Super Comfy Movie Theater Style Recliner Swap in RV!!!

good morning everybody a cold chilly day
here in June here at the tum waterfalls which is going a little crazy here still I had to come back to town actually
because I have a very large item to pick up there it’s being held at the post
office that I’m really excited about what we’re gonna do in Miranda today so
yeah let me go downtown with the RV and then I’ll show you what’s going on okay
but first stopped up here on the west side at the goodwill here be dropping
off all blue here at the donation box out here she’s been great but it’s time
to move on so circle of life she goes back she’ll be available here in the
West Olympia goodwill of anybody wants all blue here all right so those boxes
were a little heavier than I expected I had to change things up a little bit
because they won’t even fit through the door I should have known I’m having a
full recliner loveseat shipped to me from Amazon so um I just did not plan
that very well so now I’m in a friend’s house where the boxes are at I’m going
to take them apart in his backyard and bring the couch and piece by piece and
set it up here for you okay it’s going to go in this space right here on the
slide out where that old crummy couch was and where my blue recliner used to
be to face my 60-inch TV right here I got the coffee color which will match
the existing toffee Vine old same thing everywhere in the carpet and stuff so
let me clear this area and then we’ll go take a look at the new recliner couch so
well also so let’s see I opted out of the power recliner version that Brian
from RV with Tito has up north here actually in Washington State he got the
power version of what I got to save three hundred dollars I mean I kind of
valued it like this I don’t really need power recliners if you’ve ever rated
those movie theaters or you push button to recline and come back it’s really
slow it’s another motor that can go out on you and have problems and it has the
USB ports built into the cupholders so I have a power outlet right next to where
I’m gonna put the couch that already has USB ports and power outlets so again to
save $300 yet this is still a thousand dollar couch so it’s not cheap but it
might be the biggest upgrade that made in the RV except for solar this may
be the biggest one so let me show you how they package it so we have three
boxes here let me put my hand on this box you can get it ID it is monstrous no
this will not fit through my RV door and I have two of these huge boxes there’s
the company wreck probe case you’re interested they are very popular for RV
swap outs there’s the one I have right there actually so we got that one and
then we have one more small package over here so I started unpacking them and I’m
actually really happy with the material it’s I think it’s fake leather anyway
but this one is I think 21 inches wide so we are not going to be – I dip it to
the door with this piece and they put them in too nice a nice bag there’s
another part of the couch so anyways I’ll set the camera up in the RV and
start piecing this thing together that working I know it may seem like
there is not a method to my madness but I can assure you most of the things I do
in my RV and I’m getting really excited about how things are going with this RV
most of those things have to happen in stages okay
so getting the 60-inch LED LG TV there was part of it and it was always my
intention after I removed the couch here to put in a comfy recliner loveseat even
though it looks like Jax is gonna enjoy his own seat and I’ll enjoy mine
these recliners need zero wall the powered ones actually need four inches
to fully recline but this one bit does does not need any extra to recline fully
all you do is pull this cord on the side pops out the recliner part and then kick
back and enjoy the show do you like the show Jax this is a good show yeah there
might be some some birdies on here later look there’s a penguin a baby penguin
you like hims okay I’ll put some links in the video description on Amazon where
I got this couch and the TV if you’re interested and you guys saw how I put
that together I’m still I’m still loving it it’s
finally working I just gotta clean up and organize a little bit I want to find
a home for the truck and the speaker and the lamp of course I want to set that up
and everything but Jackson I’ll see you in our next video bye guys

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