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The Dark Knight (2008) Official Trailer #1 – Christopher Nolan Movie HD

Where do we begin. A year ago, these cops and lawyers wouldn’t dare cross any of you. I mean, what happened ? So what are you proposing? It’s simple. Kill the Batman. Here’s my card. Bruce, this is Harvey Dent. Rachel’s told me everything about you. Well, I certainly hope not. You once told me that we’d be together Did you mean it ? Bruce, don’t make me your only hope for a normal life. You’re Alfred, right ? That’s right sir. Any psychotic ex-boyfriends I should be worried about ? Oh, you have no idea. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment. Well hello, beautiful. You look nervous. I’ve seen now what I have to become to stop men like him. The night is darkest just before the dawn. I promise you, the dawn is coming. And here we go. Come on ! This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I’m gonna give it to ’em. Noo ! You’ll see. I’ll show you. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Will you be wanting the Batpod, sir ? In the middle of the day, Alfred ? Not very subtle. The Lamborghini, then ? Much more subtle.


  1. Mahmoud Yassin Author

    Some people are saying that The Dark Knight is still better than Endgame.
    I can understand you point,
    They both are based on comics. And End game Is very epic.
    But I’m sorry, The dark knight is of its own category.
    It is incomparable to any other comics movie, Or any other movie I have ever watched. Not even Batman begins and the dark knight rises.
    It is very unique. I love it 3000

  2. Stelio Macumbe Author

    Why is everyone so focused on attacking Marvel for no reason? Leave them alone. I quit DC years ago because I couldn't stand this childish behavior. Apparently, things have not changed. I would like to consume DC media and then go online for a meaningful discussion and analyses, but every time it was the same damn thing, at same point the Marvel bashing had to start out of nowhere.

    I know that Marvel being more successful at the moment it's a bit threatening or upsetting, but it doesn't rob DC of its accomplishments. It's time you start acting as the mature, and intellectual people you claim you are.

  3. DevilPoroNnj Author

    12 yr old kids who do nth but watch the MCU and play Fortnite: "Endgame is the best movie in the world!!!!!"
    Everyone else: "Shawshank or Dark Knight"

  4. Real Samesta Author

    thanks for the crap of bvs and JL, zack snyder ………….. was it really so difficult to make a movie like this?
    and not ruin some characters like the flash or cyborg, or the stupid batman costume

  5. pooblesss Author

    Endgame had a lot of things wrong and overall Infinity War was a stronger movie but the character arcs were beautiful and perfect. TDK and TDKR are both near criticality perfect, mostly TDK in my opinion. Stop arguing over which is better, these are pretty much the facts

  6. Sharon Haya ALee - V Author

    "עלטה אדר נמשך אל נ'/50".
    "נמה איחור לריף". ("פר האמת").
    "אין לך שום רעיון", אלפרד ענה לדנט.
    התעניין אם ישנו חבר לשעבר פסיכוטי. (ריף הדולפינים, אילת).

  7. drerod89 Author

    I remember my dad showing me this trailer when I was 2 and being so scared of the joker’s laugh , we watched it a bunch of times so he had to turn off the volume when ever joker laughed after the first time I saw it but it was awesome and I used to tell my brother about it all the time

  8. Kanchai Tankoa Author

    In first time,i saw that movie when I'm childhood. i don' understand everything in movie because i want to see batman versus The Joker only,but when i saw that movie in teen-ager i learned to the justice in the gottham city, isn't easy for batman to guard a peoples from villain,The Joker look like a god from hell,he make chaos,death, change good guy become evil guy. Now I'm extra scared him


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