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The Late Show With Karim Musa: Godzilla — All the Movies in a Nutshell (English and Italian Subs)

THE LATE SHOW WITH KARIM MUSA Welcome to another episode of
The Late Show With Karim Musa
What can be said about this saga?
Quite a lot, actually.He’s a part of Japanese culture,but also a bunch of stuntmen
in monster costumes.
They created monsters and battles
that made movie history,
but also
some rather embarrassing moments.
In short, a lot could be said
about theGodzillasaga, but one thing always amazed me
reading it on the Internet: A lot of people —
and I’ve seen them with my own eyes — have no idea that there are
more than two
Godzillamovies,besides the American ones.Or they found out about it,
but didn’t dig any deeper, so they think there are
two or three more Japanese ones. I’m so happy. You have no idea. Last year, after years of silence, they released a new official
Godzillamovie in Japan……calledShin Godzilla,
which I sadly haven’t seen yet.
Not least because, setting aside
the US moviesGodzillaand…Godzilla, the movies of the Japanese saga are
a little harder to find. Sure, you can just download them
off the Internet, but if you want to buy
every single one of them, things get a little harder. Some came out in Italy, others didn’t.
Some are on DVD, others aren’t. So you have to go find
Japanese or American VHS tapes, or maybe you have to go on eBay
or some import site. Maybe Amazon has some box sets. Or, if you don’t want to get them
one by one, maybe you can find a German retailer
with a strange, mysterious box set. This is one of the few nice-looking
box sets I was able to find, but it doesn’t have all of them,
only about half. I had to buy the rest on single DVDs. Leaving aside the awesomeness
that is the unfolded box, inside, there are 11 movies
out of order. So you get 11 out of 28 movies
all scattered about. And all… in German. But thank God they also have
Japanese audio and English subtitles. There’s also a beautiful booklet full
of photos and information… in German. And as you can see,
it looks like a Nazi manifesto. Today I want to recap
all 28 installments… …of the three Japanese eras
ofGodzillamovies in a nutshell. And since there are so many versions —
in Italian, in English, only with English subtitles,
English dub, Japanese dub — I have decided
to use the American titles. Get a hot tea, grab yourselves
a snack, and we’ll begin.A huge creature appears
off the coast of Japan,
and destroys everything it comes
across. The locals call it “Gojira.”
With a weapon called
“Oxygen Destroyer”…
…that destroys the oxygen atoms
of organisms — what? —
they kill Godzilla and save the world.And we’re only getting started.Godzilla fights his first monster,Anguirus, or Angilas,
depending on which version you watch,
risking to destroy Osaka.
Godzilla defeats Anguirus,
but is buried under a mountain of ice
thanks to the military.
Like in the best YouTube collabs,two titans of cinema face off.King Kong and Godzilla fight
like two children over a candy bar.
I consider the ending a draw.The US version makes
King Kong the winner. In the Japanese version,
Godzilla is still alive, so… This is where things get strange.A gigantic egg is found on the coast.It belongs to Mothra,
a creature worshipped by the locals.
Two tiny twin women show up
to get the egg back.
Before these Japanese Kessler Twins
manage to leave, Godzilla wakes up.
So, to save everyone, the twins summon
Mothra to beat Godzilla up.
she literally dies of exhaustion.
Two giant larvae hatch from the egg,which trap Godzilla
and make him fall in the ocean.
Tiny sidenote:
In Italian, this movie is called… Watang!
In the Fabulous Monster Empire.And that’s
why I use the English titles.A princess becomes possessed
by a Martian spirit…
…predicting the arrival of a creature
from space that will destroy Earth.
It’s Ghidorah.But Godzilla is busy fighting
with Rodan, a winged creature.
So the Kessler Twins return with
Mothra in larval form to convince him.
The three monsters join forces to beat
Ghidorah, sending him back into space.
A new planet is discovered
called Planet X.
The imagination sure is soaring here.The aliens of that planet are under
attack from a monster: Ghidorah again!
To save the planet, the humans send
both Godzilla and Rodan…
…to charge against Ghidorah.But — plot twist —
it was all just a trick of the aliens…
…to attack Earth
with all three monsters.
But Earth regains control of Godzilla
and Rodan, defeating Ghidorah.
A group of kids end up on an island
that’s home to a secret cult…
…that has a giant lobster as a pet,
To escape, the kids wake up Godzilla,
who destroys everything and everyone.
First Godzilla fights with Ebirah,then he’s attacked
by a giant bird called Daikondura.
I mean, whohasn’tthis happened to?While the island is about to explode,
Mothra saves all the inhabitants.
Good grief, what a nightmare you are!He is a child of Godzilla
called Minilla,
who’s found
on an island full of enormous insects.
Godzilla kills all the monsters,
and starts playing the freak’s mom,
trying to teach him
the basics of survival.
It ends with them being frozen.This is the Royal Rumble
ofGodzillamovies.On Earth, they managed to capture
tons of different monsters:
Godzilla, Mothra,
Rodan, Anguirus, Gorosaurus,
Baragon, Manda, Kumonga, Varan,and even that little freak Minilla.But aliens scatter them around
the world, making them wreak havoc.
Astronauts destroy the alien bases
and calm down the monsters.
And could the movie ever end that way?
Of course not!And sure enough, Ghidorah returns
to be a fucking nuisance.
So all the monsters unite
to kick his ass and defeat him.
Ghidorah, give it up!A boy is picked on by bullies,whose leader is called Gabara.That night, he dreams he’s on an
island, making friends with Minilla,
who’s getting uglier and uglier,
by the way.
But Minilla is pursued by his own
bully monster, also called Gabara.
What are the fucking odds?Minilla defeats Gabara……and gives the boy
the strength to face his bully.
We’ve gone
from a monster destroying the city…
…to mega-brawls with alien monsters……to movies
with the plot of
Karate Kid.I’m speechless.
And we aren’t even halfway through. Not much to say about this one.An alien feeding on pollution called
Hedorah lands on Earth via meteorite.
Godzilla fights it and wins. The end.No big deal.
Except for the famous scene…in which Godzilla flies backwards,spewing out an atomic jet stream
like he’s a surface-to-air missile.
But no big deal. Aliens — what else is new? —arrive on Earth pretending to be
human, and build an amusement park.
But it’s all just a cover.They really want to destroy humanity
with their two monsters:
a supercool new monster, I must say,
with hook blades for hands
and a Cylon-esque red laser eye.
And the other one.
Who is it going to be?Why, it’s Ghidorah!
We missed you! Welcome back!
once again accompanied by Anguirus,
sends the two foes back into space.The earthlings conduct
nuclear tests underground,
disturbing a civilization
that lives there.
Since these so-called Aleutians
have had their sleep disturbed,
they release their creature,Megalon, a sort of beetle.The humans, however, have an ace
up their sleeve: Jet Jaguar,
a supercool giant robot
piloted by Dr. Goro.
But Megalon is helped by Gigan,so Jet Jaguar asks for Godzilla’s help
to beat them both.
Again, not much to say.
Except for the famous scene……in which Godzilla flies horizontally……drop-kicking Megalon,
who is being held by Jet Jaguar.
But no big deal. It seems like the typical beginning
of aGodzillamovie.He and Anguirus fight
like there’s no tomorrow.
But — plot twist — the Godzilla
we’re watching isn’t the real one,
but a robot disguised as him,
So…With the help of a deity that can only
be awoken through singing,
they disintegrate him
in one of the saga’s best movies.
Since Mechagodzilla was so successful
in the last movie,
they, of course, use him again
to try and destroy the Earth.
This time, however,
with another monster,
Titanosaurus, a marine dinosaur.It almost looks like Godzilla is bea—
Never mind.
Were you expecting a different ending? Another little sidenote: This 15th installment concludes
the first era ofGodzillamovies, and in Italy… this movie was called… Destroy Kong! Earth Is in Danger! Ignoring that that sounds
like a
Dragon Ballepisode,who is Kong? What were you watching?
Where is Kong in the movie?
Ten years later, in 1984,
begins the second
Godzillaera,with what is basically a sequel/remake
of the very first movie.
Godzilla attacks Japan, the military
tries in vain to kill him,
and he’s led to a volcano
and dropped inside. Right on!
This movie has a story
with so many subplots,
it could serve as the hypothetical
sixth season of
Alias.Suffice to say they mix Godzilla’s
cells with those from some plants,
to create a virus in anticipation
of Godzilla’s possible return.
Think they’ll succeed? No.On the contrary, they accidentally
create a new monster, Biollante.
Godzilla beats him
and disappears into the ocean.
You know what’s missing
from these movies… …that are already pretty strange
to us Westerners? Time travel!The Japanese decide
to travel back in time…
…to stop Godzilla before he attacks
Tokyo in the very first movie.
They succeed. Problem is, Ghidorah is
attacking Japan in the present.
What are they going to do
now that Godzilla is gone?
Nothing. What’s there to do?It turns out that Godzilla was never
onlyGodzilla.In fact, a new one awakens,
who faces Ghidorah and kills him.
And if all that wasn’t enough
for you yet,they send a new Ghidorah
from the future to the present,
who was repaired
after the previous battle and turned —
surprise, surprise! —into a cyborg, Mechaghidorah.
After a devastating battle,
they both end up in the water,
and we never find out who won.
A round of applause.Haven’t we seen this one already?
Well, this is a follow-up.
It turns out
that when humans mistreat nature,
the cosmos,
to balance itself out, awakens Battra,
a sort of modified Mothra,who gets massively pissed off
and destroys everything.
So Mothra is sent
to calm down her sister.
And Godzilla rightfully asks, “What
about me? Am I not in this movie?”
So he joins the battle
and kills Battra,
while Mothra gets away.Oh God,
I wonder what’s going to happen!An egg with a little Godzilla inside
is found.
No, thank God it’s not him.His father obviously gets pissed off
and wants him back.
So the military lets loose
the new Mechagodzilla,
and, amazingly,
they actually manage to beat him.
But Rodan shows up to revive him
so he can defeat Mechagodzilla…
…and return to the sea with his son.The military builds M.O.G.U.E.R.A.,
an enormous robot,
to keep Godzilla at bay.Apparently, some of Godzilla’s cells
ended up in space,
giving life to SpaceGodzilla,
a crystalline monster…
…that kidnaps Godzilla Junior
from his island.
So Daddy Godzilla and M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
unite to disintegrate him,
but sadly,
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is destroyed as well.
Remember the Oxygen Destroyer bomb… …that killed the first Godzilla
in the first movie?Apparently,
that explosion accidentally created…
…monsters in the sewers of Tokyo.However, Godzilla is about to die,and, having been created by radiation,
he’s going to explode.
So his son, now cooler than ever,
comes to Tokyo’s aid.
But unfortunately,
they are both struck down.
It’s the military
that kills Destoroyah,
and watches Godzilla die for real.And this is where the second era ends. But in 1999 begins the third, with movies
that have much, much simpler plots, the first one beingGodzilla 2000. This is why I love making these
fucking videos! We’ve found something… …thatGodzillahas in common
withWhite Collar Blues.Anyway, this is
another remake/sequel of sorts.
Godzilla destroys Japan,but an alien fuses with the cells
of the King of the Monsters,
giving life to Orga,
an enormous, scary creature…
…that dies immediately.With a weapon
that produces black holes —
whodoesn’thave one? —they create a portal through which
enters a prehistoric creature…
…that lays some eggs from which
hatch small, winged creatures.
Along with… Godzilla’s blood —
holy hell! —
they combine to form Megaguirus,who, as usual, is burned
by Godzilla’s atomic breath.
The next entry has my vote… …for best film title in movie history.Godzilla attacks Japan — again,fighting first Baragon, then Mothra,and then Ghidorah.
The ending is very strange.
They enter Godzilla’s body
in a submarine…
à la Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,and disintegrate him with a missile.Yes. Again.The plot is simple: A Mechagodzilla is
built with the first Godzilla’s bones,
but Godzilla is forced to retreat,
and, in fact, the next movie is…
Tokyo S.O.S.What?This is a direct sequel to
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.Godzilla recovers
and sets off to destroy Tokyo — again.
The government hastily tries
to rebuild Mechagodzilla,
and, along with Mothra,
they unsuccessfully try to stop him.
Godzilla and Mechagodzilla end up
in the ocean. But it’s not over yet.
This final movie is madness!It has all the monsters
that ever appeard in previous movies:
Rodan, Anguirus,
Mothra, Ghidorah, Hedorah…
There’s even
that piece of shit Minilla.
Then there’s martial-arts fights,space battles,
aliens invading the Earth…
My God, my heart can’t take all this! And here ends not only
the third era ofGodzillamovies, which, as we’ve seen, is picked up
by the newShin Godzilla, but also this video, so thanks for watching. I’ll go rinse my mouth with vinegar,
because my throat is gone. THE LATE SHOW WITH KARIM MUSA


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