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The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Theater: Anastasia アナスタシア (cc Sub English)

Anya: Guest for CG Radio Uzuki: Cinderello! I’m Shimamura Uzuki Anya: This time we are once again joined by a wonderful guest~ Anya: Cinde…re..llo? Anya: That’s a very unique greeting, right? Anya: Доброе утро! Anya: I’m Anastasia… Anya: I’m glad to meet you. Rin: Cinderello! I’m Shibuya Rin Rin: Welcome! Nice to have you here! Mika: Cindello! Here Mika! Nice to meet you! Uzuki: Finally, a guest from abroad has arrived to the radio! Anya: нет, Uzuki Mika: Niet? Anya: Ah, нет…means no, Uzuki Anya: Actually I was born in Japan. Uzuki: It was that way! I’m sorry Uzuki: I thought that because you have such a beautiful silver hair Anya: Don’t worry, I’m used to it Uzuki: Anastasia-chan! You are so kind.. Mika: I thought you were more “tsun” but actually you are pretty kawai! Anya: Truly? Anya: I don’t really get it Anya: and, you can call me Anya Anya: Anastasia must be difficult to pronounce All: Anya-chan! Anya: да Anya: Nice to meet you all! Rin: It may not look like it but Anya is sometimes a bit naive, right? Mika: Eh, ¿What do you mean? Anya: Rin… Rin: We took part in this song Rin: We sang for a CD with Ranko and Kaede Anya: да! we sang “Kagayaku Sekai no Mahou” (Magic of the Shining World) Anya: I’ve liked singing Anya: It has been very fun! Rin: After that, Ranko, Kaede and Miku began to play with her Mika: I see Anya: I dont get the jokes, yamino-dialect and nyan things Uzuki: I understand Mika: Uzuki, I bet you didn’t get a thing, but you still said “I get it” Uzuki: Ah! That’s not..! Anya: Ah! For more details, listen my CD Anya: Uzuki, let me introduce it Anya: It can be yours for ¥700 plus consumption tax Mika: Well said! Surely you’ve well advertised it Mika: By the way, is already on sales? Mika: Really? I want it! Anya: How about it? Uzuki: I got it… I’m sure Anya knows what has she just done Anya: I’m sorry for my poor japanese? Uzuki: Wait Anya !! Anya: Uzuki, симпатичная Uzuki: Hey…what does it mean..? Mika: I don’t know.. It sounds like english.. Mika: I also don’t get it Rin: As expected, Anya started to play with Uzuki like a toy.. Rin: Anyways, lets move on Anya: да! Anya: CGRadio is very fun! Rin: I’m glad you like it Rin: In addition, Anya will also participate in our first concert Anya: I’m very existed about our first concert Anya: New things, and new challenges are going to start Anya: The yesterday and the present are both diferent Anya: And tomorrow will also be another day Anya: in order to face tomorrow well, i’ll take a lot of lessons and try my best Rin: You are right. Rin: Like our first concert, we all wanted it to be perfect Uzuki: Rin-chan says that because she doesn’t like to lose more than being a perfectionist Rin: Well.. I won’t deny it Uzuki: Uzuki what about you? Uzuki: I’m very excited and moved Uzuki: I give my best every day, but Uzuki: When I think about all the fans that encourage us, I think the concert has a great importance. Uzuki: because of that I hope I can answer those feels in the concert Uzuki: I want my singing makes everyone happy Mika: Whoa, Uzuki said something very nice! Anya: That was a very good speech Uzuki: Is embarrasing if you guys praise me.. Uzuki: And you Mika, what do you think? Mika: Me? Mika: Uhmmm Ah! Mika: O-Of course, I’m going to be a beautiful sexy Mika who is going to charm everybody in the stage! ★ Anya: Whoa! Are you getting naked in stage? Mika: W-wait! It’s not that!… That would give everybody a nose bleed, right? Rin: Then, be honest, What do you really think? Mika: Uhmm talking seriously… Mika: My heart is beating so fast It feels is coming up!>_


  1. Fus Ro Mod Author

    Me llama la atención que los japoneses están metiendo personajes rusos o medio rusos en sus animes, Anaastasia en Cinderella Girls y Eri en Love Live, aunque me gusta más que Anastasia si habla ruso, Eri solo sabe decir harasho xD

  2. Alex Boulette Author

    Anastasia translates most things she says but for anyone who, like me, was wondering what симпатичная means, it seems to mean "nice", "pleasant", or "cute".

  3. Tovarish Tony Author

    "Whoa! Are you getting naked in stage?" Хахахаха that was funny Anya. Your innocence was really something especially with girls like Mika around.


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