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Story: Picture a Tree

[music] Rufus: Please welcome Melissa from Toronto
Public Library. She’s gonna read us a story. Take it away, Melissa. Melissa: Thanks, Rufus. Today I’m going to
read “Picture a Tree”, written and illustrated by Barbara Reid, published by Scholastic Canada.
In this beautiful book, we will see how a tree can be so many things, a shelter from
the sun, a place of adventure, or even a friend. Melissa: There is more than one way to picture
a tree. You may see a drawing on the sky, a game of dress up, the first drops of colour,
then all the art supplies at once. A tunnel or an ocean. A tree can be a high rise, home
sweet home, a pirate ship, a bear cave, a club house, a friend. Some trees are sun umbrellas
on the hot walk home. There are baby trees, in between, grown ups, grandfathers. You may
see the end of one thing or the start of something new. A wild goodbye party, a glow in the darkness,
or skeletons. Some tress put on snowsuits. Every winter tree holds spring, sleeping like
a baby. Picture a tree. What do you see? Thanks, Rufus. Rufus: Oh, I love sitting under a tree. Almost
as much as I love sitting in the library. Oh, well, time for me to leaf. Get it? Bye
for now. [music]


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