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Tathagatha Buddha | Full Movie | Sunil Sharma, Kausha Rach, Suman | HD 1080p | English Subtitles

‘I go to Buddha for refuge.’ ‘Today there is need
for peace in the world..’ ‘..because the orgy of terrorism,
explosion and violence..’ ‘ pervading the entire world.’ ‘In 500 BC Buddha personally
preached the great lesson..’ ‘..of sacrifice and non-violence.’ ‘It is our aim to spread
Lord Buddha’s message of peace..’ ‘..and non-violence
through the whole world..’ ‘ means of this
film Tathagat Buddha.’ Shuddhodhan greets
all you learned Brahmans. As you are well aware,
my ancestors King Dilip.. ..and King Dashrath
tread the path of justice.. ..and always served the people. And with your blessings.. ..I hope the Ikshvaku dynasty
tradition will carry on. Last night Queen Mayadevi
had a bizarre dream. A white elephant with
six tusks alit from the skies.. ..and embedded in the
right side of her womb. What is the implication of this dream? And what does it symbolize? Your Highness,
both the implication and premonition.. ..of the dream are auspicious. It symbolizes you will sire
a son who is divine and learned. We all feel the same. But priest Kaushike
would like to say something. Noble King, I concur with
what the learned priests have said.. ..about the greatness of
the son that the Queen is carrying. But.. – Yes, yes, tell me. What is your opinion? There is a possibility that
your son will be a great sage.. ..who will go on to establish
religion in the world. But I am a little doubtful
about him becoming an Emperor. I am grateful to all your learned men. “Colorful patterns
were made in every house.” “Every house became invoking.” “Kapilavastu became festive.” “Men and women danced.” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “Let’s get together
and sing happy songs.” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “Let’s get together
and sing happy songs.” “Dance with gusto.” “Dance with gusto.
Play the instruments, brother.” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “There is joy all
over the King’s palace.” “Hermits, recluses,
the austere and the sages arrive.” “Brahmin chant mantras
while poets sing verses.” “Everyone is showering blessings
with great joy in the heart.” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “Let’s get together
and sing happy songs.” “Congratulations! Congratulations!” “Let’s get together
and sing happy songs.” Lord, as is customary.. parents have
extended an invitation. They have requested you.. permit me to go
to Devdah for my delivery. Dear lady, may God protect you. I pray everything goes well. Sire, as mother Sita presented
Sri Ram with two divine sons.. ..called Luv and Kush, I shall
present you with one great son. Queen, I shall wait
for this good news from you. Of course. Maidens,
inform the chief of the unit.. ..we shall rest in this
beautiful Lumbini forest tonight. Yes, Your Highness. The Shakya dynasty and Kapilavastu.. ..has got its new
heir and future Emperor. My joy is out of bounds today. Greetings, Queen Prajapati. Your sister Mayadevi
is unwell. – What? You must leave for
Lumbini forest immediately. You proceed and I shall follow you. Praja.. This is Siddharth. The fruit of my penance. I went to pilgrims and
I performed rituals for him. He is the successor to
Kapilavastu and Shakya dynasty. Your son. You will be his mother hereafter. Sister.. No, sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Sis.. Siddharth, sister left us forever. King Shuddhodhan.. ..your divine son
will be a great preacher. He will convey a new
message to the world. He will adopt the path of asceticism. I am very fortunate to
have had a glimpse of him. He has 32 favorable
symbols on his body.. ..which reveal that
he is a supreme being. Enlightened soul,
a short time after his birth.. ..his mother,
Queen Mayadevi passed away. I am very concerned. God will ensure everything goes well. Young Prince Siddharth
is very learned. The Prince has studied
the scriptures very well. Prince Siddharth,
King Shuddhodhan wishes to see you. Greetings, father. Bless you! Siddharth, you are mature now. It is time for you to
select your life partner. According to tradition.. must choose a nice
girl from the Koliya dynasty. Revered father, I do not
wish to lead a life of matrimony. What? You don’t want
to lead a life of matrimony. Then what will you do? I do not know. I wish to look for a path.. ..that will liberate
one from worldly miseries. For people who want such liberation.. ..there are many ancient
paths that can be lead. They aren’t simple.
Only a few can attain them. Many people opt for matrimonial life.. ..and become ascetics
in their old age. Even that path is
meant for some people. That is true. Very true. But there are only a
few people who opt for it.. ..of their own free will. And this way they leave
behind immense masses.. deal with their fate. Even if you find a new path.. is possible only
a few people will adopt it. That is also possible, father. But I wish to arouse those people.. ..who are surrounded
by misery out of ignorance. Every man must recognize
the importance of freedom. The joys of the world.. tie
people to life’s bonds, not freedom. All these bonds will leave them. They will only gain sorrow and grief. And that is the way of the world. Can you change it? That is the only challenge
I am confronted with. Siddharth, I would like
you to follow our custom.. ..and step into a matrimonial life. You must carry out your
duties towards your family.. ..and to your subjects as a King. And you may fulfill
this strange wish of yours.. a more suitable time. Can’t you liberate me from all this? I am bound by my traditions, son. I cannot offer you any such freedom. Okay, respected father. If it
is not possible for you to do this.. ..then I shall accept all your wishes. But my aim will always
be in front of me. Traditions won’t
be able to restrict me. Siddharth, I am carrying out my duty. You will be introduced to
eligible girls of Koliya dynasty. Okay, father. Ladies, I thank you
all for coming here. I have some gifts for you. Prince. – Yes. My name is Yashodhara.
Where is my gift? Don’t you have any gift for me? Take this. Salutations, father. Bless you! Yashodhara. Lord, you are lost in thought.
What is preoccupying your mind? Yasho, you know nothing about me. I hope you are well. I am well. Lord, why do you remain
in solitude these days? You are right. I am uneasy. Could I help you in any manner? Yashodhara,
you have given me everything. You’ve been a very
good companion to me. What more could I demand of you? Then why are you so restless? For this world. I guess you are talking
about the worldly ills. That’s right, Yashodhara. But what can one do about it? Even I don’t know the answer to that. Who is responsible for these sorrows? All of us, Yashodhara. All of us? Yes. You, me and every person present. In that case,
Lord, you must find out yourself.. ..and reveal it to the world. Something surely needs
to be revealed to the world. But first we must know what it is. Yes. But I still have to find it. “Beloved, you occupy my mind
like the moon dwells in the sky.” “Like the moon dwells in the sky.” “You dwell in my eyes,
you dwell in my eyelids.” “You dwell in my breath
and in my heartbeat.” “You dwell in my breath
and in my heartbeat.” “Beloved, you occupy my mind
like the moon dwells in the sky.” “You are my life, you are my God.” “You are my whole world.” “Don’t bat your eyelid
even for a moment, my love.” “Continue looking
at the beautiful form.” “The sound of the
wristband is heavenly..” “..and that pearl
necklace on your neck.” “With dusky looks,
attractive features and huge eyes.” “With huge eyes.” “Beloved, you occupy my mind
like the moon dwells in the sky.” “Like the moon dwells in the sky.” Dear students,
nobody knows the secrets of destiny. At the time of the
birth of Prince Siddharth.. ..son of King Shuddhodhan
the priests predicted.. ..that he would become an ascetic.. ..but he is going to be
the Emperor of Kapilavastu now. Hail the Prince! – Yes, Channa. King Shuddhodhan congratulates you. Your son is born. Dear Siddharth.. ..His Highness has named
the tiny Prince Rahul. Oh. ‘Rahul.’ ‘Rahul means hindrance.’ ‘There can be no
hindrance in my path.’ Here’s your gift. Thank you. Lord, your son is
as majestic as you are. Hail, the Prince. King Shuddhodhan has
sent a message for you. He says if you take
charge of the state soon.. ..he would be pleased. Kapilvastu seems to
be dancing with joy today. There is no doubt that Prince
Siddharth will follow the path.. ..of King Shuddhodhan.. ..and tread and protect
the path of justice. ‘Webs of worldly restrictions
are being woven around me.’ ‘I must find a way to
free myself from them. Soon.’ “This is the grief of love.” “Don’t ever fall in love.” “Sleep has become my enemy.” “My eyes slept unaware.” “Sleep has become my enemy.” “My eyes slept unaware.” “This is the grief of love.” “Don’t ever fall in love.” “This is the grief of love.” “Don’t ever fall in love.” “On a spring full moon
night it became extremely dark.” “Don’t leave me alone and go,
sweetheart.” “My heart bleeds.
This parting is killing.” “Such a night came into
my life that had no morning.” “This is the grief of love.” “Don’t ever fall in love.” “Sleep has become my enemy.” “My eyes slept unaware.” “My enemy.” “All the bonds are false.” “He headed toward salvation.” “Neither beauty nor affection
could constrain him.” “This is the grief of love.” “Don’t ever fall in love.” “Sleep has become my enemy.” “My eyes slept unaware.” “My enemy.” Where are you going
at this time, Prince? Don’t ask me any questions, Channa.
Follow me. ‘Accompanied by his companion..’ ‘..Prince Siddharth
forfeited Kapilavastu..’ ‘..and mounted Kanthak on
a full moon night in spring..’ ‘..and set out to look for salvation.’ Why don’t you understand, Channa?
I am leaving. You must return.
– Where will you go, Prince? To search this vast and open world. Search for what? The search for the ultimate
answers to my questions. I shall not return
until I have the answers. Dear Prince,
I appeal to you to return home. You go back, Channa. Inform the King, the Queen
and Yashodhara of my wellbeing.. they aren’t saddened. Dear Siddharth,
your parents, Yashodhara.. ..and even Kapilavastu
can be separated from you. I appeal to you to please return. Separation is destiny.
Doesn’t death separate us? Take this, Channa. Keep it. Go back now. I am leaving. Dear Kanthak, you have served me well. I am grateful to you. Dear monk, whoever you are.. ..please give me the orange clothes.. ..and begging bowl
you have in your satchel. ‘Prince Siddharth forsake
his royal attire and jewellery..’ ‘..and donned the
garments of recluses.’ ‘To explore the path of salvation
in this world of grief..’ ‘..Siddharth started
penance and meditation.’ ‘He tried to analyze
the secrets of the universe.’ ‘When he arrived in the
Rajgruh city of Magadh for alms..’ ‘..the people there
stared in amazement..’ ‘ his divine and attractive form.’ Please give me alms. ‘Emperor Bimbisar was informed..’ ‘..that a great yogi was
begging in the streets of Rajgruh.’ ‘He decided to personally meet him.’ Is this the same food that people eat? How can anyone eat this interestedly? But I am an ascetic. I have nothing. This food is a donation
from compassionate people. There is something pure about this. I should eat it with sincerity. Greetings, ascetic. I am Bimbisar. The King of Rajgruh. May I ask you something? What do you wish to know? You appear to be from a royal family. Who are you?
Why did you opt for asceticism? I am Siddharth. Son of King Shuddhodhan
of Kapilavastu. Dear Siddharth, I asked
you why you opted for asceticism. What is your goal? Did some personal misery
compel you to do this? Your Highness,
I have no reason to grieve. This world around us..
is in a state of misery. Man is constantly harvesting misery. But that is the way of the world. Several monks are doing penance.. find a remedy for
the eternal problems of humanity. Perhaps that path might
bring you some peace of mind. My goal is not my
personal peace of mind. Merely a handful of monks and sages.. ..cannot eradicate human misery. So what is it you wish to do,
Siddharth? I do not know.
My search has only just begun. I could offer you a
high position in my kingdom. That way you can serve society.. ..and find peace of mind. Serving mankind in that
manner isn’t the solution. Such service or charity
cannot please them for long.. ..and even that ends in misery. The roots of this
problem are very deep.. ..and complex too, Your Highness. Siddharth, you are unique.
Your body is special. I get the feeling you
will definitely succeed. Thank you. Siddharth, I have become old now. I might not live long. When you find the answers
to your questions.. ..I would like you to make
me aware of it before all others. May I make that demand? Learned King, if I find
the answers to my questions.. ..I promise you I will surely come.. tell you of my experience. Yes. I shall pray to God for your success. ‘This is our world.’ ‘There is so much variation
and diversity in it.’ ‘People find different
paths to achieve salvation.’ ‘But ordinary man doesn’t
even know which path he wants.’ Gautam, my name is Kaundinya. I am a Brahmin from Kapilavastu. I had foreseen your future
at the time of your birth. I have four Brahmins with me. Bhadrak,
Vashwa, Mahanama and Ashwajit. We are Rudrak’s disciples.
We wish to follow your path. Greetings, enlightened soul. I am Sujata. Mayor Nandank’s daughter. I have been worshipping
this tree for years. The Goddess of this tree
fulfilled all my wishes. I have a gentle husband
and loving son by its virtue. I came here today
to offer this custard.. a sign of my devotion. You look like the
God of this tree to me. Please accept my gift. And give me your blessings. Siddharth. Dear friends,
by abstaining from food.. ..and by hurting and
torturing this body.. ..we did not find any path. We must keep this
bodily device healthy. We won’t remain hungry any longer. Hereafter I shall eat whatever I wish. You are free to make
your own decisions. That is your end, not your progress. We shall leave you. Let’s go. ‘Siddharth, the shade under
this tree is your final stop.’ ‘You must sit here and meditate..’ ‘..until you achieve your goal.’ ‘Even if this body gets destroyed..’ ‘ are not to move from here.’ Siddharth, I am Mara. You said you have
defeated temptation.. ..desire and attachments. What evidence do you have of this? Answer my questions, Siddharth. This soil is witness
to the fact, Mara. I am satisfied. Why am I feeling a peculiar
sense of joy and peace? Could it be the shadow of
the great joy my Lord has achieved? ‘This world is my
source of inspiration..’ ‘..and the cause
of my accomplishment.’ ‘This world is my guru.’ ‘How will I repay
my debt to this world..’ ‘..if I don’t approach
people to preach them?’ Perpetual one,
from where are you coming? Friends, please don’t
call me Perpetual one. There is a difference
between you and me now. I am no longer that
Siddharth whom you left. I am Sambuddha now. I have found the path
to truth and knowledge. What did you find? Four noble truths. There is only sorrow in this world. There are several
reasons for the misery.. well as their consequences. Via my Ashtanga yoga
it can be defeated. You mean penance that
leads us to enlightenment? I did not say it is enlightenment. What is required then? Nirvana. What is the meaning? Emancipation from constraints. What is the difference? The constraints of ignorance
and destruction of deeds. So what did you find on your path? I witnessed my past lifetimes
during my meditation. Did transgression and ignorance
exist in those births? No. Only search and progress. Is this search over now? Yes. That means we have to take
several births in this manner.. ..just like you did to find the truth. That is not necessary. – Why? I have found a solution
for all of you. We can achieve salvation
even by God’s grace. You have no idea what salvation is. You don’t even know what God is. Are you trying to
say God does not exist? Un-manifested. This question
is insignificant in my path. What is a spirit? Un-manifested. This question
too is insignificant in my path. Then what is man?
And how does he get an ego? The spirit or soul,
which I call matter.. a combination of five elements. The conscience,
suffering, sense, values and science. The mixture of all these is ego.. ..which is born in various
bodies in various lifetimes. Any example. Look at a chariot.
From the wheels to the roof.. is an assembly of many factors. If you disassemble them,
it won’t remain a chariot. Monk, we are confident
you have found the path of truth. We accept your path.
Please take us under your wing. Now I shall establish my
wheel of law here in Sarnath. This wheel of law will move
from one village to another.. ..and one city to another
to relieve mankind of misery. What is the wheel of law? The centre of this wheel
of law is the confidential truth. Ignorance, attachment and aversion. And intense meditation
is the surrounding rim. All the sorrow is due to this. And liberation from them
and its methods are its spokes. That is the Ashtanga path.
This is my path. “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” “Freedom from the
wheel of life and death.” “The search for truth.” “The search for truth.” “He has brought a ticket
to show us the path to truth.” “With a ticket.” “He goes on a crusade
with his disciples..” “..armed with the path of Ashtanga.” “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” “He promised he would return
when he gained knowledge.” “The first place he went was Rajgruh.” “He promised he would return
when he gained knowledge.” “The first place he went was Rajgruh.” “Bimbisar obtained a
new stairway to theology.” “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” Please sit. Lord, I have heard about
your great achievement. Many yogis and Brahmins
have accepted your preaching. Dear King Bimbisar,
armed with your good wishes.. ..for six years I practiced
austerity and explored. With my own efforts and
without the help of a guru.. ..I have found a new path. My path and its consequences
are my own experiences. I do not want official
recognition from anyone. I am pleased I survived for so long.. see you again
and to hear your discourse. Know my four noble truths. My path is the path of Ashtanga yoga. Practice it till you attain
the level of meditation. You will know of your past lifetimes. Look at the entire world
and arrive at your final halt. I am blessed, Lord. I request you and your
disciples to stay at Rajgruh. The beautiful Venu forest
at the periphery of my kingdom.. my small gift to you. Please gratify me by staying there. Goodbye. Let’s go. Greetings, Gautam. I am Sariputta and this is Maudgalyan. We have studied all
the scriptures and Vedas. We are disciples of
the great monk Sanjay. We are surprised to hear.. ..that Gayakashyap,
Nadikashyap and Urvelkashyap.. ..have renounced the
path of sacred fire worship.. ..and accepted your path. We met your disciples
Ashwajeet and Vashwa.. Rajgruh yesterday.
We learned about you from them. Lord, we wish to adopt
your path to salvation.. ..and we wish to hear your discourse. Learned Brahmins.. ..Buddha has learned
the secret of reincarnation. And he has also found
the path to terminate it. You must learn it. What is your advice for us, Lord? Learned Brahmins,
everything we see is temporary. There is no element of truth in it. These are sources of sorrow. Sorrow is the result of craving. Terminating your craving
will put an end.. reincarnation and sorrow. This is Buddha’s path. Please accept us as your disciples. Dear Buddhist monks.. ..these two Brahmins
will publicize my path. Give them the attire. I once dreamed.. ..someday Siddharth would
be Emperor of Kapilavastu. But today he is begging
in the lanes of this city. Shuddhodhan has so much wealth.. ..he can give all the beggars
in India anything they desire. Chief Minister,
my mind is full of guilt and anguish. Go and inform him
I would like to see him. As you please, Lord. Lord, you have renounced,
your parents, wife.. ..child and his house. Do you wish to let them see you again? You are a recluse. But it is also my
duty to console them. Because I have inflicted
them with dire pain of separation. I must fill Yashodhara’s deep wounds. Greetings, great soul.
Please take a seat. Great soul, if your expedition
has been a success.. ..then you can meet people
even while living in Kapilavastu. I am old. Your mother and your
wife will find solace. Your Majesty, I am no longer related.. Kapilavastu or your family. I am obliged to wander and begging. Gautam Buddha,
Yashodhara has spent so many years.. ..waiting for you to return..
abstaining from food. Look at her condition. The only reason she endured
separation from you is Rahul. Go and meet her. Lord! Yashodhara,
I had to give up your companionship.. ..for my obligation to the world. It is natural to cry
at the death of a dear one. But if asceticism is
the reason for separation.. ..then you haven’t lost your husband. Mourning is pointless.
Think about yourself.. ..and adopt the path to truth. Greetings, grandfather. Come Rahul. Come. Son, you will be the
successor to Kapilavastu. Go meet your father. Okay, grandfather. Rahul, this is your father. Greetings, father. A son has the right to
be his father’s successor. Go, demand your privilege.
Demand your wealth. Rahul, your mother is right. You have every right to my wealth. Today I will give
you the kind of wealth.. ..that no father has ever
given to his son till date. This is total wealth. Rahul, you must be ready to accept it. Okay, father. Greetings, monk. Greetings. I am Anand. This is Aniruddh,
Bhadra, Kimbila and Braghu. We are the Shakya dynasty
Princes of Kapilavastu.. ..and we wish to
meet our brother Buddha. God, you have showed us the path.. salvation from this
material world and knowledge. We have been inspired by you. Please induct us. Upali, why have you come? Lord, please let me
follow the Shakya Princes. I shall serve you
in the form of a beggar. Upali, you are correct.
You have no property or desire. Your induction is rich. Sariputta. – Yes, Lord. My Shakya brothers
will be inducted tomorrow.. ..but let Upali be inducted today. Okay, Lord. Lord, Upali will be a
senior and preceding disciple. Did you wish to see me, father? Any particular reason? Yes, Ajatshatru. The kingdom and the throne
vouch for the king’s competence. Our ancestors maintained the dignity.. ..of the throne that they occupied. I am getting old now. I wish
to retire from the royal duties. Yes, father.
I wish to carry out this duty. I know, son.
Rajgruh’s throne is awaiting you.. ..and Lord Buddha’s
path is awaiting me. A king shouldn’t emulate
another to carry out his duties. He can emulate any
guru for his spirituality. Respected father,
my nature is spotless. If you are referring
to Devdutt being my guru.. ..then that is true.
Because he is my well-wisher. I am your well-wisher, son. Tomorrow will be a good
day for your coronation. I shall seek Lord Buddha’s
blessings tomorrow. Mother. It has been seven
days since I met father. You told me I should
demand my property from him. He is still in Kapilavastu
and he has summoned me. Permit me to go to him. Rahul, when your father
left me I thought I was alone. Now I am not feeling
hurt watching you leave. I shall learn to live without you. May God give you a long life! Goodbye. Learned Brahmins,
what doubts do you have? Lord, our lives are
based only on the Vedas. Don’t you concur with that? Great sage,
Gautam, Vashisht, Jamdagni.. ..and Vishwamitra formulated
the mantras of the Vedas. How did they live their lives? Did they don priceless
jewellery like you? No, Lord. Did those great souls
travel by chariots? No, Lord. Did they eat good food
and wear good clothes like you? Did they live in grand
homes like the rich Brahmins? Never, Lord. But you are uttering those mantras.. ..without adopting their penance,
discipline and lifestyle. Can you hope to go heaven
simply by chanting mantras? No, Lord. When we aren’t
adopting the sages’ lifestyle.. our lives, how can
we get the power of their mantras? Please guide us, Lord. My Lady, I don’t have much time left. No. Has Buddha been notified? Don’t say that, Lord.
I pray you live to be a hundred. The Chief Minister
has personally gone to him. Lord, Siddharth has become Buddha. Will he come here as a son? Bless you. Greetings, Buddha. Greetings. My death is close. All my heirs have left me. My wife Prajapati and
my daughter-in-law Yashodhara.. ..are the only ones close to me. Learned King Shuddhodhan.. ..even if your heirs
were here with you.. ..your departure from the
world would be reason to mourn. Don’t grieve for them. You spent several years
of your life praying. You are at your final stage now. Thanks to you. Sorrows have left me.. ..but you know only too well.. ..that every father wishes.. ..that his son perform
the final rites for his father. I know about values and human nature. But I cannot expect that now.. ..because my son and
the next generation too.. ..have left me. Every individual is
always alone in this world. I have understood this now. Learned King and my dear father.. ..your last wish will be fulfilled. How? Buddha is also your son Siddharth.. ..who will carry out
his duty towards his father. If your path permits
this then I am blessed. I have created my own path.
My path is my obligation. My path entails compassion. Compassion liberates
one from suffering. “There is only suffering
in this mortal life.” “Even the outcome of
every joy is suffering.” “There is only suffering
in this mortal life.” “Even the outcome of
every joy is suffering.” “Understand the noble truth,
which is peaceful and true joy.” “Understand the noble truth,
which is peaceful and true joy.” Lord.. “Grace, meditation,
intelligence and discipline..” “..are the findings
of the rules of begging.” “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” Come on compatriots!
– We have a right to this river. Come on compatriots!
– We have a right to this river. It belongs to us. Let’s go! Come on! God, there is an atmosphere
of fierce battle.. ..near the dam at river Rohini.
– What happened, monk? Both kingdoms utilize
the water of the Rohini river. Due to less rainfall this year.. ..the level of water
is way below the dam. Both the groups can share
the water with each other. The two sides are unable
to come to an agreement. Both sides want complete
privilege to it. God, both groups have
assembled at the dam. They are thirsting for each
other’s blood at the water spot. Let’s go, compatriots. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Hit them!
Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Stop this violence. Greetings, God. I completely understand your dispute. Both sides require water. But I wish to ask you some questions. What is the value
of a warrior soldier? Priceless. How much will his family
grieve if he is killed in battle? Infinite. If this is a battle over water
which is of very little value.. ..can one sacrifice
a few people’s lives? If one family loses one youth.. ..can that loss be compensated? No, Lord, it cannot. If several such lives
are lost in this battle.. ..their families will be so aggrieved. Therefore you cannot
fight to extinguish any life. God, we realize the truth,
but what will become of our dispute. Tell us, God. Who will get the water? Nobody. We don’t understand, God. If you wait patiently for a few days.. will find sufficient
water on both sides of the Rohini. Waiting patiently
won’t make you paupers. Goodbye. Brother-in-law, Anathpindak
there is no other as altruistic.. ..wealthy and generous
as you in the country. I have heard your fame everywhere. Brother was telling me about
the greatness of Lord Buddha. He is in Rajgruh at this time. That’s right, brother-in-law.
It is true. You should visit Lord Buddha. How do I describe
his greatness to you? You may not see anything
special about him.. ..and yet you would give
him everything you have. Lady, I can merely
offer him material wealth.. ..which is perishable But a learned one
can offer his followers.. ..the wealth of knowledge.. ..which can’t be obtained
even with infinite wealth. That’s right.
So much so, even King Bimbisar.. ..the Emperor of Rajgruh,
is his disciple. Many learned Brahmins
have accepted him.. great yogi,
an intellectual and savior of mankind. I would like to see him.
Please take me to him. Lord Buddha appears in front
of his devotees in the evening. I shall send a servant
to him to fix an appointment. No, I would like to
meet him as a stranger. It is said a great soul
can recognize unknown people. I know Lord Buddha will recognize you. But I would like Buddha
to address me by my actual name. I shall personally
go to Rajgruh tomorrow. I shall meet Buddha,
the great soul, over there. Greetings, Lord. Lord, that man who
is coming to visit you.. a prosperous
trader from Shrawasti. His name is Anathpindak. Greetings, great soul. Sudutt. Welcome Sudutt. Please forgive me, Lord. Lord, you knew what was on my mind. I wanted you to call
me by my old name. Please forgive me for testing you. I am very fortunate
for having seen you. What is your wish, Sudutt? Lord, I am a resident of Shrawasti. May I invite you to my home for alms? Sudutt, I would be pleased
to come to your home. There is a beautiful forest
in Shrawasti called Jate forest.. ..which would be a suitable
place for the month of March. Jate forest belongs to
the Prince Jate of Shrawasti. I know. He has invited
me in the past.. ..but I could not go there. Please give me your blessings.. that I may lease
Jate forest for your stay. I shall visit you as soon
as I succeed in this task. Prince Jate, as per our agreement.. ..I have spread gold coins
on thirty acres of the land. Anathpindak, thirty acres
of Jate forest belongs to you now. You may use it as you see fit. Thank you, Prince. Greetings, Lord. – Greetings. Lord, by your grace I
have succeeded in my effort. Please oblige me by
accepting Jate forest. Sudutt, you contributed
everything you had for this. Lord, everything
I had belonged to you. Lord, never before have
I seen so much excitement.. ..and delight on my husband’s face. You have given us eternal peace.. accepting our small gift. Giving is charity.
Sudutt gave everything he had. That is sacrifice. It is surrender. Lord, Sudutt is a trader. How did he do this without
giving it a second thought? This is courage, faith. Lord, what is faith The faith of truth
is for man to know.. ..that this world is not his goal. His goal is the path
of sacrifice and salvation. The journey of life ends here. The Lord walked 45 days
from Rajgruh to Shrawasti.. ..only to bless me. Any sacrifice is miniscule
compared to his compassion. Sariputta, this Jate forest
which Anathpindak offered us.. extremely good. We shall spend the year over here. As you wish, Lord. Yes. – Greetings. Lord.. ..a lady is here to see you. I am feeling hesitant
to let her enter. Who is she?
– Lord, her name is Amrapali. She is a prostitute. The standing of a profession
is subject to deeds. The conscience is
above man’s profession. “Beloved. Beloved. Beloved.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” “I am depressed every day.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” ” Beloved. Beloved.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” “I don’t feel sleepy. I miss him.” “The anticipation of meeting you,
beloved. Beloved.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” “She was the royal
courtesan of Vaishali.” “I couldn’t become a daughter-in-law.” “I bloomed from a bud in the garden..” “..but I could not
touch my Lord’s feet.” “Please appear to me, God.” “That is my request.” “That is my request, beloved.
Beloved.” “The lotus is a beautiful flower,
but it wilts. It is useless.” “A mango flower turns
into a sweet fruit.” “My life is blessed.
My existence is blessed.” “My existence is blessed.” “Beloved. Beloved.” “A thirst from several lifetimes.” Let her come. Greetings, Lord. I am blessed now. I don’t know if I
am worthy of seeing you. Amrapali, what is your request? Lord, I am Vaishali’s Amrapali. People call me a prostitute.
A characterless woman. What is your wish? If you come to my house
and accept alms from me.. ..I shall be blessed. Amrapali, it doesn’t
concern me what people say. I shall come to your
house for alms tomorrow.. ..accompanied by my disciples. I shall wait for you.
Permit me to leave now. Lord, is Amrapali eligible
to offer you alms? Ayushman,
isn’t the society accountable.. ..for making her a courtesan? The stigma attached
to her is Vaishali’s stigma. She is untainted. This no logic to it. No matter how amoral one might be.. ..the person has a right
to rise above that situation. She is untainted. You accepted alms from Amrapali. You are an ocean of compassion. But why did you say she is untainted? Listen. In her past birth
Amrapali was a gardener.. ..called Nalad in a garden in Rajgruh. One day a great sage came there. She served him and
was hospitable to him. When there were no flowers.. ..she offered mango
flowers at his feet. He was pleased with her
and he asked her to make a wish. Lord, please bless me.. that I am a princess
in my next lifetime. And that my son
becomes a Crown Prince. The sage blessed her. What happened to her next, Lord? A palace official called Mahavan.. ..found her in Amra
forest when she was a baby. According to the Vaishali’s laws.. ..the women from there
had to marry men from that state. King Bimbisar stayed incognito.. ..with Amrapali for seven whole days. She gave birth to a
son out of that alliance. She served me with a pure heart. She too will achieve salvation. “The monks are blessed.
He taught ethics to his disciples.” “The monks are blessed.
He taught ethics to his disciples.” “At the courtesan’s invitation
he went to her home for alms.” “At the courtesan’s invitation
he went to her home for alms.” “Amrapali, the royal courtesan
was blessed with salvation.” “The wheel of law turns.
The wheel of law turns.” Lord, you are an ocean of compassion. Your arrival has blessed
ill-fated Amrapali. Amrapali, all of mankind
is submerged in an ocean.. ..of ignorance and suffering. It is futile expecting
this society to understand you. Lord, all the sorrows and
misery in my life have ended. I don’t want anything
more from this world. You have obliged me
by coming to my house.. ..and it has brought
me remarkable peace. Please accept this. I bless you.
All your wishes are fulfilled. The purpose of your living ends here. Please give me alms. Dear friend..
– Greetings from Devdutt.. the respected brother Buddha. Devdutt, you are my brother.. ..but you failed to
become my prime pupil. Buddha, you have become old,
weak and sick now. You are no longer
capable of operating.. ..this colossal Buddhist organization. You can merely extend blessings. I would like you
to allocate the burden.. ..of operating this entire
Buddhist organization. Devdutt, all the men
in this organization.. ..are senior and learned
like Maudgalayan. When I haven’t allocated
the burden on them.. could I allocate it to you? You are not even qualified for this. I knew it.
I knew that would be your response. Because you want to stay
on the highest position.. ..of the organization all your life. Buddha, I am abandoning
your organization hereafter. I shall have my own
organization after this. I shall be the Guru.
I shall be the creator. Wait and watch. Your disciples
will become my disciples. Not only the disciples.. ..even their descendants
will be my disciples. Just like King Bimbisar’s
son Ajatshatru is my disciple now. Wait and watch.
Wait and watch, Buddha. Come here, dear Ajatshatru. Father, my friend Devdutt
is calling out to me. I am going to him. Lord, please bless me with peace. Lord, you have suffered
hardships for 20 years.. ..for the spread of religion. But you never had
anyone close to you.. personally serve you. I would like to stay
close to you to serve you. Anand, I too wanted a person
like you for a while now. Who better than you? Oh, infinite powers, come! Come and embody me!
– Greetings, Guru Devdutt. Guru, King Bimbisar
has been murdered in prison. Go. Bimbisar’s murder is my first success. Devdutt’s first success. What is your command now,
Guru Devdutt? Ajatshatru, your father Bimbisar.. ..was highly influenced by Buddha.. ..and he had started to serve him. That’s why. That’s why
I killed him at your orders. That’s why. That’s why you
are completely safe, Ajatshatru. Isn’t killing one’s father a sin? You have not committed any sin,
Ajatshatru. Every Emperor has to pay
some price to protect himself. My mother is extremely aggrieved. Ajatshatru. Buddha isn’t as
powerful as you imagine. If he was powerful,
why didn’t he protect your father? He was his devotee. That’s true. That’s true.
You are speaking the truth, Guru. Buddha has a distinct
place in society. I told him I could carry his burden.. run the organization
independently. But he rejected my
suggestion and insulted me. Buddha is not a recluse. But so many learned Brahmins.. ..abandoned the Vedic
path and adopted Buddha’s path. Ajatshatru, Buddha is craftily
influencing good people. I want to meet him once
to find out more about him. Beware! Beware, Ajatshatru! Lest even you get trapped in his web. I am cautioning you
to beware of Buddha. Anand. Yes, Lord. I hear a group coming this way. Lord, your mother,
my mother, Queen Prajapati Gautami.. ..Princess Yashodhara,
Janpath Kalyani.. ..and many other people are coming. Anand.. know only too well I
have denied them induction earlier. Mother Prajapati has
served you since your birth. She has had love
and affection for you. She has nothing left now. The world has nothing
to offer her now. She wants salvation from the world. The salvation that you
have promised to the world. Lord, with renunciation
and asceticism from this world.. ..she is waiting for you
without hopes and expectations. Please forgive me for saying this. It is your duty to reward
her for her services. Mother Gautami has walked
all the way here from so far. Her tender feet are bleeding. Yashodhara’s condition is the same. Anand, I am compelled
to change my decision.. I have no alternative. They will be included
in the organization. But the rules will
be different for women. Greetings, Lord. Lord, you have sanctioned
women’s entry.. ..into the organization? The events were the
fate of the organization. What kind of fate is this, Lord? If the number of women
in the organization increase.. ..the house becomes weak. it does if there
are women and kids in the house. How will they make it weak, Lord? If there are women and children.. has to ensure additional
security to the house. The situation with the Buddhist
organization will be the same. I had hoped my path
would exist for 1000 years. But after this change it
will exist only for half the time.. ..that is to say only for 500 years. Respected Buddha. I am Ajatshatru. King Bimbisar’s son. You claim to be the
creator of your path. What is the evidence of that? My experience. Your path is founded on the fact.. ..that there is only
sorrow in the world. Yes. But there is joy as well. That will go. It is temporary. Man can make it permanent
with his good deeds. Death is assured. That is the grief. That is a fraternal path for joy. Man is chasing joy. What is wrong with that? Seeking joy and pursuit of joy.. for running away from sorrow. That is the noble truth. I understand, Gautam.. ..but I have my doubts
about the monastic path. What is that? A Buddhist does nothing.
He earns nothing. He serves nobody.
What would you call that? Have you ever discussed
this with a teacher? Yes. Purna Kashyap,
Bhaskari Ghosal and Ajit Keshkambli.. ..told me about their paths,
functionalities. But none of them
could resolve my doubts. I would like you
to answer my questions. In my path this
Buddhism is respected.. ..because a Buddhist
has defeated his desires. A Buddhist inspires a family
man to sacrifice and truth. He experiences peace himself. Gautam Buddha,
you have resolved all my doubts. I wish to seek shelter in your path. If you didn’t have your sins.. would get the highest position. I have remorse for
murdering my father. I know. But you did
it at Devdutt’s behest.. ..whom you chased as a disciple. The burden of my crime
hounds me day and night. I am restless. Devdutt is mostly
responsible for that sin. Any Guru who feels envy,
conceit and aversion.. ..towards another guru
will instill vile emotions.. ..even in his disciples. Your Highness, wash away your sins.. ..on the path of
peace and non-violence. You have a future, Devdutt doesn’t. Lord, fierce killer Angulimal
has entered the Jate forest. It is said that he kills
people and dons their fingers.. a garland on his neck. Buddha! What do you want from me, Angulimal? Buddha, I want to kill you. I want to cut your fingers
and put them on my garland. So what is the delay? Fulfill
your wish. I have no objection. What? You aren’t afraid of me? People tremble at
the mention of my name. I am not afraid of you, Angulimal. You are afraid and restless. What are you saying, Buddha? Angulimal afraid? You are jesting with me. Your fear is concealed
in your violence. Are you aware, Buddha, if I kill you.. aim to kill 100
people will be fulfilled. How will you benefit from it? You will become more
fearful and restless that way. Restless? Why will I be restless? All your life you will
regret the murders you committed. Your life will become a living hell. You will be inundated
by ceaseless fear. Why? Because the terror
and violence you spread.. ..only comes back to you. If that is true, what should I do? Forgo the path of violence
and begin life anew. But how is that possible? Letting go of hatred and violence.. ..will bring you peace of mind. I understand exactly
what it is that I want. Please give me the
armor of your mercy.. ..and compassion, Lord. If you forgive me for my sins,
I shall seek ordinance from you. Hereafter your name shall be Ahinsak,
not Angulimal. Walk the path of non-violence
and find nirvana. Chant this great mantra with me,
companion. Buddham Sharanam Gacchami. Buddham Sharanam Gachchami. Dhammam Sharanam Gachchami. Sangham Sharanam Gachchami. Lord, you have perceived.. ..that human life
is nothing but sorrow. It would be best to
live several lives happily.. ..and go to heaven as a result
of Vedic sacred fire worships. What is wrong with that, Lord? Learned Brahmins, do any
of you know what heaven is like? No, Lord. Have your teachers
who taught you seen heaven? No, Lord. Have you heard of anyone
who has seen heaven? No, Lord. Without knowing or
hearing about heaven.. ..where will you go by
performing sacred fire worships? Are you saying that
heaven does not exist? I myself have seen heaven. Close your eyes. You can see heaven for yourself. Lord, I saw the joy of heaven. We saw angels, deities,
the opulence there and ambrosia. We also saw end of
organism in heaven, Lord. Which path should we follow? My path is the path to salvation,
learned ones. Adopt it and get nirvana. There will be no heaven
or hell after nirvana. Lord, King Prasanjit
has come to see you. Greetings, Lord. A fierce killer Angulimal
has tricked our soldiers.. ..and become a fugitive. Lord, I have been told
that he is your aegis. No, Your Highness,
the killer Angulimal.. no longer an aegis of mine. The criminal Angulimal has died. Scorched by remorse,
Angulimal has completely changed. I have forgiven him.
He is not a criminal now. He is a monk. Lord, should a criminal escape
punishment simply by regret? If every criminal
is forgiven this way.. will justice
and people be protected? With the power of mercy,
compassion and forgiveness.. ..and by spreading the
feeling of remorse in criminals.. ..justice can be established
as well as protected. Will that be possible? Yes. One can overcome evil powers.. ..with mercy,
compassion and forgiveness. Then nobody will be left to punish. Lord, a criminal could
pretend to be remorseful.. ..just to escape punishment. The virtue of any kingdom
is linked with the king’s character. There are many emperors
who have become killers.. ..because of their arrogance
and thirst for battle. But they do not regret it. Lord, I am a killer. I have committed heinous crimes. I should be punished,
even if it is the death penalty. I am ready for it, Lord.
I have no more fear or restlessness. I am completely free of fear now. Isn’t he truly penitent? Lord, I have understood. Tathagat has protected you. You don’t need to be punished.
You are free. Lord, I understand the
real penitence of man now. Permit me to leave. Goodbye. Disciples, life and death are eternal.
It is a certainty. Lord, I have some bad news. Yes, Anand. What is it? Our dear Rahul is no more. It was meant to be.
I pray dear Rahul gets nirvana. I pray Yashodhara faces
this sorrow with fortitude. Anand, the two backbones
of the organization.. ..Sariputta and Maudgalyan
have exited the cycle of rebirth.. ..and found nirvana. Anand. Lord. I have 100 days of life left. We need to leave Vaishali
now and reach Kushinagar. Have you fulfilled your goal, Lord? There is no end to it. When someone departs
this world to never return.. ..that’s when his task is complete. If a person feels
his task is incomplete.. ..then he must be reborn. Lord, what are your instructions
for the organization? I have said a lot so far. Everything I said
and taught is the path. Always keep this in mind,
after I have departed.. ..if anyone says anything
claiming it is my word.. not believe one word he says. I understand, Lord.
You have shown us the path. This organization has
taken a colossal form. It needs someone to show the path.
A successor. Anand, Sariputta and
Maudgalyan understood me.. ..and they followed me too. But they are no more. Do you mean to say
you don’t need a successor? Yes. Like there is no successor
to the throne of Kapilavastu. “The Royal Palace is deserted.” “There is no royal official.” “The Royal Palace is deserted.” “There is no royal official.” “Beautiful Kapilavastu
city lies in ruins.” “The Royal Palace is deserted.” “There is no royal official.” “The Royal Palace is deserted.” “There is no royal official.” Maybe it was meant to be. King Shuddhodhan,
mother Queen Prajapati.. ..Princess Yashodhara, Rahul and Nand. I don’t know if any
of them achieved nirvana. Many Shakyas were murdered. Kapilavastu city, which used
to be as lavish as Indra’s city.. lies in ruins. I know. Don’t mourn for any of that. Do you think I did it? Anand, always bear in mind
all of us have to leave this world. I am trying to understand your words. I have always tried
to understand Buddha. That should be your only goal, Anand. Dear Princes.. ..the joys of youth, enjoyment.. ..and luxury are momentary. Recognize the significance of life. Carry out your duties with integrity. Why are you afraid of death?
It is natural. Think of religion. Be willing to give up this body. Your pain will decrease. Lord, we have crossed Pahwa,
Bhanda and Jambu villages. Kushinagar is about 6 miles from here. You appear to be exhausted. That is a physical feature. Lord, how do we understand
the meaning of your words? Understanding this world and
recognizing the outcome of deeds.. the same as understanding me. Lord, will the Vedic
path be lost forever? Possibly. I had cautioned them. Lord, by your grace Brahmins,
fallen women.. ..Kings, Queens and
lower classes of the world.. ..such as barbers are
taking this path together. Anand, always bear in mind.. ..every journey and stop in life
is correlated to the life of earth. The differences are insignificant. Lord, the Brahmins’ claim
your path is free from all bonds. Will this path always
be sustained in the country? I do not know. Lord, please bless the organization.. it consolidates
and becomes strong.. ..and publicizes your path. “The body is a cage
and the mind is a bird.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The body is a cage
and the mind is a bird.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The cycle of birth
and death is distressing.” “Freedom from grief is the best.” “Luxury, endearment,
temptation are melancholy.” “The middle path
is natural and simple.” “The bird explains this to everyone.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “You are a foreigner.
This is a foreign land.” “You haven’t understood this.” “Youth passed and entered old age.” “The golden body turned to dust.” “The bird sings songs of farewell.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” Anand. – Yes, Lord. Chandu was the last
one to offer me food. He should not feel
I died by eating his food. After starving for six years.. ..I received delicious
food from Sujata. That was the first meal for Buddha. Lord. And Chandu’s alms were the last. Both of them satiated my hunger. Anand.. have tended to me devotedly. I am pleased. You should meditate
instead of mourning me. Soon you will be leader. I found the path to
salvation and nirvana.. ..wherein everyone is equal. You have this knowledge. Follow it. You too will achieve nirvana. All of you too will achieve nirvana. “Practice the best path.” “Modesty, introspection,
intelligence and consciousness.” “The bird pecks these pearls. “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “Forsaking comfort and
grandeur he became a hermit.” “He explored the path to salvation.” “Peace, non-violence
and advisable life.” “Affection amongst all classes.” “The bird gives the message of truth.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird explains this to everyone.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.” “The body is a cage
and the mind is a bird.” “The bird will leave
the cage and fly away.”


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    25:00 से लेकर 29:00 मिनट तक के बीच में एसा लगा की सिद्धार्थ के लिए यह निर्णय कितना कठिन
    था किन्तु अगर भगवान ने उस वैशाख पूर्णिमा के
    दिन उचित निर्णय न लिया होता तो शायद हम प्यार
    से किसी को तथागत न बुला पाते और नाही सामान्य
    मानव हेतु "अष्टान्ग आर्य मार्ग"होता।

    भगवान द्वारा दी गई शिक्षा निर्वाण
    हेतु प्रयत्न करने वाले लोगो के लिए
    धम्मपद(धर्मपदं)के यम्मकवग्गो(यमकवर्ग)
    एवं कोध्धवग्गो(क्रोद्धवर्ग)से:-

    मनोपुब्बङ्गमा धम्मा मनोसेट्ठा मनोमया।
    मनसा चे पदुट्ठेन भासति वा करोति वा।
    ततो दुक्खमन्वेति चक्कं'व वहतो पदम।

    मनोपुब्बङ्गमा धम्मा-सभी धर्म(चैतसिक अवस्था में)पहले मन मे उत्पन्न होते हैं।संसार की वस्तुओ मे पहले मन चलता हैं।

    मनोसेट्ठा-मन ही श्रेष्ठ हैं,वही प्रधान हैं।

    मनोमया-सभी धर्म मनोमय हैं।

    मनसा चे पदुट्ठेन भासति वा करोति वा-जब मानव दुष्ट(मलिन)मन से बोलता अथवा कार्य करता हैं,

    ततो दुक्खमन्वेति चक्कं'व वहतो पदम-तब दुख उसके पीछे वैसे ही हो लेता हैं,जैसे कि गाड़ी के चक्के(पहिये)बैल के पीछे-पीछे।लेकिन यदि
    व स्वच्छ मन से बोलता हैं अथवा कार्य करता हैं

    ततो सुखमन्वेति छाया'व अनपायिनी-तो सुख उसका अनुसरण ऐसे करता हैं जैसे कभी साथ न छोडने वाली साया।

    अक्कोच्छि मं अवधि मं अजिनि मं अहासि मे।
    ये तं उपनय्हन्ति वेरं तेसं न सम्मति।
    अक्कोच्छि मं अवधि मं अजिनि मं अहासि मे।
    ये तं न उपनय्हन्ति वेरं तेसूपस्ममति।

    उसने मुझे आक्रोशित किया उसने मुझे डाटा,उसने मुझे मारा,उसने मुझे जीत
    लिया,उसने मेरा लूट लिया जो ऐसी बाते
    सोचते हैं उनका वैर शान्त नही होता।

    उसने मुझे आक्रोशित किया उसने मुझे डाटा,उसने मुझे मारा,उसने मुझे जीत
    लिया,उसने मेरा लूट लिया जो ऐसी बाते
    नही सोचते उनका वैर शान्त हो जाता हैं।

    न हि वेरेन वेरानि सम्मन्तीध कुदाचनं
    अवेरेन च सम्मन्ति एस धम्मो सनन्तनो।
    परे च न विजानन्ति मयमेंत्थ यमामसे।
    ये च तत्थ विजानन्ति ततो सम्मन्ति

    इस संसार मे वैर से वैर शान्त नही होता अवैर=मैत्री से वैर शान्त होता हैं।
    अनाड़ी लोग इसका ख्याल नही करते कि
    हम संसार में सदा नही रहेगें जो इसका
    ख्याल करते हैं उनके सारे कलह शान्त
    हो जाते हैं।

    कोधं जहे विप्पजहेय्य मानं
    सञ्ञोजनं सब्बमतिक्कमेय्य।
    तं नामरूपस्मि असज्जमानं
    अकिञ्चनं नानुपतन्ति दुक्खा।

    क्रोध को छोडे,अभिमान का त्याग करे,सारे बन्धनो से पार हो जाये,ऐसे नाम
    रुप में आसक्त न होने वाले तथा परिग्रहरहित को दु:ख सन्ताप नही देते।

    यो वे अप्पतितं कोधं रथं भन्तं'व धारयेत्
    तमहं सारथिं व्रवीमि, रश्मिग्गाहो इतरो जनो।।२।।

    जो चढ़े क्रोध को भ्रमण करते रथ की भाँति रोक लेता हैं,उसी को मै सारथी
    कहता हूँ,दूसरे तो लगाम पकडने वाले

    अक्कोधेन जिने कोधं असाधुं साधुंना जिने
    जिने कदरियं दानेन सच्चेन अलिकवादिनं।

    अक्रोध से क्रोध को जीते,असाधु को साधुता=भलाई से जीते,कंजूस को दान
    से जीते,झूठ बोलने वाले को सत्य से जीते।

    सच्चं भणे न कुज्झेय्य दज्जाप्पस्मिम्पि याचितो।
    एतेहि तीहि ठानेहि गच्छे देवान सन्तिके।

    सच बोले,क्रोध न करें,थोडा भी मागने पर दे,इन तीन बाते से(पुरुष)देवताओं के पास
    जाता हैं।

    अहिंसका ये मुनयो निच्चं कायेन संवुता।
    ये यन्ति अच्चुतं ठानं यत्थ गन्त्वा न सोचरे

    जो मनुष्य हिंसा से रहित,नित्य अपने शरीर मे संयत हैं,वे उस अच्युत-पद को
    प्राप्त करते हैं जिसे प्राप्त कर वे शोक
    नही करते।

    वचीपकोपं रक्खेय्य मनसा संवुतो सिया।
    वचीदुच्चरितं हित्वा वचया सुचरितं चरे।।

    वाणी के दुराचार से बचे,वाणी मे संयत रहे।वाणी के दुराचार को छोड,वाणी के
    सदाचार का आचरण करें।

    मनोपकोपं रक्खेय्य मनसा संवुतो सिया।
    मनोदुच्चरितं हित्वा मनसा सुचरितं चरे।।

    मानसिक दुराचार से बचे, मन से सयत रहे।दुराचार को छोड मानसिक सदाचार
    का आचरण करें।

    🕉️ मणि पद्मे हूँ

  20. Paramjeet Burman Author

    हिंदू धर्म यदि किचड़ है बौद्ध धर्म सूर्य का प्रकाश।
    बस हमें ईमानदारी से इस प्रकाश को स्वीकार करके पूरे देश में फैलाना है, 10 वर्ष में भारत विकसित।

  21. Fijimedicineman Lautoka Author

    Siddharth – Four passing sights are the cause of renunciation. They are Old age, Sickness, death and wandering ascetic. Starting of the movie , whole essence of Lord Buddha is lost. Cheap directors, producer, not properly researched material,poor script, costumes etc do not match the story of that time. Four passing sights made him to renounce his royal life and seek enlightenment. Poor start – Siddhartha never talked about spiritual truth until four passing sights. Lost the flavor and taste of movies. As the costumes concerned, 563 / 480 BC, clothes were low quality weaves except for kings. See in between lines before doing such a project. get some help and advices from Buddhist monks.

  22. Vikash Gautam Author

    हर व्यक्ति को बौद्ध धर्म अपनाना चाहिये और निरवान पाना चाहिए

  23. Amar Singh Author

    परमात्मा का दर्शन तो पाया नही ।और खुद ही बन गया भगवान्


    बुध्द का मार्ग ये बताता है अपने र्कोद को नस्ट कर उसे प्रेम,ध्यान और सहाभूति का अनुशरण कर उसे जन कल्यान का शुभ चिंतक हो सकता है
    बुध्द के मार्ग से मनुष्य जिवन सरल और दुख पर जय प्रात हो उसे सरल ता से जिवन बिताया जा सकता है

  25. santosh kumar Author

    इस movie से मुझे सिख मिला की जिसने मुझे इतने नाजों से पाल पोस कर बड़ा किया उन सभी को छोड़कर उन सभी को बर्बाद कर दूं और खुद इतना अच्छा सरीर होते हुवे भी भीख माँग कर खाएं और लोगों को संदेश दें कि कोई कुछ नहीं करें सिर्फ भीख माँग कर खाएं और मर जाए।
    अगर ऐसा है तो ऐसे औलाद को जन्म लेने से पहले ही मर जाना चाहिये जो खुद भी बर्बाद हो और लोगों को भी कोढ़ी बना दे


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