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The Last Days of Elvis Part 4 True Hollywood Story … Commericals included


  1. Aaron Author

    Man..With friends like that, who needs enemies? It always amazes me how "brave" people get when the person is no longer around to defend themself. These guys talk like they are the epitome of health and wellness and that Elvis was a piece of shit with no self-control. If you look at them though, they don't seem all that conscious of what they eat for breakfast either.

  2. Harrison Boone Author

    Although Elvis had a very serious drug problem which would have killed him eventually, he died from a heart attack caused by severe constipation. In a recent documentary studying Elvis' autopsy report, they discovered he had a heart attack trying to push a bowel movement. Drugs may have caused his symptoms but they did not actually kill him.

  3. B P Author

    Tbe day we lost Elvis a bright light went out it's true there will never be another Elvis and pricila is not Ellvis widow she loves money Elvis was not like that he had a kind and loveing heart long live Elvis lv

  4. L C.C Author

    I had to watch this about the last days of Elvis. No matter what, in most cases, the truth will always come out. I remember, as a kid, watching some of the Memphis Mafia exposing Elvis with their book, "Elvis, What Happened?— I remember thinking, "No, its all a lie." In my world. Elvis was the perfect human being. He had it all I thought, but after all these years, he was human and became addicted to prescription medication. Elvis Presley lived hard and paid a price with his life. If an addict doesn't get help than the addiction only progresses. RIP King.

  5. Rose Colombo Author

    Michael Jackson's Rx's? There are doctors who Rx excessive Opiods and people are mixing them with other drugs – and it's a major problem in the USA as more Americans are hooked on Rx Drugs making the doctors and Big Pharma very wealthy and that's outside of the illegal drugs!

  6. Wes McGee Author

    In 1988 I met one of the autopsy doctors. I was a police officer and knew many people in forensic medicine. He only said that Elvis died of a heart attack.

  7. Shaheen Jan Author

    I wish I met elvis. Lucky are those who met him. He's wife was lucky tw be marryd tw him. I wuldnt off left him if I was marryd tw him. IL be wating for him tw get back home. Wuldnt off left he's lovelly home. I wuldnt off Minded him choose my clothes. He had good choice. Presley s lover wasn't that good lookn. Look at he's hair style.

  8. Sandra Miller Author

    I don't believe he OD either that was against his religion he knew if he did that he'd never see his mom again I believe Elvis Loved God had faith in him a his belief never wavered in God. that the most she could had done to gain back Elvis fans save a open up Graceland but I believe he wanted Lisa to have Graceland a live there. Elvis didn't know much about bussiness if his house taxes got behind it wasn't ELVIS faught it was the people that was in charge in paying his bills. Priscilla did alot after Elvis died ,,,,why didn't she do that much when he was alive. Why for the love of money to get more a more wealthy off his memory a name. I believe ELVIS always loved her more then she ever did him. ,,,,fact was she gave up on him a he loved her more a more w yrs until the day he died his emotions a sadness were due to his divorce a being separated from them listen to his songs in the 70 s. their all about regrets loss love a loneliness. being moody. a Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.

  9. Michael Phipps Author

    Hello to billions of u Elvis Aron Presley fans im Michael Phipps how u all doin i keep tellin everyone of u Elvis never died he's still alive except for bein 83yrs.he's doin just fine regardless of what the coroner's said that's not Elvis' real body when they left Graceland w/supposedly Elvis' dead body that wasn't a real body n that hearst it was a supposedly Elvis' dead body that whole make believe Elvis' corpse that was a wax dummy that's all im sayin for now for free for any comment email me at 931335-1868

  10. Michael Phipps Author

    It's.Michael Phipps again there's no tellin how much all this costed Elvis to pull it off for any comment email me at 931335-1868 cardiac arithmea my butt

  11. benjamin6492 Author

    its sad what happened to Elvis,today,they are now acknowaging the addiction from prescription drugs and if only they had sooner to help him and manyothers after who didnt realize the crap was killing them till it was too late,rest in good music and love Elvis!

  12. Paul Booth Author

    Elvis didn't kill himself they all had a hand in his death ya watch these films and you can find lies betrayal it should be seen again a with a new autopsy utter bastards corruption hiding the truth

  13. Jameson Campbell Author

    Prescription drugs killed Elvis even if he did take way too much man doctors are monsters they set there hooks in that dude and never let go I wonder how rich those doctors made off that poor man I mean doctors are really messed up you know if they get a celebrity addicted to smack they pretty much are made for life no life sons of whores is all I can say about doctors man

  14. Karlisa Lampe Author

    Thank you for showing this…Never had a chance to actually see all of this documentary on Elvis……I am glad Priscilla was able to keep Graceland….it is Elvis' legacy and his daughter's inheritance…..I had a chance to go through Tupelo, Mississippi, but not enough time to actually see Graceland, wish I did though…..RIP Elvis, you are the king of rock n roll for me too….glad you had a chance to change the music industry at a time when it needed it….I grew up with it and belongs to all those who love music.

  15. Colin Freezeman Author

    Did you know that Elvis’s mother passed away on August 14 and Elvis died on August 16? Elvis was very weak his heart attack. He has enlarged heart and his colon too. Just heart attack. Otherwise Ginger don’t check out on Elvis in the bathroom and she slept all day till afternoon then she called Joe rushed to Elvis was in the bathroom and saw him on the floor. Joe was last person who picked him up in the bathroom

  16. Johnny Daniels Author

    Graceland Estate didnt like the Memphis Mafia??? I wonder why? ALL a bunch of fucking Leaches except maybe for Joe Esposito…notice he is not in this pathetic attempt of a documentary…..

  17. Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav Author

    Elvis was addicted to phentermines ; Taking phentermine
    Cause …coronary artery disease (hardening of the arteries);
    heart disease;severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure;
    overactive thyroid; "" glaucoma " ; high blood pressure; diabetes; ora thyroid disorder.

    serious side effect such as:
    feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion;
    chest pain, feeling like you might pass out;
    swelling in your ankles or feet;
    pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest;
    confusion or irritability, unusual thoughts or behavior;
    feelings of extreme happiness or sadness; or
    dangerously high blood pressure (severe headache, blurred vision, buzzing in your ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, seizure).
    Less serious side effects may include:

    feeling restless or hyperactive;
    headache, dizziness, tremors;
    sleep problems (insomnia);
    dry mouth or an unpleasant taste in your mouth;
    diarrhea or constipation, upset stomach; or
    increased or decreased interest in sex, impotence.

  18. Just Me Author

    3:28 If you notice the only picture of Elvis in the coffin of him that’s a picture of him when he was young remember Elvis die old and very heavy so what’s up with those pictures

  19. Seamus Lannon Author

    When Elvis's Mother died, that was the beginning of the end. He died a lonely man, could not trust anyone around him. With all that money and fame, no true friends. How sad greatly missed.

  20. DEBORAH A. JONES Author

    I have read several books and articles and they all said he was fasting before the tour would that not make the drugs work more on an empty stomach maybe he should have taken less if he was fasting

  21. kev lev Author

    what a bunch of idiots in this documentary , all bashing Elvis , the only one who earns respect in this video is the nurse of Elvis . Shame on the rest to bash Elvis like this , SHAME !

  22. Glenn Weeks Author

    it's laughable that all these experts on this documentary act like they know it all… really shows the producers just threw this shit together and call it the truth! lie upon lie…

  23. DharmaOfDog Author

    Celebrity is an affliction & a something I wouldn't wish on anyone. It does nothing but attract Human Parasites & force a person to live a Life of Illusion & Delusion due to the underhanded enabling and denial by people around them. It takes a strong person to be able to withstand & handle the absurd chaos created around a Celebrity. Fan Mentality is a monstrous reality & a sick state of Mind.

  24. DharmaOfDog Author

    Billy Miller is far more believable than those other Doofus Idiots interviewed here. If they didn't know about Miller, that was sort of the point, no? Undercover Investigators tend to work off the radar or they wouldn't be too effective, lol. Lord, what a bunch of Hicks – Elvis apparently only allowed Enablers around him like most Drug Addicts. As far as I'm concerned, they all had a hand in Elvis' demise. Wasn't losing a paycheck or being ousted from the circle worth someones Life?!

  25. Jordan Bivins Author

    Why would someone give their childhood Pottery away to somebody they barely know that sounds so ridiculous Billy Miller is so full of s***

  26. Linda Hetzel Author

    Elvis will never be forgotten ever. Elvis is Forever Young and Beautiful In Heaven. Oh yeah, people keep cashing in on his music, likeness, and more. He is worth millions now. Elvis lives on through all the fans that truly love him, he is more than a product. Elvis we love you Always!! I can't wait to get to heaven and give you a big hug.

  27. Betty Echols Author

    Speaking of the police badges, when he came to Macon, he bought a lot of police badges from the police…..I wonder, would love to hear about his collection of badges. I know he bought badges in other cities as well..

  28. abc Author

    This part 4 is the best of the series; part 3 was okay too. Too much bashing about unimportant and embarrassing things in parts 1 and 2.
    Priscilla obviously did a good job managing the estate, although rather ruthlessly re his friends, but Elvis never intended her to be in charge. In his will (public record) he left a bank as secondary executor in the event Vernon didn't survive him. And yes, she's his EX, not his "widow," as was rightly pointed out. She's made a killing since his death, but it would have been a shame for Graceland to have been sold, so there's that. Guess it's good she's made multi-millions off the estate so she can pay the Scientologists. Thankfully Lisa has seen the light about them, as have some others.
    Elvis' life would have been so much better had he been able to stand up to older men–Parker, his father, and Priscilla's dad. He could have taken control, but for whatever reasons, did not. A tragic end to a gifted entertainer and very generous person.

  29. Margaret Kaim Author

    Elvis Presley is still Alive and well !! He under a witness protection program!!! That is not a 42 year old in the coffin at Graceland is it ? it looks like a 18 year old ?

  30. tony Falla Author

    Even at the end of his life, he still made some superb music, and put on some outstanding shows from time to time. Elvis’ talent was indestructible!

  31. Michelle Swafford Author

    Even if you like Priscilla or not I'm glad she saved Graceland whatever her intentions where or are. We all got to see it go toward good for all people

  32. Marcella Alfaro Author

    Oh I’m mad 😡 as hell !!! This reporter is the one that’s Mediocre ! Elvis music was never Mediocre !!!
    Till the end he sung as powerful and beautiful as always !

  33. Brenda Booher Author

    I agree with Larar that Precilla had divorced Elvis 7 years earlier so how could she be his widow. I still think all of this is wrong cause Elvis was a private person so they need to let Elvis R.i.p

  34. kris pirtsios Author

    No way was his career on the decline when he died. He still sold out arenas months in advance. His last album was a hit. Where do ppl get off saying his career was in decline?

  35. Georgia Conti Author

    WHY can't people leave him alone? Just let him go! The truth is that Elvis was slowly killing himself, with all the drugs he was taking. And, if he did what David Stanley said he did…..then he DID kill himself. He basically overdosed on Codiene ( sp). He knew he was allergic to that, and he overdosed on it. Was that an accident? Did someone slip those pills in his attacks? If so, he was murdered. Priscilla said it wasn't an accident…….who knows….I wasn't there. Let him go. We will never know what actually happened.

  36. Sandra Miller Author

    I do not believe Elvis Presley committed sucide he believed a loved God a his mom to much to commit such a sin. Elvis Presley prayers I believe we're to be reunited w his mom a baby brother he loved a missed so much.

  37. Roni Little Author

    The Colonel was the Devil himself!!!
    He constantly took advantage of Elvis‘s lack of knowledge in the business! He stoled from Elvis the whole time! And gambled while Elvis killed him self working to death, that’s one of the reasons he took the drugs so he could work constantly! I blame everything on the Colonel!!! May Elvis rest in peace and his music live forever! And his music will live forever!
    He held Elvis down from a good acting career also… acting could’ve change things for Elvis but the colonel would not let it happen! What an evil man! No telling what Elvis Presley could’ve achieved! Shame on you Colonel!!!

  38. Boss Baby's Dad Author

    Elvis is what they accuse michael jackson of but worse, Elvis ACTUALLY RAPED AND GAVE DRUGS TO A LITTLE GIRL, BASICALLY GROOMING HER

  39. Michael Phipps Author

    Hello everyone of u Elvis Aron Presley fans this funeral was nothin but a hoax cause there's nothin n that casket but a wax dummy an the only thing real was the Hearst an the 16 white caddilacs specified n Elvis' will to make it look as real as possible but as ive bn sayin for yrs.i cn him(Elvis Aron Presley)fake his own death on my cell phone i couldn't believe either but there it was that's all im sayin for free for any comment email me at 931335-1868

  40. The Greater Bilby Author

    I wonder if the crash dieting and all the grapefruit Elvis ate on the last afternoon before he passed away caused the drugs he took to be absorbed differently somehow. I've read that certain drugs interact negatively with grapefruit – certain heart medications I think ??? Just wondering …

  41. Alan Miell Author

    Well said, She kept the Presley Name fore the Fame And Fortune The Name came with, Joe Espinoza said that Priscilla was as bad as Elvis , and she was having affairs behind Elvis,s Back while he was Touring, And was as bad as Elvis with having various affair,s , Which Joe Kept Quiet about till near the End Of his Life, Where was Priscilla when Elvis begged her to come back and help him, Elvis even promised Priscilla he would cut down on Touring and promised her no more affairs, and that applied both ways to her as well, but instead she dealt a final blow Elvis could not Take, That’s the Truth Joe Espitoe said,

  42. Opal's Boy Author

    Lamar Fike and Marty Lacker, as well as Joe Esposito, are In-the-know when it comes to Elvis. I believe these guys totally. They're all gone now but God Bless them If you want to know the truth listen to what they said about the King's life and long after he died. Priscilla was what she was but she did save Graceland which is now a Historical Landmark. Elvis and his Mafia except for Billy Smith and Jerry Schilling, are all gone now What a story, what a ride.


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