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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Dev Diary Shared Story Trailer | PS4



  1. Omar RaTaTa Author

    Cuando uno descarga la Cal Of Duty del PlayStation Store y siempre está en inglés cuando uno descarga la MLB siempre está en inglés

  2. Omar RaTaTa Author

    When you download the Call Of Duty from PlayStation Store and it is always in English when you download the MLB it is always in English

  3. farouk algendi Author

    wish they can make a game which gamer can talk to characters with mic, it's pretty difficult to program but the future would be different I am sure.

  4. Brian Gonzalez Author

    Can you make a video on your automatic fraud detecting system and how it's ok for PlayStation to double charge clients then make them pay the balance to retrieve a banned account?

  5. Житель Города N Author

    Кто подскажет, а русский язык будет в игре или только субтитры? Но по рекламе видно игра будит хорошая.

  6. Jeffery Johnson Author

    With all due respect I love PlayStation but the PlayStation 5 is about to come out in the prices for PlayStation 4 are still too high just my opinion but come on guys cut us a break I haven't even played Street Fighter 5 yet😞 this game looks very interesting very innovated come on help us out 😞 lower the price for the playstationscuz I love the fact that final fantasy 7 is coming back 😍

  7. Kyreem Author

    Until Dawn and Detroit: Become Human sparked some of my favorite kinds of games ever! I always loved adventure games and games that focused on story with some branching paths.

    These games take it to a whole other level and offers a really immersive way to consume media.

    I hope these games give me the same feeling!

  8. Lara Duette Author

    Ive said it before but i will say it again. Im pregnant. Due Aug 29th. This game comes out aug 30th. No way am i not getting this game. No matter what happens.

  9. Utti Siseppe Author

    Gaming industry evolved and have something original
    Meanwhile Hollywood movie Industry
    Hey wanna destroy great classic movie by remaking them or make a bad live action anime or games

  10. Sp3eaa Author

    Wait so… is it matching me to another player all over the world or am I playing with a friend I know? And If so do we both have to buy the game or is it some shared screen based game?

    And If it’s a random player do I have to have my mic on??? They say it’s a social game. Sorry If my question is stupid 😅


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