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The Actor Who Plays Pennywise Is Gorgeous In Real Life

The creepy thriller It has already managed
to scare millions of moviegoers in a very short amount of time, due in great part to
the portrayal of the murderous and nightmarish clown, Pennywise. But this being Hollywood, Bill Skarsgård,
the actor behind all that scary clown makeup, is actually really gorgeous — and way more
famous than you might have originally thought. Famous family Bill’s father is the legendary Swedish actor
Stellan Skarsgård, and four of his siblings are also actors, including his big brother
Alexander, who had a major role on True Blood and was most recently nominated for an Emmy
for Big Little Lies. Because his father was such a famous actor
in Sweden, Skarsgård said it opened doors for bullies at school to pick on him and accuse
him of being privileged. But who’s laughing now? Famous smile Sure, his famous family name might have made
things difficult in the school yard, but growing up with a family of actors obviously had plenty
of benefits, too. In fact, during a September 2017 interview
on Conan, Skarsgård revealed that he was able to come up with Pennywise’s scary smile
with the help of his brother, Gustaf. “He had this ability to do, y’know, point
his lip in a very strange way.” “I understood that I could do it as well,
but I was like 10 years old, and I’m like…” “Would you mind, just for this camera here,
camera three?” Coming to America Although he’s been steadily working since
he was a kid, Skarsgård is only just beginning to make a name for himself in America. Prior to It, arguably his most memorable role
was in the short-lived Netflix series Hemlock Grove, playing Roman Godfrey. “Shut up and kiss me.” He’s also recently had bit parts in films
ranging from 2012’s Anna Karenina, to the 2016 dystopian teen thriller Allegiant, to
the 2017 summer blockbuster Atomic Blonde. Going the extra mile Landing the role of Pennywise involved auditioning
in full clown makeup. But Skarsgard couldn’t effectively apply all
that makeup himself on-site. So he had his girlfriend help him, and then
he had to drive through Hollywood in full clownface … “Y’know when you’re in the car, you get in
this safe bubble of being in your own car, in clown face, and I’m like, ‘Here it is…” (evil menacing clown laugh) And if you thought Skarsgård’s performance
looked terrifying on the big screen, try actually being in the room where it happened. In a June 2017 chat with Interview, the actor
admitted the intensity of his character’s look and performance proved to be so terrifying
that some of the child extras actually cried on set. Biggest fear Of course, Skarsgård is not the first actor
to play Pennywise on the big screen. The iconic Tim Curry played the evil clown
in the 1990 miniseries of the same name. Naturally, Skarsgård had Curry’s performance
on his mind when he stepped into the same role. He told Out magazine in September 2017: “I had a few sleepless nights and these really
terrifying feelings of anxiety where I was like, ‘Holy s—, I’m taking on this iconic
character. What if I can’t pull it off?” Now that the film has earned well over $150
million at the box office, we’re guessing Skarsgård is sleeping very soundly these
days. Branching out After making a name for himself for playing
such a scary character, it makes total sense that Skarsgård is open to trying new, gentler
roles in the future. As he explained in a September 2017 interview
with The New York Times, “Pennywise looks and sounds so different from me that I could
do a rom-com next, and people probably wouldn’t even know I was the same guy.” But the Times also notes that Skarsgård’s
next project is a Stephen King-inspired TV series for Hulu, so it may be a few more years
before he becomes America’s Swedish Sweetheart. A role this iconic is bound to stick with
him … “Well, I’m Pennywise the dancing clown! Now we aren’t strangers.” What a dreamboat! Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. margareth michelina Author

    This guy is hot and scary at the same time. He should be the Joker instead of Jared Leto. He has the face of "I love you but I'm gonna kill you too."

  2. desertrose88 Author

    omg, making the extra kids cry… ahahahahahaha i would be laughing my ass off there. not that it is good to make kids cry, but it is still quite funny.

  3. Nilofar Almasi Author

    Wow I'm very mad still now i hate pennywise I would slap his own face so hard and I would get a knife and stap it on his head grrrrrrr 😠😠😠😠😠


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