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Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Teaser Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

(Dramatic beat) -[Dani] Two days ago I had this nice, simple life. And now it’s a nightmare. (Choir sings) ♪If travel is searching♪ ♪And home has been found♪ ♪I am not stopping♪ (Liquid metal sound) (Choir sings) (Explosion) ♪I’m going hunting♪ (Smash) (Drums) ♪I’m the hunter♪ (Heartbeat) (Gunshots) (Explosion) (High-pitched tone) Who are you? (Music builds) My name is Sarah Connor. I’ve never seen one like you before. [Sarah] Almost human. (Metal clank) (Forceful hits) [Grace] I am human. [Music builds] ♪I’m the hunter♪ Why do you care what happens to her? [Sarah] Because I was her. (Ominous music) (Music builds) (Explosion) (Drums beating) (Airplane whoosh) (Metal scraping) (Roaring flames) (Choir sings) (Train rattle) How do we win? We win- [Grace] -by keeping you alive. (Metal hits) (Liquid metal sound) ♪I’m going hunting♪


  1. David Fw Author

    This is start of final TRILOGY. . . This movie will go into next which will set up FUTURE WAR movie which will end with the beginning and all lives back to normal . . . . . This will mean it was a bad bad dream and no more of anything except normal life . . . Mark my words.

    David in Ontario Canada

  2. Зубр студио Author

    Terminator 3 female antagonist, male protagonist.
    Internet anti-sjw chad: ok

    Terminator 6: male antagonist … anti-sjw Fjfifjfuorf kddkdkdj WTF WTF WTF APOCALYPS A FEMINIST FILM PRO LGBT

  3. Andrew Mayfield Author

    Paramount, Skydance, 20th Century Fox, and Tencent Pictures… THANK YOU for saving me $10.00-$12.00 ticket price and (cost of rip-off theatre food probably like another $13.00 + tax).!!!

  4. こもりScarlet Author

    where's my emotionless and  intimidating looking killer robot? why is his FX s much worse compared to Terminator 2?(especially 0:45 ) why he so fragile normal guns can punch right through him (considering he is probably an upgraded version of T-1000 from Terminator 2 who was able to withstand multiple shotgun shots at point blank)  and what the f*ck are you trying to accomplish showing the bad guy getting wrecked in the F*CKING TRAILER???

  5. dio52 Author

    Anyone else enjoying the irony and lack of self awareness of the dudes in the comments simultaneously bitching about "the lesbian robot" and pining for Arnold's hunky naked ass from the first two movies?

  6. 62202ify Author

    My Wife and I went out to the movies to see Angel has fallen for our Anniversary, 25 years for those wondering, when the machine in the truck morphed people behind us shouted "TERMINATOR TERMINATOR"!!

  7. debkamal mullick Author

    2:18 Thats some crappy cgi. 1991 T2 had better physics for this fluid terminator. It is supposed to be made of silver material and not the black metallic thing.

  8. D M Author

    When a franchise breaks its own rules it’s all over. In the original T1 Kyle Reese apologized to Sarah Connor for stalking her because he needed the terminator to attack so he didn’t know what he looked like, therefore we’ve established they don’t all look like Arnold, they wouldn’t be very effective infiltrators if they did. Also only living tissue can time travel so T-1000 can’t go. Thus every movie since and including T2 has been wrong….


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