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The Best Home Theater Experience discussed with Theo kalomirakis of Rayva Home Theaters

The Best Home Theater Experience Designed by Theo Kalomirakis how you guys doing it’s Rob from the
tech reps I am absolutely flattered to be here
with mr. Theo Callum Arrakis I want him to give us a brief intro and I’m gonna
want to know what one project that you real that that’s just your baby just
just to give the people there what you’re about isn’t some well I know my
babies used to be my customs here that I used to do for all this time but really
this has been my baby because what stopped you from wanting to pursue more
custom jobs is the fact that you have to do it all over again and again from
scratch we have to deal with the ethic at your synchronous of the client and
it’s a lot of time my projects that last five six seven years are when I see the
result much faster and you know what he’s talking about
you guys know I want to have something that can be done and out so how do you
get a constant custom concept and and that distill it in its essentials so it
actually can become something that can be reproduced in quantities
I saw myself the custom theaters like the equivalent of Brad Florian that
makes one dress for Sarah Stoney here so she can wear them at the Oscars but but
really sells thousands of other wear I don’t want to call Mattie and this
underwear but at the same time this is the concept product I something that
that used to be a service service item and this is to answer your question this
is my favorite thing they’ve done so far a lot of companies out there and I won’t
say names but they’ll say home theater in a box and what you’re telling me is
you’re branding your name with the most the highest end products and combining
them for the dealer so he doesn’t have to pull his hair up because it’s a good
point I spoke to George about it before it’s in the other video where the dealer
has to start exactly what you said from scratch what screen what gain on this
what what game on the screen what projector what speakers what seat was
they invent the wheel every single time you know what those men spacian for this
thing a car when you buy a car you buy a Mercedes you
I have Volkswagen or Audi you don’t buy the wheels from Volkswagen and the
sastra from Mercedes and the seats from Audi you get one thing that works call
it the theater in the box call it the car whatever it is it’s about
consolidating all the elements that so far has been custom and make them
repeatable or you’ve taken it to another level because when I say Theatre on a
box they’ll give you the speakers right they’ll give you the subwoofer and you
can go on from 60 you know with you look at the artwork on the wall look at the
artists talk a little bit about the artists that you’re bringing and to give
a different experience not only the home theater but the experience of art and in
fashion it’s unfortunate theater in the box has become a very derogatory term
for home theaters and keep seeing people away from understanding that the theater
is not about electronics it’s a combination of technology design and
acoustics and these are the three elements that we try to incorporate into
this environment so it covers all the needs of of what we call home
entertainment so we’ve covered you do a tizzy the whole thing theater screen
sound and the fashion acoustics what if I have a dealer that says you know what
I’m really I really love these speakers or I’m really tied to this projector and
a half of belief says we’re all passionate about the brands we have do
you work with dealers and say we’ll we’ll take that I would probably get
very upset when he mentions that and I will try to find a way to make him
believe that selling technology is a dead end for him selling his favorite
speakers is an admirable thing he loves something but we can incorporate his
favorite speakers into our own packets if we make sure that the specifications
meet what our package is like if the pricing is what what we believe it
should be right you have so many people dealers not all of them but a lot of
them they would sell a Titan projector into a room that’s like thirty thousand
dollars to build that’s overkill we have to protect the client and protect the
Builder protect the client from getting equipment
they’re not really working in unison and protect the dealer from making
arbitrated scissors that could blow up on his face I think it’s also protecting
the homeowner because they’re paying money to have a certain experience yes
and with the products you’re offering with the fashion statement that happens
here I’m gonna have some links down below that I want you guys to click on
I’m gonna get some pictures from your website we’re gonna go to it’s rave
accom okay about that Tom or rave around tables that come for mostly the content
aspect of theaters right and I want you guys to get a feel for a complete
theater not just putting a projector and a screen and ordering some speakers and
what Theo said is very important is that he’s taking the time and doing that for
you guys because with all the technology that’s coming at you whether it’s a
smart home home automation you guys have enough to do and you’re not offering
this experience and I drank the kool-aid today guys I mean you sit with do you
come in here and like a kid again I’m what you do you just expect to have fun
watch a movie right just you know something I agree to the dealers defense
they never had the opportunity to be offered something that has been digested
by someone like us we’ve done all the mistakes that get us to this point we
learn what doesn’t work and what works but doing it again and again so why
would as a dealer want to try to deal with the recipe to fuss around with the
recipe that that may not be successful and may not be repeatable and may end up
costing more to the client or make not enough money for the dealer so we give
them they give the dealer something that they can make money optimizing their you
know the resources and and give something to the client that they’re
proud of and the client will will would use knowing that it gets the best of
what he can get for the price of what they buy it for I don’t want to go too
long into the video I don’t like to bore you guys but I want to ask Leo to
explain two things real quick number one I heard there was a rave a plaque or a
pre-done room and the second has just touched on the artists again what made
you go to different unique artists I believe that having done home theaters
all these years I don’t wanna be dramatic says R&R oh
right yes I just believe that after a certain
point you have to give the podium to younger voices so I pride myself of
being in a position that I can look for artists that kind of echo my philosophy
and cuts them to create something that is not dictated by my aesthetics and
make what they come up with fit in our rooms but it’s their creativity so I
want Trevor to be a conservatory of new ideas seen home theater from a new
perspective bringing new voices thinking outside the box and we give this artist
a forum to express their their art their ideas about art and to me that is the
most satisfying acts aspect of revver I’ve met people and I meet people every
week I interview them those that I see they have that potential to be something
that we represent do something that’s representing the room and make them
proud make the clients proud then we go for it and as you said at the end of the
project every theatre that is represent the artwork of that particular artist
come with a plaque that has it’s signed by the Arctic’s a limited edition of one
to a hundred after hundred pieces were throw it away and bring another artist
to do something I love it and we were also talking earlier in the training
that you could have a theme whether it’s a sports team a specific sports team
they can get the licensing they can go down that route I think it’s important
that we all have a discussion again about home theater in the home keeping
the kids home you mentioned gaming knows a big thing to me is the Uncharted
frontier just because I don’t know I don’t have a clue about gaming but I
know that’s a big deal for a lot of people kids that are before college or
after college and we can leave them alone if we leave them alone with just
watching movies we’re gonna lose them they kind of lost the importance of
watching movies in in a big screen they they’re used to watching movies on the
iPhone rabbit but if you put them in a theater and and the environment
conducing to watching a game to playing a game on the big screen with surround
sound it really creates such a different experience from what we’re playing a
game on on concert that I want to capture this this
younger people to be captive to this theatre because this our future audience
absolutely and I could I could see my 12 year old daughter just coming in here
with a bunch of friends and hanging out and doing homework in a game right I
mean it’s a very nice atmosphere it’s really cool
do your information I want you to put the blog up let them know where they can
find you thank you the blogger is raver roundtable calm it is not specific about
River as as a theatre it’s River as it pertains to home entertainment news
about newsworthy things that you should watch at Netflix or Amazon we again
curating content there is hundreds of sides that tell you all the Hollywood
movies that are there I’m using the blog to direct people to thinks that you
don’t even know it exists and help people find content for our theaters or
for the theaters that makes them more aware of what’s going on in the world of
Arts so just buy that with a blog pointing to where the content is it’s
it’s even giving you more experience more value I don’t I don’t know how you
have not heard of a theater company telling me they have a blog to say hey
listen this Netflix movie came out well this is this is what it’s I discover
movies on Netflix the next thing I do I write about them and put them on the
blog and we have a stable writers that actually focus on covering things that
you don’t normally hear who wants to write about Star Wars everybody does but
you have to write about things that are hidden gems that makes your life richer
if you discover them look at the passion porn out his face for the things that we
believe and we the things that makes us excited if there’s excitement in what we
feel that exam is communicable and we will convey to people through our art or
through our theatres through our writing or whatever I love it I am excited to
work with the EO and the rest of the guys with VIN Bruno I think this is
we’re really gonna we’re gonna change some things man I’m excited to give Dom
thank you very much for having me thank you thank you


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