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Steve Carell’s Most Difficult Acting Challenge Involved High Heels

Do you still carol? I heard this
morning in a meeting that you used to go caroling. Yeah, my parents used
to take us caroling. I grew up back in
Massachusetts, so if it snowed I’d be on
the back of a sled, Flexible Flyers I
think they call them, and they’d pull me around. We’d all have candles
and go door to door in our neighborhood
and go caroling. Who’s all? Your whole family? Yeah. How many people there? I have three older brothers. OK, so the whole family. And neighbors. A bunch of people
from the neighborhood will go out and carol. They actually caroled
in our neighborhood. A couple of days ago– That neighborhood is crazy. Well, my wife Nancy gets really
embarrassed by the carolers coming to the door because
she doesn’t know how to react. You know, you get to the
door and they start singing and you have this face,
it’s like a caroler face. You’re like, ah, ah, and then,
thank you, that was wonderful. And you give them appreciation
so they sing another song. And you get even worse
caroler or face like, oh no, what am I going to do now? Yeah. And you can’t just go, thank
you and close the door. No, no, no. You have to be very gracious. I went to a party at
a neighbor’s house a few years ago where
there was a woman who insisted on singing solo
Christmas carols at the party and she didn’t
have a great voice and she did what you would
call scooping a note. You don’t hit the note at
first, you kind of get to it. Right I remember she
sang Oh Holy Night and it went something
like, (SINGING OFF KEY) oh Holy night, the
stars are brightly shining. [LAUGHING] And I was sweating
bullets because– [LAUGHING] –I empathize so deeply with
people going through trauma. [LAUGHING] And I just knew that
everyone there was just waiting for her to finish
and she was the only one who didn’t know that. And then she did five
more songs and she scooped (SINGING OFF
KEY) fall on your knees. You have a very pretty voice. When I scoop it. [LAUGHING] This is such a creative
movie, Welcome to Marwen, and it is based on a true story. Explain– it’s just
the way it’s shot. I don’t even understand, but
explain what it is and how that you shot it. It was based on a
documentary about a man named Mark Hogancamp who suffered
a really traumatic beating, a hate crime. And as therapy, as a
way of healing himself, he created this miniature
town in his backyard and all the people in his world he put
as alter egos within this town, himself included, as this
swashbuckling World War 2 captain. And so he was able to
process a lot of what he was going through,
all the pain and hurt, and also just physically to keep
himself more [? dexterous. ?] So it’s a really
interesting story and Robert Zemeckis was
able to take this world and bring it into life really. It’s crazy that
it’s a true story and I mean the patience
that he had in the detail and what he did
and how he shot it. And then the character that you
play, and the character there, wears high heels. He’s not gay, he just
likes high heels. And you had to wear high heels. I had to learn. What was that like? It was so hard. I could not believe it. It was, I think, the
most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do for a movie. Really? Yeah. And that’s not even a joke. They sent me boxes of heels at
home and I, months in advance, started on three inch heels
and then I went to four or five and I was walking around
on stilettos eventually. And it’s one thing
just walking in them, it’s another thing looking like
you feel comfortable in them. They really are– I don’t know why
women wear them. I don’t understand it. It’s so uncomfortable. They’re like, well, it
elongates your legs. It’s like, so what? Like, I don’t care. [LAUGHING] Yeah. I did look great in them. And then I had the
Lycra on top of that. Yeah. I was picturing you in the
Lycra with those on actually. I didn’t want to
bring it up again. So Welcome to Marwen,
Beautiful Boy. If you haven’t seen Beautiful
Boy, that’s an amazing movie. [APPLAUSE] Steve’s great. I just saw Vice the other day. Vice is fantastic. You play Rumsfeld. Yeah. And did you know much
about that story before? Not to the degree
that I eventually did. Another true story. I don’t think a lot of
people don’t know that story. No. That’s a crazy true story. Yeah. Yeah. You have to see Vice. And I didn’t think I would
like a political film because I don’t really like
political films or I don’t want to get into
all that, but it’s great and it’s scary, but good. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball ping hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAMS]


  1. helicopter drill sergeant Mommy Case Author

    I'm with Ellen forget that I'll have short stubby legs with comfortable feet I just don't care enough about elongated legs to have my feet hurt all damn day

  2. Just Looking Author

    Kudos to them not bringing up the office….I imagined the convo would have started with an apology for brining it up followed by his snl appearance and talks about reviving the show lol…

    There…I did it!

  3. MissxPetrovax3 Author

    When I went to New York I went to good morning America after we left for breakfast Steve had an interview and i was so angry that I missed him


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