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Stoners Try Not To Eat Challenge – Stoner Movie Food | People Vs. Food

– They know you’re high!
We’re high now! Why are you lying? – I have cotton mouth right now.
This isn’t helping. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) You might be wondering
we asked you to come in high today. – Yes. – I’ve been waiting for this day! – (FBE) We are going to show you
scenes from stoner movies and present you
with yummy munch food from the movies, recreated
by a professional chef. – Awesome.
– Dope. – Yay!
– That sounds dope. – That sounds great. – (FBE) There is a catch, of course.
– Oh, my god. You’re [bleep] kidding me. – (FBE) This is a try
not to eat challenge. – That’s so rude. – Do you realize how rude that is?
– (snorting) – (FBE) So whoever can
get through these four dishes and not eat anything wins,
but if you do try something, there will be a punishment
per food you eat at the end. – A punishment, like, financially?
– (FBE laughing) No, no. – Okay, then I already will lose. – If I smell food, it makes me hungry,
even if I’ve already eaten and it smells really good,
I’m just like I’ll probably just have some.
– (FBE) Katie, what do you think? – I’ve already forgotten the question. – (FBE) How do you guys
think you’re gonna do? – (uncontrollable giggling) Not good! – I’ve never won one of these yet,
so I doubt I’m winning it today. – It’s harder now.
– Yeah, when I’m not sober. – (Kumar) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let’s do this together. – White Castle! Yes,
Harold and Kumar. – I haven’t seen this
all the way through or if I did, I was high
and I don’t remember. – That’s accurate.
That’s an accurate response. – (chuckling) – Those White Castle burgers are good. Have you ever had
those White Castle burgers? – (giggling) She’s judging me. – I grew up with these. – I think I’ve had the freezer kind,
which was still– – It’s not the same. – (Kumar sobbing)
– (laughing) – Oh, that’s a lot. That’s what it feels like!
– When you’re eating? – One cookie, two cookie–
oh, 16 cookie? – You can down
so many of them so fast. – (Harold) Damn, that hit the spot.
– Mm-hmm. Classic and relatable. – I’ve seen this movie before.
I’ve always been curious. I’ve never had it before. – (FBE) So here is a classic,
and we went all out. Here are some oh-so-good
White Castle sliders, crinkle fries, and, of course,
a Cherry Coke to wash it down. – It is Cherry Coke? – I’m so hungry
and those fries look really good! – That’s gonna be hard.
– The Coke? – Yeah, because I have cotton mouth. – I have cotton mouth right now.
This isn’t helping! – [Bleep]. – I’m gonna take the punishment. – I mean, the score’s
gonna be even, so… – Good, I think I’m
gonna eat everything. – This is the best, yeah. You guys really did
go all out for this one. (buzzer) Mmmm.
– Thank you! – Yeah, I’ma do it. It’s too much of a cultural thing
to have it in front of me and then refuse it
for a challenge now. (buzzer)
Uh-uh. Mm-mm.
– (sighing) I’m naturally competitive,
but I’m also hungry and thirsty. – This is beautiful. Don’t let me do this alone.
– [Bleep]! – (tapping floor with feet)
(buzzer) – I’ve never had that. I knew what to expect.
It’s pretty good. – No, I’m not eating it.
– No, that’s cool. – I’m having a really hard time. I’m just hoping
they take it away soon. – Yeah, I’m not doing it. – I’m good.
– No Coke. No burgers. I can do it. – But they still look
delicious right now. – (Dale) Put down the gun!
– Oh, Pineapple Express. – (older man) …or I will take you
outside and [bleep] you in the street! – (Saul`) No! Don’t do that. – (Dale) Don’t [bleep] us anywhere! – (laughing)
– (joining in) – Oh, I [bleep] love this movie.
– I just watched this for the first time! – Have you ever seen this movie?
– Yeah, it’s been a while though, and usually I’m high. – (Dale) Anybody out there?
– (laughing) Just kidding. – You’re not. You’re not.
Be honest! They know you’re high!
We’re high now. Why are you lying? – (Matheson)
Hey, the food’s still warm. – Oh! – (Matheson)
Hey, the food’s still warm. – (giggling)
– (joining in) I’ve never done that. I’m gonna say honestly no. – It looks like a Thanksgiving dinner. – “The food’s still warm.”
– (snorting) Not necessarily appetizing. – I smell it already. – [Bleep]!
– (groaning) – (FBE) So here we have
the confirmed “very warm food” from Pineapple Express:
creamy, cheesy mac and cheese, savory chicken,
buttery mashed potatoes, and yummy corn on the cob.
– You’re not nice. – This looks good to me.
I would eat this now. – Eat it. – No, but I don’t want to. – I’m very competitive,
no matter what, so… – I am, too. – Is it still warm?
– Yeah. Also, I love mashed potatoes. – God, this one’s
[bleep] killer though. That’s for sure! Oh, wow. Oh, whoa.
Jesus. – (snorting)
– I can let this one slide. – All right, fine.
Twist my arm. – If the punishment is bad,
we’ll have words. The whole thing
from the corn on the cob, that takes a lot of face muscles. – And then it’s stuck
in your teeth forever. – Mm-hmm. – I can pass. No, I’m sorry. – I’m really hungry.
You know what? Whatever. I don’t care. I’m past the point of caring.
– Damn, that was quick. How is it?
– It’s good. It’s hard to stop eating. – Eat it!
(buzzer) Ooh! (laughing) – Is it good?
– It’s sufficient. I like that it’s shells
and not the elbow. – This one’s hard.
It smells super good. I don’t think it’s tempting
enough though. – This, I can resist.
– I can resist it. I just don’t like that I have to. – (Tony) I can’t believe I’m doing this. I swore to God I’d
never come to a Top Notch. – What movie is this? – (Tony) …jalepeno burgers
and soggy fries. – Jalapeno burgers and soggy fries! – (Wooderson) All right,
all right, all right. – Oh, my god! Is that
Matthew McConaughey? Is that what that meme is from?
– This is Dazed and Confused. – Is that Matthew McConaughey?
Is this Dazed and Confused? – (Wooderson) Yeah, not to worry. There’s a new fiesta
in the making as we speak. – They look so young. – (Wooderson) …Moon Tower,
full kegs, everybody’s gonna be there. You ought to go. – “Full of kegs. Everyone’s
gonna be there. You gotta go.” – I’m a fan of spicy burgers,
so all right, all right, all right. – (sighing) – (FBE) Now presenting
the yummy jalapeño burger from Dazed and Confused. We wouldn’t just give you
the burger though. Here are some not-soggy fries
because we wouldn’t do that to you, and the beer David was talking about. – Nobody told me we could
get cross faded today. Eh, it’s one beer.
That ain’t gonna happen, but still! – Even when I’m not high,
I [bleep] love beer. – I really want to try it! (groaning) – Well, cheers.
– Cheers. (glasses tinking) (buzzer) – Delicious.
– Yeah, that was not bad. – You just want
to cut it right in half? – I think you can have the burger.
– Whoa! (gasping) You’re not gonna go for it? Well, I’m gonna cut it in half.
Is that Thousand Island? – Oh, damn, okay. Actually, since I am here. – Oh, now that I cut it in half
and put all this effort in. I just destroyed this [bleep]. Oh, yeah. – I’m gonna go for a fry right away.
– Do it. (buzzer) I’m gonna split this guy.
(buzzer) – It’s really good.
– Mm-hmm. – I’m looking at that beer
like just take a [bleep] sip. – I mean, I’m already doing it.
I’m already losing. – Okay. All right. I can reward myself once in a while. (buzzer)
– Mmm! So good.
– I can eat it, too? – Mm-hmm.
– Well worth it. – I’m so aware that I’m being watched. It’s hard to eat but I’m also hungry. (buzzer) – That literally is
exactly what I needed. – Really? Oh, my god.
I might do it now. – I think it’s both.
– You know what? – We’re not driving!
– (laughing) It’s beer, bitch! (buzzer)
– (cracking up) – Yeah, that was worth it. Some guys have six packs.
That’s my six pack. – After the little tiny
White Castle burger, I know this will only disappoint me.
– (laughing) – Final answer: I resist.
– She’s actually not wrong. I’m up with her.
I resist. (cash register ringing)
– Oh, yes! (laughing) – Oh, she’s so pretty.
– It’s Half Baked, right? – (Mary Jane) He
deserves to be where he is. – Oh, it’s an ice cream sundae.
– It’s a sundae. – It looks good. – We’re getting ice cream.
Chapelle’s the best. He’s the [bleep] man. His stand up’s great. – (Mary Jane) Four years next month. – (Samuel) Four years? What exactly was he sellin’? – (Mary Jane) Marijuana. – (Samuel) Four years
just for weed? Damn! – (Mary Jane) Just? No,
no, no, no. Not just. – I [bleep] love Dave Chapelle.
– He’s so good. – (Mary Jane) Marijuana is terrible. It’s a gateway drug.
– It’s the worst! – (laughing) – (Mary Jane) …but it leads
to other stuff. – (Samuel) Yeah, mostly junk food. – (both laughing) – Severely junk food. – It looked real good.
– Oh, my god. It’s gonna be hard to resist that one. – (FBE) In front of you
is a banana split they were enjoying. It’s the best strawberry
and vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had, with a banana, whipped cream,
and, of course, cherries. – What’s up with the– – Did you seriously mean that,
“that I ever had” or was that a quote that they had? – (FBE) No, I said it.
– No, I’m saying it. – (FBE) I’m sticking to it. – Who put the raspberries on?
– (FBE) The chef. – Those are blackberries.
– Oh, duh. Okay, forget it. – (chuckling)
– Mmm. – This is really nice.
– Shh! – I’m doing it.
– Okay, we’re doing it. I’m not gonna leave you
like you left me. – Just one time! I think I made a mess.
That was my one job. (buzzer) This is the real thing
that we needed right now. – It’s also really hard
to stop eating it, too. Normally, on try not to eats,
I’ll have one bite, maybe two. – That’s happening. I gotta get
the full bite though. (buzzer)
Mmm! – Gotta let it sell,
let it roll around, get all the flavors. – It looks really good.
– I will eat this for sure. Right?
– I’m gonna eat it. I already ate the burger. I should have had
the [bleep] macaroni, too! We lost.
– We lost. – Whatever. (giggling)
(buzzer) – I’m honestly chilling.
– I’m lactose intolerant, so I couldn’t eat it if I wanted to. – No, no, I’m gonna get punished!
– (FBE laughing) Now it would be time
for the winning dish, but you guys both lost,
so you do not get to try it, but we’re gonna show it to you anyway. – Wow, that’s mean. ♪ (funky music) ♪ – I have no clue what this is. – Is this an ad? – It’s Taco Bell! – Is it [bleep] Taco Bell? – (voice-over) There’s a moment
at night when all you– – Fouth meal!
– (voice-over) …is fourth meal. – (laughing) – Taco Bell’s my favorite high food. – It looks so good!
– If you go to Taco Bell in the daytime, there’s
something wrong with you. – It’s not just food.
It’s fourth meal! – (manly grunt) (bell tolling) – I want one so bad! – The exchange was fair.
I think White Castle– – White Castle with
Taco Bell, I’m chilling. I am totally solid with that. – If it’s a cheesy gordita crunch,
I’m gonna be really sad. – (FBE) So Taco Bell is notorious
for being the munchy of choice with their stoner-forward marketing,
so here are some cheesy gorditas, burritos,
and a quesadilla you can not have. – Whatever. – You brought my favorite one. – It’s not for you. We lost. – What are they really gonna do
if I start eating this quesadilla though? – I liked the ice cream more.
– Really? – But– no, actually, I would
like the Taco Bell now… especially now. – (FBE) So remember, no matter what,
you cannot have this, but it’s not the only punishment. We’re imagining your mouth
may be pretty dry, so we have two saltines
for every food you ate. No water.
– Oh, wait, so wait… How many–
– We ate two. – We ate two.
– (FBE) Well, you ate three. – No!
– The ice cream. – I did eat three because you told me
I could have ice cream. – Two for each?!
– (laughing) Man. That’s so lame. – Tactics. Quickly or–
– Quickly?! You’re gonna do a saltine quickly
with a dry mouth? – I don’t know which will be
the least painful! I’m asking you
for advice here, Austin! – My name’s Ethan! – I met you 30 minutes ago, roughly? – Yeah, and I know your name’s Katie.
– Sorry. – Why did I get so many crackers? – You ate the mac and cheese. – I have to eat six crackers? My mouth is really dry
right now anyway. No water? – And they left the [bleep]
Taco Bell there. – You know, it’s not terrible.
– (snorting) – Definitely the worst
punishment food is saltines. – It’s not as bad as
I thought it would actually. – You haven’t gotten
to the second one. – Oh, yeah, I’m
only a half cracker in. – This is the worst thing
you could do to a stoner. This is so bad. – This is stuck in my mouth. It feels like my mouth
is made of molasses. I can’t move my mouth. – I knew I was gonna lose.
I was fine with it. Everything I had was good. – It’s great seeing the dishes
on the big screen come to life on the table. – Thanks for wat– I still had saltines.
I’m high. This is what happens to me
when I get really high. Okay, hi! (giggling) Thanks– (spluttering) Hi, thanks– (wheezing)
– (FBE laughing)


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  2. Lotus True Author

    Been smoking for 5 years and this is not how high people act. Its either theyre first time smoking or they arent really high😂

  3. Elan Aguirre Author

    Bro when she said “what are they really gonna do if I start eating this quesadilla?” Like that’s what I always think what are they gonna shoot u no so ima eat this last food and ur gonna watch me 😂 I loved her

  4. SuperErnesto Games Author

    I don’t get it if they drink they took of a point right away and This challenge try not to eat not try not to drink

  5. Fio PG Author

    There's something I don't understand about this challenges. If you already lose by eating one, why don't you just keep eating? Eat it or not, you already lost😂

  6. Jo C Author

    Have you guys heard of the Cannabis Passports ( ). I just heard of them and theyre super cute!! A mini magazine inside a pack of rolling papers:)

  7. The Rescued of Ducks 2806 Author

    Anyone ever had Crystals which is like white castle but I guess the “off brand” version? No just me… ok 😐

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    For some reason..when I'm high, I forget so much that I'm starving, but all I'm doing it's thinking about it..😆😆😎😎🚬


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