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The Best Picture Summary 2011

I’m a crazy ballerina. No you’re not. Yes I am! No you’re not! Yes I am. This is my younger brother.. you know? I taught him everything he knows. What?!? (chatter) Well come on, child. You’re Daddy would
want you to do this. I seriously doubt that. This is really deep for a kids movie! Well, the kids are alright but we are a
total mess. Mmhmmm! Ahhhh! Drinking my pee isn’t even
gonna be the worst part! In this grave.. hour… perhaps…the most fateful… in our… history. bugger.. Hey, you want grit? Watch this! Is this what you want?? Hmm? Awww…


  1. MrXemrox Author

    I meant 0:30-040 kids can handle and “are alright” with the grimness of 80's and 90's kid cartoons, but adults the flipped out and become “a total mess".

  2. MrXemrox Author

    I meant 0:30-040 kids can handle and “are alright” with the grimness of 80's and 90's kid cartoons, but adults the flipped out and become “a total mess".

  3. That Batty Fellow Author

    Looking back after this past year's lineup……I really miss the '11 set.  That was a very good good year where really any of the nominees were justified had they won.  This year….while the winner deserved it, the pool it ran against seemed significantly thinner, though that makes sense  in a year where almost every single anticipated blockbuster that came out felt a waste of an admission ticket and the swan song of an animation legend lost to hype and popularity.

  4. theoutlook55 Author

    Awesome. HISHE I like how you've expanded your parodies to upcoming awards ceremonies. On that note, I just saw the Harry Potter one for the 2012 (?) Oscars.
    The multi-person dialog was hilarious! Great job.

  5. flmbyz Author

    Black Swan…..though we should only be so lucky to have a line up like that every year where the weakest one of the group can be best described as "really good".

  6. gor9027 Author

    Toy Story 3 really should have won.  That movie had every reason to fail (11 years in between sequels, Pixar being due for a bad movie, relied heavily on an audience that grew up with the film in the 90s), and it was still incredible.  The ending is amazing too.  Ten years from now, very few people will remember The King's Speech.  The Academy just didn't want to give Best Picture to an animated movie that kids enjoyed and that was financially successful,

  7. Danielle Halen Author

    Winkle voss twins god dammit really screweed whoever who was the guy who made facebook i dont like facebook spiderman got really screwed over jesus christ who the fuck made facebook god damn screweing evetyone over (3 hours later) MARK ZUKERBERG!!!!!

  8. Bryan L Author

    American Sniper: "Come on drop the bazooka, kid. Drop it.
    drops it
    "Whew! Oh, thank God!"
    Birdman: "I promise you: this plot and my life story are a complete coincidence!"
    Whiplash: "Was I rushing or was I dragging?"
    "Screw this. I'm switching majors."

    I got nothing for the others. Will my fellow Youtube commenters do the other ones?

  9. Bryan L Author

    Spotlight: "Are people really gonna be surprised that the Catholic Church does this?"
    Room: "This is gonna get real dark, real fast."
    The Martian: "Man, I have the worst luck since I'm always getting stuck in remote places."
    Mad Max Fury Road: "This is the best Mario Kart game ever!"
    The Big Short: "Based on these numbers, we'll get rich and be able to afford better wigs."
    The Revenant: Leo grunts and wheezes "Oscar, here I come!" coughs up a shitload of blood
    Bridge of Spies: "I don't know if I'm the best attorney that's qualified for this job. Hope I don't start World War 3!"
    Brooklyn: "More different lovers from different countries, more problems."

  10. The FirstBourne Author

    Wasn't there Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? Not that it wasn't sappy and total Oscar-bait, or that it wasn't critically well-reviewed, but I thought that was a rare nomination.

  11. Alice The Magical Elf Author

    "I am a crazy ballerina, no I'm not, yes I am! NO IM NOT YES I AM!!!"

    me: Ballora relax take a deep breath and drink some of my Titanic Medicine, you'll feel like you're in the titanic.


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