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The Hollywood Medium isn’t talking to the dead

This is Tyler Henry. He’s famous for talking to dead people, like Robin Williams. “Couple weeks ago, I was just hanging out.” “I heard Robin Williams come through.” If real, Tyler’s ability would be one of the most significant discoveries in mankind’s existence. The wheel. Electricity. The atom bomb. Tyler Henry. But there’s also a more logical explanation for Tyler: He’s a liar. “Hello Tyler. How are you?” That, of course, is Matt Lauer. Matt is sometimes referred to as a journalist. NBC News even gave him the important duty of moderating a presidential town hall. That went okay. So how did Matt Lauer end up here? Enchanted, holding back tears, and incorrectly saying the name of the man who allegedly made contact with the soul of his dead father? “With Tyler Henly, you never know where you’re going to go.” Let’s start with a little history on Tyler. He left nursing school to become a psychic. RYAN: “You were doing your hospice study.” “What was the inciting thing where you said, ‘I can full-time pursue this’?” TYLER: “Well I really was trying to just supplement going to college.” “I started finding that the demand for readings was overwhelming, and I ultimately either” “had to make the choice of doing hospice nurse homework or doing readings.” “And, ultimately, I found that readings actually were a way to comfort people in a very unique way.” From there, he met an agent. And a producer. And suddenly, he had a television show. On every episode, Tyler reads a handful of stars. And celebrity after celebrity is blown away by his abilities. Moby. Snookie. Lil Jon. “Yeah!” But while Tyler may be a young, fresh face, the techniques he appears to be using are pretty old. Some might even say “basic.” My request for a personal reading from Tyler was denied, so to break down how his psychic process works, we’ll return to our dear friend, Matt Lauer. Tyler asks his clients to bring a personal item to spark a spiritual connection. MATT: “Tyler started by asking for a pocket knife
I’d brought.” “He didn’t know it once belonged to my maternal grandfather.” Notice how Lauer says it belonged to his mother’s father. This is the last time you’ll hear anything
about his mom’s side of the family. Now with the knife, a masculine heirloom, Tyler says he’s receiving energy from a father-type figure. TYLER: “This doesn’t come through as like a grandfather,” “but this is coming through in a fatherly kind of an essence.” This looks exactly like a cold reading, a method of using context clues to make high-probability guesses. But it’s important to always have a way out. So he hedges. It’s not a father, necessarily. It’s a “fatherly essence.” Next, he refers to dying, a pretty common thing for dead people. TYLER: “Okay. This man is immediately going to have me talk about the passing.” “Let’s see what this is.” From there, he tries talking about a phone being held to someone’s ear. TYLER: “And he showed me the symbol of a phone being held to one’s ear when they’re in an unconscious state.” That doesn’t seem to ring any bells, but it doesn’t matter; it’s a symbol! TYLER: “When they show that symbol, that to me always acknowledges” “that they were ultimately told by family, ‘It’s okay.’” He moves on quickly. This is called shotgunning, AKA rattling through a bunch of stuff super quickly until something sticks. As he does this, you can see something start to click inside Matt, despite the fact that Tyler hasn’t specified anything personal beyond a handful of common situations. This is called the Barnum effect, a phenomenon where people feel a close personal connection to an extremely generalized description, like a horoscope. Tyler keeps with the common tropes. TYLER: “There’s a feeling of appreciation that’s like…” “I refuse to die surrounded by doctors.” Matt is flabbergasted. MATT: “Whether he knew it or not, Tyler was talking about my father, who passed away in 1997.” “At his request, he spent the last few weeks of his life at home, under hospice care.” Now that Matt is in the palm of his hand, Tyler tries something more specific. TYLER: “So strange. He’s showing me a reference to like a coin.” “And I don’t know why this is coming through in the way that it is.” “But he’s showing me — and it may not click right now — but he’s referencing these coins.” “And it’s a coin collection. It’s like a very random, specific, old, archaic thing.” MATT: “I have a couple of silver dollars from him but not a lot.” A couple usually means two, but it can sometimes mean more than that. So Tyler uses a clever trick to be specific but vague. TYLER: “There’s actually a reference to having three.” “And then I feel like I have to acknowledge either missing one or misplacing one.” “I’m going to talk about two.” “How many do you have knowing that?” MATT: “I think I have two.” TYLER: “Okay, well there’s a third.” MATT: “I think I have two.” Tyler’s on a roll, so he tries another seemingly specific but also common or, worst case scenario, symbolic story. TYLER: “He’s just showing me a vision of a bird flying into a house” “and having to get this bird and trap this bird.” And it works! TYLER: “I don’t know if you have to run up and grab a box and capture it and throw it out.” MATT: “We’ve had that happen.” TYLER: “That’s happened.” Tyler then gets a little personal. TYLER: “You have a susceptibility to something called sleep apnea.” MATT: “It has been brought to my attention that I might snore just a little bit.” This could easily be what is called a hot reading, which is when a medium has gathered information ahead of time from ancestry data, social media, or from TV. “On occasion, I will admit that I have, kinda, awakened myself with a kind of a little snore.” “I did wake myself up the other day with one of those god-awful, grunting snores.” Having now gone far beyond any reasonable connection to Matt’s maternal grandfather’s knife, Tyler doubles down on his obviously evocative connection to Matt’s father. TYLER: “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but he’s acknowledging an individual out on a boat,” “and I feel like I’m sitting alone, and I’m fishing, and I’m thinking ‘Dad.’” “And he’s having me acknowledge this feeling of like ‘I’m there with you, I’m there with you.’” MATT: “Um, you know, my dad shared two passions with me: He shared golf and fishing.” This could either be a cold reading or a hot reading. Matt’s love of fishing is far from secret. In an old NBC News blog post, he said, “I have two passions, both instilled in me by my father: golf and fishing.” And from there, Tyler proceeds with some standard pleasantries. Matt’s father wants to say he’s proud of his son. He wants to know he’s happy. And Matt gets to speak back. MATT: “Tell him I’m happy.” TYLER: “Okay.” MATT: “Because of him.” TYLER: “Absolutely.” “And you know what? He knows.” Viewed through a certain lens, Tyler’s readings are kind of endearing. He gave Matt Lauer closure. Happiness even. RYAN: “What you do comforts people and entertains them.” “Do you think it ultimately matters if someone believes you or if you have some sort of proof for them?” TYLER: “You know, I would say, from just doing the show alone — I mean, gosh, we’ve done” “over a hundred and ten readings now, so — these people have started out as skeptics, believers,” “all across the board.” “But I don’t think that we inherently logically have to understand something in order to benefit from it.” “We’re still able to find a sense of comfort.” And if Tyler gives the people he’s talking to comfort, what’s the harm in that, right? Well, there’s a lot of harm — both to the celebrities he’s reading and to the people watching who believe that Tyler is the real thing. For starters, Tyler gives health readings. KRIS JENNER: “You should be a doctor.” “I don’t need to go to the doctor now!” “I’m good!” People like Tyler also contribute to fake news. Countless news outlets, for whatever reason, take what Tyler Henry does at face value. SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: “It’s amazing…”
TAMRON HALL: “It is amazing.” MATT: “We want to let you know, Season 2 of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Hen— it almost seems weird” “to be doing it as a promo right now because it was so much more important to me than a promo.” “It premieres Wednesday, Aug. 10, on our sister network, E!” But most egregiously, what Tyler does targets the vulnerable, the grieving. And sometimes, that false hope can actually be dangerous. Like when Tyler purported to reconnect Michael Sam, who has suffered through mental health issues in the past, to his brother who’s been missing and presumed dead since the late ’90s. TYLER: “It’s rea— I have like— Oooo I got the chills, weird.” “I definitely don’t get a deceased vibe.” “I get absolutely no feeling they’re on the other side at all, even remotely.” Tyler says he would be willing to have his abilities tested under the right circumstances. RYAN: “Would you ever do a controlled validation test to prove your abilities to some skeptics out there?” “You know, I think skepticism is an important thing, and I think that I would love to be” “able to undergo testing to some extent, to be able to figure out the span of what this is.” “Ooo… that’s a tough one.” “Let me think on that one.” “Because it’s hard to know necessarily what would be controlled, like…” “Yeah…” “Yeah…” “I don’t know.” “That’s…” “I mean it’s tough to establish what would be a controlled setting.” “That’s up to scientists, not really me.” So we reached out to the Independent Investigations Group, who said they would be more than happy to help. “We have people who are experts in the field of psychology and other areas” “that pertain to assessing whether someone actually has this ability.” “We would work with them to design a test that’s fair” “and gives him an opportunity to demonstrate his ability.” We extended this offer to Tyler Henry, but his team has not responded to multiple requests for comment. Regardless, Tyler has always been defensive about his intentions. TYLER: “I would say that in every reading that I do, the goal is to provide closure.” “And parents who lose children need closure more than anybody.” But the only thing stunts like Tyler’s should give closure to is any belief that there’s truth in the supernatural or reality TV. TYLER: “It is possible, though, that he might still be alive.” MICHAEL: “Well, that gives me hope then.”
TYLER: “Yeah, yeah.”


  1. Mary Joyce Prattsmallmall Author

    I really can't believe that: Remember when Lazarus as Jesus if he could come back tell his brother don't come to HELL…GOD TOLD HIM THEIR A GREAT GULF BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTHmeaning no e can tell you anything. However you do dream. Some you Remember so dreams you don't

  2. Sherri Orndorff Author

    So, the Truth comes out. The young Hollywood Sychic, Tyler is a Fake!! He said he Quit Nursing school to become a Sychic. U Just Don't decide one day to become a Sychic!! U R Either born with the ability, or ur Not!!

  3. L Collins Author

    Ur interview was denied bc can’t do readings for negative ppl. It’s not rattling it’s moving on to smthg more significant. There’s a limited time given so we have to hurry through all the info given and then stay with the info spirit wants you to emphasize. Matt believed inspite of the fact that he could’ve looked up all this info but bc tyler has good energy and Matt isn’t stupid nor is he gullible Matt also reads energy and knew Tyler was genuine. Matt’s job is to read ppl he’s just as psychic and knows the truth when he sees it. We are all psychic it’s just that ppl like u are not ready for the truth yet.

  4. david white Author

    I talk to dead people all the time because I have no choice because their scattered throughout my house but ive never gotten one reply

  5. Louise Viau Author

    To date no one has proven that living humans can communicate with the dead. There is a million dollar fund in existence. Anyone who can prove that they are the real deal, can grab the cash. So far, no one has done so. The reason – you can't communicate with the dead. These days with social media it makes even easier for these fakes to work their 'magic'. Learning the techniques of cold readings and other time-honored fake psychic techniques anyone can become a psychic. The most obvious of all of them is the Long Island Medium who messes up badly when she is in front of a live audience. To avoid too many embarrassing wrong readings, the Long Island woman now has her audiences sitting in numbered chairs and fill out short history forms that they hand in before the show starts. Then a staff of people hop on their computers and glean social media for details and feed this information to her during the show. These people prey on the vulnerable and that is aggregious. "I would love to undergo testing … to SOME extent" In other words, "NO … I wouldn't like to do that". It would demonstrate how fake he is. To date, no one has passed these tests. Shocker.

  6. Javiwoo G Author

    Hollywood medium is Full of crap he lies he has
    Zero abilities information is on a celebrity life is online he gives us the Real mediums a Horrible name I alway use my ability for no profit spirits just show up when they wish to speak …. All i have to say is that Karma is gonna get him that’s for sure

  7. Christeus Abbey Author

    He's not hearing the dead,because the dead do not speak.When people die,they are dead! No doubt he's hearing demonic spirits,they are speaking to him!

  8. Nonpneumatic Author

    lmao Outline is a joke of a news source. Y’all are so quick to shut down your belief in someone because they rejected your request on a reading. You even made a video about them. Maybe he doesn’t want to give you readings because you’re only going to portray him in a negative light? Cause that’s all I’m getting from your journalism. Maybe be less bias if you wanna succeed fully on this platform

    Even if he did gave you a reading, all you’re gonna do is try to shut down his messages. You went in requesting a reading with a negative and close minded attitude, why should he waste his time and effort with a joke of this channel? You already shut him down so that’s more on you than him

  9. Jason Tiver Author

    Yeap! he's a liar. With the internet it's so easy to do research on people. Even if a so called medium does a show with an audience there's advanced ticket sales and credit card transactions. More than enough to pulled information on people. I believe in God I just don't believe in mediums. When you die you go to one of two places and we all know what they are. And those have a one way ticket.

  10. Sophie Deveraux Author

    I don think people watch his show bc they believe what he pretends do is real. reality tv is just a parody of the lower social classes, Especially the lower class rich like celebrities and thats why people are amused by it.

  11. lexmac16 Author

    Why is everybody so mean? “The Outline” is using all of you guys to get money too from YouTube. Don’t you realize that?
    Outline, have you watched the Try Guys with Tyler Henry? Doesn’t look like it.
    Why can’t we all be nice to each other? This is why this world sucks.

  12. Samantha Author

    Watch the video where he reads the try guys from buzz feed. Usually those guys are busting fake paranormal stuff, but they were blown away. He apparently even said something so personal about one of their families that they had to bleep it

  13. Erik Nicholas Author

    He is full of shit!! Any body that thinks there a mind reader ill tell you what ill put up 20k no joke!! If you read me in person all you have to do is answer 3 questions. For me thats it!! Ill pay u n i wanna ask tell me my dads nick name . other than that there all bullcrap…

  14. Colleen Murphy Author

    Then why does he sweat ?im also a medium ( mike s) and doodleing gets you to relax and step over .we can also feel where someone passed .spirits do not talk usually they are telepathic im sorry but hes the real deal or he wouldnt start sweating

  15. Corinne Robinson Author

    I don't believe any of these psychics,,,they are phony,,,because it all went away when Jesus Christ died,,,,they just find out info about people before they do readings,,,besides it's Satan's work..

  16. Jacqueline Dunn Author

    ahhh who cares really is he hurting you! So if you don't like it do not watch the guy. the guy doing this sounds jealous lBud you need a life.

  17. Natalie Kay Author

    I find it fascinating that people spend so much time discrediting him. How about just not paying attention to him? Problem solved.

  18. Tasha’s Tube Author

    I know that we as human beings are programmed to believe this isn’t possible. It’s real. I know for a fact it is because in 2011 I was working on a client (massage) and 20min into it I suddenly felt this overwhelming loving energy surge Through my entire body! Then a message was downloaded into my mind- “I am a family relative that has passed away and I am here to love and support him” very specific message – I asked my client if he had any relatives that have passed, he said yes my dad . So this is very real!!!!!!!!

  19. John Too Author

    These celebs must get paid a good penny to go on this show and ACT.if they dont get paid they must be getting some kind of benefit.tyler is about as real as james van pragh.

  20. Tammy Branham Author

    Leave Tyler Henry ALONE. . I Do have a gift of talking to the Dead. I have warnings in Dreams to relay to others. I'm in No way Insane. I talk to the Dead and they Do talk back ! Believe it or not I dont care. I'm not out here to make a dime!. The people the messages are for appreciate and listen. I call it a gift from God. I was told by my great grand mother she had the same gift. The Bible speaks foreseen IS FOREWARNED . I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN DIVINE INTERVENTION. I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST . I AM HIS MESSENGER IT IS UP TO HIM WHAT MESSAGES IM,TO SHARE

  21. Roo Coronado Author

    A real psychic would not take fame over ability. He's playing the Wizard of Oz. Karma is a bitch in the metaphysical world. Lies about people's pass.

  22. alex higgs Author


  23. Hilary Morrison Author

    You just have to look at his face, he pulls so many different expressions, eyes up to the ceiling, over to the side while there's a huge smile showing all teeth. He has too many expressions and does not appear to look anyone in the eye at all. He's a good lier.

  24. Loey Loey Author

    It is sad that he makes his living through trickery…….I have spent a lifetime really listening to the people I meet. His dismissive tone with his mother absolutely screams how blanked up he is. Most people would be happy and chatty if their moms were visiting, WHY…..because even when we are pee peed off at them we keep it together until the moment passes ( you know it is called adulting ). He believes he has snake oiled everyone, it's a dang hard fall.

  25. kathy Turner Author

    He always says I don’t know who it is that I am going to see today. Well that was always one thing that was bull shit to me. Another thing is not everyone grew up with wonderful people around them but he never has anything bad to say about these people. I always wonder about the celebrities he is talking to, are they all that dumb to believe everything he says. I have heard with people that say they can speak to the dead that there are ways this people know how to get information out of the littlest think they ask. They watch very carefully the persons reaction as he talks about their loved one. That gives them a lot of information. It’s interesting but I also think kind of sad. I know of one celebrity on the show that set him up and agreed with all these things he was tell them and at the end the loved one he was talking about came out from another room to confront him.

  26. Lurkintha503 Author

    So he wouldnt give you a personal reading and so you decided to ignore all the validations and bash him.. classy…You should be ashamed of yourself…. Just because you can't understand how or why it happens doesn't make it anymore less real.. I basically think you emotionally can't understand and it's easier to hate.. So if you are reading this, do your own DD and don't listen to the hate of this man who didn't get his reading..

  27. A.J. Rusinek Author

    Look at those dislikes. No matter what evidence is put in people's faces they will believe whatever makes them feel comfortable.

  28. lee riches Author

    Well of course he would turn down this presenters request for a reading- there probably wasn't enough information about him on Google. This guy is a fraud.

  29. Modern Watchman Author

    It’s one thing to be clairvoyant, but to be able to DECODE someone without a conversation and simply look into their name and tell them their PURPOSE in life is another. It’s called decoding. I just created a youtube page, but if you want to be decoded for FREE go to or DM me at

  30. jaden gacha Author

    I will tell you before you judge, stop! I was one who never believed in this. That is until my third eye blasted open. I am given information from something. I still am not sure. From where but I am given names, dates and quick images of scenes from a deceased person. I don't know who I'm suppose to be giving the info to but I write this into down. The into U get are from dramatic deaths that have been on the media. I don't know this until I research the name. I do not watch the news of read newspapers. As I'm developing my abikitues, I hope to help bring closure to someone out tgere. I just don't know who i. Suppose to be cintacting. I mean if I contact the family of what I'm seeing the the deceased and the messages, I will look like in crazy, right? I see into the spirit realm daily and let me tell you that the supernatural is indeed real. There are many games out there but what would be the point of him doing this if he were taking it? I mean, I'm just a boring girlfriend Minnesota and I hear and see dead people too. Does this mean ok too am lying? I think not!

  31. Ifunenya Isoje Author

    I don't even care if he's fake or not… It's all entertainment otherwise i don't see why anyone,celeb or not would want to be read for the whole world to see

  32. Michael D. Williams III Author

    I’ve never any interest in watching this wannabe psychic fraud…😑 Must be nice to be famous for this type of foolishness in my opinion. Death and grief over loved ones who’ve passed on is heart wrenching and saddening to endure and get through. Shouldn’t be used for mockery and entertainment pleasures.

  33. JimSweet Author

    He said to himself, "I don't know if I should use my, so called, natural given super powers, that no one else really has or if I should I just study to become a regular nurse." Yeah, Micheal Jordan must have had that dilemma too and he only had natural amazing skills. Why would anyone who claimed to have supernatural abilities squash that for a normal job? The demands for readings were so called overwhelming because people call themselves psychics say they will do readings and other people think readings are real. If these fake readings weren't around, no one would want them. Matt Lauer, "Whether he knew it or not Tyler was talking about my father." Matt also didn't know if Tyler was talking about his father, Matt just assumed he was by what he was saying and Matt then proceeds to tell Tyler he was talking about his dad and Tyler never initially made that claim himself. This is how you tell psychics what they want to know, so they can tell you what you want to hear. "I see two keys or four keys. Did your father have a house or a car? This might not click right now, but I see four keys." "Yeah he did have a car and a house and he had duplicate keys made, amazing." He does health readings? Of course he went to nursing school and figured out a way to take that knowledge and work it into his scams.

    Tyler, "I would say that in every readings that I do, the goal is to provide closer and parents who lose children need closer more than anybody." Tyler's inner thoughts : WOOO HOOOO there are poor grieving parents out there everywhere whom I can suck from them their last bit of remaining dignity during a time at their lowest most vulnerable state.

  34. Free Your Mind Radio Author

    Thus far, over 64,000 black girls and women are missing or murdered… why doesn't he do some good and solve a few missing women cases? If he does that… then I'll believe him.

  35. nasser ajimi Author

    I dont think that he is lying because he did do a session with THE TRUY GUYS and revealed something about Eugene's mother even Eugene himself was shocked because he knew about this only few days before the session SO its IMPOSSIBLE for Tyler to know that


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