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In the early hours of August 9th 1969 a heavily
pregnant American actress and model Sharon tate was murdered in a disgusting and vicious
manor. She along with 4 others were murdered in her
home located in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles California. The crime scene was reminiscent of a horror
movie, the walls were covered in writings formed with Sharon Tates blood. The killers became knowns as the Mason Family
and were instructed to carry out the murders under the influence of the infamous American
criminal Charles Manson. The main motive behind the murders is believed
to be Charles Mansons “Helter Skelter” ideology in which he believed an imminent race war
was coming and therefore he instructed his family to kill and make it look like radicals
committed the crimes in order to speed up the process. However during a prison interview Manson claimed
the “Helter Skelter” motive was fabricated and claimed there was a much darker motive
behind the crimes. The crime left a mark on Hollywood and brought
an end to the love and peace hippie generation of the 1960s, After investigating the crime
we have come across some dark conspiracy theories and information that was not released by the
media. In this video we will take a look at the twisted
theories and intel which links to Satanism, the mafia and drug trafficking. After listing all the possible motives you
will be able to decide for yourself, a poll will appear at the end of the video. Your vote will be tallied and will be revealed
in the next episode of this new series. Firstly we will take a look at the crimes
committed by the family over the summer of 1969. On July 27th 1969 Gary Hinman a music teacher
was found dead in his home on old Topanga Canyon Road, Santa Monica California. He was found with several stab wounds and
a disformed ear. On the walls of the property the words “Political
Piggy” was written in Gary’s blood. Several members of the family including Manson
himself was involved in his death. On July 25th 1969 family members Bobby Beausoleil,
Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner went to Gary�s house and demanded money off him. Bobby claimed he bought a large quantity of
the drug known as mescaline off of Gary. Bobby then tried to re-sell the drug to a
motorcycle gang known as the Straight Satans, after members of the gang tested the drug
they realised it was poor quality and demanded for a refund this is what caused bobby to
kill Gary. After Gary refused to give over money Bobby
stabbed him in the chest and held him hostage. Gary remained alive for the next two days,
he was bleeding, crying out for help and praying. Manson arrived at the house on July 27th 1969,
once he arrived he sliced off a portion of Gary’s ear as a means of torture in order
to solicit the money from him. The two girls then re-attached Gary’s ear
using dental floss. Manson then ordered Bobby to kill Gary, Bobby
stabbed Gary to death. Gary chanted buddhist prayers as he laid dying. Manson instructed Bobby to make the crime
look as if it was committed by black revolutionaries in order to throw the police off, this is
why he wrote “”Political Piggy” in blood on the walls he also drew the black panthers
logo in blood. Here is Charles Manson’s account of what
happened that night Sharon Tate was born in Austin texas on January
24th 1943 as a teen she was interested in psychiatry but decided to pursue a career
in film. Her film career began in 1961 after she starred
in several movies however her roles were uncredited. She became noticed after starring in the occult
themed movie Eye of the devil, in total she starred in nine films and three tv shows. She also modelled and appeared on the front
cover of several magazines. She met her husband Roman Polanski while in
London filming for Eye Of The Devil in late 1965. Although they wasn’t interested in each
other at the time they fell in love while filming for Polanski’s 1967 film The Fearless
Vampire Killers. The couple married in London on January 20th
1968. In 1968 Roman began to start working on a
film called Rosemary’s Baby this was a psychological horror film which follows a pregnant woman
who unbeknownst to her is holding the spawn of satan in her womb. The film hints that the women’s husband
sold her womb to the devil with the help of Satanists in order to gain fame and fortune. The film was released on June 12th 1968. In December 1968 Roman and Sharon conceived their
son. On August 8th 1969, Sharon who was just 2
weeks away from giving birth was entertaining two friends at her home. She was quite anxious as Roman hadn’t returned
from London on the day he claimed he was returning. Later that evening Sharon went to have something
to eat at her favourite restaurant El Coyote, she was accompanied by Jay Sebring a hair
dresser, Wojtek Frykowski an aspiring screen writer and Abigail Folger heiress to the folger
coffee fortune. They returned to Sharons home on 10050 Cielo
Drive located in Benedict Canyon Los Angeles California. Arriving at about 10:30pm they had no idea
what was to come within the following hours. Shortly after midnight four members of the
manson family began their ambush and attack on Sharon Tate and her guests. The four members were Susan Atkins, Linda
Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel and Charles ‘Tex’ Watson. When they first arrived close to the property
Tex Watson climbed a telephone pole and cut the line to prevent any telephone access to
the house. The group then approached the main fence but
decided not to climb it in case there was an alarm,
they climbed an embankment which lead to the grounds of the property they then saw headlights
approaching them which raised alarm. Tex Watson instructed the women to hide in
bushes while he made his way towards the car, in the car was an 18 year old by the name
of Steven Parent. Steven was there to visit his friend who was
the properties caretaker. Tex approached him slashed his hand and shot
him four times in the chest from point blank range, Steven died instantly. Tex then cut a hole in a window screen of
the house and made his way in, he then let Susan and Patricia in through the front door
while Linda stayed on lookout. While the trio were in the living room they
woke Wojtek who was sleeping on a couch. Wojtek asked Tex who he was and why he was there in which tex replied with “I am the devil, and I’m here to do the devils business.” Tex then instructed the two girls to find the
remaining residents and force them into the living room. Tex wrapped a rope around Sharon and Jay’s
necks and tied them together he then threw the rope over a ceiling beam. Jay started to shout at Tex due to the way
he was treating Sharon, Tex then shot Jay and stabbed him seven times. As Wojtek’s hands had only been bound with
a towel he managed to escape but Susan quickly jumped on him and a struggle started, Susan
stabbed him in the leg but he managed to overcome her fight and made his way towards the door. Tex caught up with him and pistol whipped
him multiple times, he beat him so badly that the gun started to fall apart. Tex then stabbed Wojtek repeatedly and shot
him twice. In response to the horrifying racket emanating
from the house, the lookout Linda approached the house and lied to the family members telling
them they had been made and claimed people were heading towards the house. Abigail Folger managed to escape from Patricia
Krenwinkel and fled towards the pool area, Patricia caught up with Abigail stabbed her
then tackled her. Tex made his way over, him along with Patricia
stabbed Abigail 28 times. An object moving across the lawn caught Tex
eye, it was a severely hurt Wojtek. Tex ran over and stabbed him to death stabbing
him a total of 51 times. Sharon Tate was the only person left living,
the Manson family made their way into the living room to finish off Tate. Tate pleaded with the family begging them
to keep her alive long enough to have her baby, she offered herself as a hostage in
order to save her baby’s life. The family were having none of this, either
Susan or Tex possibly both murdered Tate, she was stabbed 16 times. Susan claimed Tate cried out “Mother,
Mother..” as she was dying. Before the family had left to commit the crime
they were instructed by Charles Manson to leave a sign, Manson told them to “make
it something witchy.” In response Susan grabbed a towel soaked it in Sharon Tates blood and wrote “Pig” on the front door of the house. The family then left the house and ditched
their bloody attire and weapons. Tates housekeeper came across the crime scene
the following morning. Polaski was informed of the murder and returned
to Los Angeles where him and the police struggled to come up with a motive for the attack. The following night on August 9th Manson along
with the four members from the previous night and two extra members Leslie Van Houten and
Steve Grogan made their way to 3301 Waverly Drive located in the Los Feliz section of
Los Angeles. The property was home to Leno LaBianca and
his wife Rosemary. Leno was a supermarket executive, Rosemary
was a dress shop owner. Manson entered the home first then returned
to the family and told them he had tied up the residence. Once the family entered the house they caused
a scene just as gruesome as the previous night. Rosemary was stabbed 41 times by Patricia
Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten, Leno was stabbed 12 times by Tex Watson. Watson carved the word WAR into Leno’s abdomen. Tex then went to take a shower during this
time Patricia stabbed Leno’s dead body 14 times with a carving fork, she left the fork
protruding out of Leno’s stomach. Patricia then used the couples blood to write
the words “Rise”, “Death to pigs” and “Helter Skelter” on the walls of the
house. Manson claimed Leno was murdered in order
to obtain a black phone book which held numbers to the music industry in it One motive that stands out the most and is
most likely the motive behind the murder is the “Terry Melcher” motive. Terry Melcher was an American musician and
record producer he was also son to Dorris Day, Charles Mansons main goal was to get
a record deal so he was over the moon once he was introduced to Terry. Dennis Wilson a member of the beach boys and
Mansons former friend introduced the two to each other in 1969 at a party Dennis was hosting. Terry agreed to listen to Manson play, Manson
got his hopes up and believed this was his big break however he was disappointed as Terry
never came through. Tex Watson claimed Manson said to him “Terry made some big promises but never came through” Manson also claimed that Terry only cared
about money. Manson grew very disappointed at Terry’s
rejection as he saw it as his moment to make it in the music industry. Just before the family left for the Tate murders
Tex Watson claimed Charlie said to him ” i want you to go to that house where Melcher used to live, I want you to take a couple of the girls and totally destroy everyone
in that house, as gruesome as you can” So the murder could have possibly of been a message
to terry as Terry was believed to be on the family hitlist, also Charlie knew that Terry
no longer lived at 10050 Cielo Drive. Charlie visited the property on march 23rd
1969, He was greeted by a photographer by the name of Shahrokh Hatami, Hatami asked
Charlie what he wanted to which he replied by asking if Terry Melcher lived there. Charlie was told that Melcher no longer lived
there but still returned to the property later on that day. This time he was greeted by the property owner
Rudi Altobelli, Rudi told Charlie that Terry had moved to Malibu so clearly Charlie now
knew that Terry no longer lived at the address. So why did Manson send the family to the address? This leads us to the next motive. This theory suggests that the “Helter Skelter”
plan was simply a ruse in order to keep the female family members under Manson and Tex
Watsons control while they built a drug empire. The main aspect that blew this case wide open
was simple, the funding. Charles Manson was a musician but his craft
didn’t make him much profit as he didn’t have a record deal. Manson family member Paul Watkins claimed
Charlie carried around $3000-$5000 cash in hand and had stash houses holding around $30,000
to $40,000 dollars in today’s standards that would be close to a quarter million dollars. So where was this money coming from? The Manson family stayed at the Spahn movie
ranch located in Los Angeles county, the ranch was once used to shoot western movies but
by the 1960s the ranch became desolate and its main source of income was from horse riding. The owner George Spahn allowed the family
to stay at the ranch rent free in exchange for labour. Around 12 to 24 Manson family members stayed
at the ranch this included men women and children. With a family comes cost as they must be provided
with healthcare, clothes, food and many other necessities. The family also owned several vehicles including
a VW minivan, a fiat, a 1950s ford, a cake truck, a customized school bus and several
dune buggies. Not only do vehicles require maintenance they
also need gas. The family also spent money on several different
drugs during their binges. So where did they acquire the money to fund
their lifestyle? During a prison interview when asked about
his work status before he was locked up Manson mentioned that he made money via
the underworld As we saw from Gary Hinmans death the manson
family were involved in drug trafficking. Tex Watson supplied the family with money
by different business ventures, before the murders he owned a wig shop called Love Locs
and also sold drugs, a strange coincidence about the wig shop is that two of his victims
were also in the wig business. Jay Sebring from the Tate murders was a hairdresser
to the stars and Rosemary LaBianca also dealt with wigs in her dress shop. So during this time they may have been competitors
or could have possibly done business with each other. Love Locs closed after six months of being
in business, after this Tex sold drugs as his main source of income. On page 141 of David McGoverns book titled
programed to kill it states that Frykowksi and Abigail Foster were involved in the trafficking
of Hallucinogens. The book states that Frykowksi had secured
a deal days before his murder which would have made him a major distributor of a drug
known as MDA, MDA is a psychedelic drug also known as “The Love Drug” it is similar
to MDMA also known as ecstasy. A book titled Helter Skelter revealed the
autopsy results of the Tate murders, it showed that Frykowksi and Abigail both had MDA in
their system on the night of the murders. Small amounts of MDA was also found on the
property. While on trial for the murders Susan Atkins
claimed on the night Linda Kasabian instructed Susan to get a knife and go with her and Tex
to Beverly hills as someone owed them $1000 for a new drug called MDA. Susan also stated that she had no idea as
to who the residence of the house were, she claimed neither did Tex or Charlie however
both Tex and Charlie visited Tates home before the murder took place so clearly they knew
who lived there. On page 24 of a book titled The manson file:
Myth and reality of an outlaw written by Nikolas Schreck it states that “A New Jersey underworld
figure Joel Rostau delivered a large amount of mescaline and cocaine to Frykowksi and
Sebring” On pages 540-541 the book links Jay Sebring to a
New Jersey mafia member by the name of Abner Zwillman, Zwillman was known in the media as New Jersey’s Alcapone. The book states that Jay Sebring rented a
new jersey property located on Easton Drive which was owned by the infamous Genovese crime
family. Zwillman was connected to the Genovese family
and was uncle to Joel Rostau. On the same pages of the book it claims Jay
was buying large quantities of drugs from Joel. Tex Watson may have also been connected to
Joel Rostau. In chapter 10 of Tex Watsons book “Will
you die for me?” Tex explains that his connect for his drug trade was “a mafia guy who
had a vending machine business as a front”. A woman by the name of Gina Judd investigated
this for her blog, she found that an associate of Joel Rostau by the name of Eugene “Geno”
Massaro was a drug dealer out of boston who used a vending machine business as a cover. Geno moved to California in 1967 the same
time tex Watson did. Tex Watson originally came from texas where
he worked in his parents store, once he left for California in 1967 he took with him $4000
and a car in today’s standards that’s about $25,000. This could have been Tex’s life savings
however some people have come to believe that tex was selling drugs in Texas and was offered
a larger role in the business in California. Also in the blog Gina Judd claimed that Joel
Rostau had allegedly told Karlene McGaffery Jay Sebring’s secretary that he went to
Tates home on august 8th in order to drop off a large quantity of drugs however he didn’t
have the specific amount needed so left the house. Knowing that Joel was an active criminal Karlene
allegedly informed the police who according to the blog questioned Joel about the murders
which occurred only a day later, Joel allegedly told police that he did not know Jay but did
know Frykowksi. As Gina didn’t list her sources for this
information it cannot be proven. Charles Manson also had connections to the
Genovese crime family, In the mason file book on page 41 it describes how Charles Manson
became friends with a mafia member by the name of Alvin Carpis while serving time in
Washington state. Before Manson was transferred to McNeil island
Alvin wrote a letter to Genovese family associate Frankie Carbo the letter asked Carbo to keep
an eye on manson and look out for him. Manson confirmed his relationship with Carbo
as in a 1988 interview with Geraldo Rivera he said “I knew Frankie Carbo, Frankie Carbo knew Leno Labianca” On page 113 of a book titled The Shadow Over
Santa Susana which is a book about Charles Manson it states that Leno was a chronic gambler
with a $500 a day habit, the book also stated that Leno was $30,000 dollars in debt he allegedly
owed the money to Frankie Carbo. Leno was a board of director of the Hollywood
bank after his murder police investigated the bank, they believe the mafia may have
laundered money through the bank leading to many directors being arrested for fraud and
other crimes. In david McGowan”s book Programed to kill
on page 141 it claimed that Rosemary Labianca was a known trafficker of methamphetamine. Although there Is no proof a blogger who goes
by the name of Xdell came across a rumour that she used her dress shop to launder money
and move drugs, this rumour also claimed she would move drugs to other wig shop owners. So if the rumour was true she could have been
in business with Tex as he owned Love Locs or Tex could have caught wind of Rosemary’s
supply chain and decided to rob her. Tex knew Rosemary’s daughter Suzan Struthers
they knew each other threw Suzans boyfriend Joseph Dorgan who was a member of the motorcycle
gang the straight satans. Joesph was a known drug dealer who also knew
Charlie as the straight satans would visit him at the ranch. Some people believe Suzan could have given
tex insider knowledge of the safe located in the house. There are many outcomes to this conspiracy
theory people believe Tex Watson was the main reason behind the murders, he and Charlie
with their mob connections were trying to start a large drug operation. As they had insider knowledge of where drugs
were being moved to and from. They were either at the tate residence to
rob them for 40,000 which was there in order to pay Joel Rostau.
or could have been there to make a deal as In Nikolas Schrecks book he claims that the
manson family were there in order to make a drug deal worth 20,000 but it went wrong. As for the Labianca murder this was committed
due to insider knowledge of a safe within the residence which held a large amount of
cash and a black book which held key numbers to the music industry in which Charlie needed. This theory would suggest that the Tate, LaBianca
murders where not a random act of violence nor a crime of the “Helter Skelter” ideology. The theory suggests that the victims and the
manson family were deeply involved in drug trafficking tied in with the mafia. As most of the conspiracy theory relies on
word of mouth accounts there is no concrete evidence other than the small amount of drugs
found at the scene that Jay Sebring, Frykowksi, Abigail Foster and Sharon tate were involved
in drug trafficking. Some believe the police covered up the crime
in order to protect high profile stars. If the theory is true why didn’t tex or
Manson mention the mafia’s involvement? People believe they didn’t out of respect
or fear. Others believe the media only portrayed the
manson insane hippy cult side to the public in order to bring an end to the hippie movement. After the police investigation rumours started
to spread that claimed photographs and video tapes were found within the tate home which
involved high level Hollywood stars involved in strange ritualistic acts. Police admitted they had found photographs
which looked similar to a satanic sacrifice but they concluded that they were photographs
from Tates film Eye Of The Devil. Rumours began to circulate that claimed there
was a video tape found at the house which contained footage of a four way orgy allegedly
involving actors Yul Brenner & Peter Sellers, there is no evidence of this tape existing
but Charles Manson spoke about the tape during an interview. American Actor Dennis Hopper who was friends
to tate and Polanski made a statement to the L.A. free press in which he said “They had
fallen into sadism, masochism and bestiality and recorded it all on videotape too. The L.A. police told me this, I know that
three days before they were killed twenty-five people were invited to that house for a mass
whipping of a dealer from sunset strip who had given them bad dope.” In a book titled One hand jerking: Reports
from an investigative Satirist, American author Paul Krassner claimed a private detective
by the name of Hal Lipset told him that the members of the L.A. police force had seven
hours of footage of many celebrity sex parties allegedly held at the home. Hal Lipset claimed the footage was up for
sale at the price of a quarter million dollars. Jay Sebring was allegedly involved in strange Hollywood parties, in Sammy davis jr book Why me? Sammy recounted a strange party he went to. In 1968 Sammy went to a party which he described
the theme as “Dungeons & Dragons & debauchery� the party was hosted by the church of satan,
at the party Sammy described a bizarre scene. All attendees were wearing robes and masks,
they surrounded a naked woman who was chained up on a red velvet alter,” Sammy claimed the women was willing and happy. In Sammy’s book he said “One of the leaders
of the group tilted his hood back to show me his face. It was a good friend of mine, Jay Sebring,
my barber. I’d always known Jay was a little weird,
he had a dungeon in his house and he’d say “you’ve got to come over man, see what
ive got downstairs, ive got some real antique pieces” In January 2016 a daily mail article written
by Caroline Howe which referenced a book titled “Sharon Tate: A Life” claimed Roman Polanski
forced Sharon Tate into threesomes and also filmed orgies at their house. The article claimed Roman would then go on
to show the films at parties. The films were said to be based around S&M
and had many recognizable faces of Hollywood in them. The article also claimed that Roman refused
to have sex with Sharon once she became pregnant and told her to have an abortion. Video tapes such as these are believed to
be known as “Fame Porn” it is believed to be recordings of celebrities taking part
in humiliating acts of sex which is then used to blackmail the celebrities. according to conspiracy theorist John Todd
Roman Polanski was part of a satanic group in which Sharon Tate didn’t approve of and
therefore Sharon was murdered because of it. John Todd claimed Charles Manson was also
involved in Satanism, John claimed Manson was part of a religious group known as The
Process Church of Final Judgement. The church came about as an off branch of
Scientology. The Process church have been demonized for
begin Satanists and devil worshippers as they worship both God and the Devil. In a book titled The Ultimate Evil author
Maury Terry went into detail about Mansons involvement in the process church. Terry accused the church of Hitler worship,
Animal Sacrifice, drug trafficking, child pornography and murder. As Manson dabbled in Satanism and different
cults he knew the role Satanism played in Hollywood. In david McGowans book “There’s something
about henry” he claimed the manson family murders were a contract hit carried out for
specific purposes under the instruction of interlocking satanic cults within Hollywood. John Todd claimed $50,000 was sent from Toronto
to New Orleans in order to pay Manson to take out Tate however Manson only received $2000
of it. There was also rumours that Polanski allegedly
filmed several snuff films of children at a secret filming location located in Laurel
Canyon known as the lookout mountain lab. The lookout mountain lab is a secret Hollywood
film studio where many classified films have been produced. There is no proof to back the snuff films
claim and it is simply a rumour. In march of 1977 Roman was arrested and charged
with five offences against a 13 year old girl, these charges included rape by the use of
drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14 and furnishing
a controlled substance to a minor. Initially Roman pled not guilty but in exchange
for a plea bargain he accepted the lesser charge of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse. Hours before his sentence Roman fled to france
since then he had spent his time in france fearing other countries may extradite him
to the U.S. So could have Polanski been involved with
a satanic group? His circle of friends seemed to be involved
in some levels of Satanism, Polanski was also friends with the founder of the Church of
Satan Anton LaVey. LaVey helped create the satanic sex scene
in Rosemary’s Baby. There is no proof besides hearsay that Polanski
is a Satanist. While filming for Eye of the Devil Sharon
Tate was initiated as a witch by a man called Alex Saunders who dubbed himself “King Of The Witches” the producers hired him to give the film a more authentic feel. Could this be why Charles Manson told his
family to leave “something witchy” as a sign at the crime scene? To sum up this conspiracy theory it suggests
that bizarre occultist parties took place within Hollywood which were hosted by Satanists,
the theory suggests Sharon Tate, Polanski and their circle of friends were allegedly
involved in the parties. The theory suggests Sharon Tate wanted out
and didn’t want her baby to be raised in the satanic setting and in response she was
murdered. Now all the motives have been listed it is
up for you to decide, which motive do you think was behind the murders? Vote now. The results will be tallied up and revealed
at the beginning of the next episode. A) Helter Skelter Motive B) Terry Melcher Motive C) Mafia Drug D) Satanists


  1. BirdDana Author

    wait. i thought satanism was the one that was made up as a joke and had nothing to do with either god or the devil- because they didnt believe in either? do people just use the term 'satanic cult' because its sounds the way it sounds?

  2. Trishoc 1978 Author

    Not to be a pickly whore but the pronunciation of some of the names were just laughable. Leslie Van Hooten?!? It Howten just for future reference. And it's Bobby Booselay (Beausoleil). Anyone who has done any research on Manson or the Tate-LaBianca murders should know how the names are pronounced as they are stated several times.

    You could also slow down the speech a bit, it seemed very rushed.

    I was surprised that the crime scene photos were used as they are typically not used. It's a grisly scene but I feel was needed to show the brutality that the victims endured.

  3. Gamiel The Manipulator Author

    god if anyone actually believes anything that comes out of Mansons mouth, you can basically go ahead and put yourself in the category of his cult, you're just another sheep that'll believe anything. if you ever ask someone for a truthful answer and they immediately start looking around the room, that's called building a story, they'll literally be grabbing words of out thin air and that's exactly what Manson is doing in the first interview 4:30.. I mean come on! he's actually trying to make himself out to be the good guy in this story "I told em', don't you bring me into no violence man! so I showed up and grabbed a knife and cut his ear off then scotch taped it back on" lol sounds like a real non violent type of person…..

  4. Bret Baker Author

    e. All of the above. On my next trip to L.A. I'm going to go to see where all these murders took place and find the "secret film studio".

  5. bro merkabah Author

    Hey dude why do you guys focus on click b8 top 5 videos and not do just this, show the facts. whenever the british guy is on he just it's facts for like an hour, but that great content gets hidden by crappy too 5 vids

  6. Hillary Mack Author

    Thank you, this was SO interesting. I didn't know anything about the motives. I think the drug motive works for me. Thank you and please continue to make these awesome informative videos. I know I will be watching them all 🙂

  7. Toni Remer Author

    ALL great choices, but I'm torn between A (Helter Skelter) and D (Satanic Cult). IF I had my way, I'd say A and D were behind the Manson Family Murders.
    I LOVE this new series, and I can't wait to see your next video!

  8. Nana Banana Author

    I had to Google whether France had an extradition treaty with the US (because you really don't hear about people fleeing to France when they commit a crime. I mean it's a lot safer than Nicaragua) and apparently this gets Googled enough that the specific case comes up. The only thing keeping him from being extradited is his citizenship. Apparently certain countries like France and the eternally-obstinately-neutral Switzerland will not extradite their own citizens even if they have committed heinous crimes. Apparently as long as those heinous crimes are committed OUTSIDE the borders of the country, it's all good.

  9. PsyintZ Author

    Manson seemed like a totally different person in every interview he did, but no matter how he changed his personality, he always managed to sound like a complete fuckin' lunatic.

  10. FrankieOnBeastMode Author

    I dont like how this guy narrates. Reads 3 words an pauses and never stops for commas or periods. Its annoying AF. Learn how to read bro

  11. SovereignBlade Author

    Caught my attention when The Process ( Process Church of the Final Judgment) was mentioned. Back in 1972 they had a huge temple on Ursuline St in New Orleans. I was a French Quarter artist plying my trade on Jackson Square and they tried to get me to join. After hearing their beliefs I declined and a member of the church wearing a black cape sat near me on the Square and stared…hahaha. Maybe they were thinking they could alter my thinking via their stare… who knows. But there were roomers of some pretty wild activities going on behind closed doors at the temple. Later I had heard of Manson's membership in the church… but not the connection with L. Ron Hubbard. Though with Hubbard's friendship with Alister Crowley, "The Beast". Now this is interesting…. strange days those.

  12. Vell Baria Official Channel Author

    Many people before realize that fame can make your lives better, but now it's the complete opposite!

    I admire celebrities lived normal whilst living with their fame in their hands!

  13. lookatmepleasesir Author

    Billionaire heiress and associate of roman polanski worked for child protective services…nothing suss there, nothing suss at all.

  14. CherchezPas Author

    I think that the comment…about Charles Manson might be true..he may act crazy…put on a show…told his followers to act crazy to fane innocence…but he tells the truth…and about Hollywood I have been told its a micro version of what is a model for the rest of the country..if you look at the wealthy beautiful..they always feel privileged..above everyday morals…they stand for it…Studio 54 behavior comes to mind…today private sex parties are well known…private…Scientology is very popular..and very secretive…I know Ive had and unusual experience there..Stars such as Sammie Davis comments come to mind..and he was known to have a sex addiction…

  15. Paul Hart Author

    The real motive for the killings was just a petty vendetta against Terry Melcher. Boring I know.
    But Manson confessed this to Bobby Beausoleil during the Gary Hinman trial. Manson said he USED the Helter Skelter motive for his Family's consumption. Manson feared the Family would never kill just for a petty vendetta. See the Beausoleil interview in the documentary, Manson: The Lost Tapes.
    Manson also confessed this motive to Diane Sawyer for an ABC News special. He said this about his supposed music deal with Melcher.
    "Terry and I had a contract. In my world, you either honor your contract or you die." End Quote.

  16. Paul Hart Author

    Bobby Beausoleil already said Manson confessed to him about the Cielo Drive murders. The two shared a cell together during the Hinman trial. Manson told Beausoleil "I sent Tex to kill Terry". Helter Skelter was a just a cover story Manson told to the Family.


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