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Splatfest but with Pearl and Marina Voice Acting

Marina I love you ever since I laid my eyes on you during the direct I Knew I couldn’t live the rest of my silly urchin life without you by my side Say something Marina: Press A.. Huh? Marina: Press A? Doh right sorry How are you Marina? Marina: Good thanks! Another month another splatfest and this one I got I gotta say I love this stage the hook stuff you guys you guys have already done this you know this this is like a week or two later? You’re watching this I love these like hook things. They’re so cool! Marina: Don’t forget to booyah! And oh! Booyah! Man, I always got the best team you guys are awesome! Shoutouts to Moge, dozy and Salty Pearl: Mm…Salty huh? Don’t be fooled there’s no one salty here only sweet except. That’s that’s a different splatfest I really like that these hooks. You can like echolocate and they still work Perfect way to get close to somebody You know I’m saying Marina? Marina: Ummmm…Not really. No all right never mind. Come hey, I got my whole team, oh wait they’re going to this, wait shoot so am I Pearl: Do ya still say puns? Oh, I am I’m really good at puns. Yeah. Let me hit you up with one Uhh… Octoling more like… octa-ring Because I mean You got to put a ring on it. Pearl: Is that it?
Yeah? Pearl: Aren’t puns supposed to be funny? if you think about it gets funny funnier the more- Pearl: Dad joke, more like bad joke. Alright, let’s get some more rain in there keep the pressure on no none of that is that two missiles up, wow Synchronized missiles, what do you guys should join a team? I mean you’re already on a team. I guess aren’t you? Pearl: Why did you jump? Jumping? Does help with aiming when you have bad aim. Simple logic if you got bad aim and you jump that increases the rng Which thus increases or decreases your aim, but if you have bad aim? It’s a double negative. Marina: Makes sense to me! (It does not to me.) Get out of here you Nice good job Marina: Go team! Was a team effort dozy I’m pretty sure you got 9 out of the 10 shots even though neither of our weapons are 10 shot weapon Oof What!? Pearl: Loser. Uncalled for game inappropriate delete this content Pearl: I know you like marina. Wha!? No, no, no I… Pearl: Relax… It’s just me. Oh You guys can do that? Pearl: You are a mess around her. Yeah, I know Pearl: I pity you dude. Sooo ill help you get the girl. Really!? Oh Pearly oh don’t give me up. Pearl: Don’t call me that again. (Pearlie.) Okay, okay? I’ll never do it again, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Oh positive… Positivity, oh I got this Positivity is my middle name I’m quite positive that I could be positive I’m a glass half-full kind of… okay, all right. Let’s go round 2 Musselforge Fitness Marina! Marina: Yes? I got a feeling we’re gonna win this Marina: Awww… I hope so! No, no like a hundred percent gonna win this like we’ve already won Frankly… Pearl: Frank who? Pauly… Pearl: You mean pearlie? Want a cracker? There’s no way we could possibly lose at this point… Marina: Well… that isn’t true… N-no! No, there isn’t there isn’t… exactly. Yeah, see look at this I already got my special Because I’m so positively special Get that, right positively right right right Pearl? Yeah, okay? Oh, ho! Here we go! So positive! Alright well, I mean maybe I was negative and they were negative we both suck double negative positive. Smiles all around? Happy happy. Oh watch out, I’m dead, but I’m happy about it Because it doesn’t matter if you’re dead inside as long as you’re Positive… Oh, I don’t know if you know this about me Marina I’m actually really positive kind of urchin…. Yeah, well This echolocator… Helps me echolocate positivity. Oh boy. That’s a lot of positivity coming at me oh no Moge, you got this dude. I feel safe around you. I feel positively safe Aww! So safe! Aww, so positive! Locate their positivity yes ‘F’ is for friendship who do things together. I don’t, that’s how it goes I’m positively sure that does not how it goes Oh, yeah, no I was positive from the beginning. Oh we got this! Keep smiles going. Stay happy. Stay positive Oh boy here. We go smiles all around that was a positive wipe that we just did there Ho, oh I am quite positive that we won. Hmmm… huh? Oh okay alright, I’m listening Oh… Oh, gotcha. Alright I can do that I mean frankly, I want to know about her. What what do I ask first? Uhh… Their name? Yeah, that’s Marina Or BB Okay, gotcha Sturgeon Shipyard… Marina, have you add any fun times here? Uhhh… Fun like the like the platonic way. I’m starting to love the roller now now that I’m getting decent at it It’s a lot of fuuun Please stop…. I’m the kind of roller that doesn’t want to get close Unless it’s someone who wants to get close Marina… I didn’t say anything. Oh nice my goodness I can do that, too Marina do you have a favourite special? Okay, cool. Ahh, I like the the tenta missiles myself because I get to do a flip Uhoh, uhoh, ahh, ahh, ahh! Yeah, so Marina what’s it like being a DJ? Do you have a favourite weapon? Pearl, I’m not asking you. Why would I be asking you? Oh that’s a good weapon Uhoh, uhoh, ahh psyche! Has anyone ever pranked you Marina? Ohh Really? Pearl! Why am I not surprised. Marina? What do you think about puns? Oh… What about like good puns? Oh… Uhh… that’s fine Dumb questions? What, no. C’mon Hold on. I got choose a weapon. Okay, alright, alright good point all right. I’ll choose the Squiffer Oh, I see Gotcha okay? All right? Yeah, no I can do that. I can do that You know, I’m gonna do that I’m gonna take that kind of initiative, and I’m just gonna… Yeah How do I do that? Ohh… Are you sure? Pearl, have you ever went on a date? Oh… Okay, alright fine Hmm, OHMY GOD LET’S GO!!! Yeah! I just I just wanna go Marina. Sometimes You just gotta go you know… No wait what no. Hey Marina. I think you should be on my team Well you should totally be on my team. That’s, that’s good. That’s exactly what I want actually I’m coming guys, I’m coming. I mean like I’m ready to go! Let’s go ooh Oh boy watch out, watch out BAM taking the initiative getting the wipe pretty sure that one kill just killed everyone… Totally Come on up, come on up say hi, or not. No, okay? I need I need to kill somebody, I need it. I to take the initiative OH! Hmmmmmmmm! Nope… This is, I’m always like this Yeah Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa I could have but that would be a defensive play I just go for it Marina. When I want something, I go for it Shhhhhhhhh…… Here we go pop. Gotcha Okay, all right. Let’s go Up I go all right. This is an aggressive Ink armour, all right. I’m not I’m not taking names I mean I’m taking them. No I’m not taking names. Why would I need anyone’s name? I don’t I don’t take the names of dead people that sounds really bad. That’s that sounds very very bad. Hey Marina I think you should give me a… whatever whatever You know what I’ll let you decide because I’m I’m a gentleman like that Last minute snip, nope all right never mind so uh Marina… don’t suppose you wanna Give me your friend code? Dhoh… Nadia nadia shishema. Marina what’s shishema mean? Oh…


  1. Dna Gaming Author

    yasssssssssssssssssss only need bridgett voice acting and maybe by 200K or the last splatfest al of them voice acting, Marina, pearl,bridgett and you! Vian. Oh. and congrats on 100k! (little late but ok lol XD ) hopefuly you get 140K or 150K soon! and as always.. Stay fresh via- wait no. Oh yeah! Be nice to C. Q. Cumber, Vian! 😀

  2. Bunny Animates Author

    Splatfestes are done and gone forever the only way to do them is private battels also those aren't the real actors the real ones are in Tokyo Japan..not the US
    Edit: not trying to be rude -^- u probably asked a friend to voice pearly and ur Gf for marina
    Another edit: Everytime I watch a splatoon video it makes me wanna rage or play Splatoon again


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