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Tesa’s Spirited Away Adventure: Picture Book Edition!

Tesa: It’s the Brand-new Star of the Net World, [sparkle] Just in case you didn’t know, Today, He? Ehh… Haah… Ahh-heh… In that case, here’s Mic— [aaaaa] Ahh! Haa-ah-ah! [AAAAAAA] [bop, sparkle] Wait, is that… [clown nose honk] Heh… Not them. Tesa: Um… I- Huh? [brup] Ah! But… these are all… me. Well, then… [bi] The next one’s blank! Tesa: Then… this one! [bi] [bi] “There…” [bi] Self destructed…? [bi] Got extremely pissed off. Suddenly… [bi] Hit by a truck. [bi] Didn’t feel anything. In the meantime… [bi] [bi] “Got extremely pissed off.” [schwing] [pop] [fwoop] [pop] [pop] [bop] [boom] [bw-o-ong] [tire screech] [truck horn] [bam] [tmp] [tmp] [aaaa] [AAAA] Eh… Huuu- Thank you, everyone! And I’ll definitely be uploading weekly, so keep your eyes open and stay tuned! Unless I get abducted or something. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! If you don’t subscribe, [car horn] [schwing] [record scratch]


  1. Rigel Othello Author

    Hmm… even Truck-kun strike for Tessa, eh ? And… Ota is behind the Truck-kun this time… Is Ota the one that responsible for all that happened in Ai : The Somnium Files ?

  2. Tom Severson Author

    Me: watches the video just fine
    YouTube: recommends all these cutesie kid videos afterward
    Me: "Uhhhh, YouTube that's probably not a wise choice. Kids will see the other videos from this channel…"

  3. beramode01 Author

    At 1:52 it seems that Tesa chooses the top one (because it gets highlighted) but the video cuts and shows that the bottom one was chosen


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