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The Death of the Hollywood Movie Musical


  1. Devyn Awalt Author

    Lindsay do you write your videos yourself? Cause if you do to be THAT pretty THTT smart and THAT articulate and witty is just nucking futs!

  2. Rubberman202 Author

    I like how Lindsay paints superhero movies as a dying trend, yet Venom ended up making fat bank and, despite people complaining about the overabundance of superhero movies, people keep going to see them.

  3. Serai3 Author

    "That fucking Dr. Doolittle killed off merchandising tie-ins."

    For about 18 months until Planet of the Apes came along. The wave of stuff that came with those films was amazing.

  4. Ace Bashige Author

    Your like Ego, from Ratatouille leaving the Musical in their place. Like a dead art, then you made this like re-review and final statement, little did you know CATS would fallow two years later.

  5. FionaOfMountLawley Author

    There was an additional incident related to the filming of Doctor Dolittle too. Adventurer and explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes had a school-friend who was so incensed by the damage to the Wiltshire landscape near Castle Combe that Fiennes, at his request, got hold of some leftover explosives he had access to, being at the time in the British Special Air Service regiment and having recently completed an explosive demolitions course, intending to help his friend by using them to destroy the 20 foot concrete dam which had been used to create a "lagoon" for the film. In the final cut the water was as visibly muddy as you'd expect a dammed up stream to look, in contrast to the usual appearance of a lagoon.

    He was prevented from doing so, and was ordered to pay a large fine in county court, but later learned that he might have been sent to prison for 7 years over the plot, had leniency not been granted.

    So yeah, a man who was a special forces soldier known for generally not giving any fucks about things like 'health', 'safety', 'risks' or 'sanity', tried to blow up that film set. This is the same man who used a fret-saw to amputate his own finger tips, 34 years later, after they became frostbitten during a failed solo and unsupported attempt to reach the North Pole on foot in 2000 (he was 56 at the time), and still climbed Everest 9 years later at the age of 65, minus the fingertips which are generally held to be fairly useful while you are mountain climbing.

  6. Chase Johnson Author

    Did you ever end up creating a research class for skill share? I've looked around their website but couldn't find anything you created. Do you have any books or learning resources you recommend for being a better researcher?

    Love you work and presentation.

  7. Gilligan's Secret Music Stash Author

    I don't know, this video was a weird mix for me. I do agree with a lot of what she said, but there were a quite a few times I couldn't agree with WHAT she said or, really, HOW she said it.

  8. mrchuckmorris Author

    10:54 "The Happiest Millionaire" is actually one of my wife's favorite movies, along with "Oscar" and "The Man Who Came To Dinner." All three are relatively unheard-of, old-timey films within my generation (older edge of millennials), and each was pretty great when she introduced me to them. I'm glad that even when box office bombs, miscast superstar flops, or ancient black and white play adaptations fail to gain traction in their own or current times, we still have ways of seeing them today, and there is always someone who remembers.

  9. Anthony Robertson Author

    It also had to do with the fact that in the late 60s and 70s (and into the 80s) the music in musical numbers became very uncool. Teens and twenty somethings found such musical styles boring and the music of your parents. Rock music was new and exciting and what was in. Most of the youth had no desire to sit through broadway type numbers and rolled their eyes anytime such music was played.

  10. Ja Xe Author

    I don’t like the cinema, why would I pay to watch a movie in a smelly theatre with a bunch of strangers when I can watch it at home with friends?

  11. WereKingWolf Author

    14:32 This is the best sentence I've ever heard in my entire life and it came out completely out of nowhere when I was mindlessly distracted listening to the video while doing something else and I can't breathe right now someone plz send help

  12. Hannah Brennan Author

    Am I the only one who actually likes Hello Dolly? It's so fun and upbeat. It never fails to help me feel better if I'm sick or in a bad mood.

  13. newwavepop Author

    i dont even know what 4D is!? and probably dont care, but still, i didnt even know that was a thing. also i was a little confused, so when was Hello Dolly filmed, and when was it released?

  14. David Schaftenaar Author

    I absolutely HATE musicals. I would rather spend the 90 minutes walking around barefoot in a pitch-black room with Legos strewn across the floor. I am dead serious … Except for Mary Poppins, because every rule has it's exceptions.

  15. Ron Stewart Author

    Rutger Hauer died the other day. I watched his Blade Runner death scene a few times, just appreciating his work. The parody at the end of this – like a turd, in the wind – it didn't have the same gravitas. 🙂 I was 6 when Dr Dolittle was made – sure bored me! I thought Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was of the same ilk, though I had not heard of road shows before today. Surprised not to see it here. Thanks for an interesting and fun video!

  16. Benjamin Williams Author

    How cool would it be if movies nowadays had entr’acte and intermission? Like, we already pay a small fortune to see a movie, we just want to be able to use the bathroom without missing anything

  17. César Abraham Castañeda Valencia Author

    Nothing could be more depressing than the 3/2 The Hobbit video essay, so now I´m going to watch this to complete my morning ; )

  18. Laura Sida Author

    Musicals didn't die, they just tuned into the Disney Renaissance. With T.V. and internet we no longer can suspend your sense of disbelief. You realize there is not "little town" in France with a enchanted castle. You go to Europe and Paris is just a big city. It's not just your town/city/state/country/region that doesn't break into song randomly, it's all of them. Best regulate singing and dancing numbers to animation.

  19. kajsjdjfjedj jcdjdjdjcjdjd Author

    I love going to the movies. Problem is they cost a lot and most movies that are around me aren't anything but basic hollywood crap. I'm not gonna watch a remake or unnecessary sequal in the theaters. Also some tickets are just as expensive as getting cheap musical tickets. Would rather experience it live and have good voice talent than actors that can barely act let alone sing. I love the sound of music, would rather watch a production of it live than another movie remake of it.

  20. Rachel Author

    They're trying to make a come back of sorts. We just need professional dancers and singers to become actors, like the most famous dozen or so who made all the ones we have now. Like movies based on a woman being a professional dance swimmer and would be on skies most of the movie. Cant think of her name but she did a lot of movies.

  21. SRFriso94 Author

    ""And a three-day production delay that, according to the Dolittle choreographer, happened when 'the giraffe stepped on his own cock." I mean seriously, if this doesn't happen to a movie, why should you even bother to go see it?

  22. unclepatrick2 Author

    Yes Hello Dolly had major problems. But so did other Musicals.
    One of the problems especially in the late 60's and 70's is the tendency to hire stars who could not sing.
    But where as in the 50 and 60's, Studio would get some one else to sing, especially Mary Martin, in the late 60's and 70's. they would keep the Star real voice struggling through the songs.
    A perfect example is "Paint you Wagon". Neither Lee Marvin or Clint Eastwood were very good singers.
    the Best singer in the film was Harve Presnell with the song "they call the Wind Maria"
    And the Director decided that they did not need to do any arranging of the Dances Numbers so you just get Guys stomping around.
    Another famous example is the Movie "Mame " . Angela Lansbury who did the musical on Broadway and won a Tony for it as well as having appeared in "Bed knobs and Broomsticks" was passed over for Lucile Ball. Again She not a great singer.

  23. Aidan Childers Author

    I can't believe you introduced The Sound of Music as "the big guns" without using that gif where Julie Andrews opens fire with twin Uzis.

  24. Sough Author

    I think the musical was max spectacle before special effects came into their own. Secondly dance, big band and bing crosby type singers was still big, but then declined. Musicals were doomed to fade.

  25. elhardo Author

    i – The Hollywood Musical : A History : 2:42
    ii – The sound of Money : 7:42
    iii – Hello, Dolly!, the culmination of the fall of the musical and roadshow : 15:57
    iv – The End of an Era : 19:03

  26. Eric Son of James Author

    I thought that Infinity War popcorn bucket would be good to store all by bar gadgets… Now I’m depressed. Gin to the rescue!

  27. thy lionheart Author

    Lindsay: "The first canary in this coal mine actually came from the Disney Company with The Happiest Millionaire…"
    Me: "Huh. Never heard of it."
    Lindsay: "…that bombed so spectacularly you've never heard of it."

  28. WJZAV Author

    Its funny to me that whenever a movie under-performs nowadays, the big studios always whine about mean critics, the Internet Culture ruining the industry or the audience not being ready yet to comprehend the genius of the movie.
    Not once do they consider that their movie might just suck.

  29. haley holman Author

    Mamma Mia was a very popular musical, but it should also be mentioned that Les Miserables and La La Land are newer musicals that killed it at the Oscars in their respective years.

  30. Micah Cook Author

    Lindsay, what about the movie musicals of the 2000s? I was interested in seeing what you think about the short influx during that time? Especially when Chicago came out. It was in my opinion, one of the best 21st century musicals that took elements from the Originial Broadway Production and the Revival. Combining sex with vaudeville flashiness


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