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Survivors Of Columbine And Colorado Theater Shootings Tell Their Stories | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Michelle Hinson Author

    We need a balance!! Between the gun laws! I am not crazy but you don't know that maybe I am. I am allowed to carry one that doesn't give me the right to shoot just because I am mad or want revenge! I don't have an A R 15 but that doesn't mean I can't get one on the black market!!

  2. Becky Kent Author

    There is something so wrong with Jacob And he needs some counciling and medication. He is so traumatised that he sounds like he's still 11 years old! Poor guy!!

  3. Jason Author

    Honestly , I think Dylan knew that it wasnt her and that is was her sister in the library , due to the fact he shot kim's friend right next to her outside , why would she run into the school and then be in the library ? I think he gave kim's sister a courtesy pass because of how nice she was to him

  4. Weinmonster Chicago Author

    It’s just not even comparable to have the movie shooting with a columbine survivor. They truly do not compare in any capacity, the magnitude of columbine should not be diminished. They were teenagers, targeted by fellow teenagers, classmates. Peers. This was the 90’s, when this was not regularly occurring, technology was not was it is today, gun violence was not what it is today. It was a much more naive time. And the scale of Columbine just does not even compare with shootings that have followed, and the overall tragedy incurred. I find it really audacious to have the survivors brought together in such a way as if they were equal or comparable events.

  5. Don't Make Me Slap You In The Throat With A Waffle Author

    "She was one of the library kids." Library Kids. It's sad to hear that they have an appellation of distinction for the various groups that were killed that day. Should never have to be that way but this is the society we've been living and are still living in.

  6. notyur bizns Author

    A little pathetic… the guy wasn't even there.
    It doesn't make sense that everyone who's in the vacinuty of a mass shooting is now called a survivor.
    Typically one has got to be in imminent danger, injured or directly in harm's way to be considered a survivor
    Every student at these horrific mass shootings is now a survivor.
    Really muddies the water. And dilutes a true survivor these days.

  7. Mychael Torres Author

    My sister was going to see Batman with her boyfriend that night. My mom told her she couldn’t go. Her boyfriend, Brian still went. He got shot. My sister might not be alive today if it wasn’t for my mom.

  8. KG2018 Author

    I was watching Columbine videos and a documentary yesterday. Then I went to Wiki to see how the students died. It was so very very sad. It's hard to believe it was almost 20 years ago. I am 45 so I remember when this happened.

  9. What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism? Author

    Dr. KENT HOVIND brought me here! Yup, see what the pseudocscientific idea of Darwinism does to someone's brain – inferiority & superiority & natural selection. It's a religion of death, not life; and there's 0 evidence to support it.
    JESUS is Lord!

  10. Tommy E. Author

    I understand he went through the shooting in theater 8…. but imagine what it was like in theater 9….. I just don't understand how he's making a movie about it….. and he went to the movies the next day??? Wtf

  11. Pamela Bergner Author

    Dylan was also in terrible pain. We are on the right path by working to squelch bullying. Eric's parents have remained so quiet. It has been a blessing for me, to have kept up with Sue Klebold, watching her Tedtalk, and reading her book, A Mother's Reckoning. She too, has gone through h***.

  12. Amanda M Author

    The Columbine survivor says how she feels she was spared because maybe Dylan remembered how she was nice, which I believe 100% because the boys also spared John Savage. Megan Kelly totally ignores that and asks how the shootings can be stopped. Well Megan, obviously people need to change and be kinder to each other. I do believe it's as simple as that. Sadly everyone looks over that.

  13. Cleopatra Starseed Author

    That “Surviving Theatre 9” dude was wack … he wasn’t even in the theatre!!! And then he made a movie…. well I really hope it doesn’t do well

  14. Joshua Martinez Author


  15. trudesinadelaide Author

    Im glad she was able to find peace. Cant even begin to imagine what they, and other true survivors and the families of everyone who was in these terrible tragedies have gone through. :'(

  16. Actual Wakandan girl Author

    13 people passed, 13 years and 3 months later, the same kids who survived were reliving this nightmare, it’s real life final destination. 😢

  17. Toby Richardson Author

    Lmao this dude is the worst kind of human being ever, trying to make a profit and get clout for others tradegies. Imma make a movie called Surviving 9/11, I mean I wasn’t there in NYC or DC, but I did live in America at the time.

  18. YouTubeY2K * Author

    This is horrible, but you know just because the media didn't blow it up doesn't mean something is less or more tragic to someone, like losing a child after they survived heart surgery near birth or anything like that you know.

  19. Matt Author

    You know why these two were so unbelievably mad, hated the world, hated other people, hated and despised other guys at there school and were on there breaking point? It's very easy to see, They couldn't get laid, and desperately needed too! That's what all this rage was truly about, Hating the world and everyone in it. They were mad at everything and everyone like they had been shunned and the world owed them something. Think about it, If they were getting laid on a regular basis do you think they would be this mad?

  20. Pearce McConkey Author

    Its really evident how much the other 2 were affected compared to the guy in Theatre 8 who laughed during his interview the other 2 were traumatised…i wouldn't call him a survivor

  21. Donna Dreyer Author

    Paid actors once again ! You can tell its paid actors by their demeanor,way to calm,laughing,smiling,they look all around the room,look down at the floor,their trying to remember what to say.Paid actors

  22. Monkie-C Monkie-Do Author

    Columbine girl points out she’s the good twin…and because she was nice to Dylan she saved her twin sister…like in no way shape or form was her sister ever nice to Dylan or Eric but none of them are there to challenge her statement. She couldn’t even say “we” or “our parents taught us to be kind to everyone?” Wow! Self righteous, self absorbed, entitled, over it in less than 10 years…and you don’t have any survivors guilt…narcissist!

  23. Sheila Ibarra Author

    There was a robbery at my job one morning.there was 4 gunman,they pointed guns at all of us and demanded a safe…eventually they one was hurt..but I wasn’t the same after that for about 2-3 weeks..I would break into tears when customers come in and I didn’t heart would race,and I would be shaking ..I was traumatized..God knows the strength he gave these brave souls and everyone that has went thru something like this..because I only got a taste of what they must feel and it’s not easy or pretty..God bless you all!!! 😭🙏🏼

  24. Steve McQueen Author

    I think the columbine shooters were WASP remanents. Their targets may have been Catholics. But this was more about demographics than JUST psychopathic behavior.

  25. Makayla Serrano Author

    I love that the guy said “Don’t let the TERRORISTS win” because that’s exactly what it was, not a mass shooting like everyone calls it, it was a TERRORIST ATTACK

  26. Hi welcome To chili’s Author

    I just wanna give Jacob the biggest hug. I know it’s still probably hard still to this day but, it’s going to be okay, cry when you need to, go to counseling, I know you probably hear that all the time but, you are strong.


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