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Tears of Steel – Blender VFX Open Movie

You’re a jerk, Thom. Look Celia, we have to follow our passions; …you have your robotics, and I
just want to be awesome in space. Why don’t you just admit that
you’re freaked out by my robot hand? I’m not freaked out by- it’s… …alright! Fine! I’m freaked out! I have nightmares
that I’m being chased… …by these giant robotic claws of death… Whatever, Thom. We’re done. Robot’s memory synced and locked! This is pretty freaky. Shouldn’t you be down there? I heard you guys talking last night. It’s not my fault, you know. Are you ready? Of course you’re ready, you’re a rockstar. How’s it looking, Barley? We should have about ten minutes… Well that’s perfect. We’re on in one! All systems go!
Yeah you, go! Go! Move your asses! Go go go! I love it! Come on, go! That’s nice. Nothing to worry about. Thom. There she is. Now. You love her. She is your passion! Be tender to her. Be honest! Eh- be tender. Remind her what love is. …and, action! Memory overwrite in progress! You’re a jerk, Thom! Ohp- Sorry! Sorry. Look Celia. We have to follow our passions. You have your robotics… …and I just want to be awesome in space. Okay, they’re coming. Two minutes left! Speed it up, Thom! Vivacissimo! Why don’t you just admit that you’re
freaked out by my robot hand? Listen Celia, I was young… …and a dick. But that’s no reason to
destroy the world. Why does he do this? We already tried that one! Abort! Cut! Whoaaa! Whoaaa! Nooooo! You broke my heart. I know. You forgot me on earth. I know. I should just crush you. I’m- I’m sorry. Good ad-lib. Not my fault! This time. Quiet on set! We’re out of time! Come on! RAAAAAAAAH! Memory overwrite, 90%. Captain! We have to abort! The world’s changed, Celia… …maybe we can too. Memory overwrite complete! You know. There’s a lesson to be learned from this. Could’a gone worse.


  1. Alex Peter Author

    We are so used to watch movies where each shot is endlessly repeated before a perfect angle action expression light condition… are achieved. Under a normal filming circumstances, you cannot achieve that perfection, as nobody has that much money. For a free project, free of millions of dollars as well, this is an excellent and admirable product. It does what it says, illustrate what you can do in Blender.

  2. Rachel Ann Krueger Author

    what is this? this is weird. are people dating robots and are those other robots there offspring i confused what this movie about

  3. Creeper Nation Author

    The animation and VFX where awesome. The acting seemed a bit off to me but it wasn't awful. The story on the underhand. I didn't completely understand. She was a robot and because he was freaked out by her hand, she sent out robots to destroy humans several years later or what? I'm actually just confused by the story. Overall, good video, lacking a good explanation on the story.

  4. Sérgio Magalhães Author

    Blender is so awesome!
    I think this show that humanity could be all cooperation instead of competition. The evolution of everything would be a lot greater but it doesn't happen just because of people mentality.

  5. kapil tyagi Author

    Looks like a movie to me and that's called done for the software Now it's on artist to find awesome ways and cool tricks that's why we are artist

  6. kapil tyagi Author

    The coolest thing about blender is not that it's free but it just putting all the tool under same roof. And I don't know why people don't understand it, it's like democracy this software is open source it's for public to decide they can participate and make changes. No need to compare it it's to be get free from proprietary company giants.

  7. Terry Licia Author

    It KINDA made some sense, but not overall. What WAS the big story?? We could see the smaller one (he she love) but robots taking over the world, except for here and there .. and like it was just a movie for some of them???? VERY CONFUSED. But the art was great!

  8. Stephen Sharikov Author

    What's everyone saying it didn't make sense?

    It makes complete sense:

    She is the roboticist and he went to space and left her behind. It broke her heart so she made killer robots that are presently destroying the world.

    He outlived her thanks to special relativity and she transferred her memories into the giant robot before she biologically died and the scientists/engineers are attempting to alter her memories to "change the past" to a different outcome where she doesn't want to destroy the world anymore.

    They've tried a bunch of different possibilities and all failed up until the final moment when he says he is sorry.

    At that point she is not really in control of the destruction anymore but at least she will not add to it.

    In the end, the solider is shown to have defeated the giant killer robot dogs and it's all thanks to the juicebox, buy one and drink it to become like him. 😉

  9. hydraulic hydra Author

    Okay, so his girlfriend got mad that he left her, turned fully into a robot, controlled a bunch of robots to try and take over the world, but he was using some sciency way of "reliving" their past to change her mind? That's what it seems like was going on, to me… I mean hope she was controlling them, otherwise he would've gotten killed when the others came in at the end… It'd kind of make sense because she looked like she was hooked up to something which might be a remote control…


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