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Superpower Dogs Official Trailer | Experience it in IMAX®

Meet Halo Hi, you wanna come home with me She’s a Dutch Shepherd puppy destined for greatness Join Halo as she learns to
save lives in disasters and gets a little inspiration from some of the most
amazing four-legged heroes on earth what if our best friends are our best
hope IMAX invites you to come along for the
ride and experience the world of dogs through their eyes, ears, and noses Super-Power Dogs with super narration by me Chris Evans major dog fan experience it in IMAX


  1. Ludovic Dauphin Author

    Unfortunately , I am afraid once again , there is gonna be a rise in adoption to fill up our solitude and selfishness , then , of course , a rise in animal shelters few months after .
    Animals are not superheroes !!!! they are living creatures Ffs !!!!

  2. Chisty A Author

    These dogs are amazing, but I question whether or not it's right to put them into dangerous situations. They don't get to choose. Dogs are such innocent loving animals. I'm not judging. I'm just posing the question.

  3. Andy Aitken Author

    As the new best friend of my 14wk old therapy dog Riley I’ll be watching this for sure. Also, if life was fair dogs would live as long as we do.

  4. Andromeda Author

    I'm from Marseilles too and I'm working on a big project a very big project of a science-fiction film titled Andromeda, you would find the project story here is it will be in IMAX format shot with special pedicures in ultra high definition, thank you for sharing information with all your contacts.


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