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THE FAVOURITE Official Trailer (2018) Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, History Movie HD

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I’m waiting.. How dare you ? your majesty I’d like to enjoy the music now This is madness! Sometimes the ladies like to have some fun


  1. Tpa Author

    Nothing against Emma Stone but does she REALLY have to be in every new movie from a great writer/director? There are so many super talented unknown actresses out there, I’m sick of looking at Emma Stone, I mean she got her Oscar isn’t that enough?

  2. Sen Author

    olivia coleman should be in the title. as one of the leads and arguably central role of the film it's slightly strange that she isn't. and this movie looks typical for yorgman. which means not really widespread appeal or a niche audience.

  3. Isabella Morris Author

    Now this looks interesting!! I'm curious to see how the guy who did Killing of a Sacred Deer makes a historical comedy (I'm sensing a slightly sinister undercurrent as well which should be interesting).

  4. Cuitlam Molina Author

    Three of the best! especially Olivia Coleman! Rachel Weisz is one of my favorite too, and bomb! and Emma Stone is up there as well! funny Olivia is a queen here, she played the queen mum in Hyde park on hudson, and will be playing Queen in the Crown, replacing Claire Foy also bad ass!

  5. The Dude Abides Author

    Emma Stone is such a chameleon. You can drop her into any movie or tv series and she’ll be fantastic. This is what the art of acting is truly about. Not these one note actors making millions off of dumb action flicks.

  6. Charlie Author

    Such a great period of history. The beginning of Britain's rise to a superpower, the scientific revolution, financial revolution, capitalism, and eventually the industrial revolution. The end of the old order. And for such a momentous period of history it is often overlooked.

  7. Fauler Perfektionist Author

    "I'm going to have you stripped and whipped."
    "I'm waiting."
    "Oh, I didn't say I would do it today. Oh, no. You don't know when I'm going to have it done. I could have you dragged from your bed in the wee hours of you-don't-know-which morning for it. You will have to carry this notion with you."

  8. Manuel Nardin Author

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