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THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

♪♪♪In Amsterdam,I dreamt I saw my mother again.Same beautiful pale blue eyes.This is the one
I was talking about.When I lost her…I lost sight of any landmarkthat might have led me
some place happier.
You’re the boy, aren’t you?The boy whose mother was killed?♪♪♪ We all feel afraid sometimes.You never know…what’s going to decide
your future.
To lose something…that should
have been immortal…
Please, tell me… it isn’t true.


  1. teljnyazhka Author

    It's pretty stupid to say : "I am only here because of (insert appropriate actor)", clearly it's all about publicity for favourite actors, not the the story itself. The world is defintely becoming dumber

  2. Lord Hehan ㇶハン様 赫憾真人 Author

    Lord Hehan likes both the little and the big blonde Harry Potter. Lord Hehan finds the trailer boring though.

  3. Nix Bronowski Author

    Interesting. The Goldfinch painting by Fabitrius…The Artist was killed in an explosion. The Explosion took most of his work..along with him. A Huge Talent ..Taken from Chance.

  4. Julie Marino Author

    I know the book won the Pulitzer Prize, but I wasn't that blown away (no pun intended) by it. I thought it was a little too long and ended about 3 times before it actually ended, which to me muddled what the author was trying to say. However, I might see it anyway. I know the film will have to be substantially cut and streamlined and I am kind of curious to see what kind of a story they create from it.

  5. Wade wilson Author

    brought me to tears even though nothing even close to the loss of a beloved one happened to me. i simply can’t wait to see this movie, it looks amazing, the actors. argh, such talent!!

  6. Dona Deric Author

    so many trailers recently give away the entire plot of the movie. i'm so glad this trailer has still left so many things unexplained and intrigued me enough to want to go see the film

  7. KeepingUpWithNocie Author

    Bros came to our house and negotiated using our house for some of the scenes in this movie. If I had authority I would’ve said yes, that would’ve been cool

  8. paradidledidle Author

    Did that person who looks like a man just assume the gender of that child simply because they looked male? We're simply not learning anything are we…

  9. Diwa Popal Author

    When you loose anyone that close to you is heart breaking I lost my dad in the age of 12 it has been one year and I miss him every single day I am exited to watch this movie but I know it is going to be heartbreaking

  10. Anna Dayton Author

    Donna Tartt's writing is so flushed out a movie adaption would be leaving out very much detail, I wish they would make a movie of The Little Friend though

  11. Rebecca Haefeli Author

    Currently reading the book. It is unlike anything I have ever read. It is such a genius story and I’m so excited for the film adaption and so excited to see how the actors portray the characters

  12. gia doruelo Author

    i just spent an hour reading an abundance of bad reviews about the goldfinch and now i am devastated because i was SO excited to watch this film (it is not a lie when i say that i watch this trailer every morning while i get ready)

  13. Michael Bryant Author

    This film already will not come close to the book, all the characters are too pretty and too young looking, sorry to Jeff Wright (who is an excellent actor) but Hobie was not black.


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