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Styling Hollywood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nothing is more glamorous
than walking the red carpet.
Unless you’re me!Bing!My name is Jason Bolden,
Creative Director for JSN Studio,
where we do interior design
and celebrity styling.
I’m Adair Curtis, Jason’s better half.I oversee the interior design,and while Jason is running his mouth,
I’m running our business. Where do you come up with this stuff?Our clients are real life superstars.Why am I getting actual chills though? This is your kitchen. -Wow!
-This is crazy, man. Oh, my God! Amazing! Women that we work with
are the epitome of black girl magic.But it’s definitely not easy.It’s the day before the Emmys.It’s a hole in the dress. You are no longer part of JSN Studio. We are done.We’ve never really heard aboutblack interior decorators
and celebrity stylists.
The demand is really high for us.You married a superstar. I did. You’re my Ivanka. Well, we getting a divorce.


  1. UnicornKeo Author

    This is basically what I want to do for a living with more home design so this will be nice to view. There aren’t many black ppl spotlighted in the home design sector. Been waiting for Aug 30th since August 1st…😌

  2. SXiPPY Dennison Author

    Great more segregated shows. I'm sorry but I live in a multicultural world where my best friends are African American, Hispanic, Indian and Filipino. I'm glad there are shows that offer a cultural focus, but in the world of "reality TV"; why are we still viewing segregating people? Look, I know many races mingle amongst their own, perhaps I'm the minority that doesn't, but so long as we continue putting shows out with a divisive angle, that is what society will continue to emulate. Just an opinion, IDK; drag me if you must.

  3. Eric Willis Author

    Well I'm pretty sure my fiance is going to make me sit and watch this with her hopefully it's good it's got to be a great month for Netflix season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is coming out season 2 of mine Hunters is coming out

  4. GTM Author

    For the 1 percent that's going to see this I hope you have an amazing year with much love
    I just created a YouTube channel, I will be posting about gaming and movies and i would really appreciate if you checked it out

  5. CheetsShow Author

    Сукаааапа! Порно нельзя, а го миров можно! Земля, астанавись! Сойду на следующей остановке.

  6. Get Addycted Author

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  7. Cherylyn L. Tompkins Author

    Just saw the end of the interview of Jason & Adair on Access Hollywood and saw this is a new show coming to Netflix. I immediately Googled to see when and found this trailer. I'm glad to see this content on Netflix. Thanks for showcasing this great couple and their many talents. I will be watching.

  8. Aitutakikuuipo Author

    I watched the entire season! I loved it and hope that you continue with this series.
    However…as a person who believes in equality and inclusion…I found this show was NOT either of those. If you take the same show premises and put white people in the starring roles and they said things like "white girl magic", "I like dressing people who look like us", and constantly referred to their "whiteness" and simply being proud of being "white"….the news would be BLOWING UP over the constant racist audacity of white people and their white privilege! You would be mad at the constant uplifting of whiteness. I really…REALLY thought that inclusion was important to just about everyone, and to be honest this show is showing how much race plays a part in black people's lives. I don't think that there is anything wrong with being proud of who you are and what you look like…in fact…I think that everyone should be allowed to be proud of their race, their sexual orientation, their age, body type….etc. but you have to admit that it is offensive to people of color if white people are proud of being white. I wouldn't mind watching a show where you watch and see a show about black people who are proud of their race….as long as it is ok to watch a show where people who are caucasian can be just as proud and equally expressive about it without a fit being thrown about the boldness and "racism" displayed….how dare white people be proud of being white (no such thing as reverse racism?). I'm disappointed in the race tone of this show. I think that the content would be just as amazing, important, and entertaining if everything stayed exactly the same but the references to race would be eliminated. They are obviously incredibly talented, successful, and beautiful people in this show and that's what it should be about…who they are and what they do…not talking about their skintone at every opportunity. It turns people off. I find it intolerant of people other than people of color.

  9. Charmaine B Author

    I've watched all the episodes already and I need to see more! I laughed, I cried and just wholly enjoyed watching this. Seeing the end product of the interior design and celebrity styling after having gotten a glimpse of what it took to get there made it all the more interesting. This series is a good balance of showing their professional and private lives without being exploitative. It was inspiring, actually. I live in the UK and literally stayed up until 3am, binge watching. I wish these two much success, both professionally and personally.

  10. Bluefeet Author

    I like this show but I am not in love with it yet. I really like Adair and Jason and I love what you stand for. They are such a cute and talented couple. I really want this show to last but the fighting between you too on camera is taking on the DNA of other rachid shows like the Braxton Family Values. I stop watching that show and several others because they made black Americans look horrible on screen. A few times it seemed as if Jason and Adair are in competition with each other and even some jealousy coming through when one is being praised for their work while the other rolling their eyes or sarcastically clapping. This is not a good look for you as a couple, business owners, and potential parents. Also, why isn't Jason mentoring a black American as his assistant??? You already know how hard it is for us to get into the fashion industry and I am sure there are thousands of young black men and women that could do with a helping hand from one of our own. John does not fit your dynamic or what JSN stand for. Plus John is persnickety and condescending. Also get rid of that Somalian. She is extremely rude, disrespectful, and ungrateful. Why would Adair allow her to talk to him like that her boss and mentor and on camera??. Those meetings between you two that turned into a fights where hard to watch. Fire her and hire someone from the hood. Remember no is going to help us unless we start helping us. This show could be so good but there is a lot wrong with it. The directing and how the show is edited is very choppy and rough. There was a show I was addicted to called Million Dollar Shopper. Same kind of concept as Styling Hollywood but they focus more on the stylist shopping and putting their looks together for their clients. I hope they work out the kinks for this show because I want to continue to watching it.

  11. Richard Foo Author

    I for one, didn't realise there's so many many awards in Hollywood till I watch this show.

    Hollywood is practically giving out awards by the bunch to the A-listers.

    On the other hand, there's many coloured celebrities in Hollywood whom I do not know till I watched this show too!

    It's sad that they're not given as many exposure as their other counterparts coz they're all really beautiful & talented people.❤❤❤

  12. Георги Хараланов Author

    I like the show quite a lot. But could someone help me with searching the background music? I really struggle looking for it.

  13. Uber Glamazon Author

    The show is so fake and it is all imagined and created drama. One scene shows this skinny model desperately trying on dresses for an emergency dress for Taraji…who is well lets just say not a size 2…so what was that all about? It's like a long INSTAGRAM video…a flash of something mildly interesting that is milked endlessly.

  14. Kayla pettis Author

    I enjoyed it was entertaining informative fun, and Kaffia sorry about the name spelling gave the DRAMA. It’s never easy working with friends, and she seems to be WORKING IT for all it’s worth………..nobody works there SECOND JOB RIGHT IN THERE BOSSES FACE LMFO and then want him to be okay with it …..I WISH HE WAS MY BOSS…IJS LOL

  15. Ms G Author

    They seem like horrible bosses. They both seem like an absolute nightmare to work for. If I was Kafia….i would enjoy my freedom. No one is going to work 20hrs a day….after awhile you get burned out

  16. ira patricia Author

    Not done binge watching it yet but someone has to create a playlist with all the music that has been used in this season because im living for it!!


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