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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Dev Diary #1 – Designing the Ghost Ship Part 1 | PS4

LEE ROBINSON: The visual elements
that we were trying to include in the development of this
ship went right from the architectural drawings and
then into the plans and into the white box, looking at camera
angles then looking at lighting, looking at the atmospherics, the
suspense and the claustrophobic feel that we wanted to develop. It was very difficult to
understand what a ghost ship of this nature would look
like after 60 years. There’s not a lot out there. And looking at research for how
ships rust and decay and age, we took this and exaggerated
those feelings and atmospheres to create what we
wanted for our ship. BARNEY PRATT: In order to make
the ghost ship sound as real as possible, the team gained access
to a similar era military vessel big steel ship, and we recorded
all sorts of sounds on there from all the latches on
the doors to help the foley, the character contacting
with the environment when they’re on
the ghost ship, all of the atmospheres
in the different rooms, the engine room, all the
mechanisms available there. We even recorded impulses of
each of those rooms so that each room has the identical
environmental reverb you would have had on a ship of that time. ROBERT CRAIG: When we’re
looking to light the ghost ship environment, it’s really
important that the tone and atmosphere that’s
coming from the lights also compliment the
story we’re trying to tell. It’s not always a
nice place to be, so everything just can’t
be well lit and visible. But we want to make sure that
we’re guiding the player around those environments in a
satisfying way as well as transmitting the mood
that we want them to feel when they’re in there. So we looked at doing things
like breaking holes in the roof, breaking holes in the wall where
ambient light can kind of leak in and fill a little
bit of the environment. But as well as that, sometimes
we need to have spotlights and cinematic lighting such as you
would on a film set in order to make sure that the
characters look suitably heroic, menacing, scary, or
whatever the scene required.


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