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The 5 Best Movies New on Netflix December 2015

Howdy folks! Here’s a roundup of some of
the most interesting features coming to Netflix worldwide this month First up, and out on December 4th, here’s
something that’s both very seasonal and a Netflix exclusive. Comedian
Bill Murray once again teams up with Oscar-winning writer-director Sofia
Coppola, this time for an all-singing all-dancing Christmas special. The
all-star cast includes George Clooney, Chris Rock, Michael Cera, Miley Cyrus [laughs] and
even Pope Francis – or, well, a picture of him at least. This one’s coming to
Netflix worldwide but if you live in a region where Netflix is blocked just click
the link in the description for an easy way to access the entire Netflix catalogue
wherever you are. Another Netflix exclusive, Real Rob is a satirical comedy based on Rob Schneider’s real life in Hollywood. With just eight short episodes in the first season it could be an attractive proposition for a night in if the weather outside is frightful and even better it’s out on most Netflix regions now Actor / director Adam Sandler
has been contracted to make four films exclusively for Netflix but his first
one – about an oddball group of cowboys united by a surprising connection setting
off across the Old West – has been courting controversy since April this year when there were reports of actors apparently storming off set. Plenty of folks have stepped in to defend the picture so it’ll be interesting to see the final result when it comes out on
Netflix on December 11th. Another new Netflix original, this
time by comedian Bill Burr, F is for Family kind of looks like Wonder Years meets Family Guy.
With an edgy mature-audiences-only vibe to it like some other cult shows already
on Netflifx, such as BoJack Horseman or Archer. You will have to wait until the
18th of this one but it will be released on Netflix worldwide. And here’s an interesting one to finish
up. “Tangerine” is a micro-budget buddy comedy by director Sean Baker which has
been wowing audiences and winning some major critical acclaim – and what’s even
more amazing is it was shot entirely on an iPhone! There are even rumors this could be in for an Oscar nomination or two – if you want to see what all the fuss is about you don’t have to wait it, it’s out on Netflix
right now. Just set your SmartDNS to USA and tune in. remember you can always find a
full list of what’s New on Netflix on – just follow the link in the
description. Llikewise if you want to access to show that isn’t available in
your region just follow the link to our Ultimate Guide and you’ll discover an
easy way to unlock the entire Netflix catalogue no matter where you live thanks for watching tune in next month for more ‘new on netflix’

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