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Sooryavansham.. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham.. Sooryavansham. The light, the lion’s roar. The kind, honest. Spark in your eyes
and glow on your face. The brilliance of sun,
coolness of the moon. You are the pilgrim for all of us. You’re Lord Ram of
this modern world. Today on your birthday
we’ve come to wish you. Sooryavansham.. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham.. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham.. Sooryavansham. -One moment, master. -Look at this. -Sister-in-law, your drape is not
held properly. Hold it properly. -Mother. This is offering. l’d gone to the
temple to pray for father. -First tell me. Have you
eaten something since morning? -l’ve kept a fast for
father’s sake. Take this. -The whole snap. -Take the offering.
– Offering? Where did it come from? -One of our servants has
prayed for your long life. -Once a person is born,
his life only shortens. lt doesn’t become long. Take this. Start.
– Sir, has everybody come? -Yes, everybody has come. -Call Heera too. -Take the photo. -Greeting sir. – Greeting sir.
-Greetings. Greetings. Sit. Sit. Sit. Accountant.
– Yes, sir. -Whenever l see these people,
my desire.. open a free charitable hospital
for these poor people rouses. God knows when my
dream will be fulfilled. -t will be fulfilled, master. You’ve fulfilled the dream
of 18 people in this village. Then how can your
wish not be fulfilled? -Sir.. sir.
– What happened, Haria? -Sir, my daughter..
– What happened to your daughter? She was going to get
married in the next week. -Now she won’t get married, sir.
– Why? -Kevada Thakur… -What did Kevada Thakur do? -My wife works at
Kevada Thakur’s place. Yesterday she fell sick. So my daughter Kamali went for work. -Wow! Aren’t you Parvati’s daughter?
– Yes, sir. You are going to get married,
aren’t you? – Yes, sir. Do you know about wedding night? Do you know what it is all about? Do you know how to please a man? You don’t know? Learn it from me. A woman should be skilled in this. Otherwise the husband
banishes the wife from the house. Come. -No! No! – Come! No!
No! – Listen to me! Come! Listen, come on! -l’ll complain about this
in the village counsel. And l’ll disgrace you
in the whole village. l won’t spare you. -Hey Jagia, where did the girl go?
– Towards the fields, sir. She was saying that she’ll
complain to the village committee. -Really? There was no fire and
already the smoke is curling out. -Fool! Idiot!
– No! You were stealing in Thakur’s house? You threatened him that.. will complaint against
him to the village counsel. l’ll not spare you! Go in! Lock her up! -Now who will marry my daughter, sir? l can’t even show
my face to anybody. -Accountant.
– Yes, sir. -Who is the inspector
in the police station? -He is some new inspector. -Go to the police
station and tell him.. ..the girl is getting
married and leave her. l’ll handle the rest of the proceedings. -Who is this Bhanu Pratap Thakur? ls he SP.. DSP? Who is he? -SP and DSP salute him too. He is an influential man and.. ..the leader of this
village counsel. -l didn’t get the post of the police officer by the favor of these leaders. l got this post after studying law. Go and tell your
Bhanu Pratap Thakur. This is a police station,
not the field of a village counsel Where he can plough and reap a
harvest according to his will! Understood! Get out! -Desh Raj Thakur.
– Sire. Some Thakur Bhanu Pratap’s man had come. To get the girl bailed out. -Really? There was no fire
and the smoke is curling out. -l didn’t release the girl.
– Don’t even do that. l’ll pay you lavishly.
Listen. Do listen. l’m sending Basmati rice,
Ientils and pure ghee to your place. -Sire, you just relax. This girl will rot
in this prison only. -What law have you studied? What do you know about law?
– Look.. -Under the Indian
criminal procedure court.. ..section 47 clause 2,
section 51, clause 2.. ..section 50 and 57
and according to.. ..the Supreme court
judgment dated 1983. lf there is a
proceeding involving a woman.. ..then a female police
officer should arrest her.. ..and a female
officer should search her. Did you do this? No you didn’t. Arrested women should be presented.. ..before the court within 24 hours. Did you do this? No. lf for some reason she can’t
be presented before the court.. ..then she is kept in
the prison for females. Did you do this? No. And you say that you got
this post after studying law. How did the police
department give you this post? What law and order? Accountant.
– Yes, sir. -Call the SP.
– Yes, master. Sir, could l have his number? -39522. -Hello.
– Sir, hang on. Master. -Sir, this is Thakur
Bhanu Pratap Singh. -Thakur Sir, you? What can l do for you? -The police officer of our
village is teaching me law. -You’re calling from
the police station? -Yes. Unfortunately. -Thakur Sir, give the
phone to the inspector. -Accountant. -Yes, sir. -Shameless! The man
sitting before you.. a high court in himself. And court shouldn’t be
called in the police station. Do as he says.
– Yes, sir. Release the girl.
– Already did, sir. -Sir, leave the prison’s door open. -Dad, what happened? What’s
the matter? – Move aside! -Have shame, rascal! Just by wearing the
turban they think.. ..that they’ve worn
the crown of respect. You all are cowards! You left behind loads of wealth,
but not a penny of respect. The villagers respect, honour
and worship that Bhanu Pratap.. ..and they don’t respect me at all. As if there is a
calamity of respect. My disrespected ancestors! Because of your inability,
today l’d to go to the prison too. l’m ashamed that
hitherto l used to.. ..feel proud of
useless Thakurs like you all. lt’s good that you all died. Otherwise today l
would have killed you all. l’ll do the task that
you all couldn’t do. l’ll ruin the sun of
that Sooryavanshi forever. -Heera.
– Yes, brother. -Some special guests
are coming from the city. Go to the guest house
and get the place cleaned. They’ll stay there only. Fine.
– Okay. -Sister, sit straight. -Sister-in-law, who is
coming from the city? -Brother-in-law, what
will you do by knowing it? -Yes, what will l do? -Then go do as your brother told you. -Who are the guests who are coming? -l don’t know. Must be
some special guests. -All guests are special, Heera. But we become tired of serving them. Phulva, your child is crying
and you’re tending the goats. -What to do? l’m alone.
So many things to manage. -Okay. We’ll tend the goats.
You go and feed your child. -Fine. -Who is walking in
the middle of the road? -Hey goat! Move aside! -She’s saying it to the goats not us! -ldiots! Can’t you hear the horn! -We can hear. But
the goats can’t hear. Don’t you have this
much of common sense? -What did you say? -l spoke in English.
You won’t understand. -Uncle, go and move those idiots.
– Fine. l’ll teach them a lesson. Are you tending to the goats or.. ..taking a newlywed
bride to watch cinema? -We don’t know how to take
newlywed brides to the cinema. We’re not married yet. -Only bachelors can do this.
Now look at me. -Uncle, what are you doing?
Move them quickly. -Ma’am, these are goats. Not some
athlete, that they’ll run like a deer. -Where are you going
with so many goats? -To get them admitted
to engineering college. -Hey! Do you think l’m a fool! This road goes towards Bharatpur? -lf you go this way, then
your hand will get hurt. Keep your hand down and then go. And listen.
– What? -Why are you going to Bharatpur? -l’ll buy 2 buffaloes and get
them admitted to medical college…idiot! -Hang on. Don’t go from there. The bridge is out. – Yes. Do one thing. Go back 10 kms. Then take a right, then take a
Ieft, then again take a right.. will find Bharatpur. -Let me sit.
– What happened, uncle? -Go back 10 km. The
bridge is broken ahead. -Oh my God! -Where did you.. -That girl called us goats,
that man called us donkey. Let them die. They’ll
wander in the jungle. Then they’ll come to
their senses. Come. -Hi, Narendra.
– Mr. Karan. -He’s my younger brother, Varun. –
Greetings. Hi. – Hello. – Narendra. -Your mummy and daddy are
nowhere to be seen. -There was a case hearing in
the court. So they couldn’t come. They’ll come by tomorrow.
– Okay. -By the way, she’s my sister Radha.
– Greetings. -Mr. Karan.
– Greetings. -And he is my uncle, my
father’s best friend. – l see. Retired Major Ranieet Singh.
-How do you do, sir? – Hello. -Come sir.
– Welcome. Please.
– Come, dear. – Come. -Did you have any
trouble on the route? -No. We just met two
goat herders who fooled us. They made us travel 20 miles extra.
And made our trip longer. -Which goat herders brother? l don’t understand. -Heera! Come here! -Hide your face carefully. -Who are the
goat herders in our village? -Nobody.
– What? -Nobody. -Who could it be?
-Anyway, we’ll find out. You take a rest.
– Okay. – Please. -Heera.
– Yes. – Take care of them. -Okay, brother. -Hey! Bring the luggage from the car. -So heavy. They’ve made you a servant.
– Come. That’s it. -Wow! What a beauty! Beautiful! This is an old fashion knife. -Uncle, this is not a knife.
It is a sword. -l know it is a sword. Knife aren’t this long. It
was a slip of the tongue. Wow! The servants here
read newspaper. -Wait please. Since the time we’ve been here, why have you two been hiding your faces? -Today Lord Hanuman
has kept a fast for us. l mean, we have kept
Lord Hanuman’s fast. Today we won’t see any girl’s face. -Radha.
– Yes. -This voice sounds very familiar. -You must have heard it.
On B.B.C or Doordarshan. -No. This is the goat herder’s voice. -Hey! Turn this way. Show your face this way. -Okay. -Turn all the way around. -Remove the newspaper. -You guys? Excellent. I’ll tell Thakur sir. -No, no. Look, don’t say
anything to Thakur sir. -Henceforth we won’t trouble you. Please forgive us. -Just saying sorry is not sufficient. You’ll have to hold
your ears and do “squat-ups”. -Yes, you do it. -You too.
– Me too. -Fine. Now go. Let’s go. -These two made us wander around for 20 km’ ‘l’ll teach them a lesson. Hey! Come here. ls there any laundry? l
mean one who irons clothes. -No, you can just say “laundry”. -l know English. He is the “education-less” & illiterate. -l didn’t ask your bio-data. Tell me, is there a laundry here? -There is laundry, sweet maker,
tailor, butcher, washer man.. -Fine. Come with me. Take the clothes. Go
and get them ironed. -Me?
– Yes, you. Don’t you remember,
what your boss had said? Do what work we give you. -That is fine. But these
clothes are already ironed. -Now there is a need for ironing.
– Yes. -Then why are you looking
at it? Go and take it. -Yes! -Hey, fool. Yes, l’m calling you.
– My name is Dharmendra. Heera calls me Mindra lovingly. -l don’t know all that.
You’re just a fool for me. Do one thing. Take my clothes.
And get them ironed. Take it. What are you staring at? Take it. -Shall l get it ironed
after sprinkling water? -Yes. And use drinking water. -Why drinking water.
l’ll use mineral water. -What are you doing? -We have to wet the
clothes before ironing it. Damn beggar! l’ll make the dogs
of this village chase him. -Mindra. Again the
clothes will get dirty. Again we’ll have to wash it.
Again we’ll be told to iron it. -We’re treated worst than servants. We’ve to do what they say.
We don’t have any status. Heera, this won’t do. Enough! -Mindra, listen to me.
– What? -Look, they are special guests.
– So? -Don’t shout. Till the time they’re here,
for my sake keep quiet. -What for your sake! You don’t
feel anything. Come, let’s go. -Left. A bit on the right.
– Is this fine? -Forward. A bit on the side.
– What are you doing, uncle? Are you taking my
photo or making me parade? -What to do? l can’t see
your face in the camera. -Military sir, you’ll see the face
only if you remove the lid. -This is camera not a cooker where you have to remove the lid -Yes, it is a camera, not a cooker. -l know. Do you think l’m a donkey? -Hitherto l’ve never seen a donkey
taking a photo -What did you say? -l’m just moving my mouth. -Hey goat herder, l’d given
you clothes for ironing. Where is that? -Military sir, little mistake.
– What mistake? -The laundryman was drunk.
He fell on the ground. And the hot coal iron
fell on the clothes. All the clothes were burnt. With great difficulty.
l’ve saved a collar. Sew the bottom rest into a night gown. Greetings. -Hey! What are you doing with my car? Do you want to ruin
this too like my clothes? -l’m washing it. Cleaning it. -May you rot in hell!
Where is the other one? -He has gone for lunch. -Do you both just eat the whole day? -We don’t eat
without working like you. -What did you say?
– l was just moving my mouth. -Stop moving your mouth. And
start using your hands and legs. Fool! -Sorry, sorry.
– What does this mean? -l said sorry. -To
hell with your sorry! Hey! You’re cleaning
my car with a broom? -l’m cleaning it with a broom.
l’m not using sword. -You!
– What are you doing? It’s fake.
– Really? -Now do it. -Sir… -Your killing looks.
– Give me something sir. l’m hungry since the past 2 days.
– What is it?! -Give the money, sir. l think you’re in a
worst condition than me. l give more than this to beggars. -Hey! Where did you
get these clothes from? -The owner of this
bungalow gave it to me. May God make him the
owner of garments’ mill! -Where is the collar? -He removed it. He was
saying that a city dog.. ..has come in the house. -Dog?!
– Yes. He wanted a collar for his neck. See there. The owner has come. -So he is the owner? -Sir, why are you nervous? He is not a bigger donator than you. Look at this. This
beggar gave me 10 paisa. -Owner? What?
– Did you call him? She is calling you.
– Who is it? Hey, where did he go? Where are you? -My dear one. My little child. My dear one. -What are you doing,
Phulva? Make the child quiet! Why are you making the child cry? -lf he is not keeping quiet
even after giving him milk.. ..then what can l do? -Then give him more. -Quiet down now. Quiet. Quiet down now. -My heart, you are crazy. Young master is singing.
Now he’ll quiet down. -You are crazy, l agree to it. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. The rivers know that there
is thirst in the ocean too. l agree that the darkness is deep. Who has forbid you? Light the flame of the stars. Even dreams come true. l’ve heard so. My heart, you are crazy. You are mad, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? -Uncle, how much sugar for you? -Just a bit. Not much. -Oh, mummy and daddy have come. Hi, mom! Him dad!
– Hi, dad. -How is everything here?
-l’m fine, mummy. -She’s beautiful.
– What is beautiful? -I meant the village is beautiful,
people here are beautiful. -Lets go, uncle. Heera.
– Yes. -Bring the luggage.
– Yes. -Lets go. Come. -lt’s a nice place. -Radha.
– Yes. -Dear why are you saying to him
to carry the luggage? – Him? -Yes.
– He’s the servant. -Servant?
– Yes. -His face is resembles Thakur sir. Son…you’re Thakur
Bhanu Pratap’s son right? – Yes. -Why are you carrying this luggage? Drop it. l’ll carry it.
– No, no. You’re my guest. lt is my duty to serve you. -Dear, it’s your greatness. But l don’t like it for you to pick up this luggage. Give it to me. You go home and make
arrangements for tomorrow’s function. -Function? -Yes. Tomorrow your sister is
getting engaged to my son. Why? Don’t you know? -Sit.
– Sit. -She is our elder daughter-in-law.
– Greetings. -Greetings. – Greetings. -Greetings. – God bless you. -Greetings. -Sit down, child. -Priest has come. Let’s ask him
for the auspicious time. -Yes. -So priest, which day is auspicious. -Thakur sir, for the
wedding 10th is good day. But for the give away 10th and
11th, both the days are bad. -So, we’ll arrange for the give
away on the 12th. -Alright. – Great. -Grandpa. l love you, grandpa. A knee, a toe and here we go..
-Listen. Where’s Mr. Heera? -Don’t you know? Uncle never comes before grandpa.
– Why? -Grandpa doesn’t like uncle. -Enough, mother. -Just one more. Open your mouth. Your father fixed your sister’s
engagement just out the blue. l had no idea dear,
that you didn’t know. -What would l have done
even if l’d known, mother? l know that my status in
this house is that of a servant. And servant shouldn’t be
told each and every thing. Mother. Mother, if there is reincarnation.. ..then l would like to be
your and father’s son again. What l couldn’t get in this birth.. ..maybe l’ll get it in that life. -Brother Mindra. – What is it? You need more clothes to be ironed again? -l want to know something
about Mr. Heera from you. Why are you looking like this? -Because hitherto nobody has
addressed Heera as Mr. Heera. What do you want to know? -Thakur sir is an
influential figure in this village. One of his sons is a doctor
and the other is an engineer. Then why is Mr. Heera like this? Why is he treated like a servant? Even he is Thakur sir’s son. -Yes. But Thakur uncle doesn’t
consider him as his son. -Why? -Heera attended
school when he was a kid. But he was very weak in studies. He always used to get zeroes in exams. Thinking that he’ll get his
father’s beatings if he went home.. ..with zeroes, he used
to convert zero into 100. But still he would get beatings. -But why? -Because he didn’t know how
many zeroes there are in 100. He sometimes used to put 4
zeroes and sometimes 5 zeroes. Heera was not at all
interested in studies. He used to go to school
only for Gauri’s sake. -Gauri? Who is Gauri? -Thakur uncle’s friend’s daughter. Gauri’s parents died when she
was a child, in a car accident. Thakur uncle brought Gauri home. And Gauri and Heera used
to go to school together. Heera started to like Gauri.
Gauri wanted to study. But Heera always used to
distract her with games. Gauri could never study. One day when both of
them went to school.. -Stand up. Why didn’t you
do your homework? Tell me! Forward your hand -Mother! Mother! Mother! -Let’s go, Gauri -Heera, get up -Along with the books,
Heera’s education.. ..also got washed
away in the water Heera hated the school
where Gauri was beaten. From that day, he didn’t
even look at that school. Thinking that in the
company of Heera.. ..Gauri’s studies
will be badly affected.. ..Thakur uncle sent
Gauri to study at a hostel in the city. Heera and Gauri got separated. They grew up separately.
Heera was always sad. But there was one
source of happiness. Gauri used to come from
the city on every Saturday. Saturday and
Sunday were the 2 days.. ..that filled Heera with ioy. -My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. You are mad, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. Nobody understands
the language of silence. Flowers don’t blossom
in the nuptial chaplet. Even after meeting
they don’t unite. God knows whose fault it is. These unknown paths. Will give the
direction of the destination. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. The rivers know that there
is thirst in the ocean too. l agree that the darkness is deep. Who has forbid you? Light the flame of the stars. Even dreams come true. l’ve heard so. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to…? -Gauri.
– Hi. -Give it to me. – No, no problem.
-No, give it to me. Come. -How are you?
– Fine. l just have a slight fever. -Then come l’ll take you to the
doctor. -No, no need for that. -Show me “ahhh” -Doctor.
– Hey! What? -Letter A is here. What are
you telling her to show? -Really? What do you
think of yourself? l became a doctor without
any studies? l’m M.B.B.S. M.B.B.S! l told her
to open her mouth. Slight fever. l’ll
give you injection. -No, doctor. No injections. lf you want you can give pills.
Injection hurts. -lt’s a small injection.
It won’t hurt. Even kids take it nowadays. -No, no. Doctor, listen to me.
Don’t give her injection. lt will hurt her a lot. -Okay, you give injection.
You give tablets. You give medicines. l’m going. – Am l the
doctor or you are the doctor? -No, you’re the doctor, but.. Okay, you give me the injection. l’ll check whether
it hurts me or not. -Ma’am, ask him to get out!
– Heera, go out. -Gauri, you..
– Please, go out. -Come. – Go, go. -Okay we’re going. – Give pills! -You saw? He gave her injection. lt’s just a slight fever
and he gave her injection. lt must be hurting her so much. -lt will get well. Go.
– Thanks. -Show it to me. It’s hurting?
– No. -You sit in the car, l’ll just come.
– Where are you going? -l’m going to ask him when to
come next. Go. Come. – Go. Yes, it’s done. What? What?
– Yes, we’ll explain. Nothing. Just a small test.
– Test? What test? To show.. – What? To show how much injection hurts. -What?
– Hold this. Turn around, turn. Now you know what pain is! You’re always giving
injections for petty matters. -Doctor, shall l give
injection to patient no 8? -No injection! Only tablets! –He is ruining our reputation. He created a scene with
the villagers in the show. He misbehaved with a
doctor in the city. There is a vast
difference between him and them! -Shall l say something?
Get him married. Responsibilities will reform him. -Which girl will
marry this useless guy! -No need to search for a girl. Girl is right here in
this house. Yes, Gauri. -Have you gone mad!
l’ve raised Gauri. This doesn’t mean
that l’ll ruin her life. -Gauri.. Ioves Heera. -Yes, father. Brother
Heera likes Gauri alot. -You know. Both have loved
each other since childhood. lf you don’t believe me..
then ask Gauri. -There is no need to ask Gauri. l know that she
won’t refuse my decision. lf she loves this useless fellow.. ..then call the priest
and fix an auspicious date. -Aunt! Aunt! -Gauri has come.
Come. Do come, Gauri. -Sister, what is going on? -Preparation for your
marriage is going on. -My marriage? -Yes. Father has fixed
your marriage with Heera. -Heera had asked for the boon
that if his marriage is arranged with Gauri… ..then he’ll bow his head at
the threshold of every temple. And he’ll offer
coconut to every idol. One day we were going to
the temple to offer coconut. When we saw that a girl
had jumped into the water. Heera jumped to save that girl. He got her out of the water. That girl was none other than Gauri. -Gauri, what has happened to you? Why do you want to kill yourself? Now even our marriage is fixed. -That’s why l want to die. So
that l don’t have to marry you. The convict who’s sentenced to death
is asked for his last wish. But your father didn’t even
ask my first wish nor last. Why? He raised me. Does it mean that whatever he
decides, l’ll accept it? There is nothing common between us. l’m educated, you’re illiterate.
Do you have any identity? You live like a
servant in your own house. ln this modern world,
you’re living an orthodox life. What will l say to
my educated friends? That the man I married… ..doesn’t know the history & geography of life? He’s just the way he was at birth. Only his height has increased. And he has started wearing clothes. -Gauri, meaning you don’t love Heera? -People love animals too.
But they don’t marry them. lf l knew.. that
your Father would get.. married to you in
return for his favours. Then after my parents died.. ..l wouldn’t have
stayed in your house. l would have gone to some
orphanage. -Gauri, enough. Now.. no need to say anything else. Father had the trust
that you won’t refuse him. That’s why he didn’t
ask for your wish. lt’s good that you said this to me. lf you’d said it to father,
then it would have had hurt him. He would have
regretted his whole life.. ..that how did he make the
decision without asking you. lf you don’t want to marry me,
then don’t marry me. l’ll say to father that l
don’t want to marry Gauri. As it is, l’m worthless in his eyes & so
l’ll become more worthless. But if you become
worthless in the eyes of somebody.. ..this l can’t tolerate. Go, Gauri. Heera has moved out of your way. -What l’d doubted happened! I can see the unseen God in many colors. But l don’t understand any of this useless guy’s colors. -Heera, what happened? You.. -Don’t ask for explanations! l just want answer to one question. Will he marry Gauri or no? -No. -Since then Heera became
nonexistent for his father. He didn’t let Gauri lose her
respect before his father. But he himself lost his respect. Without finding out the truth… Thakur uncle got Gauri
married to someone else right in front of Heera. Heera had lit the lamp of love. But that poor fellow
got only darkness. l have one request. lf you can’t heal Heera’s wound.. ..then don’t try to
dig those old wounds. Mindra, hitherto l shouted at you,
made you slog like a donkey. l hope you are not angry with me. -What are you saying sir?
You’re like my elder brother. And as it is, if the
hen kicks the mouse.. ..then the mouse doesn’t feel bad. -Why are you standing? Sit. Not on the floor. Sit on the chair. -No, sir. My status doesn’t
allow me to sit with you. -Oh my friend! Shall l make a peg for you? -No, sir. l’m not worthy
enough to have a drink with you. -Forget that. Class and status are not
taken into consideration.. ..while drinking. Take this. Do drink. Drink this. -l’m drinking it just to please you. -Tell me one thing, Mindra. You’re educated, hard working.. ..then why are you
working like a dog. -Then what should l go? Get a gun & become a dacoit? – l mean become a dacoit, sir. -You can do one thing.
– Yes. -You can work, start a business. lf you don’t have money, then
l’ll give it to you. – No, no sir. -Do keep it. – l don’t want it.
-Come on, keep it. Take it. Mindra, tell me one thing.
– Yes. -The girl who had come to
placed all this.. how is she? She is just like a girl.
– Even l know that. l mean.. you understand what
l’m trying to say, don’t you? -Yes. Yes. l’ll ask
Zalim Singh and tell you. -Who is Zalim Singh?
– Her husband. Husband?
– Yes. A few days back a man had
asked the same question. Zalim Singh had cut
his hands and legs. Nowadays he’s in the prison. He will be released on the 28th. What is today’s date?
26th. Day after tomorrow. So military, give me a cigarette. -Military?
– Give me a cigarette. Hurry up. Who will light it? Your father?
– Huh! So what were saying
about that servant? What do you want to do with her? -No, no. Nothing.
– No, you were saying something. -Nothing.
– You were saying. -lt slipped from my mouth.
Forget it. It was nothing. -Pour more alcohol. -Hey Mindra. Don’t drink more.
You’re tipsy. -Am l your servant? When you’ll say, l’ll drink. And when you’ll say,
l’ll stop drinking. -Look, you’re misbehaving. -Am l misbehaving or
you’re misbehaving? First you come and tell me to
fix you up with that village girl. And then you say..
– Quiet. -What are you saying? -You want to do something with girls. People like you who.. -###Sometimes in
my heart I have thoughts….## -Never bring that thought in your heart! Rascal! -Greetings.
– Greetings. Come. – Greetings. Greetings. Come. -Welcome, Mohan.
– Hello, Bharat. Hello. -Lets go. Greetings.
– Greetings. -How are you?
– Fine. – Where is Mohan? -Have this. Do take it. -Greetings.
– Greetings. Come. Greetings.
– Greetings. -Give it to Govind. -Come….Brother!
– Yes. -She is my sister-in-law, Usha. She was in America
during my wedding. Now that she has come, l want to
introduce her to you all. – l see. -He is brother Karan.
He is brother Bharat. Greetings.
– Greetings. -Heera.
– Yes, brother. -Give 2 cold drinks here.
– Please. Excuse me. -Sister-in-law, who is he? You
didn’t introduce him. -He is not a VIP that
l’ll introduce him. He is a useless fellow. That’s why he’s
living like a servant. -Thank you. -Hang on, Mr. Heera. Madhuri, Kavita,
Rani, please come here. l’d told you all that l want
to introduce an important man. He is that man. Heera Thakur. Mr. Heera, these are my friends.
Madhuri, Kavita -Greetings. Greetings. Rani. Sita. He looks very simple. But
he is a great personality. lf we give alms to somebody,
then what do we give? Clothes, food, money. Or at the most we’ll give
them shelter at our home. But he is that man who gave
his dreams, happiness for alms. The one who took his
alms forgot his favours. But he never minded. He’s that great. You can go. Let’s go. -What’s the matter, Gauri? -Sister, who is she?
– She is Urmila’s sister-in-law. She is studying l.A.S.
– Oh! That’s why she’s so proud. -What happened? Why did you call me here? -l’m wondering. From
where to start, how to start. -Say clearly what you want to say. -Will you marry me? l like your virtues and goodness. -Go home. Your parents
must be worried for you. -That’s not the
answer to my question. -Illiterates don’t have
answers for literate people. -Yes, they do. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. The rivers know that there
is thirst in the ocean too. l agree that the darkness is deep. Who has forbid you? Light the flame of the stars. Even dreams come true. l’ve heard so. My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? My heart, you are crazy. You are crazy, l agree to it. You sigh each and every moment. Why are you afraid to say it? l’m not expressing
pity on your broken heart. But l’ve come thinking
that after uniting with you.. heart will never break. -Look.. l don’t see eye to
eye with my family and fate. l can’t keep/handle either sorrow nor joy properly. -Gauri is no longer in your life. Yet you’ve kept her memories well. Then why can’t you handle my love. -l’ve forgotten Gauri.
– No. Gauri has forgotten you. Love is the story of two hearts. Why to mourn for the person.. ..who doesn’t have the
heart to understand love? By taking Gauri’s
fault on yourself.. only made her life better. This trait of yours has drawn me closer to you. I’ve fallen in love with you. Please don’t do with me what Gauri has done with you. ln few days l saw many dreams. Now to awaken me from my slumber.. ..or to give me sleepless nights,
is in your hand. Tomorrow morning l’ll
wait for you here only. l’ve written my love
on the banyan leaves. l’ve written my love
on the banyan leaves. The breeze has
brought my beloved along. Now l have only sleepless nights. Now l have only sleepless nights. Your henna hands
spread its fragrance. l’ve written my love
on the banyan leaves. The breeze has
brought my beloved along. Your heartbeat keeps
a tab on my heartbeat. With each passing day,
our love becomes deeper. What does the romantic
weather says covertly? With my breath let the
musk of your breath merge. This union since
ages and centuries. Your henna hands
spread its fragrance. l’ve written my love
on the banyan leaves. The breeze has
brought my beloved along. Without any string your
fickle beauty pulls me. Let our lips lock
and write a story. l feel like closing my eyes
and sleeping in your arms. Without seeing anything
or thinking anything.. ..l’ll submerge in your dreams. Beloved, give me
without asking a gift. The breeze has
brought my beloved along. Now l have only sleepless nights. Your henna hands
spread its fragrance. l’ve written my love
on the banyan leaves. The breeze has
brought my beloved along. -Daddy, this is the
Pajero car that l like. And l want to buy it. -Such an expensive
car in this village? -Listen.
– Yes. -Whose car is this?
– Desh Raj Thakur, sir. -Thank you very much.
– Okay. -Jagga.
– Give it to me, sir. -What were they saying? -They were praising the car.
They want to buy such a car. -Oh, l see. -This car? We’d seen this car parked
outside the station, dad. -Yes. Who got it here? -Watchman! -One gentleman had come. He
Ieft the keys and letter. -A gift on my behalf to
the village’s son-in-law. Desh Raj Thakur.
– Desh Raj Thakur? -Dad, who is this Desh Raj Thakur?
– l don’t know. -What a man! -l’m not foolish, Arjun son. That without any reason
l’ll gift Bhanu Pratap’s.. ..son-in-law a car worth 2 million. This is my future thinking. This is called removing the
fuse by giving the connection. -Father, what are you trying
to say? l don’t understand. -l’ll explain. Bhanu Pratap has got
his daughter married.. a billionaire lawyer’s family. -Really?
– Yes. lf his daughter
gets married to you.. ..then l could humiliate that
Bhanu Pratap whenever l want. -How’s that? -Look Arjun, when the
Iawyer’s daughter will come to our.. as my daughter-in-law,
then we’ll harass her. Then lawyer will do as we say. And Bhanu Pratap will
do as the lawyer says. -But father, will they agree? -Thakur sir, l accept this alliance. -Even l make decisions
quickly like you. – Yes, yes. -Thakur sir, our
daughter wants to study l.A.S. -Fine. l don’t mind. We’ll get them married.
She’ll continue her studies. -No, still.. we should
ask her opinion too. -No need. Parents have the
responsibility of marriage. -Thakur sir, this alliance is fixed. -Whom? Whom did you ask to arrange my marriage? -Radha!
– l don’t accept this alliance. l like Heera. l’ll only marry him. -What! You’ll marry that illiterate hooligan! Who can’t get his father to call him “son”… …you will marry him? -Yes, for me Heera
(diamond) is a diamond. -You have a point, dear.
– You keep quiet! Listen to me carefully, Radha. Your marriage will be held on
the 18th.. that too with Arjun. That’s my decision! -Mother! l’ll marry on the 18th!
But not with Arjun, with Heera. That’s my decision! -Here wipe your sweat. -Heera! Heera!
– Yes. -Radha has sent a letter for you. -Radha’s letter? Give it to me. -Yea read it read it. And read it out for me too. Only l am the literate one in this village, 10th grade pass graduate. Take some advantage of
my being a literate. Give it to me. Listen. Dear… Hey Baburao, go away from here. Aren’t you ashamed to listen
to other’s love letter! Go away! -Why are you telling him to leave? -lf l make some mistakes in reading..
then l’ll be caught. Run! -Come on read it, read it. -Dear, Mr. Heera My mother has fixed my
marriage against my wish l’m getting married
on the coming 18th Even after umpteenth attempts,
l couldn’t stop this decision But if you want,
then you can stop this l want to wear your
Mangalsutra on the 18th lf this doesn’t happen, then l’ll
hang myself and commit a suicide Either Mangalsutra or the death The decision is in your hand -This is a big problem, Heera.
What will we do? -No, Mindra. l won’t
Iet Radha die like this. You do one thing.
Write a letter to Radha on my behalf. That Radha will marry only Heera. Sir! Sir! Master has called you. -Master has called me?
– Yes, sir. -You.. are you saying the truth?
– Yes, sir. -What did he say? He
said to go and call Heera? -Yes, sir. -Father has called me. He has..
father has called me… He has called me. Sharada..
– Yes, father. -Sharada, just now our
daughter’s in-laws had come. To give the invitation of
their daughter Radha’s wedding. -l don’t know how Heera and
Radha came close to each other But l don’t want
Radha to marry Heera Heera is your son Apart from this, he
has no other identity Even if l give my
consent as your relative.. ..then what is the
guarantee that he’ll marry Before too he had loved a girl And he had ditched
her at the last moment lf you want us to
keep our respect intact.. ..then tell Heera to forget her l’ll handle Radha -For the first time l’d
to hear that someone.. ..from our family is a cause
of hurdle for a girl’s marriage. l’ve never asked for anything from him.
But today l’m helpless. Will he give me what l ask?
– Just say the word, father. -Sharada, tell him to forget Radha. lf he does this, then
like Karan and Varun.. ..l’ll give him the status of a son. Ask him. He wants Radha or father? -Either Mangalsutra or death The decision is in your hand -Ask him. He wants Radha or father? -l will wear the sacred
thread around my neck.. ..or the noose. – Ask him.
He wants Radha or father? -l will wear the sacred
thread around my neck.. ..or the noose. – Ask him.
He wants Radha or father? -Come. Come. Greetings.
– Greetings. -You only want to hear
your father calling you son. You don’t want to
hear Radha’s voice. Heera, love knocks a
fortunate one’s door.. ..only once in centuries. Radha’s love has called you. Don’t turn deaf. Cross
the boundary of son’s duty. Anybody’s anger is not
bigger than his age. Go. Go and marry Radha. Go, Heera. -Radha, you’re still
not ready? Hurry up. Everybody is waiting for you.
– Even l’m waiting for Heera. -He won’t come. And he can’t come. Here wear this! Look Radha, l won’t bow
before your obstinacy. l can’t tolerate my humiliation.
Understood! Heera, what you’re doing is wrong. The wedding procession is waiting. We won’t tolerate this
humiliation quietly! -What are you looking at! Nab him! -Heera! -Apply the vermillion on
the bride’s forehead.. ..put garland around her neck. -Away from the rituals and customs.. ..considering God as the witness,
l accept you as my life partner. -Father.. nobody apart from
you can change your decision. Hitherto you’d
blessed married women. By killing my husband..
do you want to be.. ..the reason of my becoming a widow? -Take this! Your share
of property and wealth! Pick this and get lost! You’re my blood’s most disgraced drop. The useless part of this villa. And worst than that is this girl,
whom you’ve married. Get lost! There is no
place for you in this house! lf anybody sees the
face of both of you.. ..then this Bhanu
Pratap won’t see his face! See him! Saw him! We didn’t give him toys
to play in his childhood.. now he’s
playing with our emotions! Like Karan and Varun.. to have him.. ..we prayed to God devoutly. But God gave us the fruit of
that devotion half heartedly. He gave us this useless son! Tell him to go away from here.
Henceforth he is not our son. -Father. When l’m not your son.. ..then l don’t have any
right on these property. l don’t want anything apart
from being called son by you. l don’t want this. l’m leaving considering your
rejection as your blessing. -This is my Taj Mahal. Till today, it was mine.
Now it is yours. Those who took you away
from your loved ones.. ..are you unhappy about
being separated from them? Forget what happened, Heera. Start a life.. a new life! Come on. Let’s make
arrangements for your wedding night. Come on. Come on. -Listen.. today is our wedding night. l want something from you.
You won’t refuse, will you? -l won’t refuse. But
what can l give you? My palm just has
lines and nothing else. Tell me, what do you want? -Our families must be thinking that ..we will be unhappy all our lives. l wish that till our
sorrows don’t turn to happiness.. ..we shouldn’t
celebrate our wedding night. -lt’s all right. -Look, even Meethu says,
it’s all right. -lt’s all right. -Are you upset? -No. Why should l be? l liked it. -Where are you going?
– Out. -Why? If we can control ourselves.. ..we can sleep in a room too. -All right, l’ll sleep here. -Why are you
sleeping on the ground? lf we can control ourselves,
we can sleep.. ..together, on one bed too. -Staying under one roof,
sleeping on the same bed.. you think we can…
– Control. -Yes. Control our selves? -We’ll try. -Ok. -l’ll switch off the lights.
– Yes. Ok. What happened?
– Lizard! – Where? -Listen.. tonight .. ..if we don’t
control ourselves, then.. l mean, if we
control from tomorrow.. -As you wish. By the way, there
are many lizards in this house. Tomorrow, again in your sari.. -It’s all right. It’s all right. -Meethu is also saying.. Come on.. Come one. Come on.. Come one. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. lt says.. it says. My heart says.. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. lt says.. it says. My heart says. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Come on.. Come one. Come on.. Come one. l am lost in many
questions like these. l am lost in your thoughts. Let us meet soon.. ..l want to talk to you so much. The starlight will be
sleeping in the stars. There will be no
one except you and me. Cold fire will burning..
the cold wind will be blowing. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. This world won’t allow us to meet. You will have to make an excuse. Don’t spread your open tresses.. ..don’t make me struggle any more. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. These golden
opportunities may be lost. The pains of
separation are very severe. There are so many
guards over here. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. lt says.. it says. My heart says. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Hidden from the world’s eyes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Oh beloved, meet me
in secret sometimes. Come on.. Come on. Come on.. Come on. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. Secretly.. secretly. Silently and secretly. -Radha.. Radha.. Radha.. -What happened? -l got a iob! l got a iob!
– Really! -Wow! So many
benefits for getting a job! -Come on! Now tell me,
where is your job? -ln a bus company.
– What work will you do? -Just like that of a boss. -Boss?! – Yes. After the boss,
l’m the boss. -Really? -Yes. lt is a very clean job. Those who are not useful,
we throw them out. -You throw them out?
– Yes. ln short, all the
responsibility is on me. All responsibility?
– Yes. -lt must be very hard work. -No. It is not hard.
It is very easy. The boss does it sitting.
l do it lying down. -l am happy that you got a job. -Yes. And see this..
500 rupees as advance. First they were
giving me one thousand. l said this wouldn’t do.
l have many expenses. l don’t want 1 , but 500.
So they gave me 500 rupees. So you keep this 250 rupees. And
from the remaining 250 rupees.. ..l’ll get the monthly groceries.
Give me a list fast. -Yes.
– Hurry up. -Lord Telephone! You are my only means of earning. If you’re dead then I’m dead too. Praise the telephone business. The holy bell has
rung on the holy time! Hello! -Dharmendra, l’m
Major Ranjeet speaking. -Hello Major sir. How are you? -l am very fine. but when
are you returning my money.. ..10,OOO rupees? -Hello!
– When are you returning.. – Hello.. My..
– Hello.. – My.. – Hello. Baa..
– Hello.. Baa..
– Hello.. Baa..
– Hello.. -He had to call up
first on inauguration day. -Brother..
– What is it? Get out of here. You have come to beg
early in the morning.. ..on inauguration day. -Shut up! l am not here to beg. My mobile battery has become weak. So l had come to your phone booth.. make an STD call to Mumbai. -Sorry, sorry! Customer is the Lord!
He is not a beggar! Come and dial the first
call with your begging hands. -Side.. Hello..
– Hello. Greetings Brother.
– Greetings. -lt is personal. The beggar who is pretending to
be blind on the 3rd step of.. ..the Mahalaxmi Temple is
my uncle. Please call him. -Stay on the line, l’ll call him.
– Ok sir. -Hey! Where you going hanging up the phone? -He told me to stand in the line. -Just one. – That’s enough. –
-Just one. – That’s enough. -Just one.. Very good! Have water. Good. A small one.
– That is enough now. Hey Daddy! When did you come? -l bow to you father.
– Bless you son. -How are you daddy?
– First class. And l’m very happy
seeing both of you. -How are Mummy, sister-in-law, & brother? -All are fine.
– Come on father. Sit down. -Thank you son. Tell me child. What
happened to your hands? Are you injured?
– No. -Then why is son-in-law feeding you? -You see Daddy.. l have
applied henna in my hands. -l see! l’m very happy to
see so much love amongst you two. Son Heera, even l
wished that you and.. ..Radha should get married. But the wedding didn’t
take place as l wished. Anyway, now that l
have the opportunity.. ..l’ll fulfill the customs. These are some sweets
and clothes for you both. -Daddy, does Mother know
that you have got this. -Child.. you know how
your Mother feels. -No Daddy. When you and
Mother give it together.. ..only then we’ll accept it.
– But child.. -No Daddy. Please. -All right. As you wish. -Ok Daddy.. tell me
what will you eat? -Eat?! A father
doesn’t even drink water.. a daughter’s house. -Even after being such a
known lawyer of recent.. ..times, you are
propagating old ideas! Tell me. What will you have? -Whatever you give me, l’ll eat it. -All right. You sit down.
l’ll come back soon. -Father please sit down. Sit. -Listen..
– Yes. l’ll just come. One minute. -Please wash my hands.
– Yes. Put your hands ahead. -Enough.
– Towel. -What will l feed Daddy? -Prepare anything. But there are no groceries at home. What will you prepare? -Yes. Listen. Get
some milk and sugar. -Yes. l’ll get it right away. -Mummy look.. -What happened child? l’ll put sugar in it.
You sit outside. -Sorry Daddy, l got late. -Come father.
– Come. Come! Sit down. Why are you staring at me, Daddy? -l see that the girl who never
used to step in the kitchen.. did she
become such a good cook! What have you prepared, child? -This is.. er..
– This is sweet rice father. -Yes. Sweet rice. -Sweet rice?
– Yes. There was leftover
rice from yesterday. l mixed milk and sugar
in it and made this. -Very good! My child
has become so smart! Very good! It’s very delicious. -Thank you Daddy. -Child, if there is some
more of this sweet rice.. ..pack it for me. l’ll
give it to your mother also. -l’ll just get it. Yes! -You’re back.. You are back after
meeting your runaway daughter.. ..and simpleton son-in-law. -Yes. l met them. And l’ve
seen that Heera is such a.. ..diamond that is not
dependent on any jeweller’s test. He keeps our Radha
like an apple of his eye! -He has eloped with her.
So he will show off. -Even if it’s pretence,
our Radha is very happy. -Enough, enough. Enough of
this praise. Now shut up. -l have been quiet since
l became your husband. Oh yes! Here is sweet
rice cooked by Radha. l had it. It is very delicious.
Here, you have it too. -Take it away! It is not
meant for human consumption. -All right. l’ll have this too. As it is, l’m fed up of having
tasteless food cooked by you. -What did you say? -Nothing.
– Enough now. Go upstairs now. -Yes. As it is you feel very
sleepy after eating sweets. Shall l tell you something? The man in that house
is a real husband and.. ..the woman is a real wife. Here. Drink it. How’d you like daughter’s sweet rice? lt’s good, isn’t it? Mona, why are you doing this?
Don’t cry. Quiet now. -How is my child? Is she happy? -Our daughter is very happy. Very happy. -What happened, Mohan? -Don’t know. Some breakdown. -Oh shit! -l’ll find a mechanic. -Hello. You stay here.. in this village? l thought that since you
have deserted your parents for.. ..Heera, you must be
living in a grand bungalow. But your condition is.. After marriage, a
girl’s surname changes. But in your case, your fate seems to be changed. Now the thought of becoming a Collector must have… …slipped out of your mind. That’s good. When
poverty takes it’s test.. ..forget collectors, you
fail in even a clerk’s training. Now you understand,
why l didn’t marry Heera? Because l didn’t want to waste.. life in the chaos of kitchen
and kids like you! Just love is not enough to live. Look at me. l rarely
keep my foot on the ground. And you want to buy dreams! But you don’t even have a
fake coin in your hands. You are an educated fool! -What happened? You
Iook very disturbed. -The one who threw
me out of her life.. ..why doesn’t she go
away from my world. Why does she return to
prick thorns of taunts near me? -Are you talking about Gauri? -Yes. l’m talking about Gauri.
Why does she laugh at you? -Perhaps she feels happy by
doing it. Let her be happy. l don’t feel hurt. -But l do. l am
very hurt. l feel bad. Look Radha.. l.. l will
always be like l am. lt’s true that l’m a
branch of a very big tree. But now, l’ve broken off the tree. Have been cut off. l don’t have any future. But l wish that you
should fulfill your dream. -Now, none of my
dreams are mine alone. Now everything starts
with you and ends with you. -Then for me, you start your
studies for being a Collector. -Me? -l’ll work hard day and night. l’ll even sell myself
and collect money for you. The heights you reach will be how tall my height will be. -How come this army man is here? He must have come to
collect his 10,OOO rupees. lf he sees me here,
he won’t spare me. l’ll hide. Who is it? -ls Dharmendra here? -He has gone to the
tailor to give his size.. ..for knickers and vest. -Who are you? -l’m Dharmendra’s
younger sister, Kammo. -Will you come out? -Out! No, not at all.
Brother Dharmendra has.. ..forbidden me to come
out before strangers. He says men have bad intentions. They say something and
mean something else. l won’t come out. -Don’t fear. l’ll say what l mean. l am a soldier. l
never lose control. -No, no. Looking at
pretty girls, even.. ..decent men lose control. Brother will return in the evening. You can talk to him then. -All right. l’ll come
in the evening. Bye! -Bye! Bye! l think l fooled him. l
won’t be here in the evening. l’ll close the STD booth and go. -Excuse me..
– Who is it? -My name is Champa. l
have heard that you.. ..need a young and
beautiful operator. -Are you both, young and beautiful? -Coincidentally. The
young boys of Bharatpur see.. in their
dreams and do what all! -l’m coming out. l’m coming.. Champa.. Champa.. where are you? -Here, before you. –Do you think that
l’m a fool, an idiot? l’m a greater dramatist
then you! Give me the money. -l don’t have it right now. It
was spent on the telephone booth. Do something. Come back
on the 35th of this month. -Ok. If you don’t give me
the money till the 35th.. ..l’ll destroy all this
and take away the phone. -Ok.
– Remember.. Else no one will be worst than me! the 35th? Hey tell me.. ln this village, how many
days are there in a month? -Hey you!
– Why don’t you answer my question? -Not you. The one before you.. Yes..
– Calling you.. Not you.
– 35.. – Wait a minute. You.. you.. You..
– 35.. Yes, you uncle. How is aunt? Tell her that l’ll come
and meet her on ‘Diwali’. And if she needs money,
then send me a telegram. -Hey! My money..
– Just a minute. Just a minute. l’ll send a money order. Give my love to aunt. Ok. Bye! Bye! -Tell me something.
Why was your uncle so.. ..confused while talking to you? -Uncle..! What uncle? l
don’t even know him. l was iust teasing him. These people get in to the bus
pushing and quarrelling and.. ..catch the window seat. Then
they sleep away. Lazy bones! Now all the way he will be
troubled, he will bang his.. ..head on the window
thinking who am l.. ..where did l meet him, how
am l related to him etc. etc. -Tell me something. What do
you get by doing such things? l have fun. -Fun! Then when will 35th come?
When will my money come? -She is here. -l?
– No. Not you. Her. -He is calling you. -Not you sister, him. -He is calling you.
– No.. Yes. The one behind you. -Listen.. Iook there. -Hey! How are you? -Big Brother! How are you?
How is sister-in-law? ls she fine? Tell her to stock oil. l’m coming to light
the lamps on Diwali. Are you listening? We’ll watch Rangeela in day,
at night we’ll celebrate Diwali. We’ll have one litre of liquor.
Ok? Bye! Cheerio! -Was he your brother? -What brother! He
doesn’t have any work. He fools people passing there. Today l fooled him. -Shall l tell you something?
Daily you fool people. But today he has fooled you. -What rubbish! He was
my childhood friend. We used to study
together in school. -Childhood friend? He is as
old as your son might be. -He failed in one class many times. So he didn’t grow up. Understand? -Hey pass me that other sack.. One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. -You told me that
everything is in my hands! The owner sits and works
and we lie down and work! And you do this work?
– 7. -Enough. Why did you find the need to lie to me? Do you think that l will
make you toil in such a way.. ..and become a Collector? Enough. Forget it. -Radha, you know
that l am uneducated. What else could l
do except this work? And then, toiling is
written in our destiny. -lf a person tries, he
can change his destiny. lf you want to do this work,
then buy an old bus. You know how to drive it too. -But where will I get the money from? One who doesn’t have
money to buy a bus ticket.. can he buy the entire bus? -Take the money from me.
– No, no. -Take it as a loan. When
you get enough, return it. And if l don’t get it then? From childhood l’ve been
burdened so much with pain.. ..that l don’t have the
courage to bear any more burden. -Look Heera.. l’m giving you a helping
hand considering you as my own. lf you think that l’m your
own then shake hands with me. All right then. l
don’t need to be here now. lf you think l’m an
outsider then l’ll go. -Hey uncle! Stop. Uncle is right. He
is not an outsider. Borrow money from him and buy a bus. We’ll return it with interest.
– But Radha.. -No ifs and buts!
Come, let’s buy a bus. -Brothers and.. brothers. Till now you have travelled
in buses of Kevada Thakur. Now this bus is neither a
deluxe nor luxury. But still you will enioy the
ride like an air-conditioned bus. -Ask me how? No one is asking.. -Ask!
– How?! -Because the conductor we
have kept in this bus is.. ..not a he, but a she.
She is a sparkler. The sparkler’s name is Karishma. -Haven’t your heartbeats stopped! Karishma, book the tickets. -To where should I cut (book) yours to? -What places can you cut to? -Hey idiot! She doesn’t cut hair.
She cuts (books) tickets. -Ticket? -Yes. -Alibaug. -Alibaug’s ticket is just for 2 rupees. -What will you do at Alibaug? -My house is at Alibaug. -And like everyday,
he will go home and.. ..get bashed by his wife! lt’s better to enioy
the ride with Karishma. Go to Jhumri Talaiyya.
In return from there.. ..get down at Alibaug.
2 rupees for Alibaug.. ..and 20 rupees for Jhumri Talaiyya. -ls that so? Ok, here is Rs.20. -Where will you go? -Alibaug. But l’ll get down in
return from Jhumri Talaiyya. -Hop on. Hop on. -Give me one ticket
to Jhumri Talaiyya. -lt will be 30 rupees.
– 30 rupees?! Yes. -Why 30 rupees? Other
buses charge only 20 rupees. And you charge 30 rupees! -Hey! Other buses are just deluxe. Our bus is super-deluxe. Look there. -So, how is the Super-Deluxe? -lt is very nice, sir. Very nice. -All right then, give 30 rupees. -Why just 30? l can
even Pay rupees 50! Here. -Take this ticket. And come tomorrow. -Tomorrow?
– Then what? Now!? They are standing in the
queue since last night. They got a ticket
right now and hence.. ..they are getting in the bus. Look there. They are
standing in the queue for.. ..tomorrow’s advance
booking now itself. -But how can that be? -lf it can’t then take your
money back. Return the ticket. -No, no. l’ll come tomorrow.
– Ok. Go now. -Hey conductor! Book
a ticket for me too. -Where are you going? The
ticket counter is over here. -Oh! Is it here? l
can’t see. l’m blind -Then why do you want
to get in the bus? -People like you
don’t go in the bus.. ..the bus goes over you.
Go and lie under it. -What if l can’t see? l can
enjoy just by touching too! Where is the lady conductor?
Where is she? -Not there. Not there.
Wrong number. Wrong number. -Who told you to employ
a girl as a conductor? -That way, passengers
would have increased. -lf no one was getting in the bus.. should have let it stand here! l have named this bus
company after my father. l can ruin myself but not his name. Take this money and return it. Now l’ll drive the bus. And l
very well know how to drive it. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Slowly you coloured
them and fulfilled them. l promise l’ll always
Iove you more than my life.. ..l promise. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Slowly you coloured
them and fulfilled them. l promise l’ll always
Iove you more than my life.. ..l promise. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. We’ll bring stars in our home.. ..and burn lamps of hope. Blossoms have come.. they
have brought happiness. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Slowly you coloured
them and fulfilled them. l promise l’ll always
Iove you more than my life.. ..l promise. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Birds never cry..
stones never shed tears. You gain someone and lose someone. Whatever has to
happen always happens. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Slowly you coloured
them and fulfilled them. l promise l’ll always
Iove you more than my life.. ..l promise. My hollow dreams were
incomplete since so many years. Slowly you coloured
them and fulfilled them. -Why isn’t water being
released in the fields? -Thakur-sir, we are fed
up of giving applications. No hearing is being given for
water in the Collector’s office. -And now, there will be
no hearing too. – Reason? -You know the reason Thakur-sir. Your younger daughter-in-law
is the collector right now. -Greetings, Thakur. Greetings, Thakur. -Listen, brother. We
have come from Bharatpur. We have to make a
petition to the Collector. -The Collector is busy inside.
Write your name & give it to me. l’ll have it delivered inside. -Here is our card. – Sit there.
As you are called l’ll bring you in. -Sorry sir. The complaints of
the public that we receive.. ..they are not right
for the law and order. So please try and stop such things. -Madam, until we have
political pressure, we.. -Madam, some people from
Bharatpur have come to meet you. -Tell them to wait. SP sir, you do your duty. l
will look after everything else. Shyamlal!
– Yes Madam? -Those people from Bharatpur are
important. Get them in. – Ok. -Excuse me, sir. Please
excuse me for 10 minutes. -Sure, madam.
– Thank you. -Sir, madam is calling you. -Greetings.
– Greetings. Sit down. -And this girl is much more worse.. ..who has held your hand! Get lost from here! There is
no place for you in this house. lf anyone even sees your faces,
l’ll not see his face! -Your application is that
the water of dam Ganga.. ..must be released in your district. You please sit down. The dam authorities
have been ordered to.. ..release water in your district. You will start getting water
from the month of December. -Madam Collector, we need water
from October itself. Due to a famine last year.. ..the moisture in the
fields has been lost. The seeds can’t be planted
without sprinkling water. -But just for your one district,
how can we.. ..release water 2 months early? -lf you see it as a district,
it is just one. But there are 85
villages in it and have.. ..a total population of 125,OOO. That’s why don’t see
it as one district. Look at the 125,OOO
people living there. -l agree with you. But.. Excuse me. -Hello Radha.. l’m
Payal Malhotra speaking. -Hi Payal. How are you? -l’m fine.
– How did you remember me? -On the occasion of
completing 4 years with my husband.. ..l’m throwing small
party on the 15th. l’m sorry Payal. l can’t come. lt is my
Father-in-law’s birthday on 15th. My husband and l offer
prayers in the temple that day. -Anyway. How is your son? -Great. He has gone
on his Grandfather.. ..looks wise,
intellectually and traits. -Be careful. See that he
doesn’t start calling your.. ..husband, son, iust
like your Father-in-law! -Bye! l’m sorry. l’ll talk to the
Irrigation department and.. ..Divisional officer
regarding your application. l’ll try that your
district gets water soon. -Thank you. -Master, before coming here,
there was an ill reputation.. ..about younger daughter-in-law. But she seemed to be very cultured. Sitting on the chair, she
fulfilled her Collector’s duty.. ..and by touching your feet,
a daughter-in-law’s duty. She fulfilled it together. -You fools, we aren’t even
recovering the diesel money.. ..from these buses! Tell
me how will l run them? -But what can we do sir? Thakur Heera has wooed
all the customers by.. ..announcing different gift schemes. -That’s why no one
gets in our buses, sir. -Here Heera did this and there
Bhanu Pratap accused you of.. ..raping Kamali
and got you imprisoned.. ..through the Village Committee. ln the villagers eyes, our
reputation has been ruined, dad. And the cherry on the
pudding is that Bhanu Pratap’s.. ..daughter-in-law has
become the Collector. He has taken advantage of
that and got an approval.. ..for releasing water to the fields. Due to this the villagers
and farmers have more respect.. ..for Sooryavansh now! -Enough! Now the reputation
of Sooryavansh will not grow.. ..and neither will his lineage. -Radha, l’m going to office. -Listen.. Gauri is here
to ask for your help. -From me! -My husband has had a
huge loss in his business. His business has been shutdown. He is unemployed from 6 months. There is an ad in the
newspaper that your sugar.. ..factory needs a
production manager. lf you give that post to my
husband, l’ll be very grateful. -Look, if your husband and your
dignity is not affected by.. ..working in my
factory then l don’t mind. Tell him to come and meet me. -Radha, l’ll leave now. -Sit down, Gauri. Did you see the play of fate? The one whom you had
rejected as an uneducated.. ..simpleton, you had to
come to him for a job.. ..for your highly educated husband. l’m not taunting you.
l’m trying to explain. This is the same Heera for
whom you said that there is.. ..nothing special about him to
introduce, while introducing.. ..him to your friends. But today.. Big VIP’s struggle to meet him. People say that
every successful man.. ..has a woman behind him.
But l’m the first woman.. ..who is successful
due to her husband. He himself became successful.. ..but he also made me successful. Now tell me.. who is the
educated fool.. you or me? Have tea. Don’t feel bad about what l said. l have no vice in my heart for you. You see, God gives heart
to everyone, he gives a.. ..beloved to everyone too. But
he gives a Heera (diamond).. ..only to someone special. -This year l request
the government to grant.. ..permission for higher
secondary to the school. Oh! Forgive me. l
didn’t See you coming. lt happened unknowingly. Sorry. -No one will do it purposely.
It’s all right. -His values are greater than his age. -Why won’t they be, sir! After all he is of Sooryavansh blood. Yes master. He is Mr. Heera’s son. -Are you back again to say sorry? l have already forgiven you. -What is your name, son? Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh. -Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh? -Don’t say this name aloud! -Why?
– This is my Grandpa’s name. No one says his name. -l see. Have you ever met him? -No. l have not even seen him. Hey! Elephant..! Elephant..! Elephant..! Elephant..! -Will you ride it?
– Yes. -Come, l’ll take you for a ride. Hey Elephant rider! Please
take the boy for a ride. Go son.
– Come on son. -Give this bag to me. Yes. Carefully. Look that he doesn’t fall.
– Yes sir. -Lets go! Bye! Bye! Come on my elephant. Come on.. every one follow me. Come on my elephant. Look, where l am sitting. Bye! Bye! -Enough! Enough Stop now. -Take this. So, how was the elephant ride? -Very nice. Tell me something.
– Ask me. -l don’t even know you. Then
why did you do this for me? Why did l do it! Yes. l know. Because
you spilled ink on.. shirt, that’s why. Isn’t it? -Right. Right. -Who are you? -Me? Consider me your friend, -Friend? -Yes. Am l not
capable to be your friend? -Your friendship is better
than even the elephant ride. Ok friend. My bus is here. Bye! -Hey Listen.. take your bag.. -Ok. Bye. See you again. -Very good. You have
had one ladoo (sweets). Come on! Another. Come on. Just one more.
– Enough. l wont eat now. Open your mouth. Open. What is this? Your tooth has been taken by a rat. – How could he? Friend, children lose their teeth. Then they get new teeth. -Oh! -Friend, won’t the
elephant come today? -Why? Do you want to ride? -Yes. – Come on. Today
l’ll be the elephant. Come.
– Come on, elephant. Move, elephant! Come on, elephant. -Look at master. – Come on. Come on move faster!
Run! Move elephant! – Come on, elephant. -Wait now. Get off. Did you have fun?
– Yes. More than the elephant. -Ok, come. Tell me, friend. Who else
do you have in your family? -Mummy, daddy and me. -ls that all? No one else?
– No. -Listen. l also have grandparents,
2 uncles and aunts. But l don’t know where do they live. -Who told you all this? -Daddy told me. -What else did he tell you? -Grandfather didn’t like my daddy.
So, he threw him out of the house. -Didn’t he reveal why he didn’t
like him? -He didn’t study enough. -Grandfather is not
to blame for this. -lf l don’t study,
daddy will be angry. Right? Ok. It’s time for me to go home. Bye. -Listen, take this home. -Thank you, friend.
l’ll meet you tomorrow. -Listen, l’ve sent
the cards to everybody. But father has still
not received the card. He is one who’ll be doing the inauguration. -Yes, Radha. He’ll never want to see my face. lt will be good if you
go and give him the card. lf he comes, then l’ll
think that he’s not angry. lf not then..
– Daddy. -Hey! -Take this. l’ve got sweets for you. -Who gave you this? -My friend. He was
saying that you love sweets. -Really?
– Yes. -Your friend?
– Yes. -l don’t know any of your friends. Then how did he come to
know about what l like. He studies in your class? -No, he has already
completed his studies. He has big beard and moustache. -Beard and moustache? -Yes. l befriended
him a few days back. -How does he look like? -l’ll show you. -Don’t eat it. God
knows who has given this. -The smell is very familiar. -Look at this, daddy.
My friend is like this. He looks like you, doesn’t he? -No, son. He doesn’t look
like me. l look like him. And listen.. if you
meet your friend. – Yes. -Then touch his feet.
You’ll feel peaceful. lf he keeps his hands on your head. -Father. l was iust waiting for you.
l want to give this card. l know.. l should have
come home to give the card. But you’ve forbid us
to enter the house. That’s why… Your son has made a charity
hospital for poor people.. ..named after you. His wish is that you
should inaugurate the hospital. It will make us very happy. -Listen, l’m going for the
inauguration of Heera’s hospital. -What if father finds out? -That’s why l’m saying in
case mother or father ask.. ..tell them that
l’ve gone for shaving. -Okay.
– Okay. -Shall l also come? -What are you doing, Usha?
l’m myself going secretly. -Okay, then you go. lf somebody asks me, l’ll tell
them you’ve gone to the barber. -Barber?
– Yes. -Okay. Thank you. -Grandma.
– Yes. -Are you also going for shaving? -Me and shaving? Fine, grandma. You can go for uncle
Heera’s hospital inauguration. lf grandpa asks, l’ll tell him
that you’ve gone to the temple. -My dear doll. -Sharada. Sharada.
– Nobody is at home, grandpa. -Why?
– Everybody has gone out, grandpa. -Out?
– Yes, grandpa. Father and uncle have gone to town. My mother and aunt
have gone to meet granny. And grandma has gone to temple. -Look, l’m going for a
stroll in the garden. lf your grandma
returns from the temple.. ..tell her that l’ll
be back till lunchtime. -Fine, grandpa. -Hello.
– Hello. -Will father come? -l’m sure that he’ll come. -Ladies and gentlemen. This hospital before you is the
result of only Heera’s hard work. The dream of building the
hospital was seen by Heera’s father. But due to some reason
it was not fulfilled. After being banished
from father’s house.. ..travelling in a old bus,
Heera reached this destination. Every parent has children. But a child like Heera,
who makes his parents.. ..fortunate, is born
only once in blue moon. -Mindra, l don’t think
father will come. -Fine, l’ll do something. Brothers and sister,
as you all know.. ..Shri Bhanu Pratap Thakur was.. ..going to inaugurate this hospital. But as he had to go for
meeting of the village committee.. ..he couldn’t come here. So he has sent a message
along with his blessings. That his grandson,
Junior Bhanu Pratap Thakur.. ..will inaugurate this hospital. -Thanks for coming here. Firstly, l want to
tell you all something. A few minutes ago sir had said.. ..this hospital was father’s
dream that he couldn’t fulfil. l want to say that there was
no work that father couldn’t do. Secondly, father didn’t
banish me from the house. To make me stand up on my own feet,
he kept me slightly away from himself When a twig breaks from the tree.. ..then the tree and
twig both feel pain. l’m sure that my father
must have felt pain like me.. separating me from him. People say.. the stone
that feels pain by the.. ..banging of the hammer..
it can never become an idol. The field that is sad by
ploughing can never give yields. Scolding of mother
and father are like.. ..hammer and plough.. but
these scolding only teach us… …encourages us. l was a useless fellow. But whatever l’m today is
because of father’s scolding. lf today l’m
independent then it is.. ..because of father’s encouragement. My father loves me a lot. lf today he comes to
know the language of fate.. ..then he would have
touched my forehead. -Oh my God! So many people!
So much applaud! So much commotion! So many praises! -What are you talking about? -Heera’s hospital inauguration. -You’d gone there?
– Why would l go there? Our neighbour Vimla
had gone. She told me. He was talking only about
you in the entire speech. You know what he
said in your praises? He said that you are
responsible for his progress. With your
encouragement and blessings.. ..he was successful in
building the hospital. And yes, for your
scolding he was saying.. ..stone.. hammer..
plough, earth.. something.. -No, he didn’t say it like that. l mean.. he might have said. He must have said…that…. The stone that cries
with the banging of hammer.. can’t be an idol. The field that is
sad to be ploughed.. can’t give yields. Something in the similar lines. -Where did you hear all this? -lt is an old proverb.
l’d learn in the 4th class. Why are you looking like this? -l’m seeing that you still
remember 4th grade studies. -What’s the big deal? People remember the ABCs
from 1st grade. -Forget it. l thought
that you had gone there. l spotted your shawl
right there in the crowd. -How did it go there? -l don’t know. Hitherto it
used to be on your shoulder. Maybe it walked on its own today.
It is modern times. Anything can happen. -Sonu dear, breakfast is ready. -Mummy, l’m late. l’ll eat it later. -Hello, Mr. Sonu. Where are you going bro? -l’m going to meet my friend, daddy. -So today he’s coming to meet you? -No, today l’m going to meet him. Oh, so you’re going to meet him.
– Yes. -What are you taking for him? -Nothing. What should l take? Let’s do one thing. Today
take ‘Kheer’ for him. – ‘Kheer’? -Yes. – How do you know
that he likes ‘Kheer’? -Like how he knows
that l like sweets. -Come, have breakfast.
And l’ll prepare ‘Kheer’. -Where does he go
everyday at this time? -Hi, friend! -Hey! Come, come, come.
– Hi. -Sorry, friend. l’m a bit late.
– No problem. -Okay. Let’s go. -Friend, you like ‘Kheer’, don’t you?
– Who told you? -My daddy. -This child is Heera Thakur’s son. Senior Thakur comes here
everyday to meet this child. -What else did your daddy say? -He said you’re like God. He told me to greet you with a namaste when l see you. Eat ‘Kheer’, friend.
– l just had my breakfast. l’ll take this home.
l’ll eat it there. – Okay. -Let’s go. -Do come tomorrow. Bye.
– Bye. -Grandpa. I don’t know why l felt
like calling you grandpa. And l called you. -Henceforth you’ll call me grandpa.
– Okay. -Go. -Master, somebody has
fainted on the street. -Driver, stop the car. -Driver, give me the key. -No, nothing will happen with key. Bring a piece of wood. Okay. Hold his legs.
– Master. -Yes. Come.
– Be careful. -You saved my life as
the messiah of God. l’ll always be indebted to you. -Okay, go carefully.
Here’s your belonging. -What happened, Master?
– Nothing. Let’s go, driver. -From where have you
brought this ‘Kheer’? -One of my friends gave it to me. -Which friend?
– You don’t know him. He’s my childhood friend. -Your childhood friend..
or is it a child who is your friend? l know. You meet your grandson. -Yes, l meet him! l met him. -Why? The one whom you
estranged from yourself.. ..why so much of fervour for him? Because he is your son Heera’s son? Or because your other
sons don’t have a son? Or because he is
Iast heir of our family? Why? Why didn’t you
stand firm on your decision? -l’m not the only
wrong doer, Sharada. For mistake and punishment..
for these 2 words.. ..2 people are responsible. Either the son wasn’t like him
or the father was not like me. -Son is just like him. ln this age, parents
don’t Banish children. ln fact children
banish their parents. Heera whom you threw
away as a useless son.. he has become so renowned.. ..that people don’t say that
Bhanu Pratap Thakur’s son.. passing by when they see him. ln fact they see you and
say that Heera’s father.. ..Bhanu Pratap Thakur is passing by. What pride can be
greater than this for a father? Your other sons think that
your wealth is theirs. Heera considers you
as his wealth. You don’t visit those rooms of
this villa that have small doors. Because you don’t like
to bow your head and walk. Then how did you bow before
the desire of a small child? Now that you’ve bowed.. ..bring back your son and grandson. Like you, even l’m craving. Till 6 years, the heart that.. ..had given relief to Heera.. ..that heart is craving.. .. for him since the past 6 years. -Hello. -Hello. -Hello. -Hee.. Heera! -Heera! Hey! Somebody there! -Oh my God! Very bad! Don’t cry! Don’t cry!
Have faith in God! Even God will think 10
times before taking.. ..the life of a great
man like your father. But how did all this happen?
– Heera poisoned him. -What! Heera poisoned him? He used to worship
his father like God! -Thakur sir, don’t you know. -Senior Thakur had
banished Heera from the house. Father and son had
become sworn enemies. -Yes!
– You’re talking rubbish! lf Heera considered
his father as enemy.. ..then why would he start
all his business in his name? Why would he have named this
hospital after his father? -Thakur sir, for money
today’s children can do anything! -Yes! -Stop! -Let me see father once, sister-in-law. -Don’t cry crocodile
tears after killing him. -Sister-in-law, what are you… Since childhood l’ve only
prayed for his long life. -And since childhood you were
nursing the desire to kill him. -No, sister-in-law! The person before whom l
didn’t had the courage to.. ..raise my head will l
have the courage to kill him? -That’s why.. you
killed him by deceit. -What are you saying, Varun?
Don’t you trust your brother? -Hold on. l’ll find out the truth. Hey, bring the child. So sweet child.
Just like your father. Tell me, who gave
‘Kheer’ to grandpa? – l did. Really? -Tell me, who had told you
to give ‘Kheer’ to grandpa? -Daddy. -You heard him brothers? As far as l know, children are
no less than God. They never lie. And this child is clearly
saying that Heera had given.. ..the poisonous ‘Kheer’. -Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! -Stop! Look.. listen to me! -Daddy! Daddy! Leave my daddy alone! No! -Sonu! Sonu! -Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Kill him! Kill him! -Deshraj! Bhanu Pratap is that man.. ..who could strangle his son’s
throat if they do wrong. And if wrongly someone touches them… …l’ll slit their throats! You mixed poison in the ‘Kheer’. l’d sniffed your perfume in my car. But l was thinking
about something else. l forgot about it. Today’s case involving me and you
won’t go to a village committee. lt will be argued and decided here! The punishment will
be given here too! (***Deleted scene subs***) (***Thakur Bhanu: Heera dear!***) (***Heera: Father!***) (***Thakur Bhanu: Sooryavansh is the fire…. lt is light for friends
and inferno for enemies…. Kill this rascal!***) Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham. Sooryavansham. -Enough, Thakur sir! Forgive this useless fellow! Forgive me. My dreams were
incomplete since ages. Gradually, you filled it with
colours and fulfilled them. My dreams were
incomplete since ages. Gradually, you filled it
with colours and made…. lt is my promise, my promise. l’ll love you more than life. lt is my promise, my promise. My dreams were
incomplete since ages. Gradually, you filled it with
colours and fulfilled them.



    एक अच्छी मोहब्बत भी जिंदगी की राहों को आसान बना देती है।
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