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Stepping in a Movie Theater for the First Time within 5 Years Because of FREE SOLO

Does it feel different to be up there without a
rope? It’s obviously like much higher consequence. Wow! I’ve watched the trailer for Free Solo for
at least 5 times and guess what? It is finally in the theaters. Just in case you don’t know what the movie
is about. It’s a documentary about Alex Honnold free
soloing 3000-ft without ropes in Yosemite last year, and in my mind that’s the greatest
sports achievement in human history, and I am really curious to know how he prepared
for it, and why he wanna do it, and in the end how he managed to pull this whole thing
off. Guys, I spent too much time looking for parking
and I am afraid that I won’t be able to make it, so I am gonna run towards the theater. OK, let’s hope there isn’t a long line so I
don’t have to wait. Alright, so there is a line. Actually you
know what? I realize there are machines that we can use
to buy the tickets, so we go here. Alright, and then free solo. Alright, guys, we made it. We get the tickets,
made it in time. What a miracle! Alright, let’s go in there. Hey, what’s up? Man. Free Solo. Cool, it will be theater number 7 on the left
side. Awesome! Thank you, sir. You are welcome. Alright, so we are in. AMC. Alright, a lot of food, no time to get them. I wonder how many people is gonna see the
movie with us. Oh, Free Solo, there you go. What’s up? Guys, I just finished watching Free
Solo. Amazing movie. Palms are sweaty. Are you guys climbers, by the way? Yeah, not very good but I enjoy it. Awesome! I feel like I’ve seen you on YouTube. Yes, I am on YouTube actually. I watch your vidoes, dawg. Awesome, awesome. How do you like the movie? Say something to the camera, man. Dude, that was intense. My hands are sweating like all the time. Me too, man. That is insane. Alex is amazing, dude. That’s what pushes us. Man, you know, that’s
possible for a human body to do that. Right, right! And then like for me, I am going to
climb right now. Ya, he inspired me. I am going to go Mesa Rim and climb right
now, man. See you right there. See you right there, man. Yeah, absolutely. That’s cool. Glad I got to see you, dude. Your videos are
awesome too, man. You inspired me, bro. Thanks, man. Seriously, your technique is amazing. Thank
you for putting them up there and teaching us beginners how to do it right. Definitely, definitely. Yeah, thank you so much. Awesome. Have a great day. You too, man. If you climb, you should definitely check it
out, like no doubt. I mean it’s amazing how Alex Honnold bring
climbing to the main stream in sense. I mean the theater was like 90 percent full, and
there are a lot of kids, too. So the biggest takeaway I have for the movie
is all great achievement is not about luck; it’s about preparation, dedication, be focused
and then make it happen. I am going to try my V6-7 project. Hopefully we will be able to get it today. I see my friend Minh in the gym and he saw
Free Solo already. What do you think about Free Solo? Tell us
about it. Well, I think the best thing the movie did
is convey the beauty of climbing. Absolutely. And how addicting it is to be outdoors even if it’s by yourself climbing a 3000-foot
cliff. You know, there isn’t really a whole lot of spoilers
because we know Alex made it but still the movie did an amazing job of conveying how immensely
dangerous and difficult it is. For the non-climbers out there, I suggest
watching it to get a little stoked and to be exposed to the extreme of climbing. You don’t have to do that. You probably shouldn’t be free soloing, but
you should get inspired and maybe join a gym and start bouldering or top roping or whatever
it takes, ah, to get your journey started. Alright, guys, that concludes my climbing and
training today. Free Solo, check it out. Thanks for watching and see you guys in the
next video.


  1. Jon Krause Author

    Nice recap and movie is inspiring to climb after. 😜👍 I saw Free Solo at Arc Light in Los Angeles with a buddy for second time and cool bouldering session after at The Factory. Will try that V6-7 next time at Mesa, but looks brutal. 😲🙏

  2. Jonathan Steitzer Author

    You should watch The Dawn Wall. I would argue it's even better. Sure it's not free soloing, but it captures more nuance and is more compelling as a story.

  3. Mad Monk Author

    i agree it is the single greatest sports achievement ever by far, if not sports then human achievement (followed by the moon landing) . people underestimate the amount of mental fortitude required to stay calm for that long. crazy


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