has good presets and no options grayed out. For playing video games, ‘Game’ and ‘Graphics’
have the lowest input lag. Both display chroma 4:4:4 fully. Game has a slightly softer upscaling,
which most people prefer, but if you want a direct upscaling use Graphics.
If you play video games and watch movies on the same input, simply use Game for everything.
There are some options disabled though but we recommend to disabled them anyway.
In this video, we will continue with Custom to be able to talk about every option.
Auto Picture Mode tries to detect the input signal and change the mode accordingly. It
is a cool feature, but we don’t recommend using it since it can be wrong sometimes.
Brightness isn’t the same setting as most other TV’s Brightness. On recent Sony TVs,
it is the equivalent of their Backlight. For this, it is really a personal preference and
it depends on the amount of lights in your room. Increasing it simply brightens the picture
without any downside to picture accuracy. Simply set it so something that is comfortable
to your eyes. Color changes the saturation of the picture.
50 is the most accurate value from a reference point of view. If you don’t care about accuracy,
you can increase it to give the picture more pop.
Light sensor changes the luminosity of the screen to match the ambient light in your
room. It is useful if you watch the TV during the day and the night and don’t want to
keep changing the brightness in-between. We recommend leaving it off though for more control.
Brightness is the same as before. For contrast, the higher the better. However,
if you set it too high it might clip the highlights. In our measurements, we found that 95 is a
safe value. For a dark room calibration, we set the gamma
to 0, but for a brighter room you should increase it if you want to see more details in the
shadows. Do not touch ‘Black Level’. In almost
all cases 50 is the best value. Lowering it won’t change how the pure blacks look. It
will only crush the shadows. We recommend leaving Black Adjust off. Turning
it on won’t makes the blacks deeper. It is a software-only processing that changes
the levels of the shadows. Adv contrast enhancer is also a software-only
feature that won’t change the actual contrast. It simply brightens the highlights. We recommend
to leave it off. Auto local dimming is an actual hardware feature.
It will darken the blacks. Set it to High, unless you find that it lags a bit behind
the picture or darkens the surrounding areas too much.
X-Tended Dynamic Range is the opposite of local dimming, meaning that it brightens the
whites. For the best HDR performance, put it too high. If you find the picture is too
bright in the highlights though, turn it off. Color is the same one as before. Leave it
to 50 for accuracy. Hue is more accurate at 0. otherwise, it rotates
the color wheel. Expert1 is the most accurate color temperature,
which is the closest to 6500k, the color temperature all movies are mastered to. If you are not
used to it, you might find the picture too yellowish or warm. In that case, set it to
something colder, but keep in mind Expert1 is the most accurate.
Adv color temperature is for more precise adjustments of the white balance. We don’t
recommend that you set these, except if you have a calibration tool. We posted the results
of our calibrations on our website. You can try it but keep in mind that this varies per
actual unit, so it might not work on yours. Leave live color off. This will oversaturate
the content, which is fine if you want to give the picture more pop, but Off is more
accurate. Leave sharpness at 50 for a natural picture.
This won’t add any sharpness to the content. Increasing it will give the look of more details
in the picture, but it will introduce some artifacts.
The same is true for Reality Creation. Leave it off for a more accurate picture, unless
you want the appearance of more details in the picture.
Mastered in 4K is only for Sony Blu-rays. It should be off for everything else.
For the 2 noise reduction features, turn them on if you see too much noise in the picture.
Random noise is for the old analog noise, which is rarely present now.
Digital is for block noise artifacts that nearly all recent compressions algorithms
have. Turning it on works to clean some of them, especially in the shadows, but it will
also soften the picture, so it is a trade-off. Smooth gradation is to correct color banding
issues. Off is the most accurate value. If you don’t like color bands in the sky, turn
it on, but it might soften too much some gradients. Now for motion. Motion can get complex, so
we recommend that you watch our Motion series video that we posted on YouTube a few months
ago. In short, for Movies, set it to True Cinema
and CineMotion to High. This won’t add the soap opera effect and it will remove the judder
in 24p movies. If you want the max soap opera effect, set
it to Smooth. For gaming, the Smoothness slider is disabled,
but you can increase the clearness slider which makes the screen flicker to clear up
the motion. Not everyone likes the added flickering though.
For Video Options, set everything to Auto. These 3 settings are mostly if the signal
you send to the TV doesn’t have the appropriate metadata and you want to force HDR, the video
range or the color space. So that’s it. You can find the screenshots
of all the settings we recommend on our website via the link below. And if you like this video,
subscribe to our channel, or become a contributor, and see you next time.


  1. teeemack Author

    I would like to know the best settings for direct tv. I get a bad picture when viewing 720p content such as Fox and ABC, but CBC and NBC look great at 1080i. Everything else, 4k blu-ray etc look fantastic.

  2. tsunami s Author

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  3. Canadian reviewer Author

    Quantum Apotheosis

    Here’s the thing about quantum. He’s just a straight up spaz, who can NOT afford an OLED. He sprinkles 20’s on his bed that didn’t even add up to 1200$. Real professional right?

    Then when I shut him up in the comment section he blocked me because he felt scared and challenged. (I have screen shots)

    Do not trust his opinion he is not a professional. Also I am not a oled fanboy I own the 900e, and lg OLED. I’m just being honest oled is better.

    He can’t admit that because he can’t afford it. And that’s ok.. if you can’t afford an oled that’s fine the 900e is still a good tv but don’t go pretending like it’s better then oleds to make yourself feel better. 

    He hides the amount of sub’s he has because it’s super low, you can tell by his amount of views. He is just a wannabe.

  4. Balkar Singh Author

    I want to know if the 49" XE90/X900E has 10 bit for HDR. I've read that it has 8 bit & FRC

    I want to buy the 49" for my bedroom, but I'd like to know if it is 10 bit or 8 bit

  5. Master K Author

    I'll stick to this little guide for awhile, looks nice & clean better than anything I could come up with. Except brightness 4, really??? One of the BRIGHTEST on the market an that's what you recommend, stupid lol. Usually I go bonkers with Vivid+Oversaturated greatness but I couldn't do this beast like that wanna see it at it's best

  6. MD Author

    I can’t thank you enough for this video and all your services. Without you, I couldn’t navigate the maze required in buying a new TV. I really need to know how to use this TV with Directv receiver box. I was sent a new one from Directv, but it isn’t a new model because I’ve been with them for so long and didn’t want a contract. Due to this, I don’t have their DVR and latest model box. I will use this TV with the box and probably set the TV up with a new ROKU ULTRA.

  7. VanTesla Author

    Tried the recommended settings and with my tv at least it comes out way to grayed out in comparison to the one in the video. Also it strains my eyes oddly. Still messing with settings to find a better balance that also doesn't make my eyes start hurting when trying to read stuff. First 4K HDR tv and can't tell if the reason for said issue is either the HDR or what since no matter the bright levels it has a glaring effect that even when grayish feels bright yet hard to decipher words depending on text color which usually is slight variants of white that become overly to white or darkish gray that fades into the background… I wonder if my Tv calibration is just off to begin with? I don't think there is any issues with the actual set since I haven't tried all variations in changing the set yet, but the few I have has only reduced the gray issue without changing the text and glare issue that gives my eyes an issue.

  8. el Mikas Author

    Got mine for Christmas, everything is great in high formats but for everyday usage i just can find the picture anything close to good. Watching normal tv channels without HD sucks. Iv tried a couple settings online and nothing works. Skin tone and picture definition are really bad. Help? 😉

  9. AV1DGamer Author

    Hey folks! Just got my 65 up and man, it's a damn fine TV.
    Question: I have a Sony receiver (not 4k) and I want to be able to control everything from one remote. Understanding that ARC is my best bet for audio contol, how should I configure my 4k devices. PS pro and Xbox one s (movie player)? I don't want to have to manually switch a splitter…help!

  10. R W Author

    One thing I don't like about the X900E is the random, sudden switching to max brightness while switching between inputs or SDR/HDR capable apps. It's seems to be triggered by certain menus / apps / content… why can't it just be in the same brightness level? Any ideas why and how to prevent it?

  11. SNIIP3R786 Author

    Literally bought this tv in the Boxing Day sales and I tried these exact setting on my 55inch XE9005 and they look completely bland to be honest, if anyone has this tv please try these settings and compare it to the ‘standard’ picture settings and that standard mode is night and day difference in terms of colour and HDR. Not sure why brightness recommended is 3? Brightness goes all the way up to 100 so I don’t understand why you’d put it to 3?? It’s just dark and It’s like having a normal TV if you’re not going to pop some colours especially for HDR content. Anyone else not feeling these recommended settings? Please try these vs standard pic settings

  12. Suriya Narayanan Author

    AV forums settings are so far better than everyone. Especially the cinema home and game mode. That reviewing grandpa got experience 🙂

  13. Suriya Narayanan Author

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  14. RoiPourpre Author

    Please, can you tell me what is the best settings for SDR content ? ( Sharpness level ? Reality creation On or off ? ), please respond me… Ty in advance.

  15. Aaron McGuffin Author

    Thank you, Rtings for both recommending this TV and this wonderful video on how to calibrate it. I JUST found this video and I love how he goes through and explains each recommended setting and why. I love my 65" X900E. No regrets 7 months after buying it.

  16. Jos Hos Author

    I find these settings create judder for my cable and Netflix streaming. Cinema Home seems to fix the problem after a reset. I turned up the motionflow smoothness to max and CineMotion to high. Any more adjustments and the judder comes back but i feel the picture accuracy is a bit off. Anyone else notice this issue?

  17. josh morfin Author

    could someone help me? i cant fix the judder and ghosting on my 55 inch x900e! is anyone else having this problem? i see it using netflix. i also have an internet speed of 60mbps

  18. Anne Timmer Author

    Is it worth it too trade my xe9005 for the lgoledb6v or you wont notice the difference! I mean the lg is oled and got hdr 10 active and dolby vision. Is it better then the xe9005? Or totally waste of money.

  19. philly d Author

    Always use calibration videos as a base from which you can tweak to your personal preference there is never no magic perfect settings. Each room is different in brightness so the main backlight should always be your personal choice. Colour temperature settings vary from unit to unit so what I do is pause the TV or use a nice static image you have on a USB stick and enter the settings gave by whoever's settings your trying then have a good look at the image and then reset back to the default colour temperatures and see which you prefer. the only thing I would say is having a daytime setting and a night time setting helps me a lot. I use Cinema Home for the day and Cinema Pro for the night as I think it is better than trying to find a balance in the middle which is neither ideally bright enough or dark enough. Just my thoughts though I'm far from an expert lol

  20. Dark Schneider Author

    Excuse me, i dont understand the difference between game and graphic mode. I will use this tv ad pc monitor, to game and play movie from the pc. Thanks in advance to anyone!

  21. Nicolas R Author

    Bonjour Cédric , te serais t'il possible de donner quelques réglages pour le XE93E ?
    merci Beaucoup Nicolas de France .
    Hello Cedric, would you be able to give some settings for the XE93E?
    thank you very much Nicolas de France.

  22. Jose Rubio Author

    Does anyone know how to set the tv to 1080p 120hz for a console supposedly, at this setting it gives you an input lag of about 16 ms which is way better than the other settings

  23. gouki290 Author

    I keep having this issue with my Sony x900e….

    I’m on Xbox one x and when I play monster hunter world, the Witcher 3 and asassins creed origins, my characters head and sometimes the minimap will glitch?? Or flicker??? every time I move my camera (not the character) left or right. it worse when I do a full 360 🙁 I have my picture on standard and motion on smooth and the one below it on high. When I turn off motion, the flickering on my characters head stops, but I really really really love the way the games look with motion on…, is my tv defective??? Is it suppose to do that??? Plz plz plz help

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    Hello everyone. Does anyone know where to find the channel list? I have found it under the channel search option, but it is only for edit. I want to view a list with the channels.


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  27. TheRcCarFan Author

    I do not want to sound insulting, I love your site and I have read so many reviews and test and respect you but recently I have come to watch videos on your Youtube channel. Seriously… this has to be the worstly spoken English that I have heard. I am a software engineer and I have spoken with many Russians and Indians. I have a hard time understanding what you are saying and I do not want to sound like a drag queen but it is utterly painful to hear you speak English. My spoken English isn't perfect either but this… For a web site doing reviews on US products this is outrageous.

    Again I highly respect your site, and the work and effort you put into this but…..this guy has to be fired or sent for a couple of months of English lessons.

  28. Knightmare Author

    Hello i use my x900e just for gaming connected to my pc, i use game mode but i get a strange artifact around moving object like pixels shattered around the borders (ex. moving text, fps weapon, ….) any ideas how to fix it? thanks!

  29. walter2065 Author

    Verry good settings and i use it for custum setting on every hdmi en super natural colours,
    I only recommend green gain min -2 and bleu gain min -6, why because experts say so.
    try it!! and you get the best natural picture!! good luck

  30. Joshua 9858 Author

    I recently bought the Sony XE85 or X850E and had to return it do to motion lag on the tv. I was streaming through the build in apps on a 30/mbit connection, and nomatter what settings i tried (rtings settings for motion and others) i couldn't get rid of the motion lagg, example is Captain america civil war on netflix, such lagg in wide panning scenes and fast action scenes. I didn't download the latest firmware to the TV tho, idk if that had anything to do with it… But i noticed the XE90/X900E had the same bad motion handling in the store. Many of the tv's actually did including the b7/A1/and samsungs… Am i hyper-sensitive to motion "lagg" or were the tv's i saw not calibrated properly?

  31. Darrell Cherry Author


    Am I just being anal or is this kind of bad on this TV? I'm not sure if it's judder or ghosting or whatever the term is for it, but in scenes that have panning left to right that are fairly fast it seems like the ghosting is quite excessive.

    Is this something I need to get used to or are there settings that help with this?

  32. Nathan Bayudan Author

    Anybody know how to adjust the picture settings when you're casting a picture or video from your phone? It's a bit too vivid/saturated but I can't find a way to adjust — when I open the Action Menu, it exits out of the cast..

  33. Brandon Kochen Author

    Is this a joke? You can barely see the picture it’s so dark in auto hdr mode and brightness of 4. This TV is brutal for 4,000 dollars when I bought it. Anyone have 2018 settings


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