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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Dev Diary #2: A Watery Grave Part Two | PS4

Another important aspect
with the storm scene is it represents
a gear change in the story, so this is really the first time
the characters are leaving the relative safety
of the start of the game, and we definitely wanted
to find a way to represent that in the art, so what we have here
is we have a shift from the lighting style
at the start of the game, which is very much
a found lighting style. It’s all lit by the sunlight
and bounce light. There’s no artificial
light sources at all. And for the first time then,
in the storm scene, we change to a much more filmic,
set-lit feel, and that is to get that
little feeling of unease there. There’s a color change also,
so we go from a natural grade to more of a blue-green tint, and that also brings
that feeling of unease that everything
might not be quite right, and it’s the first time in the
game that we really see that. So it kicks off then
what is to follow in the rest of the game
in terms of the horror aspects when they do get
on board the ship. As well as that,
there’s a really important change of camera in terms
of when the storm starts. So we go from a more composed,
steady camera to a really handheld feel,
and the idea there is that we want to emphasize
the effects of the storm and have a little more kinetic
feel to the camerawork. Also the feeling there
is that you want the audience present in the scene,
so having a handheld, it gives this feeling
that there’s almost an unseen participant
following around the characters filming this stuff. So for example, we try things,
like every time there’s movement or a character is dragged
or pushed off the camera, it goes with them
and follows them to get the impression that
you’re right there with them and you’re taking part
in the storm as well. So that was quite
an important beat. Once the characters
journey into the ghost ship, the water’s still ever-present, and we use audio
to remind the players of this with the waves pounding
against the hull of the boat, like the heartbeat
of an enormous beast with these metal creaks
and groans, it’s this leviathan ready to
swallow them up at any moment. The underwater content
was a very different challenge. There’s a different timing
mindset you have to consider. It’s all about observing
and absorbing himself into that area. We looked at various
different reference, film, TV,
and game reference too. Luckily two of us on the team
scuba dived before, which was good. We even went to a local pool and did some film reference for some of the more
complicated scenes in the game, the fight scenes. We found,
in a lot of the reference, the divers would do a small
paddle movement with their hands to readjust
and center themselves, and also we found a lot of the divers
used the environment to pull themselves along
and push off from, so we tried to incorporate
those details into our work. There’s something really fun
about shooting under stormy conditions
and about conveying that, but interestingly,
one of the things in conveying that in terms of CG is that you have to do
a lot of things you’d maybe get for free if
you were actually shooting it. So if you were really
out there in a storm, holding your camera,
you’d be getting blown around and you’d be getting rain
on the lens or whatever. When you work in CG,
everything’s automatically clean so sometimes it’s about
how you can dirty up the shots and bring back some
of those natural elements to convince the viewer that
actually that storm is real. So for example, in the storm,
you see you have a lot of mist, a lot of rain moving around, showing how windy it is,
showing how stormy it is, blowing into the camera. So that really adds
a lot of life. In the underwater scene,
we used it for silt, for plankton, for any kind of dirt and noise
in the ocean, and without that, it can
really seem quite lifeless, so that was
a hugely important element. [WAVES LAPPING]


  1. Marco Olivier Author

    Yasss I can't wait to play this with my friends!
    When's the release date tho?!
    (Also can you guys create a trailer that introduces us to our cast of victims.. uh I mean characters?)

  2. sufferingthoughts Author

    Question? How do you play games on another ps account without game sharing? My gf and I have separate accounts and she cannot play the games I've downloaded. (New on the PS4)

  3. John Cena Author

    With telltale gone i needed this whole new story " your choices matter " game. Looking forward to all the games in this series.

  4. Foolish Observer Author

    Shame that Sony let the studio slip away along with Quantic Dream but I think so far Supermassive looks like they can stand on their own without a major studio support hopefully it shows!

  5. UGA Dawg Author

    I’m Really looking forward to this but, the character models and graphics seem to be the same as Until Dawn and doesn’t seem to have been stepped up at all.


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