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Srinivasa Kalyanam New Released Full HD Hindi Dubbed Movie 2019| Nithiin,Rashi khanna,Nandita swetha

♪ Greetings.
– Come… Come… Greetings. You are getting your daughter
married in a grand fashion. Everyone will talk about
it for a long time. It is not for people to
talk for a long time. All I want is whole-heartedly blessings for
the newly-weds from everyone who attends. I would be so happy. Come and have a seat. Greetings! Dad. – Yeah. I have made tall the arrangements. I have arranged hundred beds.
All of them are same kind. Okay. Take care of everyone. Come… Mother-in-law is calling you.
– Oh! Tell me, mom. Why did you call me? Listen! These vessels are not sufficient. You have to order 10 more. Okay? I guess they’re enough, mother in-law. Are they enough? At the time of my wedding, I held the first
vessel here and the other one at my house. Oh! – Days have changed, mom. Days might have changed,
but not our traditions. [DRUMS] Greetings.
Greetings. Have this sweet. Grandma! What does a wedding mean? Wedding is a grand festival. Is it like Holi and Diwali? Those festivals come once every year. But, this festival comes
only once in a lifetime. New bonds and relations are formed
at the time of this festival. Do we get new clothes? Yes, you’ll get new clothes. Not only that,
there will also be anguish in the house. That is why wedding is a grand festival. Get it? – Yes. Wait… Why are you stepping up with footwear? I will give it in a minute
and come back, madam. Hey, the wedding altar
is just like a temple. All the guardians of the eight directions,
and the seven great sages reside here. Lord Vishnu along with Goddess
Lakshmi resides in the urn. How can you enter such a
sacred place with footwear? Please forgive me, madam. I am not aware there’d
be so many Gods here. I will remove my footwear. ♪ ♪ Obtaining prosperity and everything
with the grace of the Lord ♪ ♪ This is an attachment… ♪ ♪ Good heart to good heart ♪ ♪ Seven steps together for
an everlasting marriage… ♪ ♪ Welcomes Goddess Lakshmi ♪ ♪ The sounds of charms and words at altar… ♪ ♪ Inscribes a new poem ♪ ♪ Conceding delightfulness ♪ ♪ Life becomes sweet ♪ ♪ With the blessings of all the lords ♪ ♪ Happiness in everyone ♪ ♪ Such a good blessing ♪ ♪ A good deed of family attachments ♪ ♪ Everyone is equal ♪ ♪ Everyone is dignified ♪ ♪ Leading us to prosperity ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ Grandma! This wedding was
indeed a festival, right? You said it right. Once you grow up, your wedding
will be done in a similar way. ♪ [SINGING ‘BAAHUBALI’ SONG] “Love you more than life” You can sing later. First tell me what you got for me. Sister made pancakes for you. Listen! Breakfast is ready.
– I am coming. “I got a tweet that you made pancake.” Have it. It is your favorite chutney. Hey! Have it. Brother-in-law. – Yeah. Do you know in whose hands did
Lord Vishnu pour the elixir? He gave it to Goddesses. It’s in the hands of women. Whatever they cook is delicious. Listen, Raj Sir! Looks like someone is calling you.
– Raj Sir. First I will have food and then go to work. Let him shout. He will shout for a while and keeps quiet. Raj sir. Listen, Raj sir. Hey Srinu, why are you shouting
as if there was an earthquake? Do we shout only when
there’s an earthquake? We would shout even when the bike is gone. Bike is gone? Who took it? Who else? It is his beloved
daughter, Padmavathi. [BIKE THUMP] Listen, madam. – Yeah. You are riding the bike so well. Hmm… You might even fly an airplane. I can do that. But, you cannot see me when I
am up there flying an airplane. That is why I don’t do that. Good one. [BIKE THUMP] Did you see her? She looks at me casually as
if I’m here for another task. Ask her, sir. Dear! Srinu says that you took his bike. He said I took it.
Didn’t he tell you why I took it? Why? I didn’t return the 25000 bucks
that I borrowed from Mr. Ramaraju. Did you get it now? I will give his bike back
when he pays back that money. Leave it dear.
He may not have such good amount. He will give when he has it. Of course, he would. When did he say he would return your money? In two months. And how many months has it been? March. It’s been ten months. Which means a delay of eight months. By the way, how much did you
win in the recent cockfight? [LOWER TONE]: I’ll have to
payback the debt if I admit it. I have lost 50000 rupees instead. So sad! He lost it, dear. Uncle. How could he bet for 50000 rupees
when he can’t pay 25000 rupees debt? [LOWER TONE]: Crap! I’m cornered.
– That’s true. Isn’t it? You wouldn’t get back your
bike until you pay the money. Leave! Let’s go uncle. Excuse me, sir…Raj sir. You kept quiet. Say something, sir. Do one thing. Give back 25000 rupees. Will you say the same? I stick to what my daughter says. [INNER VOICE]: Such a great father! – Did
you understand? – Come on, brother-in-law. Bye, kids. Study well. What’s the point of acting like a tomboy? How can you get his bike? We have to be like that in these days. You would end up losing the remaining
property if you are kind like uncle. Tell me how much property
we owned when you were here? Around 100 acres! How much of that is left now? Why? Is it 25 acres? Tell her. That should be it… What about the remaining 75 acres then? Because of uncle’s kindness,
idiots will come and rob him. Uncle, do you think you are the
brand ambassador to kindness? Hey. You don’t even think twice
when someone asks for help. Hey, is it how you speak to your uncle? Why wouldn’t she? That’s the result of his pampering. He keeps his sister by his side
and his niece over his head. I will teach you a lesson
if you do not change. – No. I will not emend myself. Why because it is my right. Moreover, I have done my MSc in Agriculture
to take care of everything here. That is right.
[PHONE RINGING] Yes, Venkat Rao. I already spoke to Prasad. You go meet him. Money? I will arrange the money. The signals are bad here. I’ll go out and talk. Hello. Hello! Are you trying to scare my son? Let my grandson come back and
I will teach you a lesson. Why wait till then? I will call him
right now. Tell him whatever you want to. ♪ Tell me, Paddu. Hello, listen!
Do you know what happened today? You got Srinu’s bike.
That must have happened. How do you know? Srinu texted me saying ‘Your cousin, very criminal,
she took my bike’ in his broken English. Did he text you already? Okay, tell me. Grandma argued with you
for getting the bike. She said that she would complain
to me after I come there. You asked her not to wait till
then and called to say it now. Is it? You know everything. Do you underestimate my grandson?
Give me the phone. Talk now. Hello. Hi, Grandma. Did she turn on the speaker? Did you get to know that too? You did that because grandma and
I might gossip about you, right? Yes. She interrupts our conversation. No problem. You weren’t feeling well in the night.
How are you now? I’m okay now but ask her
to behave until you come. Hey, Paddu. You don’t have to say anything. I understood everything. Understood, right? I’ve got lot of work. Okay, Bye. Hey, what happened? Prabhu attempted suicide. What are you doing? Listen to me. Let me put this
bandage on you. – Leave me… Listen to me. What’s with you? – Leave me. I don’t want anything. Why did you hit me? What is he to us? He is a friend. You should encourage when your friend wants to
do something. Why are you discouraging him? Move aside. By the way,
why did you want to commit suicide? Suzi broke up with me. Oh! Is it about love? Then, you can die. Nothing wrong in that. Did you inform your GM when
you left your previous job? Hmm. Did you inform the landlord,
when shifted your house? Hmm. Oh, good… So, you informed to the
boss before leaving the job You informed the owner
while vacating the house. In that case… Won’t you inform the mother who
gave life to you while losing it? Did you inform? Priya! Call his mother and inform her.
– He will tell her now. Priya…No. Please. You are brave enough to die for a girl
but not to tell your mother about it? Listen! Our life doesn’t just belong to us. Our life is shared with our family. Our life is shared with friends. Our life is shared with
everyone who is connected to us. Do you realize what we go through
if anything happens to you? Alright, what do you want now? Suzi should accept you, right? Priya, give me the phone. [DIALING] [PHONE RINGING] Suzi, this is Vasu speaking. Yeah Vasu, tell me. It’s nothing. Prabhu attempted suicide
as you rejected his love. What? Did he attempt a suicide? – Yeah. Did he mention my name on suicide note? Hey, there’s nothing like that. Will there be a police case? Please. Tell me. I don’t want to get into any problem. No…he is absolutely safe. Okay. Bye. When I told her about your suicide
attempt, she was worried about herself. She’s worried that there
should not be any problem. Do you want to die for a girl like her? I am sorry, buddy. It’s okay. Okay, guys. Get back to work. Come on. Shall I say something, Vasu? You are a genius. What makes me a genius here? Think in others’ point of view
instead of our point of view always. Life will be so easy.
Simple. – Oh! [HONKING] Hey, clear my way. Hello. Look at the signal. Hey, drive towards that side. [TYRES SCREECHING] Let them go. Whoop… Are you okay? [THUDS] People must have some manners. I know how to teach them
manners if they are rude. [SIZZLING] Now, add chopped onions, and then oil. It will be tastier if you
add ginger and cumin seeds. No need! Vasu. – What? Make an egg crepe (-Dosa) for me.
Take it. Oh crap! You make for everyone
but don’t take my order. Am I running a hotel to take your orders? You are preparing it anyway. I am not preparing.
I am teaching them how to prepare. Priya is getting married in 10 days.
I am teaching her how to make crepes. Your wedding is in 10 days
and you learn cooking now? Hmm. Curry points and Swiggy are successful
because of people like them. Look how many people make
living because of us. Hmm. Is that what you understood? Vasu! Even if you teach them,
they can eat but never cook. Wait and see! You will get a wife
who can’t even make a coffee. Not just a coffee… I curse you that you will get a wife
who doesn’t even do household chores. There should be a wife in my
life for you to curse, right? Silly girl! Hey bro. Can you sit there? – Why? I can’t see that girl if you sit here. A girl? Okay, bro. Carry on. Let’s go, guys. Thank you, bro. Excuse me. What’s this for? [CRASH] Are you okay? Oh. Okay. Anyway, I am Shree from Hyderabad. Oh! Are you from Hyderabad? I am Praveen. He is Srinivas… Hi. – Hi.
…and this is Priya. – Hi. Introduce yourself. I am Bujji. – Hi Bujji. Okay. I’ll see you guys. Bye. Hey. – What? What is the bill amount? Why? Why should I say? Hey, say. Why? Will you pay the bill? Now that she’s our friend,
we will get discount. Discount? I want take away of 4 burgers,
3 sandwiches, 2 pizzas, and a milkshake. That many? I’ll eat them on the way. Shree! What did you
think about my proposal? Buddy! Tell her. Love is a personal decision but
marriage is a family decision. Once you accept me,
I will convince everyone. First you convince that person. Who? How many more girls would
you say this to? Idiot. Hey Priya, wait…
Listen to me. Let’s go. I get to carry the luggage
of her wedding shopping. Hey! – Yeah. What is the reason? That’s for your smartness
in handling the problem. Bye. Good morning, madam. Good morning. Shanthi, I just reached office. Can I go inside? Hmm. I came into the office. I will call you at lunchtime. That is not needed. Hmm? I will call you and you just answer it. Okay. Hey, is that Shanti on call? The person who invented the video
call should be bashed till death. There is no peace! Hey… Oh my God! You are looking gorgeous. You look awesome in this dress. End the call first.
[FREAKS] Your wife suspects you
because of this behavior. Let them suspect, buddy. That’s common. Wives are like landline phones.
They are confined to a place. But, these girls are like mobiles. When you come out of your
house, mobiles are useful. Hey Vasu! Hi. – Hey. Hi. Vasu. – Sir. Your design has been selected by Google! Wow.
[APPLAUDING] Very soon they are going
to start the construction. And, you will be going to Hyderabad. Super.
– Thank you sir. Thank you so much. Is it? Congratulations son. Mom, Janaki, Paddu… Yes. Vasu got promoted. He is coming to Hyderabad.
Great news. Is your dad telling the truth?
– What’s the matter? Are you coming to Hyderabad?
– Give it to me. Yes, grandma. Once I come, I will spend
every weekend with you all. When are you coming, dear? Priya wedding is near.
I will come after that. Give it to me. Okay, listen. Talk to your mother. I want to talk.
– Hello Vasu. It won’t work if everyone talks separately.
I will turn on the speaker. That’s better. I am very happy, dear. You keep getting promoted.
Give us a grand party. I will do that once I come there. Okay, I’ve got lot of work.
I’ll call you back. Bye. Bye. He is coming to Hyderabad. Let’s do his wedding as soon as he comes. What’s this? Why do you look at me
while talking about the wedding? Hey! What’s wrong with my son? What am I lacking? Kosta’s son is willing to marry me. Oh, thank you. You are welcome. Is it for your Vasu’s
promotion or his comeback? Hmm. First send this mud
sample to the lab for analysis. I will send it.
Tell me if you will propose Vasu or no? I am waiting for that day
to tell him in person. I will tell him then. [HAMMERING] Hey, what is that noise and
why are you holding a hammer? I just attached TOLET board. TOLET? What for? You are shifting to Hyderabad! Priya is getting married and
will leave to in-law’s house. I will be alone. What, man? Bujji is there with you. The thing is we cannot maintain
Benz and Bujji for a long time. You don’t even know what she does at 5 am. Two potato stuffed flat
breads and some extra… Whom are you talking to at this hour? I am hungry. So, I am ordering food. Can’t you understand? That’s how it is. She orders food at 5 am in the morning. I wonder why she is so crazy about food. She is that demon Bakasura reborn to eat. No! She is Bakasuri! It’s difficult to handle her alone. Someone has to share the premises. [CHOMPING] Did she come? Long back. Can’t you say? I didn’t want to interrupt your story. [BURP] ♪ Pizza is here. Hey, move. Hi. – Thanks. Hey! Pizza delivery? It is my part time job. Oh! I saw TOLET outside. The thing is Vasu is leaving to Hyderabad. Priya will go to in-laws
house after marriage. So, That’s for room sharing. Oh! Can I join you in that case? Why? Is there an issue with your house? The guy who proposed at the coffee
shop is my owner’s cousin. – Oh! So, I am uncomfortable.
– I got it. He got hurt with what happened and
asked his cousin to make you vacate. Isn’t it? Okay. Done. You can shift here. Seriously?
– Yeah. Thanks. You didn’t tell us about your family. Your father? I will tell you. How do you know dude? I know everything. Her permanent job is at Coffee Day. Her part time is at Pizza Hut. That means she hails from
a middleclass family. Yes. ♪ Her father must be working
for a private company. He works hard at office
by travelling in bus. Hmm? – Hmm. ♪ Middle class mothers spend their
day cooking in the kitchen. Hmm. How do you know all this? I am also MCA. MCA? Middle Class Apathetic! Oh! Okay.
[PHONE RINGING] Have some juice. – No. Hi, Shree. How are you dear? I am good, mom. How about you? I’m fine. I just shifted to the new house. Is everything okay? Yeah everything is okay, mummy. How is dad? As usual, he’s busy. So, this year our company growth
increased to twenty percent… …and share value up to forty percent. [APPLAUDING] Are you all satisfied? [ALL]: Yes, Sir. But, I am not satisfied. Business and share value have grown
up and I see lot of development. Still, I am not satisfied. You see there are so many
multi-millionaires in India… But, only Tata and Birla are well known. Why? Their products reach to the government. Exactly! So far, the people in
industrial circle know RK. But with of our next project,
everybody will know me. To make it simple,
I will be there in every house! RK group of companies is now entering
to the business of Wi-Fi routers. We might see a house without
a wife but not without Wi-Fi. [SMILING] No, I am not joking. I am serious. Router is needed to use the Internet. Mohan Rao, please connect me to the Central
Minister. I will explain him everything. We are going to start
the project very soon. Meeting is over. Thank you. Yes, sir. My daughter is getting married. Oh! Very good! Where is it? It’s in Goa. Goa? Yeah. It’s a destination wedding! My family and my son in-law’s family
are leaving five days prior to the date. You should come with your family too. Are you mad? Are you wasting five days for the wedding? Yeah, she is my only daughter.
We cannot deny their wishes. What is this, Mr. Rao? Marriage is just an event in life. You spend those 5 days on your business. Your business will grow and
your status will increase too. Listen, we’ve been business
partners since a long time. I want you to attend the marriage for sure. I am sorry, Mr. Rao. You ask me for shares or money
or property and I wouldn’t mind. Don’t ask for my time. Because, time is one thing
which never comes back! You can go now. Okay. Yeah, connect me to Minister. ♪ Vasu. Yeah. Dinner is ready. Okay, coming. Okay grandma, I’ll call you in the morning. Bye. Are you done saying goodnight? Yeah. Is that your girl friend on the call? Vasu doesn’t have a girlfriend.
That position is still vacant. Hey, stop it. It was my family. Vasu has a habit of saying good
morning and goodnight to his family. Daily? Though we are staying away from them,
we are always close to their heart. They feel that our day started
happily when you say good morning. They feel that our day finished
happily when we say good night. We keep wishing a lot of people every
morning and night on Whatsapp and Facebook. They are our family. We must greet them. Feels good. Hi mummy, goodnight. Good night? What happened? Did Sun rise in the different direction? We keep wishing a lot of people every
morning and night on Whatsapp and Facebook. What’s wrong in wishing you? Give it to Dad. Wait, I’m giving. This needs to… What is it? Divorce documents, dad. Lawyer has sent it. He said divorce is not possible
without the acceptance of Siddhu. But, he does not agree. What does he want? I don’t know. Don’t he understand even after saying so
many times…that you cannot live with him? It is Shree. She wants to speak with you. Hello. Hi, dad. Good night. Yeah. Good night, dear. Bye. Listen! Call your lawyer again. Ask him whether he can do it or not. Otherwise, I will appoint a senior lawyer. Okay. I will see to it how he
cannot give you divorce. Idiot. What’s wrong with Siddhu
wanting to live with Kavya? Shouldn’t we consider his thoughts too? Mummy! I came to know about our
incompatibility within a year of marriage. Please. Kavya! Sometimes it takes more than a
year to have understanding between two. Think about it.
– Lakshmi. It’s not right to travel together
with people we do not like. Be it marriage or business. No. I mean… Don’t waste my time. Please. You go ahead. ♪ Good morning. Good morning. The coffee is great. Thanks. You are welcome. Do you do yoga everyday? Yeah. She must do it, buddy. She is a middle class person. The corporate hospitals will take away
entire property if there’s any health issue. Priya! Put your phone aside. Aren’t you coming to office? I’m sending the wedding invitation
to everyone on Whatsapp. – Oh! I am not coming today. Okay [NOTIFICATION] What happened dear? You are looking at your
phone as if it is your book. Vasu’s friend Priya is getting married. She has sent her wedding
invitation on Whatsapp. Invitation on Whatsapp? Yes. Do something. Take a photo in this pose. Why dad? Click it and I’ll tell you. Is it good? Send it to her on her wedding day. You can add some graphics if needed. What’s with you, dad? When she sends invitation on Whatsapp,
why not send blessings on whatsapp? Their food expense and our
travel expenses will be saved. What the hell with this Whatsapp! Your dad makes fun these days. Call Vasu once. Tell me, grandma. Gift a gold ornament to
Priya on her wedding. We don’t have such kind of
formalities among friends. It’s not a formality. It is a tradition. We are gifting her a
memory instead of a thing. She’ll remember us when
she remembers her wedding. She’ll remember our gift too. You are right, grandma. But, days have changed. Days might change. I got it… Days might change but not our traditions.
Am I right? Hmm. Okay my darling. I will buy. Listen, you cannot shop. Take along any girl among your friends. Okay. Can you drop me at Coffee shop? Okay. [BIKE REVVING] Thanks. It’s okay. Shree. Can you lend me a couple of hours
of your time in the evening? What? Lend you my time? Yeah. People usually ask money as loan,
but why do you ask for time? It’s your time. You need to lend
me if you have to give it to me. Nice concept. So what time you want it? 5 o’clock. Done. [CLAP]
Hi everyone. So, Priya and I are throwing
a bachelor’s party today. Yay!
[APPLAUDING] That should be a heavy party. Just like her. Hey! Priyanka! Just a minute. You and I are still bachelors. Shall we dance as couple in the evening? Both of us are married. How can we still be bachelors? Your husband is in US.
That makes you a bachelor. My wife is in Bangalore.
That makes me a bachelor. Let’s just dance together. Shanti? I guess it is your wife. Shall I tell her about this?
[FREAKS] Brother, that one. This one? Every piece looks good
when we check this way. They look same this way.
You would know it when we wear them. That’s right. Turn that side. Just turn that side. I’ll say. ♪ It’s very good. ♪ This is good too. [CAMERA CLICK] [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Priya, I sent you few pictures. Tell me which one do you like among them. Hey! There is no need for that. [HUSH] It is an order by grandma.
Tell me which one you like. Okay? Okay. Isn’t a gift meant to be a surprise? It’s a surprise if we like it. But it’s their satisfaction
when we give what they like. Satisfaction is important than surprise. Let’s go. Shree. I don’t keep a debt for long. So, I wish to repay your
two-hour debt at 8’o clock today. What’s special about 8’o clock? Sekhar, have you checked
whether the order is here? Yeah. Vasu and others didn’t turn up yet.
Call them and find out once. – Okay. Shanthi, party is going on. Look, it didn’t start yet. It would start in some time. Don’t drink too much because it is free. No…just two pegs. My friends are here. Shall I call you later? That’s not needed. I’ll call you and you answer. Okay then. Cheers! Whoever gets married should drink as
much as he wants at bachelor party. Correct. Why don’t you like the
concept of marriage, buddy? I’ll tell you. This is a man before marriage. [MATCHSTICK IGNITION] Now look at that fire! This is a lady. She meets a man in marriage. Oh! [MATCHSTICK IGNITION] Where’s the fire now?
It is over. What should we understand from this? The fire in a man’s life is
put out once he gets married. That isn’t true.
– Who said that? It’s us who lose after the marriage. How? What’s this?
[GIRLS]: Ice cube. This is a girl before marriage. This is a man. We get into his life in marriage. Now where’s the ice cube in this? It’s gone. So, we’ll have a name and
identity before marriage. But this happens when we enter man’s life. We exist but there won’t be any identity. Yay! Do you have any opinions about marriage? Hey, come… Sit down. Hi. – Hi Vasu. [POURING] This is a man, right? Hmm. Okay. Drink it. I will not drink it.
My liver might get damaged. This is the girl, right? Yeah. Have it now. How do we get high on just soda? Hmm. Okay. Drink now. How’s it? Superb! Life is similar. There will be fun only when
man and woman come together. Parents give us birth. Friends give us happiness. But a life partner gives us life. It’s okay to not praise such a
life partner who gives you life. But, never insult her. Okay Life would be great if you are as happy
as you are now after the marriage. Cheers to Priya and Sekhar who are about
to start a beautiful journey of life! [ALL]: Cheers! Yay! Okay. See you at the office. Bye. [BIKE PURRING] Vasu! I need to speak with you. I’m very sorry. Why do you say sorry
without saying the reason? I don’t hail from a middle
class family like I said. RK, the Chairman of RK group of
companies, Hyderabad is my dad. I finished MBA in London
and came to Hyderabad. Good. Your education is completed. Our businesses are growing too. We’re entering into a lot of businesses. You should take care of business from now. Sure dad. So, you go wherever you want
for the next six months. But no one should know that you’re
RK’s daughter in these six months. You should live on your own. You know why? You should know about the world
to become successful in life. You should calculate humans perfectly. Disturbances start if the
calculations go wrong. Okay, dad. Hope you get it. By the way, giving a word
is like starting a business… …and abiding by it is like
being successful in business. Don’t forget that. That is why I didn’t tell anyone. If the truth behind a lie is
pure, it isn’t wrong to lie. You are leading a normal life leaving such a
luxurious life obeying your father’s word. I like that. [PHONE RINGING] Madam. – Yeah. Sir is on call. One second. Hi Shree. – Hi, dad. Did you start? No dad, I am not coming now. I will come back after 4 or 5 days. Why? I became friends with a girl here. I will attend her wedding and come. Are you wasting five days for a new friend? Actually, dad… Okay…this is the last time. I never ever want you to waste
time for such silly things again. Okay? – Thanks dad. Vasu! Daddy gave me permission
to attend the marriage. – Oh. So, when are we going there? Tomorrow morning. I was just blabbering something
not knowing that you are rich. No. It is okay. Vasu! Shall we go? Hmm. What are you searching for? My phone. Oh! Phone? Wait. Let me call you. [PHONE RINGING] It is over there. Shall we leave? – Hmm. Let’s go. ♪ Hi. – Hi. Hi guys. How is it going? Where is Priya? Is it so necessary to
prepare these snacks now? Vasu is coming in four days. He likes these snacks a lot. [PHONE RINGING] We were just talking
about him and he calls. Yes. Tell me, Vasu. Give it to grandma. Grandma, you wanted to see
destination wedding, right? I will show you now. This is Henna counter. This is the tattoo counter. What’s a Tattoo? Tattoo is a permanent mark. Permanent mark? This is the cocktail counter. What’s a cocktail? It’s that one. Oh! This is the place where
the musical night happens. Hey, why are you showing me
these instead of marriage? This is called a destination
wedding, grandma. It looks like our village fair. Why do you say so, grandma? Okay, I’ll call you back. Bye, dear.
– Bye. We shall do Vasu’s marriage
in a similar manner. Destination wedding! No need. I know how to
get my grandson married. [INNER VOICE]: However you might get
the marriage done, I would be the bride. [CLEARS THROAT] What dude, did you get
disturbed seeing that girl? Yes. That is the problem with girls. It is us who get disturbed whether
we look at them or they look at us. Yeah.
– Go now. Hey, Riya. You look beautiful with hair left loose. Like that.
– Thank you. [CAMERA CLICKS] What was that? Were you giving suggestions
how every girl would look beautiful? We have to praise girls
to get what we want. I didn’t get you. What’s that? This is to prevent evil
eyes on such a beauty. Why do you care if evil eyes are upon me? Am I not affected if evil
eyes are upon my partner? What partner? Dance partner? No. Life partner! You saved my number in
your phone as ‘My Heart’. And I saved YOU in my heart. Hmm? Hmm. [CHANTING]
Let’s take a selfie. [CAMERA CLICKS] Yay! [CHANTING] What are you guys doing? Sit properly. [CHANTING] It’s getting late. Shall we go? The wedding would be done in a while.
We’ll leave after eating. Haven’t we met Mr. Rao?
Come on, let’s leave. Let’s go. [DISTANT CHATTERS]: ‘Hold the
floral garland in your hand.’ When is the auspicious time? The time you came is
auspicious for us, sir. You’ve come so far for us.
That’s auspicious for us. Sir, we received an urgent call. Minister Sir needs to leave to Delhi.
– Oh! You can leave in 10 minutes.
Please have a seat. [CHANTING] Listen. Priest! Minister sir should
leave urgently for a meeting. End the process fast. Sir, there’s still time left
for that auspicious moment. Minster sir has no time. I’m in this status because of him. Finish it little early. Listen! We cannot do good things
before the auspicious moment. What’s with the auspicious time?
We chose it, right? Read out the mantras. [CHANTING]
Where is the bride? I’ve informed the respectable priest.
You can leave in 10 minutes. Uncle, do you think it’s right to do so? Will you change the auspicious
time for the sake of Minister Sir? Minister Sir had come a long way
to attend my daughter’s wedding. We should look after his comfort too, dear. Then, why fix an auspicious time? Do it just like that. Marriage isn’t an event to
change as we like, uncle. It’s a beautiful moment. Anyway, I don’t feel it like a wedding. Some plan to leave after the feast. Some decide to leave after meeting you. I thought people who attend
the wedding are like that. But, you too are the same. Minister sir who stays in power just for
5years would swear at an auspicious moment. In that case, isn’t auspicious moment important
for those two who live together lifelong? Sir. You’ve come so far to the wedding. Can’t you wait 10 more
minutes to bless them? Rao. – Sir. Go on as per the time you’ve fixed. Okay Sir. Thank you, Sir.
[CHANTING] [AIRPLANE WHIZZING] What are you thinking? It is about our wedding. What’s there to think
so much about wedding? You give a lot of value to
marriage and traditions. Marriage is just an event in our house. You know that my sister is getting divorce. Maybe dad would be convinced if I
tell him about you and your family. Is Vasu’s family really so good? Yes, Mummy. They are still a joint family. Do you know how affectionate they all are? Relationships stay strong where
there is a lot of affection. [HONKING] Have a seat. Why are you with dad? You said you would talk to your dad. I thought from your point of view. You girls take so long to convey
your love to your partner. How would you convey such
a matter to your dad? That’s why I went and
met your father myself. Hi sir. I want to talk to you.
– Do you have an appointment? I am waiting for you since long. It’s your need that made you wait. I don’t talk without an appointment. I need to talk about Shree. Tell me. Shree and I are in love Actually, Shree said that
she would talk to you. Love should be conveyed to the girl and
marriage should be discussed with her dad. So, I’ve come to speak with you. What did dad say? I asked her to see the world but
she came back falling in love. Vasu’s family is very good. So, you know everything? Hmm. Daddy, that is… I understood this when you
called me to say goodnight… …that someone is influencing you. You haven’t seen me for 6 months
and waited there 3 more days. It means someone more important
than us has entered your life. It’s not like that, daddy. Let’s come to the point. I won’t ask why you fell in love. You’ll have hundred reasons. But, Shree! Give me one reason
why you want to get married. Vasu keeps his dear ones
happy always, daddy. He loves me more than his life. So, imagine how happy
would be my life with him. The way I feel happy and
secured when I’m with you, I felt the same way when
I was with him, daddy. Okay. Okay. Ask your parents to come here. They won’t come, uncle. What did you just say? They won’t come here, uncle. Why? As per the tradition, you should come to my
house and talk to my parents as bride’s family. That’s our tradition and culture. Where do you live? Sakhinetipalli. We have arrived to Sakinetipalli. Get down… Hi, Vasu. Hey, Paddu. Haven’t you returned the bike to Srinu yet? He hasn’t paid back the money yet. [BIKE THUMP] Welcome back, my son. Hi, Dad. Are you good? Are you fine? Get in. There shouldn’t be evil eyes upon you.
That’s when you should enter the house. Hey! Get it. Make it fast. Start. Everyone’s evil sight… Evil sight of Hyderabad and Chandigarh… Which place did you visit for the wedding? Mussoorie. Yes, evil sight of that Mussoorie
and everything should vanish. Take this. Throw it away. Slowly… Come… Vasu! What happened? What happened?
You are tanned and you became lean. Aren’t you eating properly? Won’t you care about
anything other than the work? You were about to say this, right? Mom, it’s been very long since you saw me. That is why you feel that way.
I neither got tanned nor thin. You were about to say this, right? [SMILES] Let’s go. Vasu…Don’t eat anything until I come. Why? I am getting something for you. Okay. Vasu likes it. So,
you asked me to prepare cheesecake, right? Will you express your love to Vasu today? I’ve been waiting for this day. I have to tell something important to you. Who’s that girl? Which girl? If a guy of this age calls
the whole family and says… …that he needs to talk something
important, it would be about love for sure. Isn’t it? Is it true? Mom! I will say. Sit here. Dad is right. That girl’s name is… – Shree. Her dad’s name is RK. He is well-known businessman in Hyderabad. How do you know all that? My grandson had updated me long back. Then, why didn’t you tell us? He wanted to tell that
to you all by himself. I like Shree. She likes me too. We love each other but we’d like to
get married with your permission. So, I spoke with her dad and he accepted. That girl is very lucky to be loved by you. Your father-in-law is a lucky
chap to get you as a son-in-law. Ask him to come. We shall talk.
– Thank you, dad. Thank you so much. Haven’t I said that no one
would reject your choice? Hey, Paddu. Vasu is in love
with a girl named Shree. I heard it. You missed a golden chance. Did you pay heed to my words? See now. Why do you talk about it now? What’s that in your hands? Vasu likes cheesecake.
So, I brought it for me. You know his likes and dislikes. You got it at the right time. Feed some sweet to him. Congrats, Vasu. Thank you, Paddu. ♪ [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Hi, uncle. Hi. He’s my father. Greetings. – Greetings. This is Shree and her mother.
– Greetings, uncle. Greetings.
– Please come. Let’s go. [COWS MOOING] [BELLS RINGING]
[COWS MOOING] [SNIFFS] Please wash your feet. It is our tradition to wash the
feet before entering the house. So, please. Give it. ♪ This is our ancestors’ house. We live there to remember
their memories always. Please come in. She is my mother. – Greetings. My wife. – Greetings. My sister. – Greetings. My cousin… I got it.
– It’s a joint family. A big family. Greetings to everyone! Have a seat. – Come. I need to check the house, mom. What happened? Did something happen? Kavya wishes to see the house. Paddu. – Yeah. Show her the house. Okay. I will show her. Please come. [CLEARS THROAT] I have some important appointments. So, I will leave if you
finish the formalities. What are you expecting? What do you mean by expecting? Expectations are once called
dowry and now called formalities. Tell me what do you want? I didn’t love Shree for money. You are talking like a
businessman even here. We didn’t agree for their
wedding expecting something. We agreed because my son likes her. I too agreed for their wedding
because my daughter likes him. Now, let’s come to the point. It’s my habit to talk clearly
about any matter beforehand. That is also a good thing. You’ve got two daughters The property belongs to them. She’ll get 50 percent of it, right? [LAUGHS] Simple. I need to speak personally with you. We talk everything before
everyone in our house. But, I need to talk personally. Come, Uncle. You will have to sign this
if you want to get married. What is this? Premarital Agreement. It exists since long in abroad and guys
like me use it sometimes in our country. I mean if my daughter couldn’t
adjust with you after wedding… …and if she wants divorce… Then, you should divorce
her at that moment. Why did you agree to our wedding
when you do not trust our love? Trust is different and truth is different. What your dad said out there is true. I think about anything like a businessman. In any business,
I think about the exit right at the entry. This is about my daughter’s life. So, do you think our married
life wouldn’t be successful? May be. There might be problems even
if you keep my daughter happy. So, I have to be cautious. So, you believe in such
papers but not our love. It has been so long the world started
believing in papers rather than humans. These papers have no value if you and
my daughter live happily together. It’s just a piece of paper. What’s the issue to sign it if
you strongly believe in your love? Okay. ♪ Why did you stop? Aren’t you brave enough? [SMIRKS] I am brave enough, uncle. Then, sign it! I will. You believe in papers
and I believe on words. I’ll sign here if you promise me. You should be present whenever you
are required as the bride’s father. You must do all the works
that you need to do. I will sign it if you give me that promise. Why won’t I be present
in my daughter’s wedding? Okay I will be presence wherever
and whenever you need me. Do you need an agreement? No uncle. Your word is enough. Take it. By the way,
this matter should stay between us. Okay, uncle. Let’s go. What’s this? Usually the bride and the
groom discuss in private before wedding. What were you talking to your
father-in-law for so long? Nothing, uncle. He had some doubts
about wedding that I clarified. Is it okay now? Yeah, okay. I want to say something. Being the bride’s family, you should
get the marriage done wherever you wish. But, I wish that my grandson’s wedding be
done in this house in front of my eyes. Okay. Okay. Shall I take a picture of everyone
in this happy moment? What say? What’s wrong in that? Take it. Come, dear. Come. Come. ♪ [CAMERA CLICKS] This first morsel is for you. She always gets the first one. – Grandma. Don’t move. Sit like that. Grandma! Feed me. Feed me now. Wait. You will get it too. Listen! What have you decided? About what? What else would it be?
It is about Vasu’s wedding. You should have an idea about
what to do and how to do. What’s the big deal about
marriage these days? Everything happens eventually. How can it happen just like that? I do not agree. Marriage should happen like a marriage
and not like any normal function. Altar decorated with leaves… Lot of music… Tasty food… Everyone should be as per our tradition. These things don’t matter now.
Days have changed. Days might change but not our traditions. Everyone feels happy when we were
born but we’d be unaware of it. Everyone mourns after we die
but we’d be unaware of that too. All we remember is what makes us
happy and wedding is such an occasion. It should be grand. Don’t you agree with it? Hmm. Okay, mom. The marriage would happen as per your wish. That’s good to hear. Have this. ‘Can I say something?’ ‘Yeah.’ Vasu is not correct for you. That family and the village
atmosphere is not right for you. Their lifestyle is different from ours. Their habits are different from ours. You can’t adjust there. If we can adjust here,
we can adjust anywhere. Shree is very happy. I also liked Vasu’s family very much. They live together and respect
each other even in these days. It’s happy to know that Shree
enters such a family in marriage. Shree will be very happy there. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. How are you, brother-in-law? Whose brother-in-law? Brother-in-law!
This is Ramaraju from Sakinetipalli. Oh! Tell me. We spoke with the priest. He said next
Friday is a good for the engagement. Our family wants to make
it done on that day. Would you decide the engagement
date without discussing? Don’t you value my time?
Did you even ask me? Please be cool. I will check my schedule and call you back. Everything is their wish.
– What did they say? Ha said they will inform
after checking his schedule. We asked about the wedding
date, not the train time. [PHONE RINGING] Tell me, Brother-in-law. I am available between 4 to 5 pm
on that day. Fix it at that time. Yeah! Priest said that the
entire day is auspicious. We will fix the engagement as
per your convenience. See you. Mom! Friday is okay for them. ♪ Greetings! Greetings! Please come inside. Where is brother-in-law? He started from the office.
He will be here soon. As a father, he should be here to
receive us for his daughter’s engagement. I doubt he might reach at the
last minute for the marriage. [LAUGHS] Please come in. Why have you stopped there? Please come. We are coming here for the first
time on an auspicious occasion. We wanted to wash our feet before we enter. Listen! Bring some water. What are you looking at? They won’t give water in
a vessel like us here. They will give a water pipe. This is their culture. Wash your feet. Where is the bride? I will be back in 10 minutes.
– Okay Sir. Brother-in-law.
– Have a seat… Please. Have a seat. Tell me, priest. What should I do? Make it fast. Sir! We shouldn’t link
some traditions with time. Moreover, it’s an engagement
that is half way to wedding. This attire is not considered good.
Please change to dhoti and come. Why? Will it be bad if I perform
the rituals without dhoti? Going by the tradition is always
good, brother-in-law. We can’t change traditions for our comfort! I’ll be back in a minute. Come. ♪ [CHANTING] Please go ahead with the ritual. [CHANTING] Please take it with both the hands. – Okay. Priest! Check auspicious time
for the wedding. – [CHANTING] Sir! Next month,
on August 9th is a perfect day. There is no such an
auspicious moment again later. We’ve got just 15 days. Well. It’s okay for me. Is it okay if we go a
day before the wedding? No way. How can you come a day before marriage? There’d be so many works to do in marriage.
– What works? From the engagement date to the
day we offer for Vigneshwara… Exchange of wedding cards… Bridal showers… Making wedding dress ready… Haldi Ceremony, Kasi tour, Worship with gifts,
Ritual to Goddess Gowri, Auspicious bath, and later on there
will be blessing of the bride. There is honey mixture offering. There are other things too and
different kinds of rituals. That is why. ♪ [PHONE RINGING] Hi, Shree. Thank you…Thank you so much. Why are you thanking me so many times? Not just that? I need to say many more. Thanks for accepting even
though I hid my truth. Thanks for talking to my dad about us. Thanks for convincing your parents. And… That’s enough now.
It is enough. No, it’s not. You are not in front of me but I
wanted to give you a tight hug. Crap! I missed a great chance. It’s okay. Give me a hug
when we meet the next time. I sure will but I am
disappointed in one thing. What is that? We just loved and are
getting married in no time. We have missed the beautiful
feeling in the first love, Vasu. Why do you feel that way, Shree? Starting from today until we get married,
let us feel the essence of it everyday. Then, you see. ♪ Your eyes and my eyes… ♪ ♪ …Speak to one another ♪ ♪ Unfamiliar dreams hit my
eyes, my sweetheart ♪ ♪ This beautiful gaze…is called love ♪ ♪ Always with my heart…you stay ♪ ♪ Talks since morning…I wish to hear again ♪ ♪ Let this moment be filled with love ♪ ♪ Never shall be
departed…these lovely moments ♪ ♪ Never shall be departed…me from you ♪ ♪ Never shall be
departed…these lovely moments ♪ ♪ Never shall be departed…me from you ♪ Shall we set up the wedding atrium here? Okay… Floral decoration will
be there till the gate. We shall light up the entire village. Okay. It will be done.
– Okay. Why did the whole village gather here? Your son is getting married, right? There will be many works
to do at the wedding. All of us will help you with it. Why do you have to take that hassle? What, sir? There is a wedding in the
village and how can we not help you? Why shouldn’t we come and
help you at the wedding? I will arrange the coconuts
and coconut leaves. We’ll set up the wedding atrium
and do floral decoration. When someone asked me what I’ve got… I proudly said that my
entire village is with me. My village is not behind
me but in front of me. There is no need to earn
money if you are kind. But, you will definitely earn
hearts of people around you. Okay. I will call the priest and
perform the ritual like you said. He might be busy with office work but
you should perform the ritual as couple. That’s our tradition. Sure. Listen! We should perform a ritual for Lord
Ganesha and start the wedding arrangements. What? Are you starting the wedding arrangements? So nice! Okay. Do whatever you want. We have to perform that ritual as couple. Mother called me and said that. Who can see whether we both perform
together or you perform alone? No, hubby. ‘You should be present whenever you
are required as the bride’s father.’ ‘You must do all the works you need to do.’ ‘I will sign it if you
give me that promise.’ [CLEARS THROAT] Let me know what all arrangements
we need to make for that. ♪ Vasu’s account done! Raghu’s account done! The total is 17000 rupees.
– Okay. That’s right. Listen! Did you write
Andrej brother’s name? Yes. I did.
– Have this. Hey, listen. Have you written
Aatreyapura brother’s name? But, we haven’t been talking to each other. What do you mean by not talking? You don’t know because you weren’t here. We haven’t been talking
to each other since long. There is nothing that we cannot solve. Just invite them for the wedding
and you’ll start talking again. They won’t come even if we invite. You think that they won’t come. They might have a thought
of coming if you invite. Just invite them and see. Everybody will be happy if they come. You will be happy if you guess is right. What do you say? Your convincing skills are good. Okay. We are inviting them too, Grandma. Are you happy? Very happy! We do not dream about our grandchildren’s
wedding just for the sake of it. Marriage means a congregation of our
relatives, friends, our near and dear. The thing is you might invite them but
they won’t come if you do not invite. But, everyone will come
if it is for the wedding. We can recollect our 70 years
of life after seeing them. ♪ Hello, Miss Padmavathi! Miss Padmavathi! Where are you? Why are you shouting? Am I shouting? I am just calling you. Take these 25,000 rupees
that I owe to your uncle. It’s not just 25,000. You must pay 2 lakhs 75000 rupees. You mean the interest
is 2,75,000 for 25,000? Even the World Bank doesn’t
collect so much of interest. When did I borrow such a huge amount? 30,000 rupees from Post office Subba Rao, 20,000 rupees from
Ramayalam Street Sundaramma, 10,000 rupees from Tea stall uncle, and… Go on. Who said that I took loan from them? Everyone in the village approach
my uncle in case of any issue. Similarly, the people from whom
you borrowed money have turned up. It won’t be good to take
our money before them. So, take your bike only after
you clear all the debts. ♪ Who are you? Hi. This is Ajay. I’m event manager. RK sir sent me here to look
after his daughter’s wedding. Oh. Okay. This is Chintu. He will take care of the security. This is Ravi.
He will take care of the dining. Shall I open it, sir? What? What will she open? I store all my work details in the laptop. Oh! Oh, I see. I take care of all the celebrity
marriages in Hyderabad, Including politicians,
film stars and business magnates. I manage all the weddings
in their families. I will manage this wedding in a way that
it is remembered forever in the history. No need of that. Anyway, there are a hundred event
managers to take care of Vasu’s wedding. 100 event managers? Where are they?
– Look there. ♪
[CHATTERS] They are our relatives and villagers. They take care of all
the wedding arrangements. What should we do, then? Take rest for now. Veer. – Yes, madam. Show them rooms to stay. Please come. Okay. Ridiculous! Hey, get the luggage. Listen! Forget about them. I can’t clear all the debts now. Tell me what I should
do to get back my bike. Okay. You take care of their needs. I will take care of your bike Is that okay? Okay. I think we don’t have any work here, sir. A creative person like me
will never run out of work. A beautiful thought has
just popped up in my mind. What is that thought, sir? Destination wedding in a village! – Oh! Take detailed pictures of
this wedding in the village. Okay. Grandma…your BP medicine. My BP and Sugar levels are normal
in the joy of my grandson’s marriage You won’t listen. Take medicine and let
that happiness be in you. Mom! What are you saying? Take it. Give it to her. Brother! Wedding cards are here.
Take this. Paddu! Check if everything is right. ♪ Everything is perfect, uncle. Mom! Place the first wedding card near God. The second wedding card needs to be
given to the bride’s family anyway. We will go to Hyderabad
for shopping anyway. We shall give the wedding card to Shree’s
family and take them for shopping. Shopping in Hyderabad? I will come along. Mom! The ladies section is that way. All of you go there. Let’s go.
Come on. Let’s go there.
Let’s check. Gents! – Come… – Nice! Hey! Hey, what are you doing? We go to trial room to try
something, right? What will you try? Kiss! Why? Do only men have feelings? Don’t women feel the same?
Can’t we do that? You are not as traditional as you look. You said that you’d return
whatever you take from someone. I do but giving back your kiss
in a trial room is not right. [PHONE RINGING] Vasu! Where are you? I am in the trial room. Okay. Come out. Aunty is calling you. Okay, I’m coming. This design is nice. The color is good. Mom! Did you call me? Shree! How is this?
– Select a saree for the bride. Why me, mom? Let her pick her choice. Paddu, go and sit there. Come, dear. How is this? It’s good. We should buy sarees for the
relatives who attend the wedding. Shall we buy them now? Okay, mother-in-law Our close ones will be around 25-30. We will pick sarees in the range of 10,000
rupees for them and 2000-3000 for others. Aunty, I have a doubt. What, Vasu? Would all the attendees bless Shree and me
equally or would they have any partiality? Why do you say that?
They would bless you both equally. When their blessing is the same, why
should there be differentiation in gifting? They’re all our guests.
Everyone will have equal importance. Aunty! It’s wrong to differentiate them. It is okay to not give. But, we shouldn’t let
them down by giving less. Let’s not show any differences in
wedding cards, food, and gifts. Let’s treat everyone equally. Well said, dear. How many pairs are you
buying, brother-in-law? 25 pairs. 25 pairs? Of course! Your sister changes her
saree three times a day. She would every hour in the wedding. I am her husband and I
should maintain the same. Okay. Buy them. Sister. – Yes, brother. He hasn’t come yet. He must be in a meeting. He will come. It would be nice if everyone were present
while buying clothes for the wedding. Even I wish the same. He will come. 5000 crores is the deal
and… [PHONE RINGING] Benson is… [PHONE RINGING] Yeah. Hello. Sir is in the meeting. Is he in the meeting? Give the phone to him. The way we are going… Sir, Mr. Vasu is on the line. Just a minute! Hello… Are you attending meeting
instead of shopping? It is a 5000 crore meeting here. So, what? Should I skip this important
meeting to buy clothes for you? You should, father-in-law. According to the tradition, groom’s clothes
should be bought along with bride’s clothes. Just do it. Stop talking nonsense. Time is money and Time is property to me. I don’t waste my time
for such trivial things. Your bank balance increases by some
margin if this deal is a success. Your company might get another project.
Am I right? Shree told me that you often say that
giving a word is like starting a business. Standing on your word is like
being successful in the business. Aren’t you a successful businessman? Who am I to teach you
the value of a promise? I want this.
– Is it good? Take this one. Hi, Father-in-law! I came as you asked me to come. How long will it take?
Will it be done in 15 minutes? It will take some time for me to select.
Please wait. Actually, Mother-in-law is confused
about picking the right saree. Please go and help her. Please go. Yeah Lakshmi. Tell me. Which saree is nice? Please. This. Yeah. Take this. Thank you. Yeah. [PHONE RINGING] We’ll give this card to uncle in this
village and then go to grandfather. Okay, uncle. Brother! Are you playing alone? I am not alone!
Post-office Subba Rao is playing with me. Subba Rao? – What? Where is Subba Rao? He is here.
– Where? He’s on Skype. What are your cards? He turns the cards there and I do it here. We transfer the amount
online to whoever wins. Only guys like you can
make such a video call. Listen! My relatives are here. I will send online payment to
you after they leave. Okay? Okay… Uncle. – Tell me. Please attend my wedding. I will come for sure. Remember it. Not just you two. Bring your entire family. Okay, dear. We’ll come 4 days ahead and
do the wedding arrangements. That’s great. Hmm. That means you are inviting
everyone to your wedding. I thought that you wouldn’t invite us. How can we miss inviting you, grandpa? Heard your father-in-law is filthy rich. What’s the dowry you demanded? Aunty, you know about my father.
He always gives but never demands. Sudha has a special invitation for you. Your grandma needs everyone. But, others also should
feel happy if we come. Why wouldn’t they want, grandpa? Sometimes we try saving our crop
fields when there’s any disaster. Relationships last for a lifetime. How can we leave them? Grandpa! Hope you will come for sure. Hey! Why wouldn’t I come when
you personally invite me? We will come a week in advance. Okay? Okay, grandpa. See you, uncle. Come… [CHILDREN PLAYING] Hi. Hi Bujji, how are you? – Hi, Paddu. I’m fine. How are you? – Hi, Paddu.
– I am good. Hi. Praveen. How are you? Meet them first. They’re our office colleagues. Akshara, Priyanka and Rajesh. – Hi. Let’s go…Let us go inside.
– Come… [DIALLING] Shanti, we reached Vasu’s house just now. The climate is so beautiful here. Everyone’s
here. – This way…[DISTANT CHATTER] I know that you are in a village. I will
bash you if you do something mischievous. Remember that. Okay. Shall I call you later? Not needed. I shall call you
and you pick up the call. Okay. Hey, Vasu. – Hi, buddy. Is it Shanti? Vasu. Hey! Hello. The wedding charm is clearly seen
on your face and in the house. Now that you’re all here,
we can have loads of fun. Let’s go. Hey, Vasu!
– This is my first village wedding. It should be a memorable one. Done. Do you pumpkin pickle? One pumpkin cannot eat another. Janaki, bring the pumpkin pickle. Did you take pictures of all
activities since morning? Yeah… They are all in this, sir. Sweety! Should I open it, sir? Open it and upload everything.
– Okay, sir. What did you do, Ravi? I made a note of every
recipe I ate since morning. Good. Don’t miss any wedding
pictures till the end. [ALL]: Okay, Sir. Okay! Ganesh! Do you know why they hang
green leaves before the wedding? Why? That’s because our life will be as
pleasant as this green before wedding. Oh! Do you know what happens to
these leaves after few days? They dry up. Girls in our life are similar. Hey! This is my wedding. You know what happens
if my grandma hears you. She’ll end me. [PHONE RINGING] Tell me, Shree. What are you doing, Vasu? Are you busy? Of course! Show me how our wedding
arrangements are going on? I will also show who all came here. Our friends. [ALL]: Hi. Oh! You all have come already! Long back. You are missing, come soon. Wedding arrangements are done. The wedding atrium would be here. All uncles are playing cards. [ALL]: Hi. The wedding celebration can be seen there. I want to come there so badly. Please ask your grandma and
tell me when I can come there. One minute! Grandma… When should Shree come? What do you mean when? There is only one week
left for the wedding. Ask the to start at the
right time tomorrow. As the bride’s family,
they have a lot of work to do here. You heard it, right? Start tomorrow. Are you mad, Shree? Marriage is seven days away. What should we do going so early? Vasu’s grandma told that there
would be a lot of work to do. All they worry about is just the wedding. But, I have hundred things to manage. I am running a business empire here. You know what the problem is? I went to their house for engagement. I went for shopping at the mall. They think that I am idle because
I go whenever they call me. Listen. Tell them clearly that I will be
there only one day before the wedding. Why do they want to arrive
a day before the wedding? What important work does he have
when the wedding is in a week? Do you know why all of us have
agreed for your marriage with Shree? That’s because we all trust in you. We thought that you think about everyone. We’ve got many relatives.
You must have thought about them too. Your grandma wants this wedding
to happen as per her wish. But, I am losing hope when
I see what’s happening. Is there a problem? Nothing, dad. Tell me if there’s any problem. I told you that there’s nothing. The wedding would happen just
the way grandma wants it to. They will come tomorrow. ♪ It’s not an ordinary marriage. It’s a beautiful traditional marriage. So, please come and bless us. Sure. Hi, Father-in-law. Why are you here? I thought of meeting you at home. But, you spend more time here than at home. So, I came here. We shall head to our village
after you finish your meeting. I already told you that it is not possible. I am in between a hectic schedule. I know that, Father-in-law. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Hi, RK. How are you? I am fine. Your daughter’s wedding is next Friday. Your son-in-law came to
give the wedding card. Meeting is not important than that wedding. We shall schedule meeting
after the wedding. Yeah. Okay, Bye. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Congrats, Mr. RK. We will discuss our project
after your daughter’s marriage. Okay. I will meet you in the marriage. Okay, then.
– Thank you. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Heard that it is your daughter’s wedding. I won’t be coming. God bless her. [INNER VOICE]: Is that why you asked
about your Father-in-law’s schedule? [INNER VOICE]: Intelligent chap! You decided to come a
day ahead of marriage. I started thinking in your point of view. It would be hard for you to
cancel all the programmes. That is why I spoke with
everyone and postponed them. I will be waiting outside. Please come soon. [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Greetings, Brother-in-law. Greetings! Please come. – Yeah. Brother-in-law,
please take them to your house. You will be residing in that house. Hey! Arrange water to wash the feet. Come. Greetings. Greetings. You will be staying in this room. It is very nice. We both are of same age. It’s strange to hear you
call me with respect. Call me Shree. I will call you with your name. Okay. Whose photos are these? That’s Vasu and me during childhood. That photo? Vasu and I got married in childhood. Marriage? That’s when we play. Paddu. Ask Shree to get ready soon. The priest has arrived. Yeah. Listen! Bride’s father
should wake up early, Freshen up and do this deed
before doing any other deed. What’s that deed, priest? The first crops from the farm
should be filled in the pots. You should wash and dry the
rice used to make turmeric rice. You should apply turmeric to the screen
that is to be held between bride and groom… …and mark it with ‘Om’ in the middle.
– Yes. Not just that. There are lot many works, brother in-law. Not just him.
Even groom’s family has a lot to do. Everybody should wake
up early in the morning. ‘Don’t do that. It will get spoiled.’
‘No! Show me’ Wow! Hi, grandma. Hi, dear. Are you seeing the 70 years of your life? I can see that. Do you know how happy
I feel looking at them? Of course!
You have spent your life very well. I should also spend my life well. What do you mean? I will tell you what I mean. [CLAPS] Mom, dad! Father-in-law, mother-in-law!
Everyone listen. Shree! Come here. Most of you have experienced
the married life. We are about to experience. So, we want to know about marriage
and life after the marriage from you. Why do you want to know that now? It is needed, uncle. We attend many weddings and
participate in several events there. But, we don’t remember
anything after coming home. We don’t feel like we have been there. Grandma told me in my childhood. Wedding is a celebration. If such a wedding happens,
it will be remembered forever. I have seen many of my friends
and colleagues who are married. Some fear their wife.
Some wives have anger on husbands. They plan to get divorce just
because of ego and silly issues. That is why you should share
your memories and experiences. Tell us the secret of
being happy after marriage. Grandma, please start. How can I say if you ask me suddenly? I asked you. Start talking. Your grandfather used to say, Just like we treat our
parents who gave birth to us, We should treat our wife gives birth
to our kids in a similar manner. The wedding remains great
if you remember this. Treat her in the same way, dear. [APPLAUSE] Next! Father-in-law! You say something now. Me? Okay. Give me that tab, dear. Relationship between a wife and
husband is like the letter ‘W’. At the earlier stage of their marriage life,
the love between them will be at the peaks. Later due to children, and in the process
of career settlement…love decreases. Again, their love gradually increases when
children are grown up and gets settled in life. The love will again decrease until their
children get married and settle in life. Once they are done with their
responsibilities, they live for each other… Love between them increases
again to the peaks. It means love between wife and husband
starts at peak and ends at peak. Those who neglect obstacles that come
in between and understand each other… Their lives would be filled with happiness. Just like us. [APPLAUDING] Uncle! It is your turn now.
Say. [CLEARS THROAT] Life will be happy if you
just listen to your wife. I listen to my better half.
That is why we never fight. I listen to you too. So, there are no fights between us. Father-in-law! You say. Me? Yeah. Tell us. I will say. She will say. Okay. Say it. A girl shares all her feelings
with her parents till certain age. Then, she shares with here brothers,
sisters, friends… and colleagues. Someone will take care
of her in every stage. But, husband is the one who takes all
these responsibilities collectively. Vasu! Women feel happy in little things. After cooking for hours,
when husband appreciates our cooking… That’s what we expect in return. Your father-in-law was very
happy when Shree was born. I forgot all the pain I’ve
gone through even since then. Do you know how happy we feel when husband
come along and buys something for us? I felt very happy when he came and
selected this saree for me that day. That was the second time he selected a saree
for me in our 25 years of married life. The first time he did when we got married. People say that women cannot hide anything. But, we hide a lot. Except, the love on her husband. Shree is very lucky.
That she is entering your family. ♪ Dad. Dad. Minister’s PA called. About the appointment of… Give me some time. Please. ♪ ♪ Where is Paddu? I don’t know. She was here earlier. Have you seen Paddu? No. I haven’t seen her. Attend my wedding for sure. Okay, bye. Listen! Paddu is missing. Where would she be? She must be here. Why are you tensed? I will check. Go. I am coming. Paddu. Hey Paddu. What are you doing here? What happened? Why are you crying? I am unable to take it, Vasu. I cannot handle when
you’re going away from me. I like you a lot. I thought of proposing my
love as soon as you come back. But before I did that, you expressed
about your love to our family. I love you so much. I had many dreams… about getting
married and to stay in this house. But, Shree is getting ready in my place. I feel like she conquered my place. While decorating the wedding
atrium and floral arrangements… And everything I do for the wedding makes
me feel that all of this belongs to me. Grandma kept saying that Vasu is
your husband since my childhood. She should have told you that
Padmavathi is your wife at least once. You would have considered
me in that manner. Isn’t it, Vasu? I always treated you like my friend. Even if I did not love Shree,
I would have told you the same thing. You know everything about me. You understand me. But, how could you? I understand you, Vasu. That is why I haven’t discussed
this topic with anyone. I couldn’t control
myself when you asked me. So, I said everything. One thing is true, Vasu. We should not hide anything from dear ones. If you don’t express your
feelings at the right time, You are left with sorrow. [CRYING] Okay, you take care of all the things. Uncle, I made all arrangements. 200 people can have the feast at once. Okay. Make sure that everyone is happy. – Okay. No one should face any trouble. – Sure. Dad! Minister’s PA is calling again
and again for the appointment. I just called the Minister
and postponed that programme. They need the project reports. Mail them.
– Sir. Tell me, priest. Please come and sit here. Sure. It’s been a long time that I have
seen a traditional marriage like this. I’ve done a destination wedding. But this one reminds me
a wedding 30 years ago. RK sir once asked me why I had
to waste 5 days for the wedding. He is doing everything on his own
in his daughter’s wedding. – Here. Waste! I’ll just check it. Yeah, thanks. ♪ Sarada. Yes. Priest is asking to bring the groom. It’s getting late. Let us take him. Okay, sister. Vasu. – Let’s go, dear. Let’s go. “It is my friend’s wedding today…” [CHEERING] ‘Listen. Once you grow up, your
wedding will be done in a similar way.’ ♪ [CHANTING] ‘Do you know why all of us have
agreed for your marriage with Shree?’ ‘That’s because we all trust in you.’ Place it here, dear. [CHANTING] Put in holy rice and flowers there. The wedding altar is just like a temple. All the guardians of the eight directions,
and the seven great sages reside here. ‘One thing is true, Vasu.’ ‘We should not hide
anything from dear ones.’ If you don’t express your
feelings at the right time, You are left with sorrow. ‘This matter should stay between us.’ ‘Do you know why all of us have
agreed for your marriage with Shree?’ ‘That’s because we all trust in you.’ ‘We should not hide
anything from dear ones.’ ‘If you don’t express your
feelings at the right time, ‘ ‘You are left with sorrow.’ What happened, Vasu? You cannot go out of the atrium like that. Please sit. Vasu! Why did you stand? I need to speak with you, dad. We shall talk after the wedding. Sit and perform the rituals. No, dad. I want to talk now. If I don’t say it now, I should live
feeling guilty before Shree and all of you. ♪ Sorry, father-in-law. I promised you that I wouldn’t
reveal this to anyone. But I cannot hold it anymore. I am unable to do anything sitting there. What have you promised, dear? ♪ Grandma! Before the wedding, he made me
sign divorce papers to divorce Shree. Divorce before marriage? He doesn’t trust in our love. Or he doesn’t trust in our marriage. I don’t know that. He asked me to sign for
him to accept our wedding. And I signed. What is this? Parents want their children to be happy
with their partner after marriage. But, you did this before
the wedding itself? It isn’t his mistake, grandma. It is mine. I could tell everyone about our love but I
could not tell about this agreement, Shree. Sorry. The priest explained about all the chants
in my childhood at my aunt’s wedding. [CHANTING] When I put cumin and jaggery on your head, [SANSKRIT]: ‘Dhruvante Raja
Varuno Dhruvam Devo Brihspathi’ [SANSKRIT]: ‘Dhruvantha Indraschaangischa
Rashtram Dhrayatham Dhruvam’ …is said It means we should promise each other before the guardians
of eight sides that we shall live together forever. But, after signing that
document for our divorce, How can I make that promise
sitting there, Shree? At the time of handing over the girl, [SANSKRIT]: ‘Dharmecha, ardhecha, kamecha,
mokshecha…Nathi charitavya’ …is said That means saying that I will never betray my wife in
work, in being righteous and under any consequences. After that, [SANSKRIT]: ‘Natha Charami’ is said. That means I approve. The one who betrays you
by signing divorce papers… How can I say ‘Natha
Charami’ sitting there? While tying the holy
thread around your neck, [SANSKRIT]: ‘Mangalya
tantunanena mama jeevana hetunaa’ [SANSKRIT]: ‘Kanthe badhnami
Subhage saa jeeva saradam satam’ …is said. That means, My life is due to that thread,
I tie auspiciousness around your neck. One who signed documents to
break that relation one day, How can I chant that mantra, Shree? After tying the first knot, [SANSKRIT VERSES] That means, inviting you to enter our
house as an owner and make our lives happy. But the one who signed
documents that sends you away… How can I read that mantra to
invite you in our house, Shree? How can I read? Not just one or two. Every mantra that we say
sitting there has a meaning. Everything I do has purity. That is why I cannot make so many false
promises sitting in the wedding atrium. I cannot do that. I am unable to do it. I cannot, Shree. You always say…that wedding is a festival. Such a festival should not be celebrated
with so many conditions and mistakes. It should not. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Vasu! I made a mistake. You shouldn’t say sorry. Kavya. It is my mistake in the
case of this agreement. All of you should forgive me. I view everything in a
business perspective. So, I always think about the
exit at the time of entry. For me…before having this relation, Until I saw everything that happened here, Marriage was just an event for me. Be it a wedding in our
family or other’s family, It is just an event for me. I laughed when I was invited
to attend wedding rituals. But, I didn’t know that there are
many customs here like a journey. Not just me. Many people don’t know that. When there’s wedding in our family, We hire event managers and relax. Someone invites us to the wedding and
they might get angry if we fail to attend. So, I will have to go in order
to finish the formalities. All I know is to make
sure that I just attend. Taking pictures with the bride,
groom and their family is like… We attended the wedding. Please like me don’t even know
to bless them wholeheartedly. After the sacred turmeric rice is given, I put it on them. People like me who finds for tissue
to clean the turmeric on my hands… I understood after coming here. Behind that sacred rice, Wetting and drying up the rice… Mixing it with turmeric
depicts the love of a father. It is his responsibility. It depicts the essence of that
bonding with his daughter. When there were so many relatives coming, I asked brother-in-law. He said something to me. There will be more relatives if we own them We’ll remain alone if we do not. That’s when I understood. I kept myself unlike from others. I made a mistake with my elder daughter’s
wedding without knowing its value. When I tell my wife that 1000
crore project is sanctioned, She congratulates me and leaves. I’ve never seen happiness in her eyes. But, when I spent about just
5 minutes for her at the mall, She felt so happy when I bought
her a saree as a husband. I experienced it earlier. I wanted to give costly gift to my
daughter and I gifted her a costly car. I haven’t seen any reaction
in her eyes back then. But when I was writing ‘Om’ on the screen, Wet soil. It is just soil. I saw a spark in her eyes while
performing a ritual with it. I cannot express that in words. I wanted to be present in
everyone’s house as a businessman. But, I wasn’t present in my own house. But, all of you are present in every house. I always thought that I could become a great
father by giving her money, and property. You made me perform all
the wedding customs. You made me feel the true essence
of being a responsible father. Thank you, Vasu. You always say that you think in others’
point of view and I never understood you. But, it is just a piece of
paper and you know that. There isn’t a need to tell
about it in front of everyone. You thought about not hiding
anything from your dear ones. You said sorry in front of everyone. That’s because of your courtesy. Great courtesy! Most of my friends say to me, That the one who marries
my daughter is lucky. No, Vasu. I feel that I am lucky to
get you as my son-in-law. Please forgive me for hurting you. Please forgive me. Forgive me. There shouldn’t be apologies between us. Why aren’t marriages being
the same as in olden days? Why is love vanishing amongst relatives? Everyone should understand
just like you understood. Without having any attachments and living without
following our traditions is not right, brother-in-law. Come. Give me a minute, dad. I would like to apologize to you for hiding
such a thing from you before I go there. I am sorry, Shree. Will you simply say sorry
for hiding that matter, Vasu? What do you want? Lend me all the time of your life. ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ ♪ Raghuvanshi’s Rama, Yadhuvanshi’s Krishna ♪ ♪ Requesting the presence of Lord Srinivasa ♪ ♪ Cordial Blessing… ♪ ♪ Bonding of two hearts… ♪ ♪ Shall remain together forever ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ ♪ ♪ Obtaining prosperity and everything
with the grace of the Lord ♪ ♪ This is an attachment… ♪ ♪ Good heart to good heart ♪ ♪ Blessed as dissenters become believers ♪ ♪ Everyone’s heart is filled with happiness ♪ ♪ With the showers of joy from the sky… ♪ ♪ May there be good affection lifelong ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ ♪ Seven steps together for
an everlasting marriage… ♪ ♪ Welcomes Goddess Lakshmi ♪ ♪ The sounds of charms and words at altar… ♪ ♪ Inscribes a new poem ♪ ♪ Conceding delightfulness ♪ ♪ Life becomes sweet ♪ ♪ With the blessings of all the lords ♪ ♪ With the words from heart before the fire ♪ ♪ Let every moment of life go on like this ♪ ♪ Happiness in everyone ♪ ♪ Such a good blessing ♪ ♪ A good deed of family attachments ♪ ♪ Everyone is equal ♪ ♪ Everyone is dignified ♪ ♪ Leading us to prosperity ♪ ♪ Wedding is a celebration ♪ ♪ Lord Srinivasa’s wedding ♪ ♪ ‘Marriage is the start of
many changes in human’s life.’ ‘Similarly, this marriage has become
a reason that changed many lives.’ ‘Kavya who understood the value of marriage decided
not to divorce Siddhu but to live with him happily.’ ‘Praveen who said there’s no chapter
of marriage in life decided to marry.’ ‘He decided to marry Bujji.’ ‘Rajesh who understood the value of
wife gave up having with others.’ ‘Shanthi stopped making video calls.’ ‘Ajay who understood that
marriage is not an event…’ ‘…Explains people how a marriage should
happen and make it happen that way.’ ‘The reason for the change in so many people
is due to the greatness of marriage.’ ‘Marriage is always great.’ ‘Because, marriage is a
memory of old generations.’ ‘It welcomes new generations.’ ‘This ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ is dedicated to
everyone who give value to such wedding.’ ♪


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