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Sound bar vs Home Theater Speakers – Choosing the right one

Choosing the perfect speaker for your home
theatre system can be difficult, both for first-time buyers as well as audiophiles. Many of our buyers have often been confused
between choosing a soundbar or a surround sound system.In this video, Ooberpad shares
the difference between the two along with tips to choose one for your home theatre system. A soundbar is a specially designed loudspeaker
enclosure that creates a stereo effect from a single cabinet. They are much wider than they are tall. A single soundbar replaces multiple speakers. Pros of Soundbars ● Easy installation and connectivity
● Modern and sleek design ● Minimal wire clutter
● Great replacement for weak TV speakers
● Great for small-medium living spaces ● Simulates virtual surround sound
experience Cons of Soundbars ● Separate subwoofer may be required
● Limited “sweet spots” in your listening area
● Limited stereo field and bass punch ● Not ideal for larger spaces
● Does not produce complete surround sound, especially in larger spaces Pros and Cons of Surround Sound Systems A surround sound system may incorporate three
speakers in the front (Left, Center, & Right), 2
or 4 speakers in the back and sides for surround effects, Dolby Atmos speakers and a
dedicated subwoofer. Here are pros and cons of surround sound systems. Pros of Surround Sound Systems ● Immersive, full range surround sound
● Better speaker placement for optimal acoustics
● Superior sound and bass ● Audiophile-grade quality
● System can be designed based on space and budget Cons of Surround Sound Systems ● Higher wire-clutter
● More space requirement ● Longer installation process
● More expensive than soundbars You should also consider important aspects
of speakers such as Frequency Response, Speaker Sensitivity, Power Handling, and Impedance
Matching. If you’re looking for a speaker that offers sleek design, easy installation, and basic surrround sound then we suggest you should go for soundbars On the other hand, if you’re looking for an immersive movie listening experience then we suggest you opt for a multichannel surround sound home theater system We hope this guide helped you choose the right speaker system. For any more information on this you can check out our blog linked in the video’s description


  1. JOEL M Author

    Sound bar 150 w +Bluetooth support
    Home theater 500 w + Bluetooth support
    But sound bar w is low and home theater 500 w
    Which is better
    Pls comment me
    I am waiting

  2. Sumit Pal Author

    Want to buy sony tz 145 now…is it a good choise in this date or i can find a better package….pls suggest…i hv 10/12 room and i will connect it with my 32 inch LG LED TV…

  3. teeburshow Author

    it's not difficult to choose between the two. you are an idiot if choose soundbars over home theaters or simply stereo speakers.


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