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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

A lifetime has
passed since the horrific events
of Taco Tuesday. [screams] Our lives descended
into chaos. This new life has toughened
and hardened us all. Two coffees please. One black. One with just a touch of
cream and 25 sugars. Well, toughened
most of us. ♪ I wake up in the
morning ♪ Good morning! Hello, Cyborgs! Good morning, sewer
babies. [crying] Emmet, you’ve got to
stop pretending everything is
awesome. It isn’t. Yeah, I get it. That’s why I’ve cultivated a
totally hard-edged side that’s super-tough
and… Look, look! A shooting star! Make a wish! Oh, no! Something new. What is it up to? I don’t know but that beat
is pretty fresh. Uh-oh! Hello! Run! It’s like it knows our
every move. Weird, right? -Emmet!
-What? Bring me your
fiercest leader. This guy is The Special. This guy was a fierce
warrior? Okay, well technically,
I did the warrior stuff… So you fought and master built
and kicked butt… and then the hapless male
was the leader? He… Well… -Lucy!
-Emmet. No! Hang on to your fronds,
Plantie. We’re going to
save Lucy! And all of the other people
who were captured. Behold the
Systar System. Whoa! No whoas! Do not give her the
satisfaction of whoa-ing this. [ooh’s] That’s even worse! [ahh’s] Stop it!


  1. oto turmanidze Author

    for me was hilarious "Behold! The Sistar system!"


    "No woahs! Do not give him the satisfaction of woah-ing this!"


    "That's even worse!"


    "Stop it!"

  2. richardhalo Author

    If it has a 2 in tthe title already why the hell need for "the second part"? Who's the smartass who come up with this idiocy and who's the idiot who aproved it?

  3. David Johnson Author

    Emmet as Star Lord
    Wyldstyle as Gamora
    Batman as Drax
    Uni-Kitty as Rocket Raccoon
    Planty as Groot
    Benny as Mantis
    Virturvius as Yondu
    Metalbeard as Kraglin
    Lord Business as Ronan the Accuser
    With Sweet Mayhem as Nebula
    And Rex Dangervest as Ego

    Coming February 2019

  4. Dovhakiin Turner207 Author

    Hey Warner Bros, I'm a young artist hoping to work for u one day but we'd like u to hear us out
    You should make a Lego Batman 4 Rise of Braniac or something, it could make money and bring interests to fans such as me
    Love All Warner Bros movies/games!

  5. niko 6673 Author

    If Dog Shirt made a Homemade Trailer for this movie then the title will be A Legleo Mooo B
    So Dog Shirt what do you think? pls reply

  6. Annette Maina Author

    The first beat song sounds like the one in Diary of a Wimpy kid. the scene where it was Mom and son dance whatever. And Rowley and His mom started dancing.

  7. Andoit Author



    The LEGO Movie 2 – Everything’s Not Awesome (Talking Angela, Tom, Ginger, Larry, Pierre, Ben) (CLICK)


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