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TAKE OFF – Paintball Milsim Film by Eternum Pictures

You have to resuce them in strict secrecy. That’s Why you will be alone this time. Renew contact when the mission is over. Good luck. Guys, here is the deal. The Staff lost control with one of our A-10. Damn-it! I hope they are still alive. Our Predator detected activity in buildings, few miles away from the crash area. We are assuming that this group has captured our two pilots. BC the map. We currently are in Alpha/3, we have to go in Bravo/6. Alpha you go on recon. Head toward the clinic. And find a spot to cover us. Copy that Archo. You can count on me. Echo you manage the extraction, wait here. We count on you to get us out of here. Got it? Everyone: Understood. Stock up then get ready to leave. Any questions? Let’s go! Get up, you American bastard! We brought you some company. But not right now. The chief wants to have a word with you. Get up and come with me! Juju, BC you take the backdoor. Bebel and I, we take the front door. Let’s go! Follow me. Why were you overflying the area? Lieutenant Miller 13119112 US Airforce Delta stop, contact. Three targets at 9 o’clock, one of them is heading toward your position. Roger 3 ů 2 ů 1 Bring him down! According to your friend, you can understand my language. So don’t play this game, because I will get a wicked pleasure to break you! I’m gonna open the gates of the show. I can’t wait for it. Lieutenant Milleeeů Why were you overflying the area? Why were you overflying the area? Lieutenant Milleeeů Do you really want me to repeat the question? Lieutenant Miller 131191ů Look here, we can go upstairs by this way. Enough! Your friend already tried this little game. You better answer my question, or my men will take care of her. Everyone: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Sierra, we are in position. Damn it! I don’t have all day. I have 23 men; they will take care of your friend that won’t be beautiful. Everyone: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh This is Alpha, I enter the theater. Guys, there is a lot of people; I can see the objective, at least ten targets around it. Take this. Thank. We clear out! Bring me the girl! They are coming let’s go. Lieutenant Miller 13..11..91..12 US Airůforce Go, go, go! We gotta get outta here! I waylay Help me. Echo! I am hurt, start the extraction, and come here quickly! We are shot at! Juju I need support. BC, takes from the rear. On my way Archo! Go go go! They have a fucking shield. Bebel, take him down! Roger that! Get up! Come on, come on! Go away, I’m gonna kill him!
-I will fucking kill him, go away or I kill him, go away, I’m gonna kill him!
-Everyone: Let him go, let him go, release him! Let him go You son of a bitch, I’m gonna beat the shit outta you! QG, this is TCS, do you copy? Hearing you loud and clear, where are you? Mission accomplished, but we have a fugitive. Call the reinforcement.


  1. TRACEY WOOLF Author

    Any body else see the irony of an 'Air-softer' with a "Fuck it, lets do it Live" morale patch on his helmet ha ha ha ha, Fuckin' dreamers all of 'em.

  2. Soba Author

    If I decided to play Paintball (being an Airsofter and all), I would play using those mag fed Paintball guns that you can still add rail attachments on and wear your gear xD

  3. A Hóng Author

    qua hay hãy click đăng kí ủng hộ giúp chúng tôi

  4. MUHAMMAD Khawar Aziz Author

    OMG who made this crap. . . . Background sound and other talkings even not matching. . . Like mixing on some mobile app. Thats ridiculous.

  5. GH- HICHEM Author

    Les effets sonores et certains mouvements sont très stupides et Il ne simule pas le plus bas niveau de réalité…Eh bien, s'il y a de la pollution atmosphérique ou des gaz toxiques, nous ne devrions pas entendre les oiseaux chanter, seule la cinématographie est si merveilleuse

  6. Floyd Scott Author

    I truly enjoyed the video it was exciting to watch and see other militaries On what they do On these types of scenarios and hope to see more

  7. Lionel Baron Author

    ça manque de leçons de théâtre ! beaucoup même pour certain'S….vraiment dommage quand on voit tout le matériel utilisés, voilà pourquoi j'ai pris des cours de théâtre pendant 2 ans et ensuite la vidéo !

  8. Fortino Alarcon Author

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