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The Hidden Meaning in Zootopia – Earthling Cinema

This video is brought to you by Square Space. Helping you make beautiful websites quickly and easily. Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Zootopia — yet another stage in Hollywood’s quest to make me sexually attracted to rabbits. The film takes place on Earth in the 24th century, after the humans had wiped themselves out, and animals raided their wardrobes. Our protagonist is the exhaustingly enthusiastic Judy Hopps, who leaves behind her white trash family in order to become a cop — the most venerated of all professions. Even though Judy graduates Phi beta-Carotene, the chief puts her on parking duty because she’s too small to succeed. Thankfully, the assistant mayor is also a lil pipsqueak, and out of solidarity she helps Judy worm her way onto a missing otter case. Then, in Judy’s first act as a protector of truth and justice, she blackmails a hard-working entrepreneur into becoming her unpaid intern. Judy and Nick the Intern discover that the missing otter went all savage on his limo driver — which is weird, because limos are pretty much the chillest way to get to prom. The driver blames it on “night howlers,” and then moments later, he, too, goes Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever on their asses. Judy and Nick escape in the Judy and Nick of time, then use traffic cameras to follow some pretty shaggy-looking horses, on account of the old wolves’ tale
that horses howl at the moon. “Betcha nickel one of them is gonna howl.” “And there it is.” Lo and behold, they find the otter and a bunch of other missing predators, still straight actin’ the fool. But also, the lion mayor is there. So, they have him arrested, for plot purposes, and replaced with the sheep lady from before. All the Zootopioids start panicking
about predators being psycho killers — qu’est-ce que c’est. Judy hop hop hop hops back home for her annual botany lesson, where she learns that “night howlers” aren’t horses at all, but rather a type of flower that makes you zonked in your bonker. “Terry ate one whole when we were kids and went completely nuts.” So, she goes back to Z-Town and heads over to the secret bad guy laboratory, where some sheeple are making night howlerade. I call them “sheeple” because they are literally sheep that act like people, but also because they are followers. And who are they following? Another sheep, of course. The new mayor. She shoots Nick with the serum dealio, and he goes into beast mode. But don’t lynch him just yet, ‘cuz he was playing make-pretend, and really, he was shot by a tiny blue watermelon. They do the not-a-cop-out-at-all movie trick of
recording the bad guy’s admission of guilt, and Judy and Nick become partners. Sex partners? That’s for the viewer to decide. And draw. And send to me. At the heart of Zootopia lies the question of
nature vs. nurture; is identity biologically determined, or can we elevate ourselves by incorporating nurture somehow? At the beginning of the film, we are led to believe the veneer of civilization is the only thing keeping predators from going apeshit — batshit — tigershit — et cetera. In public, Nick is on his best behavior, bucking the negative stereotypes commonly associated with foxes. But in private, his sly nature rears its adorable head. “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.” And when predators begin reverting to their primitive ways, the biological determinists are all, “I told you so.” “It may have something to do with… biology.” But when it turns out the whole thing was
just because of some obscure poison, the animals realize biology is not to blame. I mean, the biology of the plants is to blame, but that’s not really what we’re talking about right now. The film illustrates the fallacy of relying on prejudice by inverting all its previously-established stereotypes: Judy’s fox bully from childhood is now a pacifist pastry chef. Flash, the slow sloth from all the trailers, is a speed demon drag racer. The dumb bunny solves the case, and the sly fox gets an honest job. The meek lamb assistant mayor is actually the ruthless mastermind behind the entire conflict, and probably doesn’t even need those glasses. Zootopia mirrors the social and political
landscape of 20th century America, when efforts began, in earnest, to balance some of society’s glaring inequalities. Sort of. The Mammal Inclusion Initiative is similar to various
Earthling diversity and affirmative action programs designed to level the playing field for under-served minorities — and in the case of women: majorities. The parallels are accentuated by the use of
language associated with the PC movement. “Sir, I’m not just some token bunny.” Not to be confused with the Mac movement, which was a sleeker but more expensive movement. And just like in 20th century America, the citizens of Zootopia are able to fix all their social ills just by trying hard and being optimistic. “I implore you… try.” Easy peasy, lemon sneezy. God bless you. Peace and tranquility for the entire
animal kingdom. Not counting reptiles and amphibians
and fish and birds and insects. They’re all dead, I guess. Boy, for a movie about inclusion, they sure do go out of their way to ignore all the freaks and uggos. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Go forth and multiply. Hello, Earth enthusiasts! Thanks for watching. Need a galaxy-wide web presence
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  1. Leonardo Nishimura Author

    Put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil, many Brazilians would like to see your channel however This without subtitles, deslike

  2. Sofia Shevechicova Author

    Actually Fish and Insects are actually food , while birds and reptiles live together , due to reptiles evolving slower that why birds came with them .

    And why insects and fish are food , is because why would they need to go underwater ? I mean if predators wouldn't be able to eat meat they'd die , so I think fish insects are right to be food .

  3. dunderbread Author

    so if instead of "wolves" Garyx says "horses" does that mean that wherever he's from horses are vicious, bloodthirsty pack hunters?

  4. Nathan Wise Author

    I appreciate how this show can make even the most terrifying scenes look like a cakewalk, and that's due to its nonchalant and humorous delivery. Kudos! 🙂

  5. The Fox army Author

    Zootopia is my favorite movie. I'm surprised you didn't have a ton to say about it other than the stuff that's pretty much implied.

  6. SubjectivePerspective Author

    I like that Zootopia could have multiple political interpretations. You could view it as showing that identity politics stereotypes aren't always true (privileged predators can be good, disadvantaged prey can be evil), or you could view it as reinforcing those stereotypes (predators commit crime, BLM, etc).

    I thought it was a very nuanced and intelligent film no matter your perspective. Underrated. I know a lot of people who didn't like it.

  7. Titan360 Author

    "Where she learns that night howlers aren't horses at all…"

    Wait, wait wait….when did horses come up? And why would they be "night howlers"? (I mean…aside from Little Pip…)

  8. Robert Wilson Author

    And all this time I thought it was about a naive cop who become corrupt. She works with the mob by threatening to ice the weasel. She blackmails Nick into helping her. The evidence she gathers may not have stood up in a court of law due to the questionable way it's obtained (no warrants, no disclosure of being recorded, etc).

  9. Alexandra Dennehy Author

    So many movies related to bunnies and I'm still obsessed with them…

    Bugs Bunny is my childhood! My peanut butter to my bread (because jelly is disgusting)! My.. My Doc Brown to my Marty McFly! I'm running out of analogies…

  10. Alexandra Dennehy Author

    Zootopia is one of my favorites! I love the other movie references like the Godfather mouse, the Breaking Bad sheep and so on! I love the jokes, puns, characters, and the huge plot twist!!!

  11. Shane Skelcy Author

    Just spit green tea all over my laptop when he said "That's for the viewer to decide, and draw, and send to me" that was the funniest line on the internet

  12. unknown xyz Author

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    Talking Heads

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    I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax
    I can't sleep 'cause my bed's on fire
    Don't touch me I'm a real live wire

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    Say something once, why say it again?

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    Qu'est-ce que c'est

  13. Eliza Glaze Author

    Did u guys see that when the guy who stole those "onions" were selling movies.. They were all like different names (wrangled instead of tangled) and one was meowna it sounds like Moana! By that time, Moana was not released!!OooooH!!


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