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TERMINATOR 6: DARK FATE Official Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton Movie HD

Two years ago I had these nice simple life and now its a NIGHTMARE WHO ARE YOU my name is zera conie I never seen one like you before almost human I’m HUMAN Why you care what happens to her Because I was her how do we win we win by keeping you alive TERMINATOR


  1. Philip R. Garza Author

    what is it with these movies putting these 90 lb soak and wet chics kicking ass . get the fuck outta here!! Hamillton looks like she' 80 year old dried up raisin. not sure bout this one

  2. Kamen Kunchev Author

    I really feel all of us who supported T1 and T2 for so many years, deserved much better than this. Better script, better CGI, better characters…

  3. ngussie84 Author

    this movie is disrespectful to terminator 2 judgment day… Please some one inform me when it comes out in the syfy channel or TNT or FX (got the movies!) because the CGI is making me sick!

  4. Василий Васильев Author

    Two strong and independent womans fight with the embodiment of evil in the form of a mans, more precisely, even two mans. By the end of the story, we learn that the liquid terminator is gay and he too will fight the man. Good story, thx, give them an oscar ?

  5. Alex Lststrfghtr Rogan Author

    Hopefully better than the trash that followed Judgement Day. But the one question that is yet unanswered is how can John Connor exist in the first place if Kyle Reece is his father and was sent back by him to protect his mother, Sarah?

  6. مشاهداتى From Kuwait and everywhere Author

    يذكرنى ايامزالطفولة آخر الثامنينيات سينما الاندلس الكويت I remember the past😥
    Childhood Days in the Cinema of Al – Andalus in Kuwait 1984 The first part of the film

  7. Danijal Berberovic Author

    The colour, unique special effects, the atmosphere, sound from T2, variety of characters.. those were the least Sarah is alive..

  8. mario siaven Author

    This look extremely crappy the only thing that may make this movie break even financially are the original sarah connor and Schwarzenneger cameo in it.

  9. Craig T Author

    Not even fancying it. I think it's time to leave The Terminator franchise alone. I'll watch it, but I hope this is the last one. Put it to bed.

  10. Busta Rogers Author

    This is a reflection of todays society , unable to create themselves because they're programmed not to think for themselves. So they have just remade and ruined every single great thing better generations have created before them while adding their pathetic fake leftist narrative to it!.

  11. P T77 Author

    Just wish someone would make a fresh new movie , instead of remakes and follow on sequels . We need a new Goonies , ET, Star Wars , Back to the future etc

  12. Tolkienology Author

    I know it’s unlikely, but good god I hope this one is at least good. I’m obviously not expecting it to top T1 and T2 but if it’s at least functional and well written I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Same with the new Rambo

  13. Si Hammer Author

    Rambo 5………… Terminator 6…………. You don't think they might have already squeezed the last drop of credibility out of these two fine adventure classics?………?………..
    I'm 48, + I remember seeing 'First Blood'………. it was the coolest film I'd ever seen!!! I'm sure a lot of young lads would have thought the same thing (mid-80s it came out, didn't it?) + Stallone looked the part, in those days………
    He looks like a wax-work model, to me, these days………… like he'd melt if he stood too close to the fire………….. it ruins it, for me……….
    John Rambo would never go in for Botox……… or anything of the sort………… bat sweat……….. or whale phlegm…….. something like that is more liable……….. I'm talking about Rambo, here…………. not some powder puff tart!!!!!
    I'll see both, eventually, I'm sure………… no great urgency stirs within me, though………..

    I heard a whisper…………. 'My Arse 7'!!!!!! I wouldn't miss that, unless my liberty was a matter the judiciary had taken exception to………. or some mystery illness had a grip on me………..
    Let me add, before I go………. the star of this one is still remarkably pert, + firm……….. + the answer is, 'No!'
    There's no Botox in my buttocks!!!!!!
    How dare you…………….

  14. Stanley Scalf Author

    Goddamnt… I loves me a good strong female character. Ironically enough Sarah Connors transformations and GROWTH into a strong female character was AWESOME. Count on hollyweird to stand female characters, with ZERO investment into them on the backs of MALE characters in order to generate some sort of artificial merit for them… surprised they didnt go all the way and just call the damn thing The FEMINATOR: Terminating toxic machine-inity one loved action fanchince at a time. When. Are. You. Going. TO. GET. IT.

  15. big pun Author

    Director Tim Miller feels this need to inject the LBGTQ agenda into all his movie's ? That was never the part of the terminator narrative ! He did this with DEAD POOL 2 also !

  16. Mestizo 100% Author

    As soon as that one girl saved the kinda mother and daughter and then she said my name is Sarah Conner I was like “ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiii it’s about to get good”

  17. Riyun72 Author

    like every movie we love the PC fuckwit left with their gender confusion and feminazism horseshit have destroyed another good franchise. Because they cant come up with their own fucking legit stories they have to highjack good ones and turn it into their bullshit deluded agenda. As all movies they do though it will fail.

  18. Arthur Carroll Author

    The Liberals are acting out what they've been taught in colleges for the last 40 years or so it is called "Critical Theory" and what is critical theory? Critical Theory is "All of society has to be criticized to the point of nauseam, all social institutions and traditional concepts dismantled" and this is exactly what the media and their partners in crime the "Democrat Marxist Liberal Party" are unleashing on America 24/7 365 days a year!

  19. John Ciliberto Author

    What I think should happen in this movie is Arnold should have sex with Linda and create a total new breed of terminator and then send it back to 1984 and kill everybody involved in the making of the first terminator movie and finally put an end to this ridiculous Terminator Movie Franchise and erase it from existence once and for all !


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