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‘The Laundromat’: Panama Papers & “Crimes Against Humanity” with Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman | TIFF

– What’s one trick of the trade or lesson that you’ve learned from
someone on your cast? – I learned that if you’ve
given someone three pages of dialogue to do in one take
– [Meryl] The night before that it’s not a great idea to walk up to them first thing in the morning and go so I though about
changing some of the round. – Thank you very much. (laughing) – Especially if English
isn’t their first language. – Thank you very much, thank you. That was, wow. – Well the laundromat is a story about Mossack and Fonseca which was the law firm that was implicated
in the Panama Papers leak. And it is sort of an anthology story of crimes against humanity perpetrated by our current financial system and it tracks one Ellen Martin who is a victim of one of those crimes. – When I first heard
about the Panama Papers, my attention was drawn to it because of the bold face names
associated with this expose. I became aware of it, the deadlier aspects of the Panama Papers
when I got more involved with the committee to protect journalists a few years ago because I
felt the press is under siege. And it’s because of the bravery of over 300 journalists including this man who brought the Panama Papers to the attention of the world and did the deep, deep forensic digging on who was involved and people, journalists have died because of it. – [Interviewer] And speaking
of that information, a lot of that is delivered through some amazing dialogue scenes with the two of you talking to the camera and getting
us through all that. Tell me how challenging that was to be explaining all this, but also doing a lot while it’s happening and how the two of you
worked out through that. – It was as challenging as
it was fun at the same time. Trying to understand, my character for example she was playing hers before, it’s a guy who since he was a little kid has a vocation for helping others and at some point of
his life he discovered that it was actually
easier and more profitable to help himself and knowing Mr. Mossack and who was going to tell him that he was going to be performed by Antonio Banderas in the movie. And so that’s what he does, you know, talk to the audience and trying to explain what and trying to save himself in the public eye all around the world richer and
they’re not very successful. – Yeah it’s just a whole
different experience speaking directly to the audience. I’ve done it in the theater, but it’s a whole different
scene talking to the camera and occasionally if the
camera is close enough you see your reflection, so
it’s a little disconcerting, but we had a great deal of fun doing this. – It’s a hard topic to, I mean how do you encapsulate this world and the focus and when Steven and Scott, Steve Soderbergh the
director and Scott presented it to me that they wanted to
do it in an anthology way, I though it was brilliant
and that they wanted to do it in a way that
had humor was great. Because it be very dry,
it’s very complex topic and not only did they make it
understandable for everybody, but they made the ride very pleasurable, which is a great way to sort of sneak in a lot of important information.


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