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The Founder Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Michael Keaton Movie HD

I know what you’re thinking How the heck does a 52 years old over the hill milkshake machine salesman build a fast food empire with 16 hundred restaurants and an annual revenue of 7 hundred millions dollars. One word. Persistence! Prince Castle sales. Adrian. Ray! How is it going down there?! Good. It’s well, a lot interested! We got an order. Six mixers. To anyone in particular? McDonald’s! Care for a little tour ? We wanted something different, and that’s why my brother here comes up with one of his brilliant ideas Orders ready in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. Unique, original. There’s nothing like this! It’s revolutionary? That’s exactly what it is. Revolutionary. What is that? The Golden Arches. It’s a way to make the place standout! There should be McDonald’s everywhere. Franchise the damn thing! Mr Kroc. Franchise. Franchise. Franchise! McDonald’s can be the new American Church. and it ain’t just open on Sundays, boys. How come we almost lost all of the capital ? Did you mortgaged our home? And we could lose everything. I want to renegotiate… my lousy deal ! I can’t. Can’t or won’t ? Ray. What? No. Dammit! What you want to be doing, is owning the land upon which that burger is cooked. You’re not in the burger business… You’re in the real estate business. Franchise Realty Corporation. It’s its own separate company, which puts it outside your purview There is a wolf in the hen house. We let him in! When enough is gonna be enough for you? Probably never. You are to stop this instant. I am through, taking orders from you ! You have a contract! Contracts are like hearts.. they’re made to be broke. Business is war. It’s dog eat dog, rat eat rat. I wanna take the future. I wanna win! The brothers are your business partners. Make them go away. And I don’t care what it takes! A glorious name, McDonald’s. And I had to have it. You don’t have it. You’re sure about that?


  1. Code Optimization Ware Author

    Great movie, but too many spoilers in this trailer. Good thing I've seen the film, twice so far, because this trailer gives a bit too much of the movie away.

    But about the movie, I'd give it 10 of 10 stars. Now we know how Bruce Wayne got his wealth hehehehehehe just kidding on that last hehehehehehe

  2. LEE SOLID Author

    Hes the type of guy that would try to make a deal with God to return to earth because his wife was donating most of their money to charity. He'd be like wttttttfffffff you doing!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  3. frycook48 Author

    Actually a really well done biopic. Though as good as the movie was (and it was really good, well edited, acted and well made) the story did make me pretty angry at times, which I suppose is a sign it did its job.

  4. smallchoiceaccumulate Author

    Disappointed at the movie, and it mads me when he is so proud about it. People who take advantage of other people does really get up there. No dignity, not a recommendable movie.

  5. Dylan Peres Author

    the world of business is ruthless and you have to be just as ruthless and smart to survive and make an impact…..sure ethics are important, but so is the drive and determination to do more than you can…..and that's what ray did especially at his age. He saw what the brothers couldn't……an opportunity and he took it and made it into something America loves and calls it household today. Besides, he never forced them to do anything. They let him in, gave him the franchise rights, gave him the real estate rights everything. In a mugging you still have no choice. Here they did. Ray Kroc, truly a legendary businessman I say and he really is the founder of the Mcdonald's we know and love today.

  6. Chasity Williams Author

    What a awful guy ripping two honest men out of the company they built. This movie should have been called the phoney founder.

  7. Luis Menezes Author

    Despite that Ray Kroc was one hell of a backstabbing shark, he made what McDonald's is today. And the worst is that even if this movie tells the story, I'm still lovin' it.

  8. William Nimbach Author

    Roy Kroc destroyed McDonald’s sure he franchised it but I mean the thing it’s the fake shakes he’s the one who started making crap food

  9. rodrigueskorn Author

    But if in the film is informing that the brothers should have a 1% of all gains, why can't they get it now? I felt the damage Ray left on the brothers, it was a bad feeling even the brothers not being so hungry for sucess.

  10. Ranya Labz Author

    Opportunist. Back stabber. When Kroc bought Mcdonalds, he compromised the quality.. hate the guy appreciate the 2 brothers for staying humble..

  11. Rosa Andrea Author

    I just watched the movie like 5 minutes ago, and I really see how he was a man with vision and a really good businessman but at the same time I felt like he was like doing bad for not giving credit nor the 1% to the brothers, who were the creators of the whole system of Mcdonalds.

  12. Yonas Tassew Author

    I have a (sort-of) small theory that this film about the “importance” (there’s NO importance about it, in my mind) of stealing an idea is made by people in Hollywood who would plagiarize ideas THEMSELVES.
    And I have another (minor) feeling that the only reason this movie received GENERALLY POSITIVE reviews from critics is just the film’s set-up of “some kind of ‘genre’ that probably anyway doesn’t get a lot of fans”: a film about an anti-hero (Ray Kroc, in this example). But have you ever thought you heard that CRITICS’ reviews are supposed to matter in the movie business than the reviews of FANS FOR MOVIES? Thank you.


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