1. Bryan V Author

    I hope iJ gets an invite to Apple Park when it's officially open for business (or maybe a tour prior to it opening).

    Oh, just read it opened to employees back in April, but it won't be finished until the end of the year…

  2. Ibrahim Kesetovic Author

    Well I watched #AppleEvent till the end ( live stream ) included your live stream iJustine, love you so much, iPhone X is amazing, new 4K Apple TV is great and little baby Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular, it's everything amazing, perfect!!! Wish that I can buy iPhone X it's amazing, it's mind blowing thing!!!

  3. Caddy 1983 Author

    Hi Justine! I am glad to see that you finally got the chance to go to an Apple event. I have been watching your channel for years and I remember you saying how much you wanted to get an invite and go to an Apple event to see the new iPhones.

  4. Michel Denault Author

    Wow the iphone 8 is totally embarrassing,,like c’mon Apple ,,,
    Apple is pinching penny’s by NOT. Upgrading there i8 model,, I am very very disappointed,,
    I guess when you only have a TRILLION DOLLARS in the bank changing the blueprint for the i8 is expensive

  5. Ryan C Author

    I really hope every single glass panel on that thing has some sort of electric shock system to protect against people putting their disgusting, oily fingers all over.

  6. Fyrste1990 Author

    I'm so happy for you that after all these years you've finally made it to the audience. It must be an awesome feeling to be there with all these people. Lucky you 🙂


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