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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Once Everything was awesome now Everything is okay, Lucy. I brought you coffee Coffee the bitter liquid that provides the only semblance of pleasure left in these dark times. Oh my gosh, Ness Did I interrupt you brooding just now? Times have changed you need to change with them. We have to be tough and battle-ready Oh No Hurry the door is slowly closed Oh the pain its gain so cold See that wasn’t so bad nothing got in It’s all my fault hang on your fronds planet we’re going to save Lucy Destroyed You mind if I save your life not at all Who are you names Rex danger vest galaxy defending archaeologist cowboy and Raptor trainer. I Don’t get it We’ll help me rescue my friends You don’t want to go anywhere near that Systar System It’s ruled by an alien coin only the toughest you’re gonna get out of there alive I’m the Queen Watev’ra I would not be I’m getting super evil vibes here I could change my form to something else if this makes you uncomfortable Hey guys, they’ll go back don’t worst was much more palatable And did you draw double dots on your face Who are you? I’m your worst nightmare, Oh me when I’m late to school and I forgot my homework and my pants are made of pudding No, I don’t You


  1. Strong Strawberry Author

    will you continue? I'm Russian and I love your cartoons, especially the Lego Movie, I watched the entire first and second parts several times and beat all your white Jersey I love you, please continue the series of cartoons LEGO MOVIE!

  2. Raynara Moura Author

    Hi I'm with a doubt I bought this movie to attend and very nice I liked it a lot, but I want to know if I can put it on my YouTube channel since I bought it I can post it.

  3. Squicx Author

    the 3rd part should be them going to a lego competition internationally and there is all the other entries with lego minifigures with famous actors behind them

  4. HonestEagle98 Author

    Just rented it yesterday. TBH, I want my $6 back. It's more of a Lego musical and just out right annoying than it is a Lego movie. The first Lego movie was great, even though lacked a lot of..i mean a ton of tribute to the 1980's & early 90's lego sets (other than 1 second scenes). I didn't get into Duplo or Lego friends or lego sets for girls. This movie seemed to be centered all around Batman and the Duplo Queen…who had theee most annoying, arrogant behavior and voice. Sounded ghetto. LM2 lacked yet again a ton of tribute to old sets or themes, except for the one maybe 5 second scene of the 1980's space theme lego sets…of which was a cluster scene at best. IMO, an independent film maker using REAL stop motion technique with a wide range of all the themes would do much better. Finn's sister is old enough to play with normal legos after the 5 years, even before that though. She wants Finn to play with her, but does she not have her own friends or her own batman. I wouldn't want my lego minifigs covered in glitter and dancing to some teeny bop music. Disappointed at the overfocus of the batman and Queen. Movie references weren't needed either, while kinda funny, not needed. 1.9/5, Not re-watchable

  5. Imani Kamara Author

    Wonder Broz studios please please make a part 3 of The Lego movie I love the first one and the second one please make part 3

  6. DemonPikachu Author

    So I finished watching this, and I'm gonna have to get into spoilers. There was a lot to unpack here, and I actually realize that I don't like all of this lampshading of tropes and overly confusing character dilemmas. It's really hard for me to put into words, but I think there wasn't enough sincerity in this movie as there was in the first, and I'm just left with this discomfort that should've been better handled through…something in the movie. Pacing, character motivations, writing, I don't know. Mainly, I fundamentally don't like the rather twisted around message of "everything's not awesome" or "not all of the time", because I think I've seen enough of things generally in life not always being awesome. I do want everything to be awesome, I don't want to be thrown this far for a loop with the Queen and Rex especially, I DESPISE the disrespect they gave to Back to the Future because that's loved by everyone and these things don't become loved by everyone for decades just to have someone else write this garbage villain who tries to sully something nostalgic for unexplained garbage reasons! Twisted seems to be a word that keeps coming to mind, and all I can think of this movie is that it's a twisted up version of what was already fine and cohesive and understandable. Who did all of this twisting? Why did they ever think they needed to? It was too much, and I won't look back on this fondly. I won't get along with anyone who subscribes to the ideas and "mottos" of this bad sequel. It doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks of my post here, or how it's read. It'll probably be a fairly incorrect way that I wasn't trying to convey. What I am trying to convey is that everything can be awesome, happy cheerful glittery colorful things should never be painted as weird or bad without gritty apocalypse garbage that I never liked also being painted as equally weird and bad, stop acting like we're somehow above predictable storylines because we can follow them so much better than rug pull after rug pull after mind cracking rug pull because in the pursuit of being so impressive and ahead of the curve I think they're getting unhealthy, and never play with the viewer's heart and mind like this because all I want is to have fun and this was not fun. So that's everything for now I guess. Don't watch this movie if you truly believe.

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  8. ProperSkill Author

    Horrible movie. Nothing like the first one. The Lego Movie 2 was childish and diverse at the same time. Difficult to watch.

  9. Kryss Were Here Author

    There's A Twist Lol
    to be honest this movie was so unexpected when rex was emmit or emit? uh idk lol
    even when emit or emmit has a power to have a punch power thing

  10. Sophia Gale Author

    : who are you
    Lucy: im your worst nightmare
    : Oh me when im late to school
    and i forgot my homework and
    my parents made of pudding

    Ahhaha like this if you relate much hahahahaha

  11. Borderline Personality Disorder 1978 Author

    This was a bunch of bullshit, no wonder it flopped bad the film just got on dvd after 17 minutes watching it i was already bored shitless

  12. Krystal Lockett Author

    Chris Pratt two roles


  13. Abhishek Anshu Author

    I like all the songs from this movie including that smart 'long' credit song in the credits. Love how they take a dig at all those catchy songs.

  14. Liviu Petre Author

    I hate when a movie trailer says they are the good guys and the another are the bad guy, but in movie they are reverse.
    I really thought Rex really want to help Emmet to save his friends. Rex was my favorite character in the whole series.

  15. Andoit Author



    The LEGO Movie 2 – Everything’s Not Awesome (Talking Angela, Tom, Ginger, Larry, Pierre, Ben) (CLICK)

  16. shapes Author

    i was so exited to go watch this then batman started flossing and the horrible reality that we will only have the first movie as the only good one ever made

  17. Bonnalina Fuzbunny Author

    When it showed Rex, Intergalactic – Beastie Boys song played; then when it showed Emmet being all innocent with the dinosaur, the music changed to Sweet Sensation.


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