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Split Screen / Picture in Picture Tutorial – trakaxPC 5 Quality Windows Video Editing Software

In this video I am going to show you how to do sophisticated picture in picture split screen videos in a matter of
minutes. For this video I would recommend
watching the cropping tutorial also as I will be using the cropping window for
cropping, zooming and positioning of the video clips. To get started I’m going to bring in a video clip. Click on the segment properties of a clip to
bring up the segment properties window and in the cropping window, crop and
place the clip into the desired position. Next I will bring in another piece in
video. I want to draw your attention to the
“Always on Top” button in the track name. When this button is clicked on a track the
clips on this track will always play on top of other clips in
the mixing window. If I click on the Always On Top button
on the first clip, you will notice this clip is now on top of the second clip.
As you can see I have already created a pretty good
split screen already but let’s take it further. In the second
clip I will click on the segment properties and
use the cropping tools and the zoom slider to position it. Now I will bring in a final clip and again using the cropping window and the zoom slider, adjust it into place. Using the move image icon in the
toolbar below I can move the image while maintaining the
crop border. You can also add a grid to set up
perfect alignment for your clips. Click in the “Display Grid” button in the
video output window and select “Show Grid”, a grid
will now display in the video output screen and if you click in the
segment properties of a clip the grid icon in the cropping window is
now activated. there are many options like number of lines
and color. When you move a clip or cropping border now, the video will snap to
either a grid line or an image. If you do not want to clip to snap to a
great or another image, click on the great icon the Segment
Properties Window and select an option to turn off. Once you have your split screen collage set up, you can add slide effects to slide clips in and out. As well as waypoints to add motion to your
split screen video. Please see the waypoints tutorial for more


  1. globalcookie Author

    Hello trakax. Some years ago i buyed trakax but mine don't look the same and don't have those functions is that a new version or something?


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